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Pairing(s): 2x1x2, 1x1
Warnings: Yaoi, lime/lemon, masturbation, some language.

Note: Written for Sharon and PL Nunn's 2X1 Lemon Contest

by kebzero

It's bad enough to be fifteen, horny, and struggle to get as far as pawing on someone you like - and would like to get to know even more intimately. It's far worse to be fifteen, horny and a wanted terrorist, as that last bit limits your options on where to go and what to do on Saturday night quite a bit. Getting identified in the movie line is just so embarrassing. Not to mention dangerous. Being gay didn't improve your odds of finding what you wanted without attracting attention, and sharing a room at a boarding school with your walking wet dream certainly didn't help - Especially when said walker liked to streak.

Heero glared up from the lower bunk, staring into the crossing planks above, off-white mattress perfectly viewable in the gaps. Only some air and a few inches of wood and stuffed fabric between him and a very much naked Duo. It had come as somewhat of a surprise to learn Duo preferred to sleep naked - he hadn't on Howard's ship, probably because of the open and rather populated bunk rooms. When it was just him and Heero, it didn't appear to matter that much. Heero wasn't sure if this was a good thing or not - but that didn't stop him from taking advantage of it - he managed to sneak a peek at Duo's rear more than once during the braided boy's infrequent nightly bathroom breaks, or the rare morning when Duo got up before he did.

At first, Duo had been an annoyance. When he had shown up at the same school - 'by coincidence', as the other put it - Heero hadn't been too happy. That changed quickly, as it gave Duo a chance to grow on him. Heero couldn't escape abruptly without attracting attention; staying put was the logical choice, even if it meant staying with Duo for a while. He did not regret it - Duo was still an annoyance, but so much more. Most of all, a friend.

A friend he had begun fantasizing being much friendlier with than the definition permitted.

Of course, Duo didn't know that, at least not yet. Heero had held onto his aloof behavior towards the Deathscythe pilot. He'd thought about coming clean, but there were any number of problems tied to that, losing an ally - a friend, even - being one. Possibly making the other mad enough to kill him, or distressed enough to make a fatal error during battle was another. None of these things were desirable. What Heero's imagination created based on what he could see above was.

Duo was asleep. Resting on his back, Heero surmised. One of Duo's legs dangled over the edge of the top bunk bed; smooth, pale skin of calf and foot perfectly visible. If he didn't know reaching out to touch that skin would trigger every alarm in Duo's body, probably resulting in a knife at his throat, Heero might have succumbed to that desire. Then again, his eyes fastened more on the protruding bump from above than the bare foot.

One of the cross-planks were gone, and the one next to the gap had slid a little aside. The soft, thin mattress had sunk down a bit in that gap, especially when Duo lay in bed, even more so when resting on his back. Heero knew it was a bottom bump; a hint at the curve of Duo's ass. The mattress wasn't thin enough to truly hug the form - but it was more than enough to feed Heero's fantasies; fancies he didn't dare air to Duo. The other pilot had to think him weird enough as it was, with his antisocial streak and odd habits. Heero didn't feel like revealing his true feelings - living by them, maybe, but there was no need to inform Duo about them - especially not when harm was likely to come from it; certainly to their friendship, most likely to his body - guaranteed to his heart.

Above, Duo's body shifted, and there was a faint grunt. He was still asleep, Heero judged. The bottom bump wiggled a little, almost seemed as if it came closer; further down. Heero pushed a groan back down his throat, once more killing the urge to reach out and touch, even if through a mattress. Stolen glances was all he could afford, without risk.

Those didn't help his horny state, though.

He preferred to sleep naked too, but with Duo already taking up that nightly fashion style, Heero had felt it best to wear a pair of loose drawstring pajama pants. It was better to avoid 'misunderstandings', in case he couldn't control himself in time. Having your straight best friend see you with a hard-on with only the two of you in the vicinity - oh, the result of that situation couldn't be good.

Duo stirred again, still asleep. The foot dangled slightly, fleshy calf sliding against the wood. The bottom bump dipped a little. The low sound of comfort Duo made was too much for Heero. There was no way he'd be able to sleep soon, not with temptation above and his previously loose pajama pants being stretched like a tent canvas. He glanced at the drooping bump above, then at the rising bump below, and all the air between the two. He flipped the sheet aside; he felt much too hot for the thin piece of cotton, anyway. His tent-pole problem became even more visible then, even in the mere faint moonlight filling the room. Another look up. Another down. Low, dreamy moan from above. Throaty, needy groan below.

He decided to take matters into his own hands.

