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Pairing: 2x1
Contents/Warnings: Yaoi, PWPish, very mild bondage

by kebzero

Heero checked the address Wufei had given him with what the rusty plaque at the wooden fence said, glanced through the open gate and up to the front door - and took a deep breath to calm himself. To his credit, he hadn't run here from the spacedock, like he'd originally planned. He had simply walked.

Really, really fast.

Now, though... now, each step was deliberately slow, as if what he wanted most of all was to turn around and run away.

Halfway up the walk, he paused, if only to tell himself he was being an idiot. He'd rushed to the L2 cluster with the first available flight, more than once resisting the urge to run to the cockpit and take the stick himself, and he'd all but held a taxi shuttle pilot at gunpoint to bring him to the right colony far ahead of schedule - and now that he was finally here, he was chickening out.

He could almost hear Wufei chastise him; This is no way for a Preventer agent to behave.

His jacket hung by two fingers over his shoulder, and the once-crisp creases of his pants were fading into wrinkles. Heero rubbed the day-old stubble at his chin and took the last few steps in stride. There was no door bell. He knocked. No answer. He tested the door - unlocked.

Heero immediately disapproved. They knew better than to keep their door unlocked - this neighborhood was not crime-free; Duo had hinted as much in some of his emails.

"Hello?" he cautiously asked inside, but no reply was forthcoming. He entered the hallway, and as he took off his shoes, he heard noise from the room on the right - the living room, he guessed.

He rounded the corner, and found he was right. A couch with a battered, comfortable appearance, two mismatching chairs and a low coffee table before an old entertainment center. Duo sat as if asleep in the far chair, one barefoot leg up under him in half Indian style. The TV was on, though Heero could care less what was showing - and he couldn't quite understand why a guy with gauze bandages wrapped tightly around his head, covering both eyes and then some, would care to keep a TV set on. Duo sure couldn't watch anything in his present state.

He took another step, brushing his foot against the carpet.

Duo immediately grew alert - but not panicky. "Who is it?" he asked in a calm tone.

"It's me," Heero started, only to feel like a fool. "It's Heero, Duo."

Duo had stiffened at his first two words, apparently recognizing the voice. He'd sharply turned his head in Heero's direction, and his jaw relaxed enough to leave a slight gap between his lips. "...Heero?" he said, as if not sure he'd heard right.

A bitter taste formed in his mouth, and Heero pulled a forced, crooked smirk. "Forgotten me already?"

Duo started to frown, gave a huff and faced the TV again. "You shouldn't have bothered coming," he stated flatly.

Heero took a swallow, pumped his fist once. That had certainly not been the greeting he'd hoped for. Tentatively, he approached the battered couch, deposited his jacket over the arm rest and went for the side closest to Duo's chair, barely an arm's distance. "I came as soon as I heard," Heero said as he sat down. When Duo didn't answer, he made a quick look around. Other than the TV's low buzz, there wasn't a sound in the house. "Where's Hilde?"

Duo shrugged noncommittally. "She had some errands - keeping us alive, and all that. As you might have noticed, I'm not in the best shape to give a public front for the yard at the moment. Something about clients not being eager to have blind people pick apart their oh, so delicate junk."

The couch didn't feel as comfortable as it looked, despite Heero's efforts to shift into a better position. "You mean she left you all alone?"

There had been more concern and surprise in his words than he'd intended - Heero realized his mistake when Duo faced him again. Even through all those layers of gauze, he sensed Duo's piercing glare, and he reclined just a bit. "It's been nearly six months - I can handle myself alone now, Heero." As if to demonstrate, he leaned forward and reached for the remote. He didn't even have to fumble around to find it; he knew exactly where it was - where he'd left it. As the screen went black, Heero figured Duo's ability was to be expected from a former Gundam pilot - especially one that had cut his teeth in open space. He already knew Duo had a very good spatial sense. Mental mapmaking on the fly was essential in space warfare, where there was no 'up', 'down' or flat, solid ground as an underlay for easy orientation.

He became aware Duo expected him to talk next. "I'm sorry, Duo - until yesterday, I didn't know about-" He looked at Duo, then into the table again, feeling a pressure build in his eyes. "I'm sorry," he repeated.

Again, Duo gave only a shrug, but there was a sour flavour to his voice. "Don't be. Nothing you could have done to prevent it."

"No, but I could have been here to help," he offered.

"We got by," came the snappish retort. "I told you, I can take care of myself now."

He hesitated. There were so many things he wanted to say, so many things he wanted to apologize for, so many questions he wanted to ask... But he didn't think Duo was inclined to listen to most of them. He opted for a careful recon. "...They all knew, didn't they?"

Duo's lips were sealed tightly, one grim line.

"Trowa, Quatre, Wufei, even Relena - they all knew, but never told me?" It was as close as he could get to imply why Duo hadn't seen fit to let him know.

Duo understood as much. "...we didn't tell Wufei until he came by to visit a month ago," Duo reluctantly started, keeping the words slow in coming. "We've played cards together, you know he can't keep a straight face during poker. It would only be a matter of time before you figured out he was hiding something."

That was true enough - but it had taken Heero a long time to wheedle the specifics out of his colleague. It wasn't until yesterday that Wufei had finally cracked. Heero... Duo fell ill a while back. He's gone blind.

...and that was roughly when Heero had passed their office door, despite Wufei calling him back. Looking back, Heero felt like a damn idiot for not hearing Wufei out. Instead, he'd rushed off to L2, and only then realized he didn't have Duo's exact address, only the colony number.

Unlike Wufei, he'd never been here - and it had been a long time since he'd last seen Duo.

