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Pairing: 2x1
Contents/Warnings: Yaoi, PWP, lemon, language, marker pen
Rating: NC-17

AN: Inspired by a picture of Heero that [ ponderosa121 ] drew, as well as the comments given to the picture, and the discourse it triggered at #gw_yaoi. I blame this on the good people from all those places. ;-)

In Writing
by kebzero

He closed the door behind him and put the grocery bags down. "Heero, I'm back!"

Duo struggled with his boots, waited for a reply of some sort, but none was came. He didn't think Heero had taken a walk; he wouldn't have left the door unlocked. Sure enough, the old, well-worn sneakers were still parked by the door. Duo put his black boots next to them, and searched for his elusive roommate.

A few months after the ESUN was established and the Gundams hidden and moth-balled, the two of them had decided to shack up together. The place wasn't much; a small apartment on L2, close to the scrapyard. Hilde had bought Duo out of the yard residence. The sum small but fair, and it had helped greatly on covering the deposit and first few months of rent. Duo was still owner of half the salvage company, though. Heero took odd-jobs, but had declined repeated offers to work for Hilde and Duo. He'd mumbled something about Duo being bossy enough while at home. Duo graciously pretended he hadn't heard that.

Not like there was any truth to it, anyway. Heero was the headstrong one, in Duo's opinion.

Regardless, they didn't just move in together to save on rent. During the war, they'd grown to friends, and in time to be even more. The end result; their sharing of this apartment, a bed, and of their lives.

Duo checked the kitchen, but came up empty. A quick peek in the bathroom turned out fruitless, too. He grinned and went for the bedroom - only to be disappointed; his lover was not laying spread-eagled in waiting.

This time. It had happened once, not too long ago. It had been a most enjoyable evening.

With some effort, Duo shook the memory off and went for the living room. That's where he found Heero. The young man was sitting in one of the wide, comfortable recliners, his right leg hiked up so his chin rested on his knee. The familiar green tank top hang loose on his body, revealing one pec and its nipple. For some reason, Duo had trouble tearing his eyes away from the small, enticing display. Heero's right hand tugged on one of his white socks, palm covering part of his shin. A black marker pen was in his left hand.

Duo wasn't sure what to make of it. Heero gave him a rather resolute look, but said nothing. Then Duo noticed the black line drawn across Heero's cheek. He grinned. "Did you mess up on the war paint, or something?"

Soft grunt, but no answer.

Briefly, Duo considered if he'd done anything to deserve Heero's ire. It had been a long time since the last major practical joke, and he'd paid penance for that many times over. It had to be something else. "Is something wrong?"

Heero shrugged.

Duo glanced at the marker pen. "What's up with the pen?"

Another shrug. Heero's fingers splayed gently apart, revealing dark smudges on light skin.

"Did you doodle on yourself, or something?"

Again, Heero shrugged, but there was the faintest of smirks growing on his lips.

Duo knew when he was being teased - takes one to know one, and all. Still, he was growing dangerously curious about what Heero was covering up. With that mindset he attacked, doing his best to move Heero's right hand aside.

Their wrestle was as expected; short-lived and fruitless. Heero countered the assault, ducking and swerving, using his free hand to dodge Duo's attempt at grasping his right arm. Duo did manage to sweep across Heero's bare shin a few times, though. That was enough to reach a conclusion. "You've shaved your legs..."

The slight smirk was definitely there, if for just a short flash. Heero put up his hard mask of stone again, answered once more with a shrug.

For a few seconds, the bare fact lingered in Duo's mind, adding to the areas of fantasy and speculation. He shook free of those thoughts though, and nodded towards Heero's leg. "You've written something there, haven't you? What does it say?"

Very slowly, Heero moved his hand away, but kept the sock rather high up. One word was revealed; written downward were the letters 'F U C K', all in very steady lines. Duo didn't want to think how Heero had to have bent his leg to make it that legible.

Then again, he did. He grinned to himself. Fantasy and speculation got more fodder.

Heero tore Duo out of the brief daydreaming. "Guess the next one."


Harsh stare. "Just guess."

Duo frowned. "If it says 'you' or 'off', I'm gonna punch you, 'Ro..."

