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Pairing: 1+2
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Shounen Ai

AN: Written for [ gw500 ] challenge #214, 'sowing the seeds'.

by kebzero

"Hey, Heero, wait up!"

Heero paused, shot a glance over his shoulder and watched as Duo jogged up to him.

"Where are you going?" Duo said, catching his breath.

"Back to the dorms," Heero answered matter-of-factly

"Why'd you leave the party? It was just getting to the good part!"

He frowned, turned to head up the gravel path. "I don't feel like getting drunk."

"That's not what I meant. The girls, Heero. The girls. That blonde chick-"

"Suzanne," Heero gritted out.

"Yeah, whatever - she was all over you! You'd have scored for sure! Why'd you run from that?! Come on, let's go back!"

Heero turned around, raised a brow. "What does it matter to you?"

Duo hesitated, licked his lips. "Look, remember her girlfriend? That sweet redhead? I promised them I'd get you back if she'd-"

"Tough," Heero cut him off and started walking again, hands in his pockets. "I'm done with that party."

Duo gave chase. "Oh, come on! They'll put out, for sure! I don't know about you, pal, but I'm not exactly counting on living on until I'm old and ripe. Hell, this could be the last night of my life, if the sortie tomorrow night goes bad."

"It won't," Heero stated.

"Cheh..." Duo retorted, speeding up to match Heero's pace. "That overconfidence of yours is going to come back and hurt you some day."

"I'll take my chances," Heero muttered.

Duo rolled his eyes, but dropped that ball in favor of the other. "Anyway - let's go back, okay? That Suzanne girl is pretty hot. I mean, she's stacked. Come on, I bet she'd let you grope her good, if you just chat a bit and send a smile her way."

Again, Heero paused to glare at his roommate. "And why would I do that?"

"Jeez - 'cause you're young and horny, just like me, that's why! Don't you want to get laid?"

A gale of wind intervened. Heero's hands slipped out, and he curled them into fists. "...yes," he answered at length.

Duo clapped his hands together in victory. "Well, there you go! So, let's get back there and chat them up some more. You got to plow the field before you get to sow your oats, know what I mean? You got to warm them up first, you know, flirt, touch a little, maybe make out some..."

"...and then slink away and wait for her to follow?"

Duo waved the thought aside. "Yeah, sure - so, why leave just when it's getting to the good part?"

Heero made a crooked smirk, took a step closer - and suddenly leaned in to land a kiss on Duo's lips, partly missing his mark as Duo recoiled.

Duo stepped back, put the back of his hand to his mouth. "What the f..."

Heero, still smirking, had already resumed walking.


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