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Pairing: 1x2
Ratings: NC-17
Warnings: Yaoi, PWP, lemon, rimming, some language, misplaced attempts at humor.

AN: Hastily put together and unbeta'ed. Not even good smut, alas.

Pucker Up!
by kebzero

As quietly as he could, Heero closed and locked the front door behind him. He cautiously took off his shoes and jacket, and all but walked on his toes on his way towards the bedroom. He'd half hoped Duo was asleep. The lights in the living room were out, and that boded well.

Unfortunately, the lamp above Duo's nightstand was illuminating a book being read - at least until Heero opened the door. Even if Duo hadn't been awake, the way the door creaked would undoubtedly have changed that. Heero made a mental note to grease the hinges, just like he'd done every night for the last week.

"About God damn time you got back!"

Heero grimaced at the verbal onslaught. It wasn't unexpected, but he'd hoped for leniency from his lover - currently naked under the sheets, by the looks of it. Usually, sleeping naked was a habit of Duo's he liked. Right then, he wasn't so sure.

Duo put the book aside, and despite his anger, he couldn't stop from yawning.

Heero hesitated for a moment. He tugged at his tie to loosen the noose as he slinked over to the bed. He picked at the top button of his light blue shirt and gave Duo a faint smile. "Sorry..."

"I warned you not to get involved with Lady Une's little special accounting taskforce..." Duo said in a sullen tone.

Heero sat down at his side of the bed and sighed. "You did..." he answered truthfully as he pulled off his socks. He glanced over at the alarm clock, noted it was past midnight by a good margin. He could understand Duo's frustrations, but had hoped differently. "Please don't be mad, Duo..."

"Well, I am mad," Duo snapped back. "I was hoping to have a fun Friday evening together with you. I didn't want to sit here and surf TV channels all alone - and you promised you'd leave early today, no matter what Une said!"

"Sorry..." he repeated, grin somewhere between sheepish and dead tired. "Guess I'm not quite as good at negotiating with the boss as you are..." He laid down at the bed, but above the covers, not ready to join Duo right away. He mustered a smile and took a deep breath, then tilted his head to meet Duo's grumpy face. "I'm sorry, I really am... I'm a bit tired..."

Duo grunted, muttered "Have a good night..."

Before his lover could roll over and press the lamp switch, Heero put his hands between his head and pillow, and retorted "Thanks... I plan to. Now, pucker up."

Duo stopped in half-roll to glare back. If Heero seriously thought he was getting a kiss goodnight after standing him up like he had that evening...

"What, not going to?"

His scowl left no margin for amnesty. "I really don't feel like kissing you right now, Heero..."

Despite his drowsiness, Heero smirked as he closed his eyes. "Well, that's fine, I suppose - 'cause if I recall this afternoon correctly, you wanted me to kiss you, not the other way around..."

Duo didn't quite follow him anymore. He still hadn't replied when Heero's eyes opened again, a piercing gaze trained right at him.

"When I told you about the extra overtime earlier today - remember what you told me? At the end of the part where you cursed me out?"He thought it through. Slowly, his earlier rage came back to him. "...I think I told you to kiss my ass..."

Heero nodded. "Exactly. So, get that pucker up where I can see it."

It was easy enough to see Duo didn't quite believe what he was hearing. "Are you fucking serious?"

He shrugged. "That's approximately what we were going to do anyway, isn't it? Get intimate, I mean? You weren't seriously planning to sit at the couch and watch Discovery documentary specials with me all night, were you?"

A tentative lopsided grin formed on Duo's face. "Well, more like something from Animal Planet... something we could mimic in detail..."

"I won't stop at just sniffing your butt," Heero deadpanned.

Duo flipped the covers aside. "Damn right, you're not." Before the chance escaped, he straddled Heero's chest and bent down, ramming his rear towards Heero's face. Heero's hands at his hips guided him into place.

Heero scooted up on his elbows for better access, put his thumbs against Duo's ass cheeks and tentatively pried them apart. "Let me know if it starts to hurt," he cautioned.