He slid mister Right down his taut stomach, eyes locked on the bottom bump above, imagination already at work. Mister Right at the hem, fingertips pulling at the edges of the drawstring pajamas. He reached for the knot and unfastened it, stretched the thick cord, loosened the fabric enough to slide his right hand inside, and reach for his erection. Movement above. Movement below. Fantasies in between. He had three spare pairs of pajamas, and tomorrow was his day with the laundry. It was an acceptable risk. Mission accepted.

Heero let the images he'd gathered of Duo blend in his mind; all his desires merged with all his nightly observations, imagining what it would be like to have Duo spread out before him, pleading, begging to be taken full advantage of. What it would be like to kiss those beautiful lips, touch the skinny but firm chest, caress the few scars etched in the otherwise smooth skin... Mister Right sped up a little, and began a steady rhythm. Duo's hair, thoughts of either playing with the tip of the coarse, weaved hair, or unleash it all and dig his fingers through it. Duo's eyes feasting on him as much as his feasted on Duo. Duo's thighs closing around his own, coaxing him closer... Heero closed his eyes, losing himself to fist and fantasies.

He missed the next shift above him. He heard the creaking of planks a few seconds too late. He didn't realize he'd been caught until he heard a chipper voice ask "Need a hand with that?"

Heero took a sharp breath, eyes open in alarm. From over the bunkside, he saw Duo, face upside down, braid stretching towards the floor, gilded chain and cross draped over one cheek doing the same, and the grin - an incredibly amused grin, aimed straight at him. Amused, at his expense. Heero felt his whole body flame up, albeit for different reasons than a mere minute prior. At least he thought he kept from blushing. If he did, the dim light would cover it up - he hoped.

Mister Right had stopped dead cold, locked in a near deathgrip around Heero Junior - still standing tall, but head drooping just a little.

Duo glanced down at the circus tent, white teeth reflecting moonlight. "You know, you're doing it wrong."

Suddenly a bit self-conscious, embarrassment reaching its peak, Heero let go of the pole and withdrew his hand. The tent was fast collapsing, anyway. Few erections can withstand ridicule; the more public, the less likely - especially when the one you got it for in the first place mocked it. Heero balanced the humiliation of being caught in the act with annoyance and irritation, both directed through a frosty glare at Duo.

Whom chose that moment to retreat, and in a few quick moves stepped down the ladder to sit at Heero's bedside.

This wasn't helping; especially not as the only items Duo wore that could even remotely be considered clothing were the elastic tying up the end of his braid, and the gilded cross on the thin chain around his neck. Heero struggled not to give into temptation to sneak a peek, keeping his eyes focused at Duo's face quite intently. He did not need further stimulation right then, despite Heero Junior being in retreat - not that his suddenly overly creative mind bothered to hold back varied images, amending those already thought up.

Unfortunately for him, Duo took this intent look as a sign of rapt attention, and droned on. "Like I said, you were doing it wrong. Masturbation is more than just moving about down there. No matter what you hear - the secret's not in the wrist." Chuckle. "Actually, that's a damn boring way to jerk off."

Heero tried making the frown on his face more threatening. It had scared off OZ guards before, and twice led to soldiers not only needing aspirin for consequent butt-of-Heero's-gun-to-head injuries, but a clean pair of pants as well. On Duo, it had no effect. It had, once, but then there were the death threats that weren't followed through, and so Duo started ignoring all signs in Heero that screamed 'danger' to most strangers. With the deathglare a failure, Heero chose to gaze across the dimly lit room, at the far wall, moonlight dancing through the shadows of leaves and branches at the off-white plaster. The big poster of some rock band or another Duo had put up had never been so appealing to watch - not only because it was somewhere to fix his eyes, but also because the musicians - though they played fairly well, according to Duo - were anything but attractive in Heero's eyes. Of course, it also made him faze out whatever the naked boy beside him talked on about.

"- not like it's that hard, either. Say, want me to show you?"

Heero couldn't block his surprised expression. "Huh?"

Duo grinned, tapped Heero's nose. "I said, want me to show you?"

With a voice in the back of his mind screaming 'yes!', Heero was to be commended for not channeling it instantly. "Uh - what do you mean?"

Roll of eyes. "Show you some tricks about masturbating, of course! Oh, no offence, man - I'm sure you know how to polish your knob just fine. I just figured you might not know all that many ways to play with your own body - Or did that crazed doc of yours give you all the tips you needed, even on this?"

Frown. "Doctor J informed me of sex, and that my body would require release once in a while. He gave me texts to read on the matter."

Wide grin. "Well, I'm sure what the old coot said was all correct. You probably heard all about the necessary biological functions, and all that boring crap - but did you ever learn how to enjoy it?"

