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Pairing: 2X1
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Yaoi, PWP, exhibitionism, morbid humor. also, rushed and unbetaed.

AN: Written for gw500 challenge #207, 'service'

Next Stop, Eternity
by kebzero

Heero had known what wheels they'd be spinning the instant he'd caught eye of the battered, red old convertible at the Rent-a-Wreck lot. Duo's expletives a few seconds later served as confirmation. It ran, that was its most forgiving feature. Thank God it wasn't raining.

Another boon; the front was devoid of nasty ornaments or sharp angles, Heero added as his thighs hit the smoothed edges of metal and his hard dick ground against the warm, sun-bleached hood with another savage thrust courtesy of his partner in crime - and everything else.

Gravel tore at his feet, but not painfully enough to be noticed. Duo's palms pressed against his shoulders, relented a moment, replaced by lips and teeth at the back of Heero's neck, a slight reprieve in pace before shoving in as deep as he could. Heero let out a pleasured cry.

Heero was stark naked, not that it mattered much. There was only flat, arid landscape for miles around, no people. A distant whistle called, and Heero looked over to the railroad tracks beside them. Yet, he added to himself. He tilted his head to shoot Duo a glance, "...train coming," he managed to mutter.

Duo's lips left Heero's shoulder momentarily. "It's okay," Duo said, calmly continuing to fuck him.

Heero frowned. Easy for him to say - Duo at least still had shoes and pants on, even if they were bundled around his ankles. Even so, Heero was about to object when he felt Duo pull out. He straightened, turned - and was cut off by a rough kiss, with more than a little tongue. Heero fought back, the battlefield soon enough behind Duo's front teeth.

Duo conceded defeat, retreated, grinned back, smacked Heero's hip. "Come on, on your back."

Heero rolled his eyes, but complied. He lifted his bare ass onto the hood, felt the suspension at work as he put his back to the metal. Warm, almost comfortable - not enough to burn, not yet. Still too early in the day.

Duo moved in, adjusted the rubber, tapped the tip to Heero's exposed balls. Wistfully, he lingered. "...Christ, you're hot..."

Heero returned a crooked smirk, reached his legs out and around, and planted his heels just above Duo's ass, reeling him in.

There was only mock resistance. Duo positioned himself, pushed fast into Heero's tight heat, accompanying the move with a deep, wet growl.

Heero arched his neck, gasped for air as Duo proceeded to fuck him, hard; rocking him, them, the car - the world as far as Heero cared. The hood would have a dent in his shape at this rate, he thought with a sly, content smile. He could hear the approaching train now, met his lover's eyes for a moment. "They'll see," Heero managed between pants.

"Let them," Duo grinned back with unsteady breaths. "Doesn't matter."

True enough, Heero agreed, reached down to jerk himself off, spread his legs a little further. So hot, so bothered, so close...

The train was on them now, whistling past them; engine, cargo, cargo, flatbed, cargo, then rows of windows; shocked looks, shouts, cat-calls, boos, jeers; at the last car Heero swore he saw camera flashes, but they might just as well have been stars at the insides of his eyelids with how Duo drove each hit home now, so good, so-

"Time," Duo panted, pounding into Heero's ass, gripping Heero's ankles tight.

"Yeah," Heero hissed back with effort; he could feel the heat bloom in his guts, his groin; he didn't even need a hand now, just one more hit, one more-

"Time!" Duo shouted, two fast thrusts later crying out Heero's name, pushing deep.

Heero arched his back off the hood, flipped the cap up and pushed down the detonator switch in his hand, all but screaming Duo's name, the outcry soon buried not only in his body aflame from sex, but in the heat blast from the gulch up ahead, the dust clouds, the deafening explosion that matched his inner one, the tortured screams of wood and metal collapsing, giving in, crashing down. He suddenly remembered how to breathe, gasped, not that it mattered much as Duo crashed down on top of him and crushed Heero's lips with his own. The spent detonator slipped out of Heero's hand, thumped against the hood and slid over the edge. Time grew elusive.

"No reinforcements for that Ozzie base today," Duo noted when they at last broke their kiss, if only to let Heero have two helpings of air before he landed another peck. "Christ, I love you..."

Heero started to smirk, tempted to say Jesus loves you too, Duo, but thought the better of it. He'd save that lame joke for next time. Right now, he had other priorities, like cleaning up and getting the hell out of here. The sun stretched higher in the sky, the breeze had died down; he was naked, sticky with sweat, come and dust. There was a shabby motel just a couple of miles down the service road; a quick pit-stop and shower there, then move on, that suited his game plan. It'd be another hour at least before the first search team would show up. Perfect.

Duo rolled off the heavy rubber, tied it up and tossed it in the ditch. "Gift for Oz," he said with a dry chuckle and pulled up his pants.

With a snort, Heero grabbed Duo's abandoned T-shirt and proceeded to wipe his own chest and crotch with it, noting Smiley gave lousy head. When he saw Duo about to protest, he slid off the hood and wrapped the worn cotton around Duo's spent cock, massaging his groin through the still-open fly.

Duo let go a content groan, arguments forgotten, even more so as Heero raked his teeth over Duo's clavicle. A day of shirtlessness suddenly didn't seem bad; he could always get another cheap shirt later.

His partner subdued, Heero shot a glance back at the gulch, now short one railroad bridge. "That's the deepest gulch in the area. The river is strong here, too. There won't be any survivors," he dryly noted.

Duo flashed Heero a maddening smile and pulled Heero close for another rough kiss. Teeth clashed, lips nearly bruised, only the need to scram preventing a full encore. "Told you it wouldn't matter."


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