He'd called Wufei from the spacedock, and had - not unexpectedly - gotten an earful. He didn't begrudge Wufei for it. His uncharacteristically spontaneous reaction was definitely enough to unnerve Wufei. Still, he had come that far, he couldn't simply back out. Wufei's parting words still repeated in the back of his mind. Fix it.

So, they'd worried about how he might react, what he might do. With him being here, in the same room as Duo - in Duo's home - as a first reaction, he could hardly blame them.

What was done, was done. He had the present to cope with.

It was almost familiar, the way Duo seemed to sense the same - and how the man was able to pre-empt him in breaking their uneasy pause. "Heero... there's something I've got to tell you - something I should have told you a long time ago." He started a faint, uncertain smile. "Hell, I've even tried to before, I just-"

Heero put his palm over Duo's hand, pinned it against the arm lean and curled his fingers ever so much. "It's okay," he cautiously stated. "I already know."

"No, you don't," Duo replied, shaking his head.

"I think I do," Heero reaffirmed.

Duo let go a snort and pulled his hand free, cradling it in his other as if burned. "Oh, so now you think you know every secret there is about me, huh?! Just 'cause you think you know me doesn't-"

"Duo, you're gay," he said flatly.

The wind went right out of Duo's sails, evident by how his mouth was left slightly agape in mid-sentence. Slowly, he pulled his jaw up, along with a leg he proceeded to hug for support. "...does that bother you?" he tentatively pushed forward.

Heero shook his head. "No." He took a breath, amended "Not now. It used to."

"...used to?" Heero sensed the cautious optimism in Duo's voice. "Wait, just how long-"

He suspected that would come up. "Ever since the victory party after Mariemeia."

"...That long?" Duo asked with hesitation.

Without thinking, Heero nodded, then mentally admonished himself. Such an automatic gesture - and utterly meaningless in the presence of a blind man. "Yeah... You kissed me that night."

Duo flashed half a smile. "I did?"

Heero couldn't resist doing the same. Duo couldn't see it; he could get away with it - probably. "You were drunk." He made a quick sigh. "But you were you - and you didn't pick me at random, either. You missed a lot of people, heading my way."

Duo copied Heero's sigh. "I wasn't... that drunk..." he admitted, "But I did something I shouldn't have. I'm just glad I had to run for the bushes to empty my guts before I could tell you about the huge-ass crush I had on you." He dared a smirk, but hugged his knee tight. "By the time I was sober enough to apologize for the kiss, you were gone on that damn walkabout of yours. I never saw you again." His smile was decidedly crooked now. "Still can't."

Heero pursed his lips and decided to make his move, leaning in as before, again clasping his palm over Duo's hand. "But I'm here."

Duo didn't wrestle free this time. "...if you knew, even back then - why did you run away?"

He let go, straightened up. "I was sixteen, Duo! I had just helped save the world twice over, and somehow I'd managed to survive, despite horrible odds - forgive me if I tell you that that kiss of yours stirred up a big whole mess of new stuff for me! I - I just didn't want to deal with it right then."

Despite everything, Duo couldn't help snickering a little. "You think I'm that good a kisser, huh?"

At that, Heero huffed, but retained half a smile. "I needed some time to think, that was all," he amended, far calmer now.

Duo glanced toward the black screen, as if wishing there was something there to see to distract them. The pause grew awkward, and he didn't like silence - not since his lights got blown out overnight. "...so, you've been... thinking... for seven years now..."

"...yeah," Heero at length muttered through a slow exhale.

"...and then, when you finally do come to visit, it's only 'cause you found out I'd gone blind. Had to see it for yourself, I suppose." He let go of his leg and gestured with his hands. "Oh, how the mighty Duo Maxwell has fallen!"

"I never thought that!" Heero snapped back. "I've always admired your resolve, even now! I-"

"You never cared enough to pick up a phone and talk to me, Heero. Not once," Duo cut him off, equally bitter. "I tried calling you so many times, once Wufei finally gave me as much as your office number. I called you all the time six years ago, you know that?" Of course he knew, but that was beside the point. Duo hadn't been encouraged to continue for long. "But do you know how many times I've called you in the last four years, Heero?"

His lips formed a hard pressed line, much like his brows.

"Seven times, total - and each year, only half what I bothered with the year before. Know why?"

Heero grew defensive. "We exchange emails all the-"

"That's not the same, Heero!" Duo yelled at him. "Tell me why!"

Heero glared at him, but finally yielded. You can't out-stare a blind man. "...because I didn't answer them," he answered meekly.

Duo nodded insistently. "Damn right - and I know you were there, Heero. I know you were sitting right there on your desk, with the phone right in front of you, each and every one of those seven times - but you never picked it up because you saw it was me calling!"

"...Yes," he admitted. "How-"

"Wufei told me - unlike you, he actually talks to me, Heero. Were you that fucking homophobic that you couldn't even talk to me?!"

Heero had had about as much as he could take, and it was with little restraint he replied. "I was afraid, damn it!"

"What, of me turning you gay?!"

Close. "Of me admitting how I really felt!"

"Oh, you mean how you hated-"

"I've never hated you!" He was halfway up from the couch, but crashed back down, glaring at the far end of the table. "I love you, you numbskull!"

Whatever retort he had planned, it got stuck in Duo's throat.

Heero took a deep breath to calm down, briefly pinched the bridge of his nose and counted rapidly to ten. "...it was easier with the emails," he offered. "I could re-read those before I sent them - make sure I didn't say or even hint at anything I shouldn't to make you think - to let you know..."

"...if you had already made up your mind, why-"

"Because by then, I didn't know if you still felt the same way for me," Heero said. "And I couldn't think of a good way to find out."