Duo had turned towards Heero, and from Heero's lower angle, still lying on his back as he was, the peripheral view was becoming awfully distracting. Heero scooted up on his elbows to avoid catching stray glances in the wrong direction, and thought of ice buckets and the like to quell the inner warmth of both desire and embarrassment. "I know enough."

"You sure about that?" Duo leant a little closer. "Like I said, I could show you - I'm sure I know a thing or two you don't."

Heero didn't answer, struggling to keep the choir of opposing voices in his head restrained. At the awkward silence, Duo looked over at the poster. Heero couldn't help but throw a quick glance towards Duo's crotch right then, only long enough to verify there was no erection there. No obvious one, at least - but it was nevertheless a daunting sight; it was a basis for estimates, and - Calculations complete. His cheeks felt decidedly warmer when Duo's eyes locked back on his again. "Uh... You'd show me?"

Nod. "Yeah, sure - Or do you have a problem with that? Not gonna do it, if you don't want me to."

His pulse raising a few beats, Heero's inner choir finally sung a clear melody in unison, desire taking the lead voice. "Uh - no, that's... uh, that's okay."

Duo snickered again, tilted his head. "Okay, then." He reached out to Heero's shoulders, pushed him back towards the bed. "Now, lie back and relax, okay? This won't hurt at all, promise." Grin. "Though, if you think you'd get off on pain, let me know. I think I know a few tricks about that too."

Head back on the pillow, Heero was having doubts already. "Duo -"

Duo's hands went down on Heero's chest, pawed lightly at his pectoral muscles, swept across his nipples, once, twice, Heero's body responding to the touch on its own. The circus was back in town.

This wasn't quite what Heero had thought Duo had meant. He'd expected a show - that is, to be shown, not be part of the demonstration. "D-Duo, what are -"

Duo paused. "Hm?"

Heero's cheeks gained the faintest touch of color this time. He knew it, too, and looked slightly away. "I - I thought you meant -"

"What do you -" Realization struck Duo, and he grinned. "Oh! You thought I meant I'd - that I would -" Snicker. He shrugged at Heero's dim scowl. "Well, I suppose I could do that, too - but the point of all this is to figure out what you enjoy, right? Can't very well show you that by jerking off in front of you, can I?"

Don't be so sure, the voice of desire whispered in Heero's mind.

Duo's hands withdrew. "Well, if this makes you uncomfortable, I'll -"

Before the voice of reason intervened, Heero snatched Duo's wrists, alarming the other enough to make the gilded cross dance on pale skin. "No!" Reason groaned. Heero's eyes flashed wider for an instant, and he let go. "Uh - I mean, it's okay. It wasn't what I thought you meant, but this way will be fine, too." Desire agreed.

With a grin, Duo reached out for Heero's chest again. "Okay, then. First things first - just touching Junior isn't fun. Everyone has other places they like to be touched, places where the skin is just a little more sensitive." He brushed Heero's nipples again, making Heero draw a short, sharp breath. "See, the nipples usually belong in that category." Duo let his left hand brush over Heero's biceps, searching.

The innocent touch alone was enough to fuel Heero's imagination, and stoke the fires down below, big top going up. He struggled not to show it, tried to shift his hips to topple it over without Duo noticing.

Duo's hands left once more. "I'm not going to search all of yours out - half the fun is finding them for yourself. You know some of them, right?"

Heero nodded, a bit sullen. Certainly, he knew his body that well. Of course, any and all places where Duo touched, felt like oversensitive spots. He was very glad for his drawstring pajamas - even if they couldn't conceal the situation down south anymore. Then again, this was what Duo was aiming for, wasn't it?

"What are you thinking about?"

Heero's eyes flashed a tad wider. Had he been too obvious? Did Duo know -

Chuckles. "Look, I'm only asking 'cause where your mind is at, is part of jerking off. What good does it do if you don't have fantasies to help, right? So, you do have something you find erotic on your mind right now, right?"

His face felt much too warm, especially his cheeks. He looked away. Oh, he definitely had fantasies. Then again, he didn't have to close his eyes to see most of them at the moment. He focused intently on the drummer with the bulldog face and matching spiked collar, accompanying the sight with mental ice buckets.

Duo kept grinning. "Okay, I'm not gonna force you to tell - bet you're imagining that pretty pink princess of yours doing the dance of the seven veils, or something."

Heero frowned at him. That was certainly a wrong guess. He had nothing but respect for Relena. Certainly, she was attractive, but she never were that to him, at least not in a sexual way. She was much more like a younger sister; someone he'd do anything to protect. The very thought of what Duo suggested, disturbed him.

Duo realized he'd said something wrong, but assumed the wrong reasons for it. He leant back, waved his palms in defence of Heero's lethal glare. "Okay, okay, sorry - didn't mean to offend you or your girlfriend. I'm only stating the obvious, though - she's good-looking, that's all."