Heero smirked, and slid the sock down enough to show the letters 'M E'.

The grin returned immediately, with just a touch of a leer. Duo rolled up his sleeves and took a few steps closer. "Well, I think we can fix that..." He was leaning in to start it with a deep kiss when Heero stopped his approach with a hand to the chest, still smirking.

"What does it say next?"

Slight groan. "What, there's more?"

Dark chuckle. "Get it right, and you can consider the statement a request."

Duo pulled back and folded his arms. His grin grew even larger, much like his enthusiasm. "You're on, pal. Now, I think-"

Heero spread his fingers and held them up right before Duo's face. "You get five tries."

Enthusiasm thoroughly bridled. "...and if I don't get it right?"

"Then I'll give you something else to read."

Flagged brow. "You've written more things on yourself?"

Heero didn't answer beyond the taunting smile.

Duo thought about it. Certainly, the odds of him getting the next word right were slim at best - but whatever game Heero was playing, he had a fairly good idea what the outcome would be, no matter what. Heero's libido was peculiarly well-tuned to his own. In that light, it looked like a pure win-win situation. Hence, he answered the challenge with a nod. "Okay, then... Uhm... 'Now'."

Gentle shake of head.


Tug of smirk.

"Okay - 'Raw'."

Again, negative headshake.

Duo paused, mulling it over. After a while, he suggested "'Please'."

Heero let a soft chuckle go. "No."

Duo raised his brows, giving a last hopeful suggestion. "'Duo'?"

Again, Heero shook his head. "Close, but no. Sorry." He let his thumbs graze the waistband of his spandex shorts, back and forth, dipping just inside the elastic. He flexed it a few times, just enough for Duo to notice bits of black marker below Heero's waistline - but hardly enough to identify the letters, if the smudges even were letters. Then, Heero tugged the right side down a little, revealing more of his hip, upper thigh and abdomen. The letter on the far right was definitely a 'K'.

Duo pursed his lips; he had an idea or two on what the rest of the word was, when Heero's continued teasing revealed a 'C', as well as more bare skin. Bare even of- "You've shaved more than your legs, haven't you?"

Beyond the slight, sly smile, Heero answered by showing off another letter at the brim of decency; a 'U'. Soon after, he showcased the 'S' just above his thigh.

Duo snorted; he'd expected as much, and though there clearly wasn't more space in the deliberate four-letter arc - unless Heero had scribbled something up his thigh too - he couldn't help but say what was on his mind. "If there's a 'you' in front of there, I'm not gonna be inclined to-"

"Obey this one," Heero stated, lowering his shorts just a little further, "and you can obey the command on my leg too..."

Duo's eyes drifted from the little rainbow-shape of a word to the hardly revealed bulge beneath it, to the request at Heero's shin and back again. Oh, that was certainly a tempting incentive. He knelt down and went for Heero's hips, and very slowly he peeled the spandex shorts off, helped by Heero's shifting in the chair. Heero went for Duo's shirt, unbuttoning it. When the shorts were at his ankles, Heero shifted his attention there, and painstakingly removed the tight fabric without pulling his socks off. There were reasons for that. The living room floor was polished wood, after all, and the carpet didn't extend to this particular chair. The wood was much too cold for bare feet, much less-

Duo tossed his shirt aside and focused on Heero's crotch. He pumped the freed erection a few times, licked at the tip. Heero gasped and clutched the armrests. As Duo swallowed the head, Heero's grip tightened, and he fought the urge to buck his hips.

Duo's fingers smoothed over the four-letter arc, then across the shaved skin directly beneath. Heero hissed; he'd used lotion to take some of the stinging away, but the skin was still very sensitive to touch - even more so the touch of his lover. Duo put his palms to Heero's inner thighs and pushed his legs further apart. Heero didn't fight it, far from it. Of course, he was distracted by the fact Duo tried to swallow him entirely - and attended to the task at hand with the fervor of a vacuum cleaner.

You would not want to know why Heero knew that. Duo had only gotten the chance to make that prank once, and Heero had long since gotten compensation for it. Luckily, there had been no permanent damage, other than possibly to Heero's record of his most embarrassing moments.