Duo snorted and gave a crooked smile. "How about giving me a call and say something like 'Hey, Duo, guess what? I love you. Want to be my boyfriend?' Just like that, you know."

"You know I couldn't have-"

"Fine," Duo cut in. "How about, 'Hi, Duo - want to go see a movie with me tonight?'"

He had to smile to himself. "...hardly much point in that now, is there?"

He was caught by surprise when Duo's backhand clashed against his chest. Duo hit him with great precision, if not force. "...bastard. You always were a bastard, know that, Heero?"

Heero started a faint laugh. "So... Where do you take a blind guy out for a date?"

Duo's smile grew a tad wider, but he didn't answer immediately. Instead, he cautiously leaned towards Heero, reached out his hand - and with only a slight readjustment of Heero's, curled his fingers around the back of Heero's neck. "Staying home is good too..." he breathed out, awfully close.

Their lips touched, a brush at first, then again, more insistent. At the third, Duo balked mid-way, his free hand suddenly at Heero's cheek, grazing the gritty stubble there.

Heero sensed the question brewing. "I told you, I got here as fast as I could. Left straight from the office yesterday. I could barely sleep on the flight here."

Duo snickered. "No kidding..." He trailed his fingers along Heero's jaw and off his chin. "You have seven years to make up for, Heero."

"...I'll do my best," he mumbled, leaning forward to seize Duo's lips again.

Air. "...God, I want you. I want you so bad..."

Another kiss. Heero became aware his shirt had been untucked when Duo's knuckles grazed his stomach. "Then have me," he all but whispered.

The soft pressure against his stomach froze, and Duo pulled back from what would have been their sixth lip-lock - and his grin was like that of a wolf. "You realize what you just offered?"

His heart was pounding fiercely enough to drown out everything, and he swallowed hard as he nodded. "Yes."

Duo's fangs seemed to glint as he came in to claim Heero's mouth again, touching teeth with his tongue. It would take a minute and a quick follow-up breath for him to speak again. "So - never gave you the house tour, did I?"

Heero flagged a brow, not sure what Duo meant. "Duo, what-"

"Over there," Duo pressed on, nodding the direction. "Is the kitchen. The office and the door out back is through there - and down that hallway," he pointed, "Is the bathroom, Hilde's room - and my bedroom. Want to have a look?"

Duo didn't wait for an answer. He didn't have to; the way Heero clasped his offered hand tightly was answer enough. It wasn't until they were halfway there Heero started questioning the wisdom of being led around by a blind man - but given who it was, he didn't care. Instead, he couldn't help admire how Duo didn't even touch the walls for support; he knew exactly where to walk, when to turn. It was as if he wasn't blind at all.

The bedroom was plain enough; two nightstands, one on each side of the bed, a nightlight, a huge, weathered dresser drawer at the far end of the room, and next to the window facing the backyard, a big mirror that felt out of place between a painting of dogs playing poker and a Daffy Duck poster.

Caught up in surveying the surroundings, he hadn't noticed how his hand had slipped out of Duo's.


"Hm?" he said, facing the blind man - whom he belatedly realized was pouncing on him, using his voice as a homing beacon. Duo hit Heero's arms with his wrists first, but quickly took a half-step back to grab Heero by the biceps, pulling him close for a fierce kiss as well as coax him to take a step backward; another, and another.

Heero's calves hit the end of the bed, but Duo didn't stop advancing. His tongue tied up with Duo's, Heero could but grunt a warning before they fell down; he first and Duo following. At least Duo was able to catch himself - and Heero was there to break the rest of his fall.

Taking a moment to orient himself, Duo smirked widely and proceeded to grind their crotches together, slowly swirling his hips against Heero, descending to put them chest to chest and resume their sparring match.

Duo's hands were at Heero's cheeks, his neck, working free the restraining top button of his shirt collar before slipping free the dark red tie of silk. In return, Heero had one palm at Duo's back, and moved well up along Duo's chest with the other, pushing Duo's T-shirt out of the way as he slid along his smooth chest. He moved the backhand down to brush Duo's thigh as the man crawled further up to straddle him, his fingertips finally grazing bare skin through one of the tears in Duo's jeans.

It wasn't until Duo sat up, his palm no longer able to play with much above the navel, that Heero had time to think. The way Duo's lips had evened out in a line suggested it was deliberate. "Heero?"

"Yeah?" he panted.

"You meant what you said?"

Heero made a crooked smirk, rested his hands at Duo's thighs. "I'm all yours," he said, ignoring the cliche of it all.

Duo's grin was back, full force - as were the butterflies in Heero's stomach. "Good..." Duo held up the silk tie and pulled at both ends, a sharp snap sounding in the air, like a soft whip. Following that, he offered an open palm, keeping the tie in the other. "Give me your hands."

Heero understood where Duo was going, and he accepted it, his heart beating fast as Duo made a tight double eight around his wrists and pulled the bundle back over Heero's head to secure the tie to the headboard. Heero glanced up, momentarily distracted by the view up under Duo's T-shirt. He tugged at the fastening, though not very hard. This was all a matter of trust - he could bend steel bars; he didn't think sticks of plywood and a silk tie could hold him for that long, if he wanted loose.

He hadn't expected the desire for freedom to come so fast.

Duo reached over in one of the nightstand drawers, and after some rummaging around, he pulled back-

Heero's eyes widened, and he looked at Duo. As if knowing his reaction, Duo tapped the side of his head. "I won't let you have any advantages on me, Heero. I mean that."

"Duo, please. Don't-"

"Ssssshh..." Duo comforted and chastised as he leaned down to lower his lips toward Heero's left eye. Heero closed it right before impact, but as it ended, Duo's tongue remained against it, and a cotton pad swept in across Heero's brow to replace the wet tip before he could lift his eyelid. Duo kept the pad there and repeated the procedure on Heero's right eye before using his free hand to unroll a fair amount of the gauze he'd fished out earlier.