Duo nodded expectantly and tried to rest his chest and arms against Heero's thighs. He closed his eyes at the first brush of lips against his buttocks, a good sort of shiver racing his spine. Heero spread him further, went in deeper. At the first flicker of tongue against his pucker, Duo let go a soft moan.

Heero slid his tongue along one side, then the other - and blew gently against the center, startling his lover.


Heero chuckled. "Sorry..."

"Careful, or I'll send that wind straight back in your face."

He reached in under Duo's belly and tugged at his half-erection. "Do that, and you'll walk with a limp tomorrow - and not for the usual reasons."

Duo's turn to snicker. He settled down again.

After another swipe, Heero pulled back. "So glad you decided to shave..." he muttered, closing in again.

"Yeah...." Duo managed to push out his throat with a tremble. "Quatre helped me out during lunch..." He decided to skip the details. He'd been against the idea originally. Certain bits and sharp objects doesn't mix well. It was a good thing Quatre had a steady hand with the razor - and, if rumors were to be believed, experience in this sort of personal hygiene. That was probably more than anything what had convinced Duo. He'd talked about this kink with Heero for a while, had even done it to Heero a couple of times - but Heero had voiced reservations about returning the favor. It wasn't Duo's fault Heero's ancestry left him with close to a clean baby bottom, while his own pedigree left far more natural padding. "Not like I'm a big hairy monkey..."

"Never said that," Heero mumbled back, softly biting down on the fleshy part of Duo's left buttock. He left a match on the right. "But smoothies are easier to digest."

Duo was close to retort when Heero's tongue plunged inside him, removing pretty much all considerations except the desire to push his ass even further back. Heero was barely able to keep Duo's hips steady. He flickered the tip of his tongue deep inside, tasting the sharp tang of Duo's body. The very idea of this had jarred with him at Duo's first suggestion of it, but having been on the receiving end, most of his qualms disappeared. Now, the rest went as well. At least he had no trouble as long as Duo had shaved and wiped himself down first.

And the sounds his actions made Duo produce went straight to his own crotch. He rotated his tongue a bit and kneaded Duo's buttocks, sensed Duo tremble against his thighs.

He was hard now, real hard. Heero's tongue, as good as it felt jammed up his rear, just wasn't enough anymore. It could tease like nothing else, but would not be enough to satisfy him completely. "God, that feels-" he hissed at another deep twirl. Perhaps he was wrong, after all. Still... "Enough," he breathed out. "Fuck me already, 'ro! Fuck me!"

Heero's lips left another kiss against an earlier bite mark, and he fumbled towards his nightstand drawer, only managing to get it open at the third attempt.

Duo scooted over and rummaged inside. He sought out a condom packet and ripped it open with his teeth. He turned around, grabbed Heero's pants roughly and ripped all the buttons open in one go before pulling Heero's boxers down just enough to uncover his erect cock. With trained fingers, he steadied Heero's dick as he rolled the latex down over it and tossed the empty wrapper aside. He turned to get the tube of lubricant, got it handed to him by Heero. Grinning, he undid the cap and pressed a liberal amount into his palm. The tube and cap went the same way as the wrapper. The greasy palm went over the latex in a hurry, lathering Heero up. The sound of Heero's groans only made Duo want to rush even more. He straddled Heero's hips, aimed Heero's cock at his already massaged pucker and impaled himself in one swift drop.

They both cried out at the joining, a few moments of effort required to get a reasonably steady rate of breathing again.

Which went back out the window as Duo started to ride Heero, slowly at first, canter soon going into gallop out of pure want, pure need.

Heero's hands were back at Duo's hips, trying hard to steady him with each downward thrust and consequent rise. "My shirt," he managed to hiss out at one point.

Duo nodded, slowed his pace as he leaned down to work Heero's shirt buttons. He flipped the cotton aside, baring Heero's chest. Smirking, he started to play with Heero's exposed nipples, eliciting sounds that delighted him as much as the action did Heero. He straightened up and sped up again.

"Jerk yourself off," Heero struggled to say, more of a plea than a command. "Want to see you come..." At another deep plunge of Duo's, Heero arched his neck and cried out his name.

