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Pairings: 1+2+1, 1+5+1-ish
Rating: PG-13
Contents/Warnings: Shounen Ai, fluff
Word count: 660

AN: Written for [ gw500 ]challenge #34 - 'flattery'

by kebzero

A soft kiss at first, firmer, tip of tongue pleading for admission; granted. A quick spar, temporary retreat, renewed offensive. Mouth gently tugging his lower lip, before making a light trail of touches across his cheek. Hot breath against his ear, lips enclosing his earlobe, nibbling at it with great care.

Heero let a groan travel the short distance to Duo's ear, following it up with a mumble. "Damn, you're a good kisser..." He touched the corner of his mouth to Duo's cheek.


"I said-"

Duo's lips left Heero's lobe, much to his loss. "I know what you said."

Annoyance. "Then what-"

Duo leaned back now, their close hug becoming a loose one. He grinned. "That implies you have a basis for comparison."


Chuckle, kiss to tip of nose. "You've been kissing around, haven't you?"

Heero frowned at the boy straddling his lap. The faint color his cheeks were gaining offset the threat-factor of his expression considerably. In Duo's eyes it was simply cute. "I didn't say-"

"I know..." Grin, soft kiss. "So... have you?"

Heero pulled Duo close, their lips confronted once more; distractions be damned.

Duo reluctantly broke contact, and gave Heero a light prod in the side. "Tell me. Who did you kiss?"

The thin smile wavered, and Heero looked away guiltily, decidedly uncomfortable, ears gaining a fair shade of red. "Duo, I really don't think-"

Wide grin. "You have, haven't you? Well, I've told you all about my past affairs - all two miserable dates worth - so 'fess up, 'ro. Who did you smooch with before me?"


Wiggle of brows. "Want me to start guessing?"

Roll of eyes, sigh. "You're really going to make me say it, aren't you?"

Duo kissed Heero's nose again. "Damn right, hot-lips. So, unless you want to sleep alone tonight... gimme a bedtime story."

When Heero's immediate reply was merely a frown, Duo rocked his hips ever so gently, provoking a groan in surrender. "Fine... There's not much to tell, anyway. It was on the same day you cornered me on Peacemillion about a date - the day before-"

"I remember. Who, Heero?"

Sigh. "It's my story, so let me tell it, okay? Well, you scared me a little."


Frown. "It's true. Especially since you clearly wanted a relationship much closer than friendship - I had trouble enough coping with that. I needed help. I wanted to talk to someone, and-" Heero chewed on his lip, saw the anticipation in Duo's eyes, and felt forced to continue. "Well, I wanted to know how to kiss, at least. Make it good, I mean. I knew the mechanics, I wasn't dumb. So, I thought I'd ask-"

"Quatre, right?"

Snort, lopsided smile. "He would have confessed everything the minute you saw him. No, not Quatre. Had to ask someone I was sure would keep quiet about-"

Grin. "Trowa?"

Sigh. "Would you let me finish? No, not Trowa either. Too risky. I fought Quatre in ZERO system mode once. That was enough."

"So, who did you-" Moment of consideration. "...Wufei?!"

Heero's ears were flaming red by now. Slowly, he nodded. Duo fought back a snicker.

"You know, I didn't think Wufei was-"

Quick headshake. "He isn't - but he was thinking of asking someone out for a date, and expressed a desire to gain... practice, in advance. I overheard him talking to his mobile suit about it."

"So... you volunteered...."

Hesitant nod, almost ashamed.

Duo grinned. "Damn, wish I had been there to see it."

Still looking away, Heero frowned. "You didn't miss much. We were... clumsy."

Duo chuckled, took hold of Heero's chin and guided it back. "Perhaps." Soft kiss. "...but you've gotten the hang of it now, mister." Duo kissed him again, just a tad harder, then went back to the neglected earlobe.

"I have a better partner now," Heero mumbled through his smirk. "And practice makes perfect."

He felt Duo smile around his lobe in full agreement.


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