"She's not my girlfriend," Heero muttered. His glare subsided, slowly.

"Oh... Well, that doesn't mean you can't have fantasies, does it?"

Heero gave him the dull remnant of the glare. That much was true enough; his private thoughts on Duo's privates were proof of that.

Then, Duo gently squeezed Heero's erection through the thin pair of pajamas. Heero gasped, and grabbed the stray hand by reflex. Duo splayed his fingers, and a second later, Heero let go of his wrist. "Sorry, Heero - I thought - Well, I have to touch you in order to -"

Heero looked away, disgruntled with his own reaction. "I know, I know. I'm sorry - it was instinct. It won't happen again."

Duo nodded in understanding. "I know you mean that, but I have a feeling you won't wait for your mind to catch up to your body. Like you said, instinct."


"I have an idea, though - why don't you stretch your arms up and place your hands under your pillow?" As to show what he meant, Duo took hold of Heero's wrists and coaxed them upwards, placing them at either side of Heero's head. Coincidentally, this meant straddling Heero, as well as grind their half-erect members together, the thin piece of cotton all that separated them. Heero forgot to put up a fight for his dignity because of that; it was enough to make him realize Duo was having a reaction as well - slight, but there was one. Before Heero knew what had happened, lost in faint hope as he was, his fingers were interlocked beneath the pillow, supporting his head. Duo scooted back to sit next to Heero's thigh again. "Now, just lay back, relax, and try to be comfortable. I'm not gonna hurt you, only show you a few tricks." Once more, he reached for the slight bulge in the pajamas, and started to rub it; cautiously, but deliberately.

Heero's abilities at coherent thoughts diminished even further. Duo's fingers went up to work on the knot, removing the last remnant of restraint. Looking down, Heero could see his length stretching to reach out of the fabric, only the very tip succeeding - but it was enough to make his heart beat even faster. Was Duo really going to -

Sharp breath. A stray fingertip had just grazed the head. Duo's digits slid along the hem of the pajamas, before digging in down to the first knuckle under the cotton hugging Heero's hips. With a most impish grin and matching glint in his eyes, he studied Heero's vaguely alarmed face. "May I?"

There's nothing weird about this; only a friendly demonstration, Heero thought to himself, trying to break through hesitation. After a few tense seconds, he nodded. Duo's fingers went in, Heero lifted his hips to help. The hem bent down to catch the tip of his erection, dragging it upright as the pajamas went off his hips, before slapping lazily back towards his belly as the fabric passed his thighs. Seconds later, he was naked; completely exposed to Duo. Having his hands out of the way only made him feel even more vulnerable, raising his heartbeat another notch, sending a shiver through his entire body.

He did realize the surreal feel of the moment. While he'd come across two guys masturbating together in the research literature Doctor J had given him, it hadn't been together in this sense - they had been in the same room, appreciating the same pornographic movie, usually - but neither had actually touched the other. That was beyond regular male bonding rituals, as far as Heero knew - but he wasn't the slightest bothered by that right now.

Or rather, he was - but it was of delight, not annoyance. To have Duo touch him this way; a naked Duo at that. Another quick glance for confirmation. Evidently also a half-erect one; a fact that only boosted his own. Just a demonstration, he rehashed in his mind. Then Duo's fingers closed around his shaft and began simple strokes, and the short litany felt much too inadequate.

"Like I said, it's not just about pumping." Duo flicked his thumb over the tip, tugging on soft flesh. Heero drew another sharp breath. Duo grinned. "See? And that's a fairly simple thing. You've never tried it?"

After a second's delay in registering the question, Heero managed to utter a meek "No..."

Duo let go, amused at Heero's limited verbal response. "Well, I guess you'll try it again later - moving right along -" He put a flat palm against Heero's cock, trapping it between his hand and Heero's belly, and began rubbing it within its prison.

Heero briefly clenched his teeth, and before he knew it, he'd begun rocking his hips to meet Duo's palm. The hand slid down a little and the fingers spread, dragging along all sides, pulling on foreskin as the rubbing continued. A moan escaped his lips.

Chuckle from above. "So, you like that? I agree, belly rubs are nice - and you're uncut. That makes you a little more sensitive and gives you some flexible skin to play with - so use that to boost your fun, okay?"

Three strained, curt nods. Soft wrist grazing his testicles. Then, the fingers that had tweaked his nipples left to play with his balls; rough cuddle of loose sac quickly turned to gentle massage of taut skin. The surge within was the signal; Heero knew he was approaching his limit - but he couldn't be bothered to be embarrassed about it; Duo's goal was to have him come, wasn't it?

Then, it all stopped. Duo's hand was still cupping his testicles, but his shaft was abandoned, much to his chagrin.

