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Pairing: 2x1
Contents/Warnings: Shounen Ai/Yaoi, lime/lemon, blood, language.

Note: Written for Sharon and PL Nunn's 2X1 Lemon Contest

Flight Control
by kebzero

Wing shook as another gust of gale force winds swept around its edges. If the Gundam had been in full bird mode and in complete working order, the brewing storm might have been little more than a trifle. That, however, was not the case. The last battle had left the mobile suit with quite some damage. The fact that it was also hauling Deathscythe - which was in an even worse condition - did not improve its maneuverability. It also left Wing unable to change into bird mode - that is, if the mechanisms still worked at all, which was doubtful. Instead, the suit was little more than a leaf with a handful of intermittently working engines and thrusters being tossed about in the wind. The two pilots crammed in Wing's cabin were rattled about in what little room there was. Heero's harness had snapped during the battle, and thus offered no help whatsoever.

"Damn it, at least try to keep it steady, will ya?!"

Heero glared at the extraneous pilot squatting by his legs, barely keeping out of the way of the pedal controls. Duo struggled to wrap a bandage around his head, both to cover up a nick over his left ear as well as a cut across his forehead. The bleeding had almost stopped by now, but he still wanted to keep blood - or rather, more blood, out of his bangs, not to mention keep hair out of the wounds.

"I am," Heero snarled back, fighting stick and throttle. "It'd be a heck of a lot easier without the extra passengers."

"Well, excuse me and my big pal for saving your ass back there. If I hadn't taken that hit for you, you'd -"

"Says you."

Duo rolled his eyes and shifted his position. His left leg had nearly gone asleep. "Look, you might think you're some kind of superhero, but you're not, okay? If that Leo had gotten a clear shot at Wing's fuel tanks, especially after the barrage the armor on that side had already taken -"

Growling, Heero glanced at the three screens still in working order. The rest were in a range from fuzzy image to shatterglass, some of which had made their mark on his right arm. He ignored the faint stings the tiny shards made. "Fine, fine. Now, sit still - and I mean quiet."

Duo stuck out his tongue, pushed at Heero's knee. "Right back at you - damn, the gash at your thigh is still bleeding."

Grunt. "I'll survive. It isn't that far to the safehouse."

"We should land - or maybe I should -"

Heero glared at him, flatly denying the cautious request for swapping pilot. Sure, he might pass out from blood loss eventually - but with a head injury which true extent was currently an unknown, Duo was an even greater risk. Left a moment to consider, Duo knew it too.

Duo reached for the first aid kit again. "Fine, you keep your hands at the stick - but at least let me try to patch that thing up a little - I'm drenched in enough of my own blood, thank you very much. Don't need yours all over me, too."

Though it wasn't necessary - as it was already too late to refuse - Heero nodded his assent.

Duo rummaged about in the white metal box, disturbing the once meticulous neatness within. From a plastic folder, he dug out a small pair of scissors, hooked up the end of the spandex pants leg and placed it in the scissors, grinning. "Hope these weren't your favorites." He cut them, right up the thigh.

Heero struggled not to wince as Duo flicked the tight cloth aside and back, tearing at some caked blood in the process, tugging at torn skin. The antiseptic that followed didn't feel too good, either. Glaring at the screens showing the storm outside offered at least some distraction.

"Okay, it's cleaned up. Should probably stitch it, but we can't do that here - I'll wrap a tight bandage around it. You'll have to lift your leg, and -"

Grunt. "In case you haven't noticed, I'm busy trying to keep us in the air. I need both feet at the controls, and -"

"You've locked in the flight path, right?"

"Yes, but -"

"Then you can lock the side thrusters for a little while, and ignore the pedals. That's just about the only thing your feet have to deal with now, right? I mean, it's not like you can change to bird mode, or need torso twist or leg control now. We won't be tossed any less off course than we already are."

Heero clenched his teeth and glared down at Duo, but the other didn't notice at all; he was busy rummaging through the small medkit, digging out a big plaster pad, a roll of gauze and a safety pin. Heero knew Duo was right. Reluctantly, he complied with the request, left the throttle for a few moments to key in a lock of the pedals. The lack of the yaw thrusters would make the stick a little rougher, but not too bad, unless the wind speed picked up again.

