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Pairing: 1+2
Rating: PG-13
Contents/Warnings: Shounen Ai/Yaoi
Word Count: 895

AN: Written for gw500 challenge #35 - 'expectation'

by kebzero

Heero had been contently typing away on a mission report when Duo stormed into his room, claiming problems with his own laptop, wanting Heero to take a look at it. Before Heero had a chance to tell him to get lost, Duo had a firm grip on his wrist, pulling him along.

Sure, he could have wrestled free - but he didn't want to. He wasn't quite ready to proclaim his preferences to the world - much less to his preference of preferences. Better to steal peeks from afar and random grazes when possible. Because of his own cowardice, such small touches were all he could get - and he intended to make it last, even if he suspected the consequences.

Duo's computer trouble was an obvious lie - or rather, a clever avoidance of one. To retain the accuracy of his litany of never lying, Duo had probably infested his own laptop with a mild virus - all to have an excuse to drag Heero to the cramped living room of their current safe-house. Duo was devious, but mostly truthful.

Heero knew what awaited him there. Just a week ago, the five of them had discussed birthdays - three of them didn't know theirs. Then, Duo mentioned he had taken the date of the Maxwell Church incident for his, and suggested Trowa and Heero take the dates of their original namesakes. After all, they had in part copied their identities.

As luck would have it, this particular date was when Heero Yuy the pacifist had been born, long ago. Thus, Heero had a hunch Duo had arranged a-

Duo flung the door open, and standing before a run down table dressed up with paper plates and a small cake, Trowa, Quatre and Wufei called in near unison "Surprise!"

Like hell it was. Heero had noticed the small supply stash of food and drink the guys smuggled in, but ignored it. Still, that his friends had put together a party in the middle of a war was commendable - despite the security risk. He trusted they had been careful.

Yet, he entirely forgot to act surprised, and kept his glum face.

"Uhm, happy birthday, Heero."

Heero glanced at Duo, sighed at the grin, and forced a lopsided smile. He didn't like parties, but given who had made it all happen... "Thanks..."

Duo chuckled. "Yeah, I know, I know. You knew all along, right?"


Quatre nodded, smiled. "We thought so. It was impossible to hide the cake with only one refrigerator."

"Yeah," Duo agreed. "We do have one surprise for ya, though."

Raised brow. "What?"

Duo wagged a finger at him. "You'll know soon enough." He glanced at the door. "Look, I'll be right back - hey, Trowa! Fix Heero up with some cake, would ya?"

Without further comment, Duo was out the door. Heero shrugged it off as Trowa offered him a plastic fork and a full paper plate. Heero accepted, took a few bites. To his surprise, it didn't disagree with his taste buds - even if the calorie calculator of his mind was adamant it didn't compute.

The piece of cake slowly vanished. Wufei and Trowa just about finished their cuts as well. Quatre barely touched his. Someone had to keep conversation going.

From the corner of his eye, Heero noticed Wufei checking his watch. He was about to inquire when Wufei rose, tapping fork on cup. The plastic gave a dull clatter. "Heero, happy birthday. Now, we didn't really know what to give you - so, we pooled our resources, and..." As he spoke, Trowa and Quatre had gotten to their feet as well, sneaking towards the door. Heero glared at them suspiciously, and it took him a few second to note Wufei was retreating also. "Given it's your sixteenth birthday, we decided to hire - a stripper!"

Heero caught himself gaping. The security risk of it alone - not to mention, he didn't really feel up to a bosomy long-legged lady bumping and grinding before him, or worse, up against him, in ever more skimpy coverage. It wasn't just a matter of preference. A male stripper could turn them in just as easy. Didn't the others remember all the 'wanted' posters?

Somewhere during his frustrations, the lights of the room went very dim, and from the part of darkness where the door was, a stereo set turned on; low thumps of a bass guitar, joined by bongos. He could hear only one set feet shuffling.

He was about to object when someone stepped into the single spot of the room left illuminated.

Duo. In something red; flimsy pieces hugging his body, barely held together by Velcro. Duo. Smiling directly at him. Hip starting to move to the beat. Glimpses of skin visible in strategic place.

'I believe in miracles...' a gruff voice howled from the stereo.

Duo danced closer, offered Heero a corner of his vest. No sooner did Heero go far enough out of his stunned state to take a hold of it did Duo spin away, ripping Velcro apart and leaving a gaping flesh wound in the vest. Duo put Heero's hand on it, moved it down along his side, towards another small tab. Duo's grin was entrancing. Heero's jaw remained loose, though his lips were shaping into a leer.

By the third chorus, Heero was a believer.


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