"Here's another tip - you have two hands, so use them." Duo sat up a little straighter, gave Heero's sac a last, slight playful slap, and rested his hands on his knees. "Whether you manipulate touchy spots with one, or use both to stimulate your package doesn't really matter. Different means to the same end." He grinned.

Heero nibbled at his lower lip to keep from begging. If his reaction time hadn't been slowed by the way his fingers were interwoven under the pillow, he'd have finished the job himself, awkwardness or no. Duo, before him, naked, a few digits coated with precome - his precome. Heero didn't need his fantasies anymore, with reality so remarkably pleasant. He waited for Duo to continue, feeling remarkably patient.

After a minute, he felt like whimpering.


Secretive smile. "Hm?"

"I - I think I got all of that..."

Duo chuckled. "I figured you'd make a good student. So, you want more?"

Why did his cheeks have to feel so damn warm? Heero wondered if the dim light of the room would cover for him - but in truth he was beyond caring, as long as Duo would touch him again; bring him to completion in any way the braided imp wanted. Heero was certain there was a plan behind all this waiting, undesirable as it was.

Duo's eyes swept across him from head to toe, pausing just a little at his midsection. Heero felt a tightening in his belly; both of anticipation and of vulnerability. The smile grew to a grin again. "One more minute, I think..." Heero frowned at him, but didn't have time to voice the question - or rather, demand. Duo snickered at the impatient face. "It's for a cooldown, Heero. See, that's another trick. Don't work until you fire, just until you feel the start of the rush - then you stop cold, and wait a while. Makes it last longer. It's tough to get it timed just right, but you get the hang of it eventually. That's why I stopped, Heero - you were about to -"

"I know," Heero groaned, then mentally slapped himself for allowing desire to speak so directly through him. Fortunately, Duo didn't seem to read more into it than a statement of fact.

Duo tapped a rhythm on his knees. Heero's eyes returned the survey; from the soft, beautiful eyes to pert nose, inviting lips, pronounced chin... gilded cross resting between enticing nipples, flat belly, well-rounded thighs... long legs, all the way to the slightly curling toes. If Duo thought he was cooling down from this, he was wrong. Heero made a slight jolt as Duo turned towards him again, one leg raising up to graze his own, making Duo's crotch much too visible for comfort. Heero gulped, struggling to keep his heartbeat down. "Okay, I think that's long enough - ready for another lesson?"

Heero nodded, hoping he didn't seem too eager - even if he was.

There was no warm-up this time; none was needed. Duo's grip was firm, steady, the five free digits smoothed across Heero's skin; chest, belly, sides up to armpits and almost out to the elbow, back again, rounded his hips, made a sweep to the inside of his thigh, down to knee and up again, the latter stretch done in a torturously slow manner - and it felt good. Heero's body shivered as the stray fingers bumped his balls. Heero had expectations.

Duo had other plans. Instead of a repeat of the last lesson, Duo coaxed Heero to spread his thighs a little, pulling his legs up. Heero complied absentmindedly, and was awarded by two slender fingers tickling the slight expanse of skin at the very bottom of his groin; the tiny plain between sac and crevice. Another gasp. From above, Duo grinned. "See, that's another of those sensitive spots." His fingers roamed just a bit further down, grazing the orifice. "And that part is also sensitive - ever heard of rimming?"

Heero struggled to do as much as nod. Yes, that had been mentioned in some of the folders Doctor J had given him - not that he'd paid too much notice; he hadn't planned on socializing, much less poke his face up someone's nether regions, or let others do it to him. Now, he wasn't so sure. At that precise moment, there were few things he wouldn't do or let be done, if Duo asked - which was all the more reason to keep that knowledge from Duo. The last few favors owned had been enough of a pain to repay, and the balance was still vaguely in Duo's favor.

"You have?" Chuckle. "I guess the old goat's lesson plan was good for something, then." Again, Duo let go, and Heero fought back a groan as his neglected erection thumped down against his stomach, warm, wet precome sticking to his skin. Duo got up off the bed, and walked briskly towards the bathroom. "I'll be right back," he called over his shoulder.

Heero wasn't sure if he should complain - at least not too much. If nothing else, he got a perfect view of Duo's gloriously bare backside as the boy passed the beams of bright moonlight coming through the windows, shadows painting seductive patterns on Duo's ass. It wasn't as if they actually had to resemble anything to be that; Heero was much too enthralled, and it took quite a bit of willpower not to jump out of bed and go for a full body-tackle. Still, that was just about the surest way to end all lessons, and Heero certainly didn't want that. It was better to have a willing wet dream than an unwilling nightmare. He'd seen what Duo could be like when he got mad - really mad. Better not to be a permanent enemy.