Duo wasted no time once he saw compliance. As soon as the lock was in place, Duo took Heero's right leg and rested the calf against his shoulder, giving him room and air to work on the gash.

As Heero felt the bandage be wrapped around his thigh, he dared offer a glance at his field medic. He didn't want to admit it, but Duo had gotten him out of a tight spot - by placing himself in the same. Deathscythe, while at least wielding both a shield and a side with thicker armor, had gotten a serious pounding. The final aftermath of the battle had practically left the suit in tatters, barely able to move, unable to escape unaided. The cockpit was a mess, as well. Panels had short-circuited, fuses had blown, screens had broken and shattered, raining sparks, hot bits of metal, sharp glass and plastic on its pilot. Duo bore evidence of this, his skin riddled with small cuts, burns and bruises - none that on their own were serious - given time and treatment, they'd all heal. Though, taken in total it wasn't a pleasant sight, even now that he'd removed the few pieces of shrapnel. Duo's priest outfit had been thoroughly shredded as well, hanging on his body as little more than rags.

Duo used the safety pin to secure the gauze wrap. "There. That ought to hold until we get back - how much further, anyway?"

Leg down. "Ten, maybe fifteen minutes."

Amused snort. "What, don't have it nailed down to the second yet?"

Heero grunted, and hurriedly freed up the pedals again. While he could fly without them, he preferred not to - the extra control - or at least the feeling of it - was important, given - "We're flying through a storm, Duo. Delays happen."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah... I just can't wait to actually have some room to move."

Half a smirk. "If you're uncomfortable, you can always go back to Deathscythe's cockpit - but with the straps torn, cabin depressurized and hatch barely on its hinges, I wouldn't recommend it."

Duo frowned, held his tongue for several seconds, and browsed the first aid kit again. He rolled up a tiny ball of cotton and soaked it in antiseptic fluid. "That's not funny, Heero."

Again, a few seconds of silence, if ignoring the raging storm outside. "I know."

Duo braced his legs to keep himself steady, struggling to keep out of the way of Heero's pedalwork as Wing began to shake violently, making the pilot earn his living. Duo took off what was left of his torn shirt and jacket, and tossed the rags aside, leaving his torso draped in only a small silver cross and numerous tiny cuts, burns and bruises. He reached for the wet ball of cotton, and started wiping his skin, cleaning away some of the minute blood spills and assorted muck. He winced as he grazed some of the more sensitive wounds. "You know, maybe I won't bother to help you next time - be more careful, would you?" He paused, waited for a moment when Heero could look away from the screens for a second. "It took me this long to find someone like you - I don't want to lose you again right away. Got that?"

Heero stared at him for several seconds, taking the order in, finally nodding. His fingers tightened around the controls as he pushed Wing further towards its limits. "Same to you, Duo - do you have any idea how I felt when I realized what you were up to?"

Duo chuckled, despite the pain. "Yeah, I have a pretty good idea - it was just like how I felt a few seconds earlier."

To that, Heero could not find a good retort. Instead, he made another scan of the gauges still working. "Wind speed is picking up - I could go around it, but it'd take longer, and we might not have enough fuel." He didn't state the options. He knew Duo would know them anyway - and Heero didn't want to sound as if he suggested either course of action.

"So, if we go around, you'd have to ditch Deathscythe so we'll have enough fuel to get back - and if we go through, you'd have to ditch Deathscythe to switch to bird mode - if the controls and hydraulics still work - and gain enough maneuverability. Does that sum it up?"

Heero used his most passive expression, emulating a statue. "We're not going to ditch your Gundam."

"What, we're just gonna keep going? We'll crash!"

Frown. "Do you question my piloting skills? I'll get us through this, Duo - I know how to handle a stick."

Duo gaped for a second, then broke out laughing. "Yeah, I know you do."

Scowl. "What's so funny?"

No response, other than a wide grin, and a digit prodding at his knee.

Heero scoffed, and glued his eyes on the foremost viewscreen, trying to see where the clouds looked more benign. It took some time before he noticed the taps at his knee had turned into slow sweeps.