Rough tongue below the base, thumbs caressing the little space between letters and shaft, soft raking of teeth along sensitive skin... Heero was at Duo's mercy, and glad to be so. Another deep-throat. He shuddered, made a sound close to a whimper, put his hands on Duo's head to encourage him, and dug into the back of Duo's hair, coercing a few strands to leave the confines of the braid. He felt Duo's lips move against his skin; suspected they formed a near grin. Again, he tried bucking his hips to push deeper into Duo's tempting mouth, but was pre-empted by Duo's flat palm against his abdomen, holding him back.

Heero barely had time to wonder where Duo's other hand was before it started massaging his sac. Duo even sped up some, tongue flicking at just the right times. It was more than enough; Heero felt the edge approaching.

To his distress, so did Duo - and he slowed down again, merely teasing the head of Heero's cock with soft swirls of the tip of his tongue. Heero glared down at the face between his thighs, got a mirthful, teasing look back. "Duo..." he growled.

Duo nodded, and resumed his task, this time holding nothing back. Heero's breaths grew shorter. He closed his eyes, felt completion approaching - and with his lover's name on his lips, he came.

He was still struggling with his respiration when Duo got up and leant in to kiss him. He knew something was up with the way he wasn't shown the pearly whites, and as Duo's tongue coaxed his lips apart, his taste buds reported that wasn't the only thing incoming. Heero closed his eyes, let Duo taste him, and tasted himself too. It wasn't the first time Duo hadn't swallowed right away, but Heero was always caught by the initial surprise. He counterattacked, pushed their playful wrestle of tongues back to Duo's mouth, where the mixed tang was even stronger. All the while, Heero almost forgot how to breathe.

Their lips still locked, Heero searched for the abandoned marker pen. He found it tucked between the armrest and the cushion. He undid the cap and put the tip to Duo's chest. Duo reacted to the cool, soft prod, broke the kiss and glanced down. "What are-"

Heero smirked. "Hold still," he commanded, and started writing on Duo's pec.

From his unfavorable vantage point, Duo struggled to interpret the letters. Yet... The first word was 'G O D', certainly. Across his breastbone, he felt the second one to be 'O F'. At that point, he wrestled the pen out of Heero's hands. Heero let him, and started working on Duo's pants buttons.

Duo targeted the pen as best he could, and albeit a bit unsteady, he scribbled down the three letters 'S E X' to complete the sentence.

Duo's pants fell to his ankles. Heero looked up, snickered and took the pen back. Before Duo could object, he crossed the last word out - and below the nipple he wrote 'D E A T H' as a replacement.

A disgruntled grin was all the warning he got before Duo assaulted him again. "Why you little-"

Heero rolled over one armrest, avoiding immediate capture. However, Duo had expected the move, and managed to catch a hold of Heero's right ankle. Heero wrestled free, but not before the white sock was pulled down quite a bit below the command, revealing more bare skin - utterly bare.

Duo frowned. "Hey, it's blank! It didn't say anymore!"

Heero shrugged. "I never said I had written anything else." Triumphant smirk. "Besides, those two words are all that need to be said."

With a leer, Duo pushed Heero over on the carpet. "Damn right..." He whispered in a husky tone, crawled in over Heero for another kiss and tugged at the hem of Heero's tank top. Their lips broke contact only long enough for Duo to pull the green piece of fabric above Heero's head and off, leaving him with only the pair of white socks.

Duo scooted down a bit, grazed nape of neck, collar bone, licked at a nipple, delighting in the subtle sounds Heero made. Then, he sat up on his knees.

After a few seconds of unfulfilled expectations, Heero opened his eyes and glared at his lover. "What are you stop-"

"Roll over," Duo asked, making a hand gesture to further his point. "On your hands and knees, 'Ro."

Heero frowned, but relented. Fine, he'd give Duo this much. Still-

With his back turned, he heard the cap of the marker pen pop off once more. He turned his head to see, but Duo chose that moment to put a palm behind his shoulder blades, pushing his face and chest down to the carpet. "Hey, what are you-"

The dark felt-tip touched his lower back, starting an arc just above the ledge of his butt. From the corner of his eye, Heero saw Duo's cheeky grin. Asking what was written wasn't likely to get him anything. Instead, he closed his eyes, trying to feel the letters. With focus, he caught an 'E', 'R' and 'T' above the right buttock, and then felt Duo draw a line down the middle, stopping only a little down the crack. Two lines up and off to the sides were made before Duo stopped. Heero realized the last was a downward arrow. The pressure between his shoulder blades relented, and he could at least lift his face from the carpet.

