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Pairing: 1x2x1
Rating: PG-13
Contents/Warnings: Shounen Ai/Yaoi

Word count: 1000

AN: Written for gw500 challenge #27 - 'disappointment'

Live and Let Live
by kebzero

As he took in the apartment, Duo fought the oncoming sigh, and lost. "Tell me again, why do we always have to masquerade ourselves as poor bachelor students? I mean, couldn't we pretend to be spoiled rich brats for once? I'm sure Quatre could back us up, and-"

Heero smirked; he knew the complaint wasn't genuine. Still, it was his to answer. "In case you've forgotten, he's been disowned - at least to some extent. Besides, this was the most suitable space for scouting our target. We're in an elevated position, and the view is-"

Duo stepped into the one-room flat and put down his bags next to the single couch occupying the fairly barren place. "Yeah, the view's terrific. And we're elevated, all right - ninth floor, even - but there's no damn elevator." Disgruntled, he looked about the open room. In the far corner was a kitchen nook and a few sparse appliances. At least the place came fully furnished. The odd square by the end of the kitchen counter had him puzzled, though. "Hey, what's that?"

Heero closed the door, dropped his bags on the other side of the couch, and rested his hand on Duo's shoulder. He studied it, looked up- "Oh... That's the shower."

"Say again?"

Heero pointed to the ceiling. "See those bars and the showerhead up there? The landlady mentioned this. There should be a shower curtain in the cabinet."

Disbelief. "You've got to be kiddin'... You sayin' we have to shower right in the middle of the kitchen?"

"You don't have anything I haven't already seen, Duo." Chuckle. "Guess I'll have both dinner and a floor show tonight."

Duo snorted, but smiled. "Hey, where's the rest of the bathroom?"

Heero nodded towards the door. "Down the hall. We share the toilet with the neighbors."

Soft groan. "Definitely rich brats next time."

Silent smirk.

"So... Is the couch for you or me? I can't see any beds, and-"

Heero grabbed the front end of the couch and pulled. The couch yielded and folded out into a double bed.

Grin. "Okay, so this place got at least one thing right..."

Soft huff. "Let's set up the surveillance equipment - I'm hungry." Leer. "Going to entertain me?"

After Duo gave Heero a mock punch to his gut, they got to work.


Duo wrestled out of his shirt. "Did you put the auto-record on?"

Heero nodded and flipped the covers aside.

Duo joined him. "Good. I could use some rest."

Heero gave a soft snort, but didn't comment beyond that; he was going to respect Duo's wish... Or at least try.

He was making good way of accomplishing that, almost asleep, when the slowly rising sound and rhythm of thumps stirred him. He glared up in the darkness. Beside him, he felt Duo rouse from slumber, too.

Duo yawned, voice as groggy as the rest of him. "Mmm.... 'Ro... Is that..."

Heero glared in the direction of the sound, straight at the far wall. "The neighbor - that loner in the corner apartment."

The rhythm rose a notch, and there was a rather large moan. "He's got company tonight..."

Snort. They waited, tried to ignore the hammering of bedframe on thin plaster. Yet, the disturbing chorus of thumps and low and not-so-low voices gave no sign of calming down, quite the opposite.

Fed up, Duo flipped the covers aside, got up, strode over to the wall and banged his fist into it three times.

There was quiet.

Then he heard the bedsprings rock again, albeit very subdued. He nodded in satisfaction; that would do. He returned to bed, and soon, he was headed back to sleep.

But the neighbours were soon wrapped up in their own again, and the pounding of plaster returned, louder than ever. With a pained groan, Duo stuffed his pillow over his head, desperately trying to block it out.

Heero was amused. He scooted a little closer, snuck an arm to Duo's abdomen and drew slow circles around his belly button, going in ever more ecliptic orbits, stretching south. "There's a saying... if you can't fight them, join them...?"

The caress and the proposal made Duo peek out from under the pillow. He stared outright at Heero. Hadn't he said he needed some rest? Even so, his anger was disarmed by Heero's confident smirk, and Duo smiled. "Well... I wouldn't want to join them..." He reached around Heero's neck and pulled him in for a kiss. "...but there is something to fighting fire with fire, I suppose..."

Heero latched on to Duo's neck, giving a predatory growl as he bit down lightly.

"I thought you had your fill during dinner..."

Chuckle, negative headshake. "You leave me constantly wanting for more, Duo."

Grin. "Oh, I'll give you something, then..." He faked a growl, and counterattacked, pushing Heero over and onto his back.


Across the hall, the landlady was very much trying to block out the sounds of the night. Or rather, of the tenants. And to think, she'd thought the two young men were simply friends in need of cheap lodging.

Now that they were drowning out even the randy young man in the corner apartment and his chosen girlfriend of the night, she knew for certain they were lovers - and so close they obviously didn't care about the world beyond them, even more so than their neighbor.

She smiled to herself; she'd been young once, too. She'd give them tonight, but provide words of caution in the morning. Wise from experience, she reached inside the nightstand drawer and pulled out a pair of earplugs. They were usually enough to block out the other tenant and his various girlfriends. She hoped they would suffice now too.

If they would not, she thought with a leer, she would deliver a warning personally; go knock on their door - or perhaps use the master key. It would be nice to get a visual to go with the sound.

She wasn't disappointed.


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