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Pairing: 1+2+1
Rated: PG-13
1040 words
Warnings: Shounen Ai, attempts at humor.

AN: Written for [gw500 ] challenge #93 - 'key'.

Like A Cat
by kebzero

Duo studied the building and tried to assess possible weakpoints through which to enter. Stealth was of the greatest importance. Success depended on reaching his objective without being noticed. He glanced down at his bag, contemplated whether he had any useful tools with him.

Attempting to bust through the front door was out of the question. Duo was well aware it had an efficient alarm and several locks - not all of which he could fix expediently and quietly, given his limited resources. The two other ground level doors were also secured. There was no duct system big enough to fit him, and through the sewers was equally impossible for anything larger than a bug. This left the windows, all of which seemed securely shut - and they were all wired back to the same alarm system as the doors.

He gritted his teeth. At least he'd gotten past the gate without too much trouble. He picked at the slight tear in his pants. It'd only been a scratch; it would crust over in minutes. It was not worth worrying about.

Duo checked his watch again. The dim glow of the digital display signaled it was more than half an hour past midnight. He sighed, made another sweep of the perimeter. Except the odd sign of wildlife, he had the night to himself.

And he had his objective, safely within the building. He also had a time window, and it was shrinking fast. He would not let Heero best him, not this time.

He pulled the bag's strap in over his shoulder, and with a slight crouch he started walking along the walls, searching, praying.

The gods answered around the second corner. With a wry grin, Duo acknowledged that someone had been sloppy after all. One of the windows was left ajar - and better yet, it was a fairly large window with a latch release close to the top of one side. He stepped in amidst the plantlife below the window, weaseled his arm into the gap and stretched as best he could towards the latch. A few tantalizing moments later, his fingertips pushed the shaped slab of metal further and further up, and he finally felt it give.

The window swung open upon his soft tug. Fortunately, the hinges didn't sound off, not to any degree that mattered. His own huffs at reaching the latch had been more audible.

Duo lowered his bag inside first, then grabbed the frame and put a foot against the wall, pulling himself up and inside. He'd just gotten back on his feet when someone grabbed his arm, and the next thing he knew, he lay sprawled with his back on the wall-to-wall carpet, the back of his head hurting almost as much as his spine and hip, his wrists restrained, a weight on his waist, feet pushing even his knees down.

Through the crash of pain, he blinked to observe his assailant. In the split second before, he'd considered his options. While he'd been vaulted to the floor with ease and his arms were restrained, his legs were as good as free, even with the shins over his thighs. A powerful kick and roll might do the trick, and as his opponent barely wore more protection than a layer of silk around the waist, a knee in the right place would promptly piss him off and pacify him.

Then again, being detected and wrestled to the ground by a half-naked guy definitely counted as a failed mission.


He started to grin sheepishly. "Hiya, Heero..."

Heero frowned down at his housemate. While he shifted his legs forward and straightened up, he kept his weight on Duo's midsection and his arms pinned. "Duo, what the hell were you doing?"

"Thought I'd just check our security setup, and-"

Heero's intense look told Duo he wasn't falling for it. So did the knees in his side and the way the pressure to his wrists increased.

"Okay, okay - Sorry. I misplaced my house keys, that's all. Probably forgot them at work."

Heero released Duo's arms and scooted off of him, helping him sit up. "Why didn't you just ring the doorbell or knock at the bedroom window?"

Duo started rubbing his left shoulder, moved it about to get the last jinx out of it. At least it hadn't been dislocated. "Didn't want to wake you, that's all. Tried to avoid the rusty hinges at the gate, even. Tore my pants on the rose bushes." Again, he flashed Heero a grin, if a subtly pained one. "Thought I'd sneak in and pounce on you, or something."

At this, Heero scoffed. That Duo kept attempting such things eluded him. His success rate so far was at the very least discouraging - but then again, Heero's few attempts at reversing the tables had been met with the same lackluster results. Heero got up, walked over to the window and closed it. He put Duo's bag away at one of the living room chairs.

"You could have been more gentle..." Duo muttered, rolling his neck. It wasn't snapped, at least. While Heero had been rough, Duo was well aware the damage could have been a lot worse. It was a good thing Duo knew Heero had taken a vow never to kill again. He'd been fairly sure that went for hapless mistaken burglars too.

Heero's hands replaced Duo's, the warm, firm palms greatly appreciated. "Sorry..." Heero mumbled back. He moved his hands lower, leaned in to land a kiss at Duo's neck. He reached in under Duo's arms, tugged his tie loose and started undoing the buttons of his shirt. "Idea..." he breathed against Duo's skin. "You... me... bed..." he continued between kisses. "Then..." The last button gave way. Heero's fingertips trailed up to tickle at Duo's collar bone. "I'll give you a complete physical," he close to whispered. "And make you forget all pain..."

Duo sighed, slouching under Heero's onslaught. His lover was good, he would give him that. "Sure you know how to do that...?"

Heero's lips tugged at Duo's earlobe, and he slid his fingers down Duo's chest, finally smoothing his palm down across his belly. "I've got some ideas..."

Duo started a purr of anticipation.


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