Duo returned quickly enough, bringing with him a small first aid kit. Heero recognized it as the unit Duo kept in Deathscythe. He'd seen the braided boy bring it back to restock it last night. Still, he couldn't quite figure out what this was for. Was there a secret sex appeal to bandages? Another of the more colorful texts J had given him came to mind. Bandage bondage? He mentally shook his head. No, this was still about masturbation techniques; that sort of thought was irrelevant. Even so, he tucked the idea away with his fantasies. There, it had some merit.

Duo placed the box down next to Heero's feet, opened it up and rummaged about inside. It was as disorganized as ever - to all but Duo, that is. If there was one thing Heero truly admired in Duo - admired deep down, rather than merely shallow thoughts on the facade, it was how Duo could see organization where all others saw only chaos; how he could make sense of the most incomprehensible things, even where Heero's own cold reasoning fell short. Side-tracked with his thoughts, it took a moment to register Duo was wiggling a small tube of some kind in his face. He stared at it. "What's that? Some kind of ointment?"

Laughter. "Well, almost. It's a lubricant."

Heero's eyes pulsed ever so slightly. "L - Lubricant?"

Grin, nod. "Yeah - oh, don't tense up on me, Heero. Trust me, you're gonna like this."

Heero was far from as certain as he watched Duo unscrew the lid, and squeeze a liberal amount onto his fingers. A few of the more peripheral documents in J's study package came to mind, and that was not quite what he wished for - but certainly, such acts weren't acts of masturbation, and there had been no mention of a topic other than that on Duo's impromptu lesson plan. He glanced at the med kit, trying to think of a way to get the information he wanted without asking directly. "Duo - why do you keep lubricant in the first aid box?"

Duo's face went blank for a second before breaking out in a chuckle. "Oh - well, you never know, right?" He put the tube away, and lifted a small plastic package. "See? I've got condoms in here, too. Never know when I might get lucky, right? That's why I've got that tube, too - a precaution. Planning ahead."

Heero's eyes narrowed into a vague frown. "And... you've been lucky?"

Wide grin, shrug. "Nah, not yet - but I'm young and hopeful. In our trade, we have to take what we can get, right?"

Heero might have answered, if Duo hadn't chosen that moment to close the lubed palm around his cock, a few quick tugs enough to bring it back to full attention. Breathing became a little harder.

"Okay, this next thing is really cool - but you need the lube to kill friction, otherwise it'll hurt like hell - ready?"

Trying to control both heartbeat and breath, having limited success, Heero nodded.

And Duo began, sliding his hand down the lube-slicked erection, his other hand closing around the tip as the latter reached the base, shifting up to replace the sliding hand, over and over again, faster and faster. Heero had no idea what his expression was like, but judging by the glimpses he caught of Duo's highly entertained one, it had to be precious. "Feels like fucking in an endless tunnel, doesn't it?" The grip tightened a tad. "A tight endless tunnel, right?"

"Y-yes..." Heero was finally able to hiss out, not merely answering a question. He could feel it; this was it.

Until Duo stopped dead cold, merely maintaining a firm grip of his base.

Panting, calming down, it took a few seconds before Heero opened his eyes to give Duo a mild glare, upset at the abrupt pause. It had felt delicious - not that he'd ever tell Duo what images had played on his eyelids for the last few seconds - on the screen before his mind's eye, his tutor slash tormentor had been the sole star. "Duo..." he growled.

Duo let go, and there was another fleshy thump against Heero's stomach, slippery lubricant mixing with the smears of precome. "Okay, this'll be the last cooldown, promise - after this, class is dismissed. Deal?"

Heero nodded, and took a deep breath to relax as Duo's fingers returned, merely teasing his foreskin. He closed his eyes as Duo's hand closed around him. With his mind's eye, fantasies mixed with realities to the point of Heero having trouble telling them apart - not that it mattered; it was all good, too good. A pinkie stuck out from the pumping fist, flicking across his balls at every downstroke. There was a throaty groan; he was fairly certain it was his own. The other set of fingers trailed along the inside of his thigh, closing up to the dipping pinkie. Without thinking, Heero drew his legs back and to the sides, waiting for a repetition of previous lessons. Sure enough, fingertips smoothed across the sensitive patch of skin, sending pleasurable shivers up his spine - but then, they moved down into the crevice, and the gel felt much colder. He tensed, opened his eyes again, gave Duo a vaguely alarmed look. "Duo, just what are -"

Duo slowed the pumping rhythm down, but didn't stop this time. "Just relax, Heero - I'm only going to show you one more thing - you might like this. You liked all the rest, didn't you?"