"Thanks... for not ditching Deathscythe, I mean..."

Grunt, half a smirk. "Don't mention it. We've been through worse than this."

Duo gave a cautious nod, put his palm flat over Heero's knee and rubbed softly. He tugged at the shorts where he'd made a cut in earlier, stretched the gap, pulled at the fabric. Heero frowned down at him, but ignored it. Duo grinned, and tugged harder, right up until the fabric gave in and split half an inch further up.

Again, Heero frowned. "Stop that."

Still grinning, Duo sighed, rested his cheek against Heero's uninjured thigh, and kept pulling at the split spandex, gap reaching another inch up towards the hem.

"Duo..." Heero muttered. He had an idea what was going on, and it was not something they currently had the time and opportunity for.

Duo's response was merely to rub his cheek against Heero's thigh, ever so slowly moving further in, all the while coaxing both Heero's legs and the shredded spandex a bit further apart. A little further. Further, right up until his cheek was no longer just up against a thigh, but also the growing third leg. Lips nuzzled against the fabric, nose taking in the musk scent, soft moan escaping. Duo's fingers landed right above the treated gash, trekked up through the cut spandex, before hooking the split between thumb and forefinger, and driving it straight up the hem, even snapping the strained waistband off, ruining the spandex shorts beyond simple stitchwork.

Heero jolted at the not entirely painless backlash of the severed elastic, and unintentionally rattled the stick, leaving Wing to shudder a little extra. "Duo!"

Duo ignored the reprimand, and pawed at the exposed flesh of Heero's hip and upper thigh, all the while grinding up against Heero's barely covered crotch. "...but I'm horny..." he finally muttered.

A sigh. "Duo, right now isn't good, and you know it."

"I know," he whined theatrically, cheeky smile on his lips. "But I'm on an adrenaline high, and I want to act on it, right now..." He kissed Heero's injured thigh just above the bandages, before cuddling up to Heero's groin once more, knowing it was bringing results, no matter how obstinate Heero's mind managed to be.

Which wasn't really all that much. Duo wasn't the only one on a rush. "Wait until we're back at the base - please. I'm not sure I can cope with the storm and you at the same time." He smirked. "One major force of nature at a time."

Duo chuckled, slapped Heero's bare hip. "Bastard... You can cope..."

"Duo, I -"

A rather forceful grind, enough to shift Heero's erection to the brink of cover. Duo was on it in an instant and swept his tongue up along its side, leaving Heero gasping. "Leave this to me..." Duo whispered, before he reached for the scissors again and quickly cut apart the other leg of Heero's shorts. He flipped aside the shredded fabric to fully expose Heero's crotch.


Grin. "You're early. Haven't given you a reason to cry my name out loud just yet."

Frown. "That's not it - I don't have a spare pair here, and -"

The rest of his reply was as lost in his quick intake of breath as his cock was engulfed in Duo's mouth, if only for a few quick bobs. Duo pulled back, played around the tip with his tongue, at the same time giving an impish look up at Heero's face, almost challenging Heero to tell him to stop.

No such order came, and Duo resumed his task, taking great pleasure in the soft sounds Heero made. The noises of shaking metal, and the shudders of the unsteady flight, went almost unnoticed. If anything, it merely added to the adrenaline rushing through their bodies. Heero felt his legs grow weak, but kept his feet planted on the pedals. He still had a return flight to worry about, and with Duo's mouth wrapped around him, toying with him; tongue twirling in teasing circles - focusing on that task was not easy. While he kept Wing fairly stable, his own body was another matter entirely; he was rapidly losing control, and couldn't stem the surge going through his groin, even if he wanted to.

After one last lick from base to tip, Duo stopped, leaving Heero erect, and more importantly, wanting. "D-Duo," Heero finally managed to stutter out through ragged breaths, "what are you -"

Duo cuddled up to Heero's knee. "Hm?" Faux oblivion to impishness. "Oh, just taking a little break..."


Chuckle. "You can just finish the job yourself, if you're so eager..."

"Are you out of your mind, Duo? In case you haven't noticed, my hands are kinda busy right now - and my feet too, for that matter. I have to use them for the vertical thrusters now that the storm's picking up, otherwise we'll definitely crash and burn."