"Duo, what did you just write on my back?"

Chuckle. "On your butt, you mean. Didn't you feel it?"

Heero shook his head. "Only the last three."

The grin was maddening. "Okay..." Duo said. He put his index finger to the first line, and began tracing out the letters. The first was an 'I', followed by an 'N' and an 'S', and the three he already knew. Heero grew a smug expression, lifted his hips just a little and fished around in his left sock for the small tube he'd stashed there.

It wasn't as if he hadn't made plans, after all. He handed it to Duo. "Please do..." he whispered.

Duo took the offering, and gently coaxed Heero's shoulders down towards the carpet again. Heero obliged, presenting his rear. He closed his eyes as he heard the cap be undone, relaxed as best he could as his asscheeks were urged apart and some of the cool gel applied, two fingers rubbing the slick substance over his sensitive opening. He groaned, and pushed back against the fingers to show his impatience. Of course, it lead to nothing.

"Duo..." he almost whimpered. At last, a blunt shape met with his ass - but it wasn't at all the one he'd expected. This one was much too cold, too stiff, too- Again, his buns were spread, and the chilled rod pushed inside him. It sent shivers up Heero's spine; a mix of both good and bad. He struggled to relax as the metallic thing went deeper, slick with lube. A soft moan further, he tried to look across his shoulder. "Duo, what the hell-"

He at least verified Duo still had his boxers on, as for what was poking him in the rear... He couldn't see the marker pen anywhere. Quick calculations and comparisons settled the deal.

Duo grinned to himself. "Just thought I'd 'mark' you as mine..."

Soft grunt, hiss as the blunt end of the pen grazed a rather touchy spot. "As..." Short breath. "As if you don't have other ways of- of-" Hiss.

Chuckle. "I'm working on it..." Duo left the pen alone for a minute, watched it move with Heero's flexing while he worked his boxers off, at last freeing his aching cock. He put on a generous amount of lube, removed the marker and replaced the cold, thin metal with warm, thick flesh in one quick thrust. They both groaned. "Damn, Heero... How come you're always so fucking tight..."

Heero struggled to push himself up on his hands. "I've- I've-" Gasp. "No complaints yet."

Stressed laughter. "I know..." Duo rested his hands at Heero's hips, waited another few seconds, tried to detect when Heero's breathing grew less laborious. "Ready?"

"Yeah..." Heero whispered back.

Slowly, Duo pulled back until only the tip remained within, then plunged back inside, out again, in... His hands wandered, caressed Heero's sides, going up. He leaned forward while softly rocking his hips, reached around to flick his fingers across Heero's nipples, eliciting another throaty sound.

He placed light kisses between Heero's shoulder blades, traced his tongue along the outlines, raked his teeth along Heero's spine, all the while delighting in Heero's nonverbal responses and the way flesh massaged his own when he took it slow. Still, that was about to change. "Brace," he whispered in Heero's ear. Heero nodded, and made his arms as ramrod straight as he could, if a little tilted backwards to counter rear pressure. Duo put his palms on Heero's shoulders, supporting himself even more on Heero, and began fucking him in earnest, thrusts growing savage.

Heero groaned. He was used to Duo being domineering when it came this far; he liked it, for the most part. For that little time, he could let go of all pretense, all control. Yet, being mounted in this way was taxing. While some muscles tightened, his arms were growing weak, especially as Duo leant further in over him, putting more weight on his shoulders. "D-Duo, I'm-" Gasp. "Arms gonna buckle-"

The pace slowed, and Duo straightened up. Once more, he placed a palm between Heero's shoulder blades and coaxed him down. Heero obliged, resting cheek and shoulders to the soft carpet. As many times before, he patted himself on the back for selecting this particular rug over others when they went furniture shopping. It had spared him for many a carpet burn. It was fairly easy to clean, too.