Heero squirmed a bit, but he thought better than to resist further, despite the cotton pads pressed softly against his eyes. He was Duo's tonight; he'd promised as much. He had seven years to make up for - and he suspected Duo would do his best to make up for the lost time, too. The anticipation went straight to his groin, which Duo's ass occasionally touched down at. He smirked to himself as Duo began binding the cotton pads to his head with the gauze. Revenge is a sweet dish, best served cold, he reminded himself. There would be a time to get even later.

Tentatively, he tugged at his wrist restraints, and sighed to himself. Obviously, that wouldn't be today.

Duo finished up the blindfold and let Heero's head fall back down to the pillow, securing the gauze by tying it into the wraparound. No safety pin meant it wouldn't last - but with how much of it Duo had applied, it would probably last long enough. For all intents and purposes, they were on equal terms in the land of the blind now.

Fingertips brushed over silk and skin before descending to the buttons at Heero's cuffs, quickly undoing them. He felt Duo's breath against his face, lifted his lips to the kiss he hoped would come, not going disappointed, despite how brief it was.

Duo kissed his chin, his throat, springing free another shirt button to touch his lips to Heero's clavicle before heading for the next button, and the next, all the way kissing, licking, nipping and sucking at steadily more exposed skin.

Caught up with things like recalling how to breathe, it took the pop of the last button to make Heero realize he couldn't remove his shirt in his present tied-up state. "Duo - my shirt-" he started objecting.

As an answer, Duo spread the folds of it wide and smoothed his palms up along Heero's sides, from his hips right to his armpits, before moving around and out along his biceps, squeezing them before letting go. "Won't be a problem," he announced.

That hadn't been quite what he'd meant, but as Duo scooted down to deliver butterfly kisses at his stomach and proceeded to brush up the faint treasure trail there with his tongue, the will to argue dissolved.

Duo undid the belt buckle and carefully unzipped Heero's pants before slipping a palm in under the waistband of Heero's briefs, taking a soft hold of Heero's quite blatant erection. Not lingering, Duo slid further down to curl his fingers around Heero's balls and tug at them, eliciting a moan. Satisfied, he moved up to slowly, tentatively pump Heero's cock.

Too slowly, Heero thought with clenched teeth. He bucked his hips up against the touch, craving more; faster.

Duo's response didn't thrill him. The warm palm left his dick, and for a moment, Heero was close to growling his disapproval. When the hand touched the side of his hip instead, joined by its companion on the opposite side, he let go his frustrations, understanding. He lifted his hips off the bed and let Duo pull both his pants and underwear clear off of him, and they were deposited somewhere on the floor with the loud clank of the belt buckle.

Duo's hands slid up along Heero's bare legs, brushed over the faint traces of body hair at his thighs, grazed the backside of his knees and moved right up his smooth calves to his ticklish feet, hastily discarding the offending sock that still clung obstinately to Heero's left foot. He was glad Duo never noticed how he clenched his teeth to stifle a laugh.

With the cool air of the room touching nearly his entire body, Heero came to realize he was very naked now - barely covering more than his elbows - while Duo remained fully dressed. Of course, it didn't really matter; Duo couldn't see him any more than he could see Duo, though he certainly wished they both could... ...but Duo could touch. Duo had every advantage on him now, and the silk tie became increasingly meaningful.

The anticipation of whatever Duo had in mind turned Heero on even more, and he couldn't help how his cock twitched, making a soft thump against his stomach as he heard Duo undress somewhere off the foot of the bed, cloth slipping along and off skin.

He flexed his fingers as the bed dipped, the very end of a long braid and smooth, bare skin grazing his own as Duo crawled in over him, not stopping until his wrist brushed Heero's shoulder. Taking his bearings, Duo lowered his head, his steady breath the beacon Heero aimed his lips for, not unrewarded. A fleeting touch, just enough to drive him mad for not being more, and each time Heero craned his neck to push their mouths firmer together, Duo pulled back another half inch.

It wasn't until the support at his lower neck was pulled away Heero understood Duo's strategy. Feeling the man scoot down his body and to the side, Heero lowered his head back to the mattress, slightly miffed at the missing pillow.

Duo patted his hip, but Heero didn't move, more obstinate than failing to understand.

There was no mistaking Duo's intention when the short end of the pillow prodded his side repeatedly, not relenting until Heero lifted his hips up off the bed. Duo tucked the pillow in under Heero's lower back, only to give his ass a good smack to let him know he could drop it. He hadn't been able to stop the quick take of breath at the impact, and he started to frown as he heard Duo chuckle. Bastard.

Tentatively, Duo moved in over him again, though the way Heero sensed the mattress dip, he was at a diagonal. He briefly wondered why, but the scrape of the nightstand drawer being reluctantly opened answered the question.

He heard Duo grope around for a few seconds, and he could almost picture Duo smirking in triumph. "Haha - found it!"

Something cool touched Heero's side; a container of some kind, he guessed, assuming - no, hoping it was lubricant - or at least something that'd suffice as a substitute. Licking his lips and trying to keep his voice steady, he asked "Is that lube?"

"Hm? Yeah," Duo curtly explained while keeping up his blind search. Half a second later, his fingertips found the wrinkly plastic wrapper. He rubbed it between them as he sat upright again and straddled Heero's thigh. "...never thought I'd get to use these," he muttered to himself and ripped the plastic wrapper apart.

Condom, Heero told himself, listening as Duo applied it over himself.