Chuckle. "Then let's crash."

Frown, scoff. "Don't be an ass, Duo."

Grin. "Funny. I was thinking you were going to be the ass..." He groped at Heero's hip to hint further at his thoughts.

Heero caught on right away. "And just how do you think we'll manage that without crashing?" He saw Duo already had an answer, but it wasn't what he wanted. "And no, we're not swapping pilot. Wing is mine, I'm going to fly this suit all the way back - that's non-negotiable. If you really can't wait ten minutes, it would be a lot easier if -"

Duo rolled his eyes, still grinning. "Yeah, well, I don't want to ride. I'm a stud, not a jockey. You of all people should know that."

Heero gave a lopsided smirk, grunted dismissively, focused his eyes on the main viewscreen, trying to ignore how his erection throbbed, demanding attention.

"Think you could manage another minute or two on locked pedals?"

He checked the gauges. "I suppose... It might get a little rough, though."

Grin. "Good, then I have a battle plan."

Sigh, soft groan. "Duo..."

Duo bent down, and made a quick sweep of the crown with his tongue, eliciting a short gasp. "You want me to finish, don't you...?"

Heero glared at Duo, then at his aching crotch. Whatever Duo's most likely half-crazed plan entailed, it would at least mean - "Fine."

The grin widened, and Duo planted a kiss on Heero's thigh. "Great! Okay, where's the lube?"

Quizzical glance. "What?"

"Lube, smartass. I know you have some stacked away here - you've been dreaming about us doing it in here since forever, and -"

Cheeks and ears burning red, Heero tried to look indignant. "I - have - not -"

Duo waved him off. "Yeah, yeah, yeah, sure, whatever..." He went for the closest storage compartment, flipped it open, confirmed there was nothing but maps and encoded mission notes there, closed it and went for the next one. By the time he was rummaging through the third, Heero sighed in resignation, knowing Duo'd keep up until he succeeded, and right now, he was unable to prevent the unwanted search.

"Okay, okay - look in the box in the bottom right."

Duo slammed the one he was currently browsing shut, and went for the designated target coordinates, soon enough showing off his spoils of war. "Great! Bottom right for the right bottom." Chuckle. "I like the way you think, Heero."

Frown. "That's purely coincidental, and -"

Duo was already back, kneeling between Heero's legs, fingering the little tube. "I know, I know... Sheesh, can't take a joke, can you? Could you scoot down the seat a little bit - yeah, like that. That's perfect - are you ready?"

Heero nodded, and quickly flipped the switch to lock the pedals again. The stick fought back right away, but he could handle it, for now. Duo eased Heero's legs up and back.

"Are you keeping it steady?"

Between parted legs, Heero sent him an angry glare, still wrestling with the controls. "Do you question my piloting skills? Yes, I'm keeping it steady."

Chuckle. "We'll see about that..." Duo placed his hands along the insides of Heero's thighs and leaned a little forward, a little more... He swept his tongue over an expanse of skin close to his hand, trailed further towards Heero's crotch. He halted an inch away, waited...

Heero's cock throbbed, bumped against Duo's nose. Duo jerked back, snickering. Heero frowned down at him, provoked another throb. His movements were still very much restricted, after all, as Duo held his legs back. He touched his heel to Duo's shoulder. "Whatever you're planning, would you please -"

Duo preempted the rest of his humble request, taking in nearly all of his erection in one go. Duo flicked his tongue at the base, lingering there, breathing in the sweaty musk, before backing up, and back down, and up, establishing a rhythm, all the while doing his best to egg Heero on.

Of course, he did much more than was really necessary. Heero struggled to keep at least some focus at Wing's controls, and his hands reasonably steady. So far, so good.

Duo paused, moved his hands further along Heero's thighs while rubbing slow, soothing circles with his thumbs.

"Heero, you'd better not lose control."

Panting. "Wha-"

"Of Wing - I'll never forgive you if you don't live up to your bragging."

Frown. "I do not brag." Short breath. "I'm an expert pilot, and -"

Duo resumed the blowjob, even attempted to take him all in - and succeeded, if for but a few seconds. A few coughs and a mischievous grin later, he found the rhythm again, and Heero's hands trembled at the controls. Luckily, the storm outside masked most of the weak shudders it produced.