He didn't like admitting it, but he had. Heero gave two curt nods, glanced away to the guitarist with the bat make-up and matching fangs, and silently hoped his cheeks didn't stand out as torches in the moonlight - they certainly felt that way.

"Then trust me, Heero."

Again, a tiny nod. Another slow exhale; tricky to do when having been teased that much, and still being jerked off. The thoughts that had struck him about the lubricant earlier resurfaced, but was pushed aside. He trusted Duo - trusted Duo to show him pleasure - give him pleasure. So far, Duo had gone good on that promise, and -

One of the fingertips circled the orifice, the lube felt warmer, the touch almost tickling. Then, the digit pushed inside, one knuckle, two, reaching inside, flickering about. Heero found it didn't hurt. He'd been subjected to thermometers that had affected him more - probably because they felt so cold, compared to the probing finger now inside him. Also, Duo was still pumping him, which was more than a little distracting. Then there was the handsome face grinning down at him whenever he dared open his eyes, and the cross slowly swinging back and forth like a hypnotic pendulum. Just another demonstration, Heero told himself, but didn't believe it for an instant anymore - nor did he really care. Heero had a hunch what Duo was searching for; he'd read a sentence or two about it in a detailed, illustrated medical journal, but the reference did not suggest it for masturbation. Then there was how it didn't affect everyone, same as with the pleasure spots. They were the same,! without and within; all reacted differently, all -

Heero reacted all too well, momentarily planting his feet back down on the mattress, arching his back, thrusting his hips up towards Duo's downstroke, eyes wide, lungs gasping for air, before almost collapsing back down.

Duo pulled his finger back as Heero returned to the mattress, lingering at the entrance, coaxing the legs to part and move back again. He suppressed a snicker, resorting to a mere wide grin. "Well, I think you're a positive on this, Heero - that thing I touched, that was your prostate. It's -"

"I-I know what it is," Heero uttered, short of breath, drawing his knees up. "I know - damn, that felt... nice."

Duo couldn't help but unleash the short laughter this time. "Glad you liked it." He pushed the finger in again, brushed Heero's insides to find the spot once more, fist still at work on Heero's rigid cock. He found the spot and stroked it. Again, Heero responded, though not as powerfully as the first time. His legs shivered, steadying themselves against Duo's arms. "Now, this is a little tough to do on your own, but it's perfectly possible," Duo went on. "Might want to lie on your back for it, though - your balance is easily affected." Another brush, trembling of thigh. Duo's grin was coming close to being permanent. "See?"

Duo's ministrations continued, as did his speech, but Heero was too far out of it - or in it - to notice, struggling to remember how to breathe, trying his best not to come, as it would be the end of the lesson - the end of Duo touching him so incredibly intimate, so delightfully. Heero never noticed when one digit became two, and he barely registered the fact when they slowly split apart to stretch his pucker, eased him open. With Duo's fingers at work both without and within him, nearly all the traffic along the neurons of his spine were signals of unadulterated pleasure. He was almost lost in it - until all the fingers withdrew.

For a moment, Heero wondered if he had come already; if he had lost the peak amidst the hazy clouds of sky he was soaring through. It took several deafening heartbeats to realize he hadn't, and that Duo had stopped, again. Passion gave way to anger - Duo had promised not to - He heard the lid being twisted open again, opened his eyes to get visual confirmation. Duo was spearing more of the slippery stuff onto his fingers, before quickly applying it to his own now quite prominent erection. Heero's eyes widened. "Sorry to keep you waiting, Heero." Duo put the small tube as well as the medkit aside, safely off the bed, before crawling closer, kneeling between Heero's parted legs, before coaxing them backwards with his arms.

Heero felt Duo's blunt tip touch his opening, his own heartbeats singing in his ears by now. Was Duo really going to - was -

His face had to match his panic, as Duo's grin gave way to a soft, convincing smile. "Heero, just trust me, okay?" He reached for Heero's erection, gave it a slight squeeze. Heero gasped, managed to nod, before Duo started to push inside; not fast, not slow, just the right pace, and not stopping. Hissing through clenched teeth, Heero did his best to relax, beyond caring of anything else than focus on rapturous emotions. When Duo's balls finally touched his ass, breathing was laborious, at best, and the sensation of his own heartbeat was no longer alone; Duo throbbed inside of him.

Duo stroked Heero's chest, toyed with a nipple, then slid slowly down the taut stomach, off to the side and up again. His other fist closed around Heero's cock, pumped it lightly. He pulled out, slid back in again, fast. Heero panted, but he wasn't alone. Again. And again, slowly building up a rhythm. Duo's hands on his body, one almost always tending his groin, making sure Heero was pounded incessantly from both without and within.

