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Pairing: 1x2x1
Rating: NC-17
815 words
Warnings: Yaoi, oral, attempted humor

AN: Written for [ gw500 ] challenge #169 - 'voice'.

by kebzero

"Feels so good..." Heero muttered, his fingers digging into the mass of hair at the back of the head level with his hips. "Mmm, yeah," he continued. "Just like that..." He rocked his hips, lips touching his pubes. "You like that, don't you, bitch?" he growled down, standing still for a moment to let the point be proven by the bobbing action at his crotch. He closed his eyes, let go a slow, fake exhale. "Fuck..." he added absentmindedly.

And got the equivalent of a cold shower as the warm cheeks that had enveloped his dick were gone, the cool air of the hallway rushing in against his wet skin. Heero looked down at the man kneeling in front of him, not giving him all too friendly a face. Not anymore.


Duo's glare turned into resignation. "Look, I know I was the one who suggested the dirty talk, but do you have to parrot the soundtrack of a third-rate porn flick? Hell, all you're missing is the damn throbbing base rhythm in the background."

Heero started half a smirk. "If you like, I could tap my foot..."

Judging from the look Duo sent him, the suggestion was not helping. "Watch it, man. I've got canines an inch away from your precious," Duo growled.

Heero made a quick snort.

"I... I thought you'd sound a little more... appreciative, s'all..."

Heero folded his arms. "Maybe you just suck at giving blowjobs," he parried. Sure, it wasn't true, but the look on Duo's face was worth it. Duo usually had an edge on him in serving fast puns. It felt good to even the scores, even if-

Without a word, but with a sharp frown, Duo stomped off to the kitchen.

And there was the flip side, the short-term loss. Heero sighed. "Duo, come back..." With no immediate answer, he continued. "Okay, I'm sorry... You were doing fine."

Still no response. He heard the door of the fridge open and close, and imagined Duo chucking down the leftover soda to wash away the taste. His taste, to be precise.

Heero shot a glance down below, gaining visual confirmation of the wilting he felt all too well. "You just gonna leave me like this?" he said, half in jest.

He'd been about to pull his pants back up when Duo returned, without a word kneeling before him and taking his cock in, Heero's considered attempt to speak forgotten. Duo went deep and used his hands to steady Heero's hips.

His fingers dug into Duo's thick hair again, and he grinned, exhaled contently. "Yeah... that's more like it, Du-whooooah!" he shouted as cold shivers raced up his spine, not tickling his pleasure center in quite the same way as the rest of the vibes he'd been tuning into. He pulled back against the wall, but Duo's firm hands pushed him back in. The first shock had barely faded within Duo's warm mouth before a streak of cold at the side of his cock made Heero shudder again. The freeze crossed the flat of his smaller head.

Ice cube, he remotely registered. The bastard had gone and fetched an ice cube to-

Heero's fingers flexed in Duo's hair, no doubt tearing a few strands out as Duo worked the cube in under his foreskin, easing back to lap at his tip, shooting a grin upward before swallowing him deep.

Duo sucked hard, guided the fast melting ice to and down Heero's slit, prying a rounded corner inside.

Heero gritted his teeth and rocked his hips, lingering between bad and good, wondering whether he should test Duo's patience more often, or risk far worse than this.

The cold became less and less present, and soon all that remained was warmth. Perhaps he'd pushed the remnants of the cube down Duo's throat already - and the heat fast pooling down below told him it wasn't the only thing he'd make Duo swallow. "Duo, I-" he half-heartedly tried to warn, already too late.

Duo didn't mind; he kept working his lover, kneading Heero's tight sack with two knuckles, milking him and licking him clean, not letting him slip before he'd grown lax again. "How about that?" Duo challenged him with a smirk.

Heero knew when he'd been bested, but he couldn't resist. His fingertips caressed down the edge of Duo's ear as he smiled. "...you blow me away, Duo."

With a grunt, Duo slapped Heero's bare butt. "Okay, that's it, buster. You're bottom tomorrow." He made a wicked grin. "Let's see if we can make the usually Mr. Grunt cry out a little."

Without missing a beat, Heero smirked as he nodded down. "So, that's what you call it?"

Heero's ensuing laughter was interrupted only by a quick yelp when Duo none too gently bit the inside of his thigh.


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