His legs were pushed a little further back and aside, affording Duo even more access. Heero struggled to accommodate, and exposed himself even more. Duo's thumbs brushed against the outskirts of Heero's pubes, moved ever onwards, nudged against his sac from both sides, then from the back in slow rubs - and all the while Duo's pace increased, lips and tongue restless, making it all the better. The thumbs flicked across Heero's opening, making him gasp. Then, the hands withdrew. Without their pressure, Heero struggled to keep his legs back at the wide angle, having scooted so far down the seat he was almost lying on his back. He was afraid Duo'd stop if he relaxed now, and that was hardly an option.

Another tongue flick. Heero drew a sharp breath, and barely heard the tube cap being flipped open. No matter how good a blowjob Duo was giving, Heero did notice when a cool liquid-tipped digit swept across his pucker; once, twice, thrice, each time leaving behind a strip of lubricant. He was willing to make an attempt at ignoring it, and focus on the sweet lips and tongue engulfing him, as well as affording a shred of consciousness to keeping Wing steady. He hastily checked a side viewscreen to make sure he hadn't accidentally dropped Deathscythe, or made a similar major blunder. He was sure that'd afford him a most unpleasant and untimely bite - for starters. Only once had Duo ever scared him by his temper rather than rash action, and that time Duo had been truly mad. He did not want to provoke anything like that, anything that -

Duo raked his front teeth across Heero's tip, and at the same time pushed a probing digit inside, quickly followed by another, going for a hasty preparation.

Between pants, Heero was finally able to voice his concerns. "Duo - this won't work." Hiss at another bob. "Not enough room here, and -" Soft bite, gasp. "Y-you can't -"

Lapping at tip, flex of fingers. "What, you saying I can't fuck you like this?" Grin. "Don't worry, I'll deal with that in a minute."

"T-time is already up, Duo," a hiss, "- the wind is picking up again. I'll need the extra thrusters to keep us in the air soonnnghh."

Duo pushed the digits deep inside, flickered the right spot. Wing shuddered. "That'll do." Duo pulled the fingers out, got to his feet and coaxed Heero's legs back down to the pedals.

Heero wasn't sure what this meant, but another gust caught them, and he had other things to worry about. He released the pedal lock, and fought the wind, still sitting at the edge of his seat. The duel was not made easier by the fact Duo was removing his remaining clothes - if the strips of fabric clinging to his waist and legs could even be called that - directly in his line of sight. Or rather, standing between Heero's legs, halfway bent in over him, given the cramped space.

Duo leant in for a kiss. For a split second, Heero's fingers twitched at stick and throttle, but managed to keep a hold. Duo pushed his hands up under Heero's tank top, flicked fingertips across his nipples. He broke the kiss, and sighed. "This won't do..." He went for hem of the tank top, found a small cut right above Heero's abdomen, flicked at the rift and tore the flimsy shirt straight up Heero's chest. Before Heero could protest, he snapped both shoulder straps off too, tossing the torn green fabric aside. This left them both naked, short of the ragged crew socks and shabby sneakers on Heero's feet, and the silver cross dangling off of Duo's chest. "Up," Duo commanded.

"Are you nuts?" Heero honestly asked, while trying to look around Duo to check the few gauges the lean body blocked, or otherwise distracted him from. "From this point and until we land, my hands and feet are tied, Duo - and before you suggest I try to give you a blowjob from this seat, I -"

Mimicking a contortionist, Duo moved in under Heero's left arm, touched his hip, then scooped his butt, signaling his own will. "I said, up."

Heero struggled to oblige, and after some considerable hassle, Duo managed to slip in behind him. Heero found himself sitting in Duo's lap; throughout the move, his hands and feet had remained at the controls - and by some miracle, control had remained in his hands, too.

Though, that was sure to change soon. He felt Duo's hands on his hips again, coaxing him up a little bit. It was tough to remain in that position; he had no real point to rest his body, other than his heels and wrists - and with only one of Duo's hands for support, he was already struggling. He guessed where Duo's other hand was, though, as the blunt dagger below him slid along his skin, into position, his crevice urged apart -

And the support vanished, short of the carefully situated prod resting between his ass cheeks.

