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Pairing: 3+4+3
Rating: R
Warnings: Shounen Ai/genfic.

Part 30
by kebzero

AC 207, 30/07

Memoirs of a Warrior

I am almost done packing - I had to get an extra suitcase, due to the books Quatre graciously let me borrow. Sally insists that our next mission is a dull recon operation, so I suppose having more material to pass the time will come in handy.

I cannot go directly to meet up with her, of course, since she has still not shown me the good graces of letting me know where she is. First stop is then my apartment - or storage room, more like. I have not spent much time there this last year. There is a reason the decor is absolutely minimalistic, and furniture limited to a couch and two cabinets.

Duo will leave us tonight. He asked me for the Preventers' HR department number, which I found uplifting. Apparently, he wants to work out some kind of deal that suits him - typically Duo, but I kept quiet. His proposal has merit, though - given his occupation and residence, a 'month on, month off' type of position might be just the right one for him. When I get back to headquarters, I will make sure to stop by HR and try to fast-track the deal. I might have my misgivings about Duo, but there is no denying that he is an effective soldier, and the mix of his talents and easy-going nature should go well with fresh recruits. They will learn the blood and guts part of our quiet war soon enough.

I plan to talk to Trowa again, though I believe I already know his answer.

Over dinner, I might have spoken up against all that is wrong with the world again - ranting, Duo calls it, and perhaps he is right. He cut me off, asking a fairly simple question. "What will you do when you've defeated all things evil?"

Of course, the question is inherently flawed; there will always be evil in this world, and hopefully always a few people willing to combat it. Nevertheless, it implied I might not want to do this forever, and in that, I believe Duo is correct. Grudgingly, I told them as much.

It was then that Quatre uttered his view. "If you care so much about the world, why don't you seek office? As a politician, I'm sure you could get more done."

Obviously, I refuted that as a near insult, suggesting I should besmirch myself with what I believe is a fundamentally flawed system. However, with a day to contemplate the idea, I wonder if there might be merit to it after all. I doubt very much I could get elected to any office, much less one high enough that I could enforce stricter legislation to curb those clinging to violent means, or fight the rampant corruption within the government - but there is some appeal to bringing down a bad system by changing it from within.

For now, though, I am content with fighting the enemy I can see, rather than those who would smile at my face, and then stab me in the back.

As I said, there will always be evil.

Especially in politics.

'If a person has ambition, things will be accomplished.'
- Chang Wufei

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