Adjustment over, Duo sped up, plunging as deep as he could, more than once grazing the sweet spot. Heero moaned, and began to rock just a little, meeting each thrust, delighting in the feel of Duo throbbing inside him, probing him, the slap of balls against his bare skin. Another groan. Oh, he'd long since grown hard again, but it didn't really matter. If this kept up, he wouldn't need direct outside manual stimulation; he didn't need-

He felt the pace change momentarily, heard the soft ruffle of fabric. He didn't bother to try to look what Duo was up to; he had enough to deal with. Then, Duo showed his skills at mind reading, reaching in under Heero's belly and down to take a hold of Heero's erection, making a few soft pumps. Again, it provoked a series of throaty sounds from Heero - and reactions which in turn triggered a few from Duo's. Duo struggled to match his hand movement with his thrusts, wanting to give his lover as much pleasure as possible. He started flicking his thumb across smooth skin at each downstroke, once, twice...

It was more than enough. Heero's entire body tensed, and with a deep hiss of Duo's name he came again, Duo's hand milking him dry as his body started feeling incredibly heavy, sated - relaxed, even, despite how Duo wasn't done with him. Duo took a firm hold of Heero's hips again, and went even faster. Heero didn't object the slightest. Rather, he tried to meet the thrusts again, even with how lax his muscles felt. He struggled to clench his inner muscles, doing his best to drag Duo over the edge after him. Still, even his thighs seemed to buckle now. "Duo... I don't think-" Hiss. "Legs..."

Duo grabbed Heero's hips, lifted them a little. "Lie down," he ordered. Heero struggled to obey, moving his knees back to lay flat on his stomach. A wet spot greeted his belly - yet, it didn't feel like the carpet. It felt like- His eyes widened in realization, yet he didn't have time to react further than that. Duo was still firmly buried inside him, and began fucking him into the floor. Almost whimpering, Heero again did what little he could to push his lover to the limit.

It didn't take long to succeed. Duo gradually built up a roar, and practically screaming for his lover, he emptied himself deep inside Heero, taking a few more thrusts to let Heero's tight muscles work him to utter completion. Spent, he nearly collapsed on top of Heero. He grinned, placed soft kisses to the nape of Heero's neck as he began slipping out. "Damn, you're good..."

Heero glanced at him from the corner of his eye and gave Duo a sated smirk.

They lay like that for a few minutes. It was uncomfortable, but Heero liked the closeness, the domination. The rare moment of letting all his walls down was already drawing to a close, but he wanted to enjoy it to the end. When Duo finally rolled off to his side, Heero felt a loss, despite how relieved his muscles and bones were.

Heero felt the wet cloth against his stomach again, and rolled over on his side. He frowned at his discovery. Sure enough, it was as he had feared. In order to spare the carpet yet another thorough cleaning, Duo had put Heero's green tank top in harm's way, letting it take the brunt of the spill. He glared at Duo, but got only a grin in return.

"Uhm... yeah, sorry about that... Would have gotten a towel, but didn't want to leave. Was kinda in the middle of something."

Heero grunted, let go a sigh and smiled faintly again. Yes, he should have thought of this. He'd expected his lover to be more than happy to oblige the request on his shin, but had hoped they'd at least reach the bedroom first. He should have known better, judging from their past record.

Duo took the green piece of fabric and used the remaining dry parts to wipe them both off. "You've got spares, haven't you?"

Curt nod. Heero glanced over at Duo's discarded shirt. He'd barely moved his arm before Duo caught his wrist.

"Don't you dare even think about it," Duo hissed in warning, despite his sated smile.

Heero merely smirked in return, and wrestled his arm free. It didn't take much effort, given how spent they both were.

Duo grazed an index finger along the dark line drawn down Heero's cheek. "Why did you make that one?"

Slight shrug. "Had to test the pen. It didn't work at first. It..." he hesitated. "When it did, it caught me by surprise," he finally admitted.

Soft chuckle. Duo reached for the discarded marker pen and wiped it off with the smudged tank top too. He tilted it on its side, skimmed the text- "Uh, Heero?"


"Did you read the text on this thing before you used it?"

"It's non-toxic."

Duo bit his lip. "Yeah... but..."

Impatient frown. "But what?"