He tilted his head as far as he could, glared at Duo's grin from the corner of his eye.

"Come on... You know you want it..."

Heero clenched his teeth. While that wasn't entirely inaccurate, Duo's way felt degrading, but -

A chuckle interrupted his thoughts. "And how long do you think you can keep hovering like that, huh? You know you need to sit to keep control of Wing, right?"

Heero afforded his tormentor another scowl. True enough; his legs were already threatening to buckle from the unusual position, and with only heels and wrists to keep himself up by -

He gave in and impaled himself onto Duo; both of them cried out. While Heero was still panting, struggling to adjust, Duo's hands were on him. One pawed at his chest and belly, the other went straight to his crotch and gave him a few quick pumps. Kisses, raking teeth and mild bites rained on his shoulders. Wing made a quick drop; Heero blamed turbulence. "You like this, don't you," a seductive whisper tickled in his ear. "Still keeping control, superhuman? Or do I rattle your flightstick...?"

An answer was preempted by Duo's soft hip and hand motions, and a consequent moan.

"Move. I'll help." Duo took a hold of Heero's hips again, gave some support to lift him; Heero struggled to oblige the order. The hands shifted, pulled him back down again quickly. Again, he cried out; again, Duo coaxed him up. "You're a cowboy, aren't you, Heero?"

Another fall, another rise. "Huh?" Plunge, hiss.

Snicker, raise, prod, drop. "I said, you're a cowboy - so ride me, handsome."

If his hands weren't tied up at the moment, Heero would have taken a swing at Duo. As it was, the best he could do was grind back against him, hard.

Of course, that plan backfired, as it also pushed Duo even further inside him, grazing the sweet spot. His foot slipped; Wing tilted slightly along its axis. Only quick reaction prevented it from becoming an out-of-control roll.

The braided bastard had the nerve to laugh. "Can't handle a stallion, can you, flyboy?"

Raise, plunge, hiss. Heero spat out "I'd like to see you deal with -" This time, Duo moved his hips up to meet him. A soft whimper escaped him.

"Oh, it's not my skills that are put to the test here, hotshot." Up, down, picking up a pace, working up a sweat. Duo hissed through his teeth. "Damn, you feel good..."

Even with the wind building up further, Heero started to adjust, and pushed back, hard, to grind Duo into the pilot seat, intended as both a punishment and as a reward - and as it turned out, for the both of them. The pace resumed.

Heero took Wing further down. "We're - we're almost at the -" Moan, "- the base, Duo. We -" Hiss, "- we have to stop, we can -" Whimper, "- when we land, okay -" Strained breath.

"Like hell," Duo stated, marking his point with an upwards thrust. "Land, now."

"Duo, are you out of you -" Shaky moan, matching hands. "Yeah, right there -" Again, provoking another sound of suppressed delight.

Laugh. "You don't want to quit either, do you? Let's live a little - see if you can land while a little -" Duo pushed up as hard as he could to meet Heero's fall. "Distracted."

Wing shuddered, made another sudden drop, but recovered. Heero was about to hiss a reply, when the crackling of the radio beat him to it."

"- one, zero two - are you there? This is zero four. Please respond."

Groan. "Damn it, Quatre finds the most annoying times to -" Duo flipped the intercom, slowed down their pace, but refused to stop. The static would mask the sounds anyway, except perhaps - With his other hands, he covered Heero's mouth; their wild ride to the finish line continuing. "Yeah, zero four, we're here - clear the runway, we're flying on a wing" Thrust, "- and a prayer." Thrust. "We're - Ow!" Duo pulled back the hand, shook it to cool down the bite mark in his palm.

Heero shot him a smirk. Duo made another deep prod, just to get even. Judging from Heero's expression, he nailed it, too.

"...is everything all right?" Quatre asked cautiously, barely audible over the static.

"Yeah, we're just fine, zero four. Zero one has the stick. Clear the runway, we're gonna make one hell of a landing." Duo grinned, delighting in how Heero kept his teeth clenched, trying not to give away a loud enough sound cue.