Heero was almost gone, swept away in delight, barely able to keep his eyes open in slits to watch his personal Adonis above him, inside him, gilded cross dangling loosely from the neck, almost grazing his own chest. It was as good as any fantasy he had ever had - better, even. Never mind how their positions had been so reversed in those; at present, reality left him with no complaints at all. Yet, one thing was missing, one desire left unfulfilled, suppressed, despite how it was growing harder by the second. Through gasps for air, he tried to ask. "D-Duo... Can I - Can I to -" Was that stars on his eyelids? "Touch -"

Duo must have heard the question, been waiting for it - no, hoping for it, judging by the width and warmth of the smile, and the eagerness of the nod. Heero untangled his fingers from underneath the pillow, half asleep from being kept idle and trapped for so long, trembling with anticipation as they reached up towards Duo's chest and arms, grasping towards the shoulders, stretching towards the hips, only succeeding in grazing skin, other than for the arms. He pawed eagerly at Duo's chest again, able to nip at the vaguely defined pectoral muscles, nudge the dancing cross, then tried to reach Duo's hips, wanting more, raw need crying out for deeper, harder, faster, attempting to use gestures where words came out too garbled, barely more than as whispers and moans.

And the upwards spiral shattered; Heero reached his climax, voicing it to the world as he came, harder than he had ever done before, rich fluid spilling over Duo's fingers, on his own stomach, even his chest, aftershocks running through every cell in his body. Duo gave a deep, throaty groan as Heero's inner muscles contracted around him even more, which combined with the sight before him was more than enough to push Duo right over the edge after his partner, digging himself as deep as he could inside Heero, pumping himself empty in a few final thrusts, breathing heavily, to finally almost collapse on top of Heero, sliding far enough up the slick torso to place their cheeks next to each other, both panting.

"God -" breath, "That was -" breath, "That was -"

"Yeah," answered Duo's exhausted voice. For a few minutes, neither of them spoke, relishing in afterglow together, afraid to spoil the moment.

"I..." Heero finally dared, staring up at the bunk above, bump in the mattress a nearly abandoned fantasy. "I think I'll have trouble doing this on my own..."

There was a sharp breath against his ear, before Duo's rich laughter began filling it, shaking stomach drumming against his own. With some effort, Duo struggled to raise far enough up for eye contact, their bellies still together, threatening to become glued that way before long. "Well," Duo beamed down, "I'm willing to help out..."

Heero felt himself grin back; the silliest, happiest expression he could ever remember showing anyone - and it felt good, damn good, to drop pretenses.

"But right now, I'm going to take out my payment for your lessons - from your body," Duo whispered softly.

Heero's face fell, unsure what that meant. "Duo - I just let you fuck me, for crying out loud."

Laugh. "Yeah, but that was a perk - both the fucking and the crying out loud."

The glare wasn't anywhere near as effective when it was bordered up by flushed cheeks. Heero's mind was racing, trying to think of what he could possibly have left to offer Duo, when -

Duo leant down towards him, slowly, closer, those lovely lips slightly apart, the gilded cross touching his chest and neck, chain curling up, Duo's eyes locked on his glare, closer -

The kiss started soft, but roughened quickly, raw desire making all other options void. The tip of Duo's tongue grazed his lips, and Heero parted them, offering Duo the pay requested, getting his money's worth. His hands roamed Duo's back, fingers running up and down the spine, almost digging in at times, Duo's hips gently rocking against his own, their spent cocks rubbing against each other.

Duo pulled back, and Heero felt that stupid grin of his return, reflecting Duo's approving smile. Duo rolled his hips again, quite deliberately. Heero gasped. "D-Duo?"

Duo took the tip of his braid, brushed the tied-up strands playfully across Heero's cheek. "Yes...?"

The predator above was waiting for this, that much Heero was certain of. He didn't care; he'd already offered himself once, and it had hardly been a sacrifice at all. "I think - if you keep that up, I'll need another lesson."

As if prompted, Duo's motions quickened, purposefully grinding their groins together harder. Heero's heart began singing in his ears again, rushing blood throughout his body. Duo leant down to kiss him again, merely a quick brush this time. "Oh, I'll gladly provide, my beloved, gifted student... Are you ready?"

Another forceful rub. Heero heard the needy, greedy moan escape his throat, and it became harder to focus. Duo kissed his cheek, slid down to tug on his earlobe with lips only. "H-Hai, sensei," Heero finally stuttered, and gave in to yet another lesson.

Heero had learned the most important ones already. Not all things are what they seem, not all things are what you expect them to be - and some things are just too good to pass up. Quietly, he begged for class never to be dismissed; recess was not wanted now. The school of life had much to offer, with Duo as a teacher.

And there'd surely be chances to repay in kind, and then some.


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