"Uh, 'Ro - it says here that it's really durable."

Deep feeling of dread. "Meaning?"

"Meaning, it won't come off with water. We'll probably have to wear it off."

"Wear-" Heero's eyes widened in realization.

Duo merely nodded in amusement. "Yeah. Guess I won't be going shirtless to the beach anytime soon."

Irritation. "And what about me, damn it? If I go out in public like this-"

"What, the line on your face?"

Heero tapped his knee. "No. That."

Duo glanced down, saw the two inspiring words shimmer back at him, and grinned sheepishly. "Oh... Yeah, your spandex shorts won't cover that up."

"No kidding..."

Chuckle. "Well, I suppose this would be a good time to introduce you to the miracle called 'jeans', Heero."

Frown. "I don't like jeans."

"Oh, I know - but I'm sure we can find a pair that'll be as snug on your lovely ass as those bike shorts of yours are." Shrug. "Hell, you can always wear your spandex underneath, right?"

"It wouldn't be the same," Heero mumbled.

Chuckle. "No, I suppose it wouldn't... But it would make it interesting for me every time you dropped your pants."

Heero gave him another scowl to warn him off, but it went unheeded. Duo had grown much too used to his cool glares, and could shrug them off at whim. It was a frightening thing to know Duo knew him that well.. It also filled him with delight.

Duo stared at the facial line again. "You know... everyone's gonna think I did that to you - doodled on your face, I mean."

Heero let go of his frustrations. He couldn't be mad at Duo for this; it was his own fault. Still, Duo was right; when it came to practical jokes or the visible results thereof, Duo was often fingered as the primary suspect. Quatre's soft but judging look affected Duo far more than Heero's icy glares did now. "I'll make it up to you," Heero offered.

Wide grin. "Okay... I suppose, if you flash me something to read once in a while... and let me follow through..."

Smirk. "Need it all in writing, huh?"

Chuckle. "Well, it's nice to have our relationship sorted out like that..."

Grunt. "As long as you can follow my lead."

Grin. "As long as you lead me where I want to go."

Heero snorted, and punched Duo lightly in the S E X.

Duo retaliated, but let his hand wander down Heero's side, caressed him down to the hip, slightly up again, then down and to the side. He grazed his knuckles against Heero's abdomen, splayed them to smooth his fingertips across the shaved expanse of skin. "You know, I really love this..."

Gentle grunt. "You should try it too, then."

Dark chuckle. "Uh-uh. No way. You don't get to like my hair selectively, 'Ro. It's an all or nothing deal - and I know you've got a hair fetish - on others, at least."

Scowl. "I do not."

"Oh? Should I go for a bald look, then?"

Stern gaze. "You wouldn't dare..."

Cheeky grin. "Try me."

"You wouldn't..." His voice became hesitant. Duo had taken on many a stupid dare in the past, but this one was simply not acceptable. Heero grew concerned. Duo wouldn't really do it, would he?

His face must have shown his uneasy feelings, for Duo leaned in to give him a quick kiss. "Okay, so you're right, I wouldn't - but I'm still not shaving my bits, even if you ask nicely."

"How about a little trim, then?"

Consideration. "Well... maybe... if you give me a good incentive."

Smirk. "I think we can work something out..."

Duo's eyes drifted to Heero's right shin again. "Think you could make a tattoo out of that?"


Duo snickered. "Well, I guess we'll go shopping for jeans tomorrow. You can borrow a pair of slacks from me in the meantime, and-"

Frown. "I told you, I don't like-"

"Heero - unless you want to extend an open invite to all who can read, I suggest-"

Heero glanced down at his leg again, cursing his previous blunder. Duo was right, after all. He'd have to make those letters for Duo's eyes only.

But that was tomorrow. For now... He inched closer to Duo. "So, my God of Death-"


"I crossed that out, remember?"

Grin. "Yeah, but that doesn't make it any less true."

Heero pinched the tip of Duo's nose. "You're incorrigible."

"And you love me for it."

Heero answered only with a kiss. It was true enough.

Duo felt very lucky, indeed. To others, Heero always seemed to rough around the edges - uncouth, even. Only he got to see the bare truth of Heero's tender, smooth side...


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