Disclaimer: I don't own the rights to Gundam Wing - and for that, the fandom should be very, very glad.

Pairings: 2x4, 2+1, 4+3
Rating: R
Warnings: Shounen Ai/Yaoi, bit of angst
Word Count: 900

AN: Set to episode #11. Written for gw500 challenge #20 - 'something soft'.

Limping Along
by kebzero

Warm kisses touched Duo's collar bone, fingers grazed his side, smoothed down and across his hip, short fingers raked across his thigh. Duo's own hands were restless, one pulling the blond boy closer, the other gently pawing at the boy's chest. Their lips meet again with passion, eagerness making up for clumsiness. Digits clawed at Quatre's spine, his leg pushed up between Duo's thighs...

Quatre froze, eyes suddenly open, lips still locked to Duo's. He moved his hand from Duo's thigh towards the crotch, their kiss ending. "Duo, what-"

Impact. Duo jerked back at the touch, untangled himself from both Quatre and the thin cotton sheet, and sat up straight at the bedside, elbows on knees, face in his palms. "Sorry, Quatre. I'm just-" He gave Quatre a sullen glance over his shoulder. "Sorry."

Severely disgruntled at the turn of events, Duo got to his feet, walked over to the second-story window and pushed the shutters aside. The dry, warm evening breeze coming in from the desert caressed his face and bare torso. He leaned out a little, drew a deep breath, put on a near-smile and stared out in the oncoming night.

Quatre leaned over on one elbow, studied Duo where he stood, smiled to himself. "You miss him, don't you?"

Sigh. "Of course I still miss him..." Another glance, taking in Quatre's barely covered form. "But I can't stay like that forever - have to try to move on."

Smile fading. "We don't know if he's dead or not, Duo. You shouldn't-"

Duo spun around, leaned back against the window ledge and frowned. "Quatre, you saw him self-detonate. There's no way he could have made it out of that one alive. Heero's dead, Quatre. He's-" Duo stopped himself, rubbed his forehead with his right hand, pushed back another set of tears.

Quatre waited for him to calm down a little, before almost whispering "Come back here, Duo."

Duo absentmindedly shook his head.

Quatre flipped the sheet aside, patted the mattress. "Come back, Duo." His voice firm this time; commanding.

Reluctantly, Duo obeyed, and climbed back to bed. The blond wrapped both sheet and arms around Duo, and pulled him into a close hug. He robbed soft sooth circles along Duo's shoulder blades, tried to provoke the tears with quiet words and gestures of comfort.

They never came.

Duo shifted his leg, and his thigh rubbed against- He scooted back again, gave Quatre an apologetic look. "Damn, Quatre - I'm sorry, I didn't think about-" He bit his lip. "Look, if you want, I can-"

Quatre smiled serenely, shook his head. "Don't worry, Duo - that's not important. I'm fine - I just thought you might need something like this. Something to distract you." He cupped Duo's cheek. "I hate to see you brood so much. It doesn't become you, jester friend of mine."

Duo dared a snort, tugged on a smirk and slapped Quatre's nuzzling hand away. "Thanks anyway, Quatre - it's not like I don't appreciate the offer. You're a handsome little devil."

Chuckle. "Finally, someone who sees my true nature."

Beginnings of a grin. "Well, you've gone a long way from an angel, Quatre." He paused, nibbled at his bottom lip again, unsure if he should ask.

He didn't have to; Quatre sensed it. "Trowa, right?"

After some hesitation, Duo slowly nodded.

Eyes to the ceiling, smile as warm as ever. "I wish, Duo... I really do... Heaven knows, I've tried to get his attention, but... I don't know, Trowa seems to shy away for some reason."

Shrug. "He'll come around. You're too good to pass up, Quatre."

Brief laughter. "Thank you."

Silence. "Uh, Quatre..."


"So... you've never... I mean, before this... uh..."

Quatre smile brightened in amusement. He planted another kiss on Duo's forehead, then hugged him close again. "Never, Duo. You would have been my first. Still could be."


Another pause. "What about-"

He felt Duo shake his head. "Heero, once. Probably wasn't much, but to me..." He sighed. "Damn, I miss him..."

The embrace tightened. "He's not dead, Duo."

"Is too."

"Is not."

Lopsided grin against shoulder. "Is too."

Light chuckle. "Is not."

Soft nibble of skin. "Is too."

They both laughed. Quatre petted Duo's hair, dug his fingers in between braid and neck, caressed the nape. "You know... if he was dead, I'd love to have you, Duo. I'd be honored to..."

Duo sighed again. "I know... but maybe he isn't dead."

"Oh, so you're finally-"

"Not that, Quatre - it's just... Well, I think if he really was dead, I'd know - subconsciously, I'd know - and I haven't gotten that feeling yet. If I had, then I'd be all over you in a heartbeat, blondie." He kissed Quatre's nose. "Yeah, I still hope... but you saw that blast."

"We still don't know, Duo. Look - tomorrow, I'll pull in a few favors and see if we can get some information on what really happened, and where Heero is - I'm sure he's alive. If anyone could survive that, he could." He felt Duo nod against his cheek, and suspected the moisture touching his skin was tears. Quatre let them slide in peace. "But for tonight... wrap your arms around me, Duo. For tonight, just hold on to me. At least give me that much, and let me give it right back."


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