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Pairing: 2x1x2
Rating: NC-17 (to be safe)
Contents/Warnings: Shounen Ai/Yaoi, lime

AN: Last of four ficlets written as 'rewards' for answers in the music meme thing a few weeks back. [ djynn ] gave the pairing 2x1 and the line challenge 'give me your hand'. This is what it resulted in. Fairly predictable, but at least it'll make me even on the promise of ficlets for meme answers. :-)

Knowing When To Accept
by kebzero

"Hey, Heero!"

Heero clenched his teeth as his name reverberated through the large, mostly empty hangar of the Peacemillion. He gave the last bolt of the leg circuit panel another tightening and discarded the monkey wrench. He had continued working on Wing Zero rather than take downtime - he wasn't due for sleep for a few hours yet anyway, and he always preferred working when there were no distractions. Everybody else had already left for other duties, sleep or recreation, except-

"Hey, Heero," repeated the voice, much closer now. "Need some help? You've been at it for hours, and-"

Heero took a quick breath of a sigh, then turned to present Duo the best 'get lost' scowl he could muster. It didn't work. "No, I'm fine."

Duo just stared at him for a minute, Heero glared back. Then, Duo shook his head, rubbed his temples with thumb and forefinger, sighing. "I so don't get you, Heero... I really don't."

Snort. Figuring that was the gist of it, Heero was about to return to his maintenance duties. All he had left was the calibration of a few of the controls, and that'd be it - at least for today.

"Heero, you're so damn stubborn, you know that? How come you're so completely unable to accept a little help every now and then? Or say a quick 'thank you' when you get it without even asking?"

Experience told him ignoring Duo probably wouldn't work, depending on Duo's tenacity - yet, he gave it a shot, walked over to the toolbox for the smaller screwdrivers.

"Way back, I saved your ass from that Alliance military hospital, and how did you repay me? You picked my Gundam apart! Then, there was that whole Antarctica deal-"

Quick glance.

Duo folded his arms, smirking slightly. "Yeah, Trowa told me a few things. Zechs put together your mobile suit from all the little bits you'd blown it into, and the closest you ever got to thanking him for it was shaking his hand and promising to kill him."

Heero knelt by the toolbox, rummaged about, scowling into the wall. "That's what he wanted."

Sigh. "Be that as it may... What about Trowa? He nursed you back to health, traveled with you all over the place looking for the marshall's relatives - heck, he even lent you his Gundam when you duked it out with Zechs - and not once did you ever say thanks."

"He knows I appreciated it - and you do, too. Besides, I thought I repaid you by saving your life now and again." Lopsided smirk over shoulder. "Unless you think my life is worth more than yours?"

Groaning, barely resisting the urge to throttle the boy before him, Duo slowly managed to calm down again. "Anyway, my point is... How come you won't accept our help now? You still don't trust us, or something? I could understand it if it were just Howard's crew you were skeptical about, but when Trowa, Quatre, Wufei and I offer to help-"

Heero closed the toolbox, got to his feet and turned to face Duo. "I don't like anyone else touching my mobile suit, that's all."

Duo put his arms and eyes to the ceiling in a gesture of giving up. He sighed. "You just can't accept help from people, can you? It's as if you didn't even know how to ask-"

"Give me your hand."


Heero looked directly in his eyes this time, the intensity of the stare enough to send shivers along Duo's back. Had he pissed Heero off? Against better instinct, he didn't flee, but did as commanded. It wasn't a nice way to ask, but the times Heero wanted something from him were few and far between. Curiosity overcame common sense.

Heero took Duo's wrist, studied the palm, and smoothed over it with the fingertips of his other hand.

Duo looked at the hand, then at Heero's face, taking in the crooked smirk there. Just what-

Heero brought Duo's hand to his cheek, leaned into it, using his own palm to keep Duo's trapped there, tentatively rubbing against it. Not once did he break eye contact, enjoying every small reaction that came across Duo's face. He slid the warm palm down his cheek to his chin, cautiously curled up all but the forefinger, parted his lips - and started sucking on the digit, very slowly, his grip on Duo's wrist guiding the finger in and out of his mouth, playing his tongue along and around it.

Watching Duo's expressions was reward enough - but Heero was far from done. He uncurled two more fingers, let them join the first, sucking them greedily, all the while using his thumb to smooth over Duo's wrist and lower palm. Heero sensed Duo was about to say something again, judging from how the boy's jaw seemed to come back under his control. Heero slipped the digits out, let Duo's fingertips trail down his chin and throat and across the exposed clavicle, then swiped the wet fingers on his green tank top, drying the worst of the saliva off.

Heero untucked a corner of his tank top, snuck Duo's hand in at the waist, and sent it up his bare stomach and chest, the rise of the arm exposing much of him to Duo's sight as well as touch. Heero's smirk intensified at seeing Duo's lips part just a little, his eyes taking in the view of Heero's faintly outlined abs.

When Duo's fingertips brushed over his nipple, Heero couldn't resist drawing a quick breath. The fingers twitched against his skin now, moving slightly at their own accord, but still allowing Heero to lead them at the wrist.

He did; let them trail back down his side, smooth diagonally across his stomach, slip over his belly button, come to a halt at his hip. Duo looked there, glanced up at Heero, not sure what to expect next, yet making quite a few guesses. Heero's smirk grew into a leer as he used his free hand to tug at the waistband of his spandex, cautiously twisted Duo's hand around, and shoved it into his shorts, making sure to press the palm and fingers against his blatant erection, waited, felt Duo's fingers start to relax - in contrast to Duo's wide, surprised eyes.

Heero leaned in against Duo, lips close to Duo's ear, murmuring "...could you lend me a hand with that...?"

He leaned back to await Duo's reaction - but he didn't have to wait long. The grip on his cock and balls tightened, and with a push there and a rougher shove to his shoulder, Duo had him up against the wall, kissing him thoroughly, Duo's crotch pressing against his thigh, the bulge in Duo's pants rocking against thin spandex.

Heero started working on Duo's shirt buttons as his spandex shorts were peeled off of him, the hand soon enough back to rub his cock with quick strokes. Duo's lips departed Heero's, descended on an exposed bit of his shoulder, pushing the green strap aside. "Oh, I'll give you everything I've got," Duo muttered against Heero's skin, the outlines of a leer forming.

Heero did know how to accept a hand-out and thank for it properly, but the secret is all in knowing when to accept. And, as Heero had expected, Duo went good on his promise.


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