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Pairing: 1x2
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Yaoi, PWP, lemon

AN: Written for [ gw500 ] challenge #214, 'sowing the seeds'. Follow-up to 'Out'.

by kebzero

It wasn't until their door that Duo caught up, courtesy of the need for keys. "Heero, what was that all about?"

"What was what all about?" Heero asked, unlocking and opening the door.

"The kiss, of course!" Duo railed on, followed Heero inside, closed the door and ranted to Heero's back as they removed their shoes. "What kind of sick joke was that? I-"

Heero spun around, grabbed a fistful of Duo's shirt and pulled him in for another kiss; a rough one, unintentionally ending with a slight bite as Duo fought free, staring back. "Get it now?" Heero growled. "The only virgin soil I want to plow is your ass!"

For a moment, Duo merely gaped, a loss for words leading to action as he stepped forward to give Heero a kiss of his own, the force of which gave them momentum enough to stumble the short way to Heero's bed, where they toppled over for a rough landing.

Heero barely noticed, fingers already at work with Duo's shirt buttons, tugging at the cotton to slip the shirt out of Duo's pants.

Duo shoved his hands up Heero's sides, bringing the T-shirt clear up to the armpits. He wrestled free of his shirt just in time for Heero to roll them over, the T-shirt following Duo's shirt to the floor.

Heero scraped his teeth over Duo's shoulder after a sloppy kiss and struggled with Duo's zipper, glad when the metal teeth finally gave. With Duo's help, Heero fast undressed Duo of pants, socks and boxers alike, leaving him to tend with his own jeans. "The top drawer," he told Duo.

Curious, Duo reached over to grope around in the nightstand drawer, not quite allowing his eyes to drift off of Heero's ass unveiled. His fingers touched a tube, and he quickly sought visual confirmation. Lubricant. He flashed it to Heero, wanting to ask, but the question caught in his throat as Heero crawled back on the bed, him and his blatant hard-on.

"Bought it a couple of days ago," he said, snatching the lube out of Duo's hands. "Right after I fixed your transfer papers so we'd shack up."

Duo's jaw slacked for a moment. "You planned this?"

"Damn right," Heero blatantly admitted, smirking. "I've been wanting your ass ever since you first shot me. Now, spread your legs," he added as he spread some of the gel on his fingers, bent down and used his tongue to scoop the head of Duo's cock into his mouth while he shoved two slippery digits up Duo's ass.

Duo sucked a breath, his hands grabbing a fistful of sheets, for once delighting in how Heero took to being utterly thorough in anything he set his mind to, and Duo was well aware he couldn't stand this for very long. He wasn't sure whether to be relieved or pissed when Heero pulled back.

Heero swiftly applied a handful of gel to his dick, positioned and shoved himself inside Duo in one savage thrust, hardly giving either of them time to gasp before he started to fuck.

Panting, Duo reached down to jerk himself off, but he barely got to touch his hard-on before he came all over his stomach.

Heero got two more fast thrusts in, then paused before a couple more weak ones. "...fuck..." he muttered and leaned down for a rough kiss, his spent cock slipping out. Satisfied, he rolled over on his side, catching his breath.

"...so, is that it?" Duo teased after a few minutes of silence.

Heero shot him a sated smile. "...gimme a few..."

Duo let go a huff and grinned. "...how'd you know I'd let you..." He hesitated, licked his lips. "You know..."

"...you said it yourself," Heero countered, "You were horny."

"Yeah, but for girls..."

Heero chuckled to himself. "Doesn't matter. Your ass is mine now," he stated, looking Duo straight in the eye. He touched his lips to Duo's shoulder and swept his fingers down Duo's chest to mix traces of lubricant with come. He licked at it, grimaced.

Duo snickered, glanced down at his messy, sweaty self. "...man, I need a shower..." He checked out his bedmate. "You do too..."

He smirked. "Sure... but we're sharing your bed afterwards."


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