Duo obeyed. He merely played with his cock at first, well aware of Heero's eyes trained at him. He fondled his balls, tugged slowly at his erection, all the while trying to keep a fast pace. Having one less hand to steady himself with made it harder. He shifted slightly and moaned as Heero started rubbing repeatedly against his inner sweet spot. Enough was enough. Duo palmed his cock fully now, tried to match his rise and fall rhythm, only having limited success.

Heero's lips parted, each breath audible now.

Duo decided to take aim, well aware it was a long shot. It was the last thought he had for a while; Heero's cock decided to stab towards his prostate again, and the warmth that had gathered in his belly and crotch demanded release, not willing to wait for a go-code. Duo came; the first spurt streaming up Heero's chest, missing its mark - but leaving a wet trail down from between his nipples on down, a pool fast growing at his belly button.

Duo slowed down as the tension broke in the rest of his body as well, his nerves going hot, his breathing laborious. Had he cried out Heero's name at the end? Duo couldn't even remember. Going by Heero's silly grin, he thought he had.

But they weren't done. That truth poked steadily up his rear. Duo tried to focus, tried to regain their rhythm.

Heero helped, thrusting up to meet every downfall. He let go of Duo's right side, slid his fingers up below Duo's dying erection, scraping off rogue droplets. He then scooped the same set of digits up his belly, all the way up to his chest and off - and stuck them in his mouth, sucking them greedily. At the next savage thrust up, he gritted his teeth and shouted Duo's name, shooting his load deep in Duo, safely inside the latex glove.

Duo crashed down against his hips now, content at feeling Heero's last pulses within him while trying to remember how to breathe.

They remained like that for a minute or two. Then, Heero grabbed Duo's hips, coaxed him up and off, Heero's cock slapping lazily down against his belly. He coerced Duo to crawl closer, soon enough having him straddle his chest. He leaned in and took Duo's spent cock in his mouth, sucked it as voraciously as he'd done his own fingers. His fingers kneaded Duo's balls, milking him for every last drop. Only when he was content there was no more did he stop.

As he fed, he went for the handkerchief in his right pocket. He flapped the clean piece of cotton in the air and hurriedly wiped the worst smear off his chest. He then used it to dry the worst of trailing lube from Duo's ass, and finally he wrapped the cloth around his condom-clad cock. It was a fast and dirty clean-up, but that would suffice until he felt like being more thorough.

Heero slapped Duo's butt as he pulled back, letting Duo's dick slip off his tongue. He pushed up on his elbows, landed a kiss next to Duo's belly button. He continued to land kisses against Duo's skin as he scooted further up, at the same time using his hands to coax Duo to slowly sit down. He paused to suck hard at one of Duo's nipples too, toying with the tiny nub between his teeth until Duo hissed his appreciation.

While enjoying it, Duo was also cursing his lover for the postcoital play. At this rate, he'd soon sport a new hard-on, and he wasn't sure Heero would help out with it.

Once Duo sat in his lap, their heads fairly level, Heero leaned in to plant a kiss at Duo's chin. He lifted off, aimed higher-

And was pre-empted by Duo's index finger pushed across his lips. He gave Duo a puzzled look, was met with a grin. "What makes you think I wanna kiss you, when I know all the places those lips have just been, hm?"

Behind Duo's finger, Heero smirked. He waited for it to retreat to mumble against Duo's face. "...because if you don't, I won't do it all over again tomorrow morning..."

Duo tilted his head. "Good answer," he whispered as he closed the distance and kissed his lover thoroughly, showing he was just as skilled with his tongue, if not more. Tasting himself from Heero's mouth only furthered the flow of blood towards his crotch.

Out of breath and strength, Heero relented first, half crashing back to the bed, sighing deeply as Duo lay down beside him. "God... I could really use a shower now... but I don't think I can stand up long enough..."

"I could support you," Duo offered. "...like, pin you to the wall with two hands and a third leg..."

Heero rolled his head to smirk at Duo. It was an appealing thought.

"..or, I could run a bath for the two of us. That bubble bath you bought is strawberry-scented." He tapped his foot against Heero's pants. "Think it's strawberry-flavored too...?"

With a chuckle, Heero rolled over on his side, sliding one arm down Duo's side. "I'm willing to find out..." He licked Duo's biceps. "But only for dessert..."


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