Duo grinned, fumbled along Heero's side until he found the bottle of lube. He slipped it down to rest against Heero's hip, content at leaving it there for safe keeping while he lowered himself to steal another kiss. He missed Heero's mouth for his cheek at first, but was quick to correct this, not satisfied until he'd had a taste at the back of Heero's teeth; the aftermath of shuttle fare, bad coffee and spaceport sweets chased with a breath mint. He tried not to smile.

Heero responded eagerly to the sparring of tongues, but some of his zeal went away as he felt something grind against his thigh. Losing focus, especially as Duo pulled back, his lips remained slightly parted. For a moment, he hoped the soft pressure at his thigh was part of Duo's first or second leg - because if it was his third, Heero feared he was in for a bigger ride than he'd anticipated. Only a second later did the sliver of envy creep up on him. Sometimes, he really didn't like his Japanese heritage - though he certainly didn't feel that much inferior to Duo. It was in height as in length, he quickly mused - Duo had maybe a couple inches on him - no more.

He wished the thought hadn't struck him when he started contemplating girth instead. The way Duo's fingertips found and toyed with the small mole just above his hip on the left while seeking out and suckling his right nipple - a swirl around ended in a nip of teeth - barely kept him from losing his nerve - and his hard-on.

Adjusting his exploration of Heero's body, Duo's fingers brushed through Heero's coarse pubes, his palm wrapped around Heero's erection - and his smile wavered for a moment. He didn't exactly have a manual to go by, but he'd sorta hoped Heero would be more willing than this - or, had Heero already gone?. Swiftly, he splayed his digits across Heero's stomach, only grazing one tiny, sticky patch of precome on the softly tanned skin. Duo dared smile again, secretly hoping that when the time did come, Heero wouldn't show to be the utterly quiet type. The smile became a grin as he figured that might all be up to his own efforts.

Duo let go of Heero's stomach and went for the bottle again. He shook it once and flicked the lid aside with his thumb. There should still be enough left, he thought to himself, squeezing the bottle to apply some of its slick contents onto his fingers, grin wavering as the bottle gave the familiar outburst warning of a near-empty state.

"That wasn't me," he quipped, satisfied to hear at least a chuckle from Heero - though the tone of it wasn't as steady as he'd imagined. He brushed it off; seven years had passed - perhaps his laughter had changed. Tentatively, Duo used his thumb to find Heero's thigh and guide the coated fingers up toward his crotch, Heero slowly parting his legs as Duo's touch approached.

A swab of cool, slippery gel grazed Heero's ass, his crevice, before the fingertips found and swiftly brushed the lube against his pucker. Heero drew a sharp breath, let it out again through clenched teeth and repressed a shiver. His heart pounded as he thought of what would follow. He'd made a promise, but...

The bottle farted loudly. Duo tried going directly for his target this time, ending up leaving a short trail of lubricant along Heero's other thigh. Heero shivered at the second chill touch, but kept his legs apart. Fingertips leaving again, he pursed his lips. "...Duo, are you sure... you're up to this? I mean-"

Duo gave a faint snicker. "Just relax, Heero. Yeah, I might be blind now, but I already know what an elephant looks like. Don't worry, it'll be good."

A third dab of the cold stuff hit his crevice, slipping up to mix with the rest, some reaching the back of his balls. "Huh?" he panted.

"Hilde read me some poems the other day," Duo told him. "One of them was based on an old fable." He capped the bottle of lube and put it next to Heero's hip, coaxing his legs to a more comfortable position while he slowly moved in over Heero again. "See, there were these six wise men in India that were brought to see an elephant for their first time - but the men had all been blind since birth." He cupped his still dry hand, moved it in until it met Heero's cheek and aimed a brief kiss at Heero's lips. He proceeded to crawl down Heero's body, pausing for but a moment to grind their erections together.

Heero hissed contently at the motion, but it was gone before he could rub much against it.

"So, the first guy comes up and put his hands against the side of the elephant," Duo continued, brushing his barely wiped fingers over Heero's taut stomach, nudging his cockhead. He leaned down, landed a kiss at the middle of Heero's chest followed by a swift series of them trailing south, tasting skin. "The guy said that the elephant had to be like a massive wall," he said between grazes. Just where the softly defined outline of Heero's six-pack began, Duo shifted from kisses to simply trailing his tongue along any lines he could find at the slowly heaving plain, quietly blessing standard Preventer training.

Duo's chin found the tip of Heero's cock, and before Heero could even voice the suggestion, Duo's mouth closed in around the dark head, the end of his tongue playing up the flat, around the edge, along the slit, eliciting salty, bitter drops. Much to Heero's belated regret, the warmth and wetness of Duo's mouth left him the moment he tried to thrust up, craving more of it.

Duo chuckled at him, patted his side. "Down, boy."

"More..." Heero begged.

Grinning to himself, Duo obliged - with the story. "The next guy," he said, ignoring Heero's groan of neglected need, "got hold of a tusk, so he thought the elephant was a spear of some kind."

The slicked fingers reached out to touch Heero's cheek, slipped up to find his mouth, touched his lips. With some trepidation, Heero accepted them into his mouth, lapped at them as best he could as Duo bobbed them into him, grazing his teeth along his bottom jaw with the tips. Flavored lube, Heero reasoned, tasting it. Honey? It even felt thick, though Duo's fingers probably contributed to that sensation.

When the fingers left his mouth, Duo's braid swept up his chest and pooled above his heart as Duo's tongue invaded him instead, and he welcomed it inside; played at it with his own, barely registered how spit- and lube-slicked fingertips started brushing over his entrance.

