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Pairing: 1+2+1
Rating: PG-13
Contents/Warnings: Shounen Ai, Sap
Word Count: 500

AN: Written for [ gw500 ] challenge #32 - 'contract'.

by kebzero

Duo shifted from one foot to the other, restless. He swivelled the pen in his hand, nibbled at his lower lip.

There was a soft sigh to his left.

Duo sought out the source. "You sure about this, Heero? I mean, it's a big step, and-"

Heero nodded. "I want to. It's the most logical choice - the right thing to do."

Mild frown. "Just because something seems like the right thing, doesn't necessarily mean it feels right..."

Heero made a glance at the ceiling, silently begging for patience. "I told you, Duo - I want this as much as you do."

Slow nod. "Yeah... but this is kinda permanent - at least, I like to think it would be, and-"

Heero put his index finger across Duo's lips. "I want to be with you forever, Duo." He smirked, let the finger slide down, and raised Duo's chin. "Do I have to reassure you about that all the damn time?"

Duo broke out in a grin. "No... But I wouldn't object if you did..."

Amused grunt. Heero leant in closer, tilted Duo's head a little, and kissed him; a light touch, fast growing firmer.

The woman at the far side of the desk cleared her throat. It ended the kiss, but triggered much blushing. They had almost forgotten about her. "Gentlemen, please... May I have your signatures first? Business comes before pleasure, you know." She mustered up a strained smile.

Heero and Duo looked at each other, exchanging a few quick winks and smirks. "Should we go for it?" Duo asked. He got a single, determined nod in return.

Duo spun the pen in his hand again, took a deep breath to calm himself, and left a chicken-scratch of a signature across the dotted line on the right side of the paper. Satisfied, he handed the pen to Heero, who left his own set of elaborate, almost ornamental loops above the dots on the left.

The woman took both pen and paper, and applied her own signature at the designated line. With trained efficiency, she separated the two copies from the original and stamped them. Finally, she slid one copy back to each of the boys. "Congratulations, gentlemen," she offered, smiling almost sincerely.

The two young men caught each other's eyes again, both on the verge of grinning. A quick kiss later, they were deep in a hug.

"I can't believe it," Duo mumbled into Heero's ear.

Soft grunt. "I can," Heero calmly replied.

"I mean - our very first apartment. Our apartment, not mine, not yours..."

Against his cheek, Duo felt Heero nod. "Yeah... It's a big step - but it's the right one." Briefly he touched his lips to Duo's earlobe. "And it feels right, too..."

Duo smirked. "Now, I meant to ask you about something..."


Duo leant back, wanting to see Heero's reaction. "How do you feel about apartment christenings?"

He never noticed the realtor's roll of eyes, but he certainly caught Heero's big, predatory smile.


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