There was a slight pause. "...copy that. We'll clear the strip. Best of luck, zero two."

"Roger, out." Duo killed the comm, put both hands on Heero's hips again, up, down, up -

"This landing -" Shudder, "- hard and fast -"

Chuckle. "Just the way you like it."

"I -" Another thrust, a needy groan. "Hold on."

Duo grinned, kissed the nape of Heero's neck, one arm snaking around Heero's waist, the hand of the other closing around Heero's prominent erection. "Oh, I will."

Heero started a mild frown in Duo's direction, but that expression was aborted when Duo's warm palm wrapped around his cock, substituted by a far more pleasant one - at least to Duo's eyes.

On three of the barely functional screens, the ground seemed to close up to them awfully fast. At Duo's mercy, Heero fought to keep their approach steady; Duo working against him - or for him, depending on perspective. The ground came closer, closer, Duo's hand picked up speed, amended by a gentle roll of hips. The winds tore at the two mobile suits; Heero couldn't fight it much longer, especially at this low altitude.

A sudden gale tilted Wing sideways only a few hundred feet off the ground. Duo's motions brought him to the brink. His hand on the stick slipped, and Heero swore as Deathscythe plummeted the remaining distance to the dirt runway - but at this point, he didn't have time to worry; it was past the point of no return. With considerable effort he changed Wing's fall from a spin around the lateral axis to the vertical, and the suit turned around - not that it helped much. He couldn't resist any longer, and with a agonized cry, he came, clenching the controls, unable to do anything to halt Wing's final tumble as it impacted the dirt runway metal butt first and skidded along on its back. After what felt like forever, the suit came to a halt.

Barely off of his adrenaline high, Heero could do little but breathe. Then reality prodded him in the back - or rather, a little lower. Heero was now lying with his back on Duo, the other still very much inside him. His clammy hands let go of stick and throttle with a sticky sound.

Duo quickly flipped them over to the side, glanced at one screen still flickering with images from the outside, showing the crashed Deathscythe a bit further down the dirt runway. This brief distraction passed, his attention was all on the other pilot again. "My suit! Damn it, Heero, you dropped my suit!" Duo's thrusts became rougher, needier, but Heero didn't mind. He shifted to help Duo fuck him, pushed back against him, waited - but not for long. Duo cried out, and with a few more savage thrusts he emptied himself inside Heero, then clasped his arms around him and pulled Heero back to his chest, both gasping for air. "Damn... you..." Duo kissed Heero's shoulder.

"Didn't... purpose."

"- Know, I know..."

They lay there, savoring the last vestiges of the adrenaline rush, of aftershocks, but above all enjoying each other's close presence. Minutes past, before the radio again decided to interrupt, sounding out in short sputters. "- there? Is ev-" "- okay? Hee-" "-uo, respond - please." Heero tilted his head as if to give Duo a glance. Duo rolled his eyes.

"Think we should answer?"

There was a sudden banging on the hatch, then a scraping sound.

"We'd better," Heero answered, "Or they'll come barging in. I think they're trying to pry the hatch open."

Grin. "Oh? Well, I don't have a problem with them finding us like this..."

From the corner of his eye, Heero tried to send a glare.

Chuckle. "Fine, fine." Duo flipped the switch. "Hey, Quat, you out there?"

Static. "Duo! Oh, thank- We thought - we thought -"

"Never mind what you thought, sunshine - we're fine."

"And Heero?"

"He's just fine too, Quatre - believe me." Duo made another prod with a roll of his hips - but by now it was largely ineffective. "Oh, and tell Trowa and Wufei to stop hammering at the hatch, would ya? I think it works just fine, we'll be right out - just... give us a few minutes, okay?"

For several seconds, there was nothing but static. The banging at the hatch stopped. "Okay, Duo. We'll take a closer look at Deathscythe while you two untangle yourself - if Wing's cabin is as messed up as Deathscythe's -"

Snicker. "Hey, are you implying I don't keep a tidy suit, blondie?"

They could almost feel Quatre's smile through his voice. "No, not implying at all. Stating."

Heero chuckled; Duo pinched one of his nipples to shut him up - but the effect was minimal.