"The third man comes up," Duo said, not quite leaving Heero's lips, "Catches the trunk, thinks the elephant is like a slippery snake..." Heero felt Duo's breath move from his upper lip to the tip of his nose; all the warning he got before Duo lightly bit down on it, the sudden pain distracting him from the finger that simultaneously pushed inside of him, down between his legs.

Free from Duo's teeth, he gasped, lifted his hips just off the pillow, only to fall back and sink the digit in deeper. It didn't hurt, but he certainly felt the invasion, along with his stressed pulse.

"The fourth man touched the leg at the knee," Duo elaborated while he intermittently nipped at Heero's collar bone and rubbed his cock against Heero's thigh, probing around with the finger. "He was convinced the beast was shaped like a tree." While talking, he let a second digit join the first, thrusting them in tandem. Heero's hiss and brief tensing was his reward.

"Now, guy number five came up and got a hold of an ear," Duo continued, a whiff of musk and traces of deodorant tickling his nose as he overcompensated his move. Backtracking, he briefly shifted up to flick his tongue against Heero's earlobe before taking it in between his lips, suckling it tenderly only to let go and trace the tip his tongue along the shell of Heero's ear, delighting in the low moan that escaped Heero's throat. "So, he thought the elephant was like a huge fan."

As he spoke, Duo's thrusts slowed down, grew shallower. At the last word, Duo lined up a third finger and pushed them all back in, gently moving them apart, spreading Heero wider yet.

Heero drew quick breaths, clenched his teeth, willed himself to relax. He certainly felt it now, but he didn't think Duo would have more girth than the base of his three fingers. He hoped. His virgin ass could only cope with so much before he'd show it hurt - or worse, voice it.

Caught up in adjusting to Duo's prodding digits, Heero belatedly registered Duo had shifted about, his first clue how Duo's voice came from much further down, along with the warm air brushing his cock; enough to make it quiver. "And the last guy got a hold of the tail," Duo spoke from but an inch away; an inch too far, inhaling Heero's stronger scents. "And he was sure the beast was like a long rope." With that, he licked up along the base of Heero's cock, swiftly engulfing the head and more in his mouth while pushing his fingers to their deepest yet. Heero lifted off the bed and the pillow, thrusting into Duo's mouth and impaling himself back on the fingers; pain and pleasure, ever less of the first in favor of more of the second.

He hated it when Duo's warm, wet mouth and enveloping tongue left him, soon followed by the digits, leaving his sphincter flexing in anticipation. The bottle of lube squirted again, and he heard Duo apply the last of the slippery stuff to his rubber coat before tossing the spent bottle to bounce along the floor somewhere. The gloved and slicked tip nudged at Heero's pucker, and Duo's hands coaxed his legs back and apart. Heero took a deep sigh to relax, opening himself as best he could.

"So, don't worry," Duo finished, "I already know my way around the elephant." And with that, Duo thrust inside him; one fast, hard jab, right to the hilt. Heero cried out at the sudden intrusion; deeper and wider than the fingers for sure, completely filling him; completing him. Heaving for breath, he felt his cock thump against his abdomen, his ass close and shift around Duo's meat, the sting fading away.

Duo brushed his knuckles down along Heero's left calf and thigh, nudged at his balls, checked his cock as if to see he was still interested.

He certainly was, and Heero even attempted to thrust up into Duo's soft embrace of his flesh, a task made difficult by his lack of leverage, with both his feet in the air and his ass impaled on Duo's hard dick. He rested one ankle on Duo's shoulder and moved his other leg aside after Duo's blind directions. "Go," he hissed, craving more of Duo.

Duo hesitated, over-analyzing the stress on Heero's one word. He'd already seated himself fully, with as much lube as he could - and there was no denying he wanted Heero; he wanted him bad, and he'd already been allowed to take him - had taken him, short of leaving one final mark inside him.

Slowly, Duo pulled out, smoothed a palm down the trembling plane of Heero's stomach, brushed through a couple sticky patches, in under Heero's cock and down to tickle stiff pubes before sinking his dick back in, just as languidly.

It still hurt, but not as before, and with every repeating thrust Duo made into him, pain dulled away to discomfort, then to nothing - and when Duo shifted his angle of attack just so, the darkness at Heero's eyelids briefly turned into a starlit night, over and over again as Duo's cock rubbed towards his prostate.

Duo's fingers danced at Heero's chest, his sides, his crotch; moved up to cup his cheek, down to paw one of the other cheeks, steadily quickening his pace. Duo tickled at Heero's mole with the tip of his braid, played with his belly button and his balls, flicked fingers across his hardening nipples and through the thin sheen of sweat forming at his skin, before finally abandoning the game of maddening touches in favor of steadying Heero's hips, abandoning all pretense of going easy on him. Duo wanted to fuck him, and so he did, pounding into him over and over; only intermittently checking the state of Heero's crotch before hammering his ass again.

When he felt Heero's balls go tight, Duo reluctantly slowed down before slipping out entirely, leaving Heero panting, deep in lust, deeper in need, and on the verge of coming. Duo straightened up the leg Heero rested against him as he straddled the other, tilting Heero halfway over on his side in the process, rocking his dick against Heero's thigh, licking at his other leg.

"Duo..." Heero muttered after regaining enough breath and a sliver of thought.

"What," Duo panted back. "Want something?"

"Duo..." Heero repeated, more of a growl than an inquiry this time, on second thought adding "Please..."

Duo moved his hips again, took hold of the base of his erection and spanked Heero's thigh with the thick, hooded head. "Tell me, Heero."

He wanted to glare at Duo, maybe throttle him a little, or at least give his cock and balls a better squeeze than was good for him - but he wanted something else more. "...fuck me, Duo. Please fuck me..."

The faint snicker that reached his ears drove him mad with frustration, the dip in the bed as Duo moved up to position his dick mad with lust, and as Duo slid inside him again, simply crazy.

