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Pairing: 1x2x1
Rating: R (to be safe)
Contents/Warnings: Shounen Ai/Yaoi, lime, humor, sap

AN: Second of four ficlets written as 'rewards' for answers in the music meme thing a few weeks back. This time, mookiegatto's request for 'something with a lot of hair play'. This is... well, what I came up with. Ditched the flamingo, though. ...maybe some other time.

No Fair Play In Hair Play
by kebzero

"This is stupid."

"We have a deal."

Grunt. "I swear, one more time, and I'll kill- ow!"

Chuckle. "Yeah, I know you love me too. Now, sit still..."

Another forceful tug, concealed wince. "Just let it be."

Duo let go of the brush, leaving its teeth entangled in brown hair, hanging off the side of Heero's head. He put his arms around Heero's waist, hugged him tight, rested his chin against Heero's shoulder, opposite side of the brush handle. "Like that?"

Quick snort. "I think my hair prefers to take whatever shape it wants, not to be bent according to your will. Or mine, for that matter."

Another chuckle. Duo closed his thighs as best he could, with Heero seated between them, both of them in boxers only. The shower had been quick - but necessary, following their morning. "Right... We have a deal, remember? You get to comb my hair, and I get to play with yours in return. Not my fault if your hair fetish came back to hurt you. Besides, I told you-"

Heero leaned back a bit, tilted his head to give Duo a sideways glare. It mellowed before the grin. "I remember..."

Quick half-kiss. "But didn't listen, right? I told you - shampoo and conditioner. My hair certainly needs it - and by the looks of it, so does yours."

Grunt. "I've managed just fine without it so far."

Smirk. "That much is painfully obvious."

Snort, grumpy face. "Why do you care so much about how my hair looks?"

Chuckle, tight hug. "Well, you certainly seem to appreciate mine well enough..."

Heero dared a soft smile at that. "It's not the hair, it's what comes attached." Smirk. "And where your tail wags."

Duo gave a slight snort, and reached around for the end of said tail. As always, Heero had done a good job braiding it. The elastic was in just the right place, too. Duo brought the little brush of hairtips to bear, showing it to Heero. "You mean this tail?" He swept the tip slowly across Heero's cheek.


Grin. "I see... and you know, conditioner is what makes my hair this nice and soft..."

Weak grunt. "It's not soft, it's coarse - but in a good way."

Chuckle. "Whatever you say..."

"How come you became so fixated on conditioner anyway?"

Duo hesitated in answering, tilted his head as best he could, waiting for Heero to meet his eyes. "Beauty magazines," he finally confessed. Heero looked mildly surprised - but far more amused. "Yeah - and if you ever tell anyone, I'll kill you for a change."

Heero took the statement for what it was. Duo's face was a grin, but his inflection was grim.

"And why are you so reluctant about conditioner?"

Heero shrugged. "I... Well, it feels sort of... vain, using stuff like that."

Snort. "Like hell it is. It's a necessity, not a luxury."

Heero dared a smirk. He was pretty sure Duo was joking now. "And what about visits to hair salons?"

Grin. "That, is another thing entirely. Not like we can take the chance. OZ patrols can be anywhere, even there. You've seen some of those peacocks in their top brass, right? Besides, I have you to fix me up, don't I?"

"Yeah..." Brief quiet, then a chuckle.

Duo brushed the tip of his braid slowly down along Heero's chin and throat. "What's so funny?"

"Well... I just imagined you going to a beauty parlor, getting all donned up. Full wash and rinse, some fancy hairdo, manicure, pedicure, pore clean-up, mascara - the works."

Grin lopsided, Duo reached for the wedged-in brush again. Heero had expected it, and followed the soft yank before it could cause much discomfort, snickering. With a quick wiggle, the brush finally let go. Duo put it aside and reached around Heero's waist again with one arm, using the other to sweep the tip of his braid along Heero's clavicle, then down his chest.

Heero let go a slow sigh, leaned back into Duo's embrace.

Duo started brushing the tip back and forth across one of Heero's nipples, tilted his head to kiss Heero's cheek, then his shoulder.

Heero put one hand on Duo's thigh, rubbing softly, then reached around to cup Duo's cheek with the other. "You know... If we keep this up, that shower will have been for nothing..."

Chuckle, quick kiss. "That's okay - we can do it over and wash your hair again. With conditioner this time."

Smirk, grunt.

Duo's palm slid down Heero's stomach, thumb playing with the waistband of Heero's boxers. "...and you have other curls for me to play with..." As if to prove it, he dipped the tip of his thumb in, grazed coarse hair. He put his lips to Heero's ear, and whispered "Ready for some personal grooming...?" Not waiting, thumb was followed by the rest of the fingers, going for an intimate hand combing.

Heero gasped at the touch. It didn't make it any better - or rather, it did make it better - that Duo still used the tip of his braid to caress his chest. "Yeah," he hissed, then smirked as a thought struck him. "Make me beautiful, Duo..."

Duo smiled, kissed Heero's shoulder. "You already are..."


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