"Whatever you say, short stuff. See ya soon, over and out." Duo cut the comm again, tightened his hold around Heero's waist. "Oh, laughing at me, are you?" Another kiss to Heero's neck.

Heero tried to wrestle free, but failed. He did, however, manage to spin around, and rested against Duo's sweat-soaked chest. A bit up; a proper kiss.

"Oh, so you finally admit you enjoyed this, huh?"

Smirk, nod. "I never said or acted otherwise, did I? Still... Duo, you've left us with a problem."

Duo tilted his head, shot a glance down their sides, grinning. "I thought we fixed both those problems."

Heero pinched the tip of Duo's nose. "Idiot. I meant clothes, Duo. You ruined all of them."

Roll of eyes. "What, can't flyboy handle a little streaking? That too much for ya?"

"They'd know."

Lips to nose. "Then let them. They already know about us, right?"

"This was irresponsible."

Chuckle. "Yeah, but fun."

Smirk. "Agreed..."

Pause. Duo reached for Heero's neck, pulled him close for another, prolonged taste, stopping only to breathe. "Have to tell ya; you live up to your bragging about handling the stick, pal. Sure took us flying, didn't you?"

Heero didn't reply beyond the smug expression.

"Anyway, for that other non-problem - you're not entirely correct. We still have some clothes left."

Flagged brow. "Like what? You cut up my spandex shorts and ripped my tank top all to hell, and your outfit was in shreds already." He looked around at the mess in the cabin; much re-arranged in their final tumble. "And I don't know if we can even find any of it..."

Duo glanced down their sides again, tapped his bare foot to Heero's shoe. Heero followed the sensation.

"My shoes?"

Nod. "And your socks. And my boots too - I tucked those away under the seat, so they're probably still there."

Frown. "You're not serious..."

Playful grin, pinch of cheek - lower cheek, that is. "What, it's no biggie, is it? So, they'll figure out we've done the naughty, so what? Embarrassed?"

Heero shook his head. "No - not of what we did, or how, or of you. Just the opposite."

Grin. "So, you like getting -"

Finger over Duo's lips. "Don't say it. I don't think I can take that just yet."

"But you can take so much else just fine..."

Heero rolled his eyes. "I give up, you're incorrigible."

"Damn straight, I am."

Smirk. "Hardly."

Duo tightened his hold on Heero, tried to tickle his sides. "Oh, I'll give you hard..."

"Al-" Chuckle. "Already did." Heero kissed Duo again, and made the flitter-fingers stop.

Pause. "You know, this would have been a hell of a lot easier if Wing had been in bird mode - then you'd be oh-so conveniently on your back from the get-go."

Heero tugged on a smile and gave a grunt. From the corner of his eye, he spotted a piece of the rags left of Duo's outfit. He made a grab for them and promptly used them to wipe himself off.


Heero held up the soaked rags. "It's not like you were going to wear these again, right?"

"Well, no, but that doesn't mean I'll let you... use my clothes without permission."

Pause. "Do you want to walk out with those smears on your belly and crotch, or not?"

Sigh. "Fine."

Heero proceeded to wipe his lover off, though...

Hiss. "Careful, Heero. If you keep rubbing that low, we'll be right back where we started."


Wide eyes. "Hell, you're aiming for that, aren't you?"

Shrug. "You were the one suggesting we get dressed with what we have..."


Heero sat up against one of the walls, and undid his shoes. After taking off his socks, he put them back on again. With a quick "Here," he handed one of the socks to Duo, and went back to his cleaning duties.

Duo studied the sock in his hand, glanced at his crotch, then at Heero. "You're not serious..."

"You were the one wanting to go streaking not five minutes ago."

Grin. "Well, that is one way to wear a sock and not have it fall off..."


"The guys will think we're crazy."

Shrug. "Don't they already?"

"Point taken. Besides, it'll be fun to watch blondie's face - he'll probably get more embarrassed than we would."

Heero paused his motions. "I wouldn't be so sure..." Sigh. "But we don't have much choice. This is just a..." Smirk, "variation to your plan."

Grin. "Damn crazy one, too. Think we should go for it?"

Heero only smirked, and leaned in for another quick kiss.


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