Duo didn't hold back, thrusting into Heero; fast, hard, deep; pleasured grunts and groans escaping his mouth as Heero's hot, tight body wrapped itself around his raging, rampaging hard-on. Duo brushed the aside sweat-soaked bangs that tickled at his forehead, hugged Heero's leg close and touched his lips to Heero's ankle, his free hand reaching down, grazing Heero's stomach and ending at Heero's crotch, enveloping his cock.

Heero's moans as well as the way his body shivered and tensed - which almost made Duo lose control - was enough of a marker of what the tied-up man craved. Duo obliged, soft, shallow pumps at first, but soon enough building up a pace to rival, even surpass his own near-frenzied deep thrusts.

Heero felt the tell-tale sparkle rage though his abdomen, pooling in his tight sac, just needing a little push-

It happened so fast that Heero needed two breaths to realize it. His leg came down, lacking support. Duo's comfortable, tight warm palm was gone, his thick, long dick was gone - Duo was gone. He felt the final dip of the bed as it flattened itself out, and he came close to crying out in frustration. What the hell was Duo thinking?! Only discipline kept Heero from ripping his hands free, and he shifted tactics to listening intently, trying to ignore his own pangs and pants in favor of homing in on Duo's unsteady gasps for air. He tugged tentatively at the tie, the silk as restrictive as ever, though not cutting into his skin. "...Duo?" he asked in a low tone, betraying his anger.

There was no answer at all, though he was fairly sure Duo was standing somewhere at the end of the bed. His erection twitched, leaving another smudge of precome at his belly. Tied up, naked, sweaty, needy and worst of all, alone, a feeling of intense vulnerability crept up on Heero, and it dawned on him that was probably just what Duo was going for.

So, this was his revenge?


He almost loved him for it. "Duo, please..." he snarled off into the darkness, shifting his hips. He'd been so close... "Duo, come back," he told the eerie quiet, but got no answer. "Finish what you started, damn it!" he yelled, the headboard creaking.

Duo gave a soft laughter, somewhere right off of Heero's feet. "What, frustrated?"


"Show me, Heero..." Duo said, voice low, almost husky. "Show me the ass that's wanted my big dick in it for the last seven years..."

He could all too well imagine Duo's impish grin.

"Show me where you want my cock... if you want it."

Thinking roughly a grand total of 'Fuck', Heero gave in. He raised his trembling legs, spread them and curled his lower back in an attempt to present his pucker as best he could. The bed creaked under him, the pillow stuffing sounded off as he shifted his hips - and then it hit him.

Duo couldn't see any more than he could.

Heero felt like a big idiot, and he knew his cheeks were flushed - in part from embarrassment, in part anger at being had, in part because his heart was pounding so hard it was halfway up his throat. He waited, hoped-

Warm palms slapped both his butt cheeks, plied them apart. He hissed, felt the bed dip again. One of the hands slid up his leg to clasp his ankle, and he felt the tip of Duo's cock aim at his entrance again. Right then, one thing was clearer to Heero than anything else - he hated being teased. "Fuck me!"

A quiet "I will," was all the warning he got; more than he needed. Duo was deep inside him again, then back to just the head before his balls slammed against Heero's ass, over and over and over. Duo blindly grabbed Heero's free leg, pushed both of them back, lifting Heero's hips up while falling down on them, into him, repeatedly slamming his aching dick down Heero's tight hole, knowing it wouldn't take long.

Already at his limits, Heero sensed the warmth pool in his crotch, waiting, waiting - only to burst free; his cock shooting a stream of come well up his chest before making a puddle of the rest, pulsing dry on its own, untouched. His ass clenched in around Duo, squeezing flesh, making him moan, breaking him down. Two savage thrusts later, he cried out to match Heero's only seconds before; emptying himself in the condom, marking Heero, only slowing his pace as the last spurt left his dick, content with having Heero's ass milking his spent cock.

Heero shivered and listened to his blood sing while he heaved for breath, blinked-

He could see - his right eye struggled to focus from the dark night, through the cracks of close, white lattice-work. Duo's bandage job had unravelled in their latest exercise; the cotton pad had slipped to the side, and Heero could at last behold Duo in all his sweat-soaked, dishevelled glory as he felt the man finally pull out of him, discarding of the condom while panting through a sated, silly grin. Duo leaned in over Heero, in between his legs, threatening to fall down over him like a freshly axed redwood on the being that killed it.

Without thinking, Heero moved his arms to break Duo's fall, the glimpse of his tied wrists and the broken bars of plywood still entangled with them - but lack of cracking noises - a telltale he'd come harder than he'd thought. Still, the damage was already done. He rushed to wiggle his hands free pulled the remaining gauze and cotton off of his head, over sweat-soaked messy bangs, and tossed them after the tie to the floor somewhere. He grabbed a firm hold of Duo's arms and pulled him down for a fierce kiss, his streams and puddles of come sandwiched like a glue between them, the sheen of sweat on their bodies easing the soft grind of skin to skin.

Much of it had cooled into nothing before Heero felt bothered to explain himself, breaking the intense lip-lock and coaxing the soft, pleasant sliding motions of the man atop of him to a halt. "...sorry," he near whispered. "I think I busted your bed." Guiltily, he led Duo's hand to the small pile of broken plywood spines.

To his relief, Duo grinned at him, sought out his lips for a quick peck of a follow-up. "That's okay... I've been thinking about getting a new bed, anyway," he said, again rocking his hips against Heero's, grinding their drained dicks together. "This one's too small - besides, my pillow is ruined."

