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Pairing: 3+4+3
Rating: R
Warnings: Shounen Ai/genfic.

Part 20
by kebzero

AC 207, 20/07

Memoirs of a Warrior

It is infuriating to be trapped here. For a jail, this mansion is certainly appealing - unless you want to leave, badly.

Sally has received another target for us, and has started reconnaissance. She specifically told me there was no rush, which only serves to agitate me. If this was nothing, why leave a message in the first place? To ease my fear of her well-being? I have none; she is perfectly capable of taking care of herself. It was not like she could leave any mission details, either - I would have to see her to get full knowledge of the situation.

When I tried explaining this to Quatre, he all but told Rashid to restrain me. Apparently, Quatre made an excursion in similar weather during the war, and strongly recommended against it. As it is, I am not permitted anywhere near the motor pool.

The books are no longer an adequate distraction, so it was a godsend that Rashid let us know of the gym at the lower levels of the compound. The punching bags helped, but what really helped me vent some anger was when Duo asked for a sparring match of 'anything goes' type martial arts.

Duo is quick to surprise in most things he does, fighting included. He does not follow any particular discipline, but that is also his strength. Where others are tied to specific responses due to training, Duo operates closer to instinct. All in all, we are a good match, and we kept it going for a long time, right until Quatre walked in and forced us to break up. I am certain we looked far worse than either of us felt - I know I felt good, and I believe Duo was content with the match also. The bruises will heal, with time.

I have to hand it to him - Duo has certainly kept in shape. Managing his own salvage yard cannot be the cushy job I had imagined it to be.

We had a few more bouts later in the day, but with Quatre monitoring us, it was less free-for-all, and more according to rules. This left Duo at a disadvantage, though he gave Quatre a fair competition when they sparred later. Quatre never struck me as a close-combat fighter, at least when out of a mobile suit, but he can defend himself readily enough.

Heero and Trowa joined us near the end. They had apparently been caught up in a very even match of chess.

I found myself challenging Heero, which was a bad move. He might not look it, but there is a strength in him that surprises you, when you've been trained to observe your opponent and plan your moves almost entirely on what you see. My defeat was not easier to swallow when Duo then bested him almost immediately, attacking Heero before he could deduce a counter.

And here I figured me for the direct approach warrior, and him for the stealthy assassin. How easy it is to be mistaken.

And how hard it can be to cope with that.

'The arrogant army will lose the battle for sure.'
- Chang Wufei

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