Sensing the aforementioned pillow still lodged under his back, just at the edge of his sore ass - a position he'd rather keep it in for a while longer - Heero could only imagine how much of the spit and lube and sweat that had leaked and dripped and slid down to the pillow, some undoubtedly going through the covers.

Duo shifted himself off to Heero's side, unsticking himself from Heero's chest. Carefully, he put his chin to Heero's shoulder while keeping one leg wrapped in over Heero's thigh and one arm draped across his chest, Heero retaining a return half-embrace, shifting his palm from Duo's ass to his hip. "Guess I'll just use you instead."

The chill of the room had started to creep back up on him, at least until those words, which warmed Heero's very core.

Life was good - and getting better by the minute.

But the tiniest of thoughts, one that had lingered at the back of his mind for a while, decided to show up again, prodding him to ask something he wasn't quite sure how to. "...Duo?"

"Yeah?" Duo said, tracing a finger in circles around Heero's right nipple.

It was appreciated. Heero played his fingertips just above Duo's hip, holding him close. "...when you got the lube..."

The digit tapped the nub. "Hm?"

Heero swallowed. "It sounded like the bottle was almost empty."

"So?" Duo started to grin, which sparked a sinking feeling in Heero's guts.

"...are you - have you -" He bit down the question. Why was this so hard to ask?

"You want to know if I've been screwing around these last seven years, don't you?"

He just knew his cheeks were flushed now, and he turned his head to look away, belatedly realizing Duo couldn't have seen the former, but he would have heard the latter, given how his shocks of chocolate brown rasped against the bedding.

Duo slipped out of Heero's half-grasp and rolled over on his other side, rummaging through the far nightstand drawer. Heero watched as Duo pulled out two artifacts, thumping them on the bed as he presented them. "Heero, I want you to meet Heero Two, and Heero Three."

The original stared at them. The first was like a glove designed for one very thick, long finger. The other was a rather floppy, pink dildo - and the pair seemed a near perfect fit. He knew he was gaping when he looked to Duo next, and the way Duo smirked almost suggested he could see him - or at the very least picture his baffled look.

Duo started a quick, nervous laugh and shrugged. "Look, I might have been holding out on the real deal, hoping I'd think of a way to make you come around - but I'm still a young guy, 'kay? I have needs and urges... so, I wanted to experiment a little bit."

While Duo talked, Heero tentatively reached out to touch the sex toys, treating them as if they were made of molten lava. They had been cleaned, and despite just having had a good bout of messy sex with their only ever user, there was something... unsettling about them. Probably the names. He didn't like competition.

"I prefer topping," Duo informed him, "but if you had been a top too, I guess I could have been persuaded..."

He left the sentence hanging, and Heero latched on, daring a faint smirk. "...can you still be?"

Shoving the replacements off the bed, Duo lay down beside him again, resuming his position of being half-draped across Heero. "Maybe," he suggestively offered with a rub of his leg against Heero's thigh before puckering his lips.

Heero took the cue and met them with his own.

The edge of Duo's bandages brushed his nose upon their coming up for air. He looked at them, and got quiet. He remained that way just long enough for Duo's smile to waver.

"Heero?" Duo felt Heero's knuckles touch his cheek, only to caress their way along the gauze, fingertips brushing the outline of his ear. "Is something wrong?" he asked after a badly hidden gulp.

"...is it permanent?" Heero cautiously asked.

Duo stiffened for a moment, then sighed, resting his head on Heero's shoulder again. "We don't know yet," he finally answered. "I'm under treatment - even had surgery last week-" And before Heero could protest, Duo put a digit across his lips. "Nothing that what we did could unsettle." He smirked. "More the opposite, I think - but anyway, the results will take some time. Another two weeks, maybe."

Heero blamed himself for not asking sooner. Wufei had told him it probably wasn't permanent, but he had to hear it from Duo. Duo had sugar-coated bitter pills before, and only through seeing his face did Heero feel he could see the difference - though that was a lot harder with Duo's eyes a blank. "How... What happened? They said you got sick..."

The devil's own grin appeared, and it sent shivers down Heero's back. "It was stupid, really. It was a damn kids' disease that triggered it, see. Most people would have gotten vaccinations when they were infants. I guess my parents never got around to it."

Heero had no problem sensing the bitterness in Duo's voice, but he knew what the deep breath that followed his outburst meant; Duo was clearing it all way. Duo was never one to dwell too long and hard on things.

Unlike him.

He felt compelled to strengthen his embrace of Duo, and did so, tugging him close. "Forgive me?"

Duo raised his head. "Planning to stick around this time?"

"If you'll have me," he said with a smirk. "Sight unseen."

Duo gaped for a moment, and started to laugh. "Way ahead of you," he said, sliding a hand down Heero's chest, down through the sticky remains left at Heero's belly. He then brought the coated fingers back to his lips and slowly licked them clean.

Heero's groin stirred to life; he'd be good to go again very soon - but he also had a fair suspicion that if he had another go like that, he might not be able to walk out of here for a while.

He smiled to himself. That didn't sound so bad.

"Duo? We might have gone in the wrong order here, but... be my boyfriend?"

Duo's smile was encouraging, but it didn't stop Heero's stomach from doing flip-flops. "...well," Duo drawled at length, playing his fingertips across the touchy mole at Heero's hip, well aware of the sensitive spot now. "I've definitely seen my elephant now - all of it. I know what my beast is like." Impishly, he raked his teeth across Heero's clavicle before backtracking the skin with the tip of his tongue.

"...and?" Heero dared, swallowing.

Duo pursed his lips, biting down the answer for a moment.

Heero could hear the pounding of his heart - and it certainly skipped a beat as he drew a quick breath, feeling Duo slide in on top of him again and seek out his lips.


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