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Pairings: 2x1x2, 3+4 (implied)
Contents/Warnings: Shounen Ai/Yaoi, Alternate Universe, Lemon, mild bondage

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Pupil's Pet
by kebzero

"Mister Yuy? Mister Yuy, a word, if I may."

Within, Heero sighed. The dean meant well, but this constant attention was beginning to annoy him. He was nervous enough as it was. He stopped, and turned to face his employer, his grip on his briefcase tightening just a little. "Yes, Dean Wilby?"

The short, chubby man almost jumped back at his tone. Or maybe it was his eyes. Heero had been told both scared people off, if he wasn't in a good mood. He rarely was, preferring to project a dark, somber one. Dean Wilby flitted his fingers, hastily adjusted the cheap rug on his head. "Ah, I'm sorry to disturb you right before your first class, but-" Restless fingertips, faintly trembling jaw. "Well - we're worried about you. Are you sure you wouldn't want Professor Lands attending, in case you need help?"

Heero struggled not to glare. If they didn't think he could do the job, why the hell did they hire him?

Of course, he knew the answer to that one well. The recent cutbacks combined with an influx of students left the campus with a significant teacher shortage. He and a few other recently graduated students had been offered teaching jobs. It certainly didn't pay much, but there was little hassle with the hiring process - and they didn't need backgrounds as teachers, either - even if that was preferred. There simply weren't any qualified teachers available, and they were the next best - and by far the cheapest - option. Most of them still lived in the dorms. Some still studied on the side, as well.

Heero was minutes away from his first class. He'd led small study groups before, but never an entire auditorium - never a full class. Granted, attendance would probably be spotty, anyway - but still... He'd felt fairly confident when he'd taken the job, and up until a few days ago, he had few qualms about it. Then, the dean began flitting over it, and made him nervous - fully unintentional, of course. The dean was only trying to calm his own concerns.

"Thank you, Dean Wilby - but I think I can manage. Now, if you'd excuse me-"

The dean slid into his path again. "Uhm - Mister Yuy, please understand. Professor Lands led the first assembly of this class, and reports that while most of the group seem to be hard-working, honest students, there are a few that appear to be bad seeds. I merely wish to caution you of this. If you show a weakness, they will go for it - and once that happens, you will have trouble leading the class."

Heero rolled his eyes. Yes, this, and God only knew how many other pieces of advice had been fed to him repeatedly in the last week. Some of his fellow junior teachers had caved in and let the professors help - and found out it only made matters worse, undermining what little authority they started out with. Heero intended to stay it alone.

Of course, the dean was also concerned about Heero himself. While a model student, and with outstanding grades, Heero had gained very few friends - if any. At least, the dean didn't know of any. In fact, he felt Heero seemed detached from his fellow students, making a few select acquaintances, but never friends. He was just about right - and very worried Heero's lackluster social skills and fairly cool behavior might not be the best way to approach the class. After all, this wasn't an army. There was no way to enforce discipline, merely nurture it. On the honey-and-vinegar scale, Heero was closer to the bitter end.

"With all due respect to you and Professor Lands, I'd like to lead the class myself. To be honest, I'm not that worried. How many 'bad seeds' would voluntarily pick classical history classes, anyway? My guess is very few. This has never been an easily obtained good grade. It certainly wasn't when I took this class last year."

The dean didn't argue with that. Professor Lands tended to run a tight ship - but this year, the class was simply too big for him to handle alone. They had to split it in two during most sessions to meet the requirements set down by law. The same situation applied to many other courses at campus, and gave Heero and a few of his peers a break. While not much of a job, it was a decent place to start.

Provided he didn't loose his nerve and fumble it completely in the next hour. "If that was all..."

The skittish dean nearly jumped again, nervously tapped his fingertips against each other out of rhythm. "Uhm - I suppose that will do. Good luck, Mister Yuy - I'm sure you will do just-"

The dean suddenly looked past Heero at a student sauntering towards the auditorium. He nearly frowned, a most daring move for Dean Wilby.

"Mister Maxwell! Mister Maxwell, a word, if you please."

Heero turned around, and mimicked the dean's frown. The young man appeared to be the prototype of what the dean called 'bad seeds'. The first thing Heero noticed was the hair. It was ridiculously long, twined in a braid that reached all the way down the man's backside. The white shirt, even with the top two buttons undone, was pretty much according to campus guidelines - even if the tie hung unevenly across the crooked collar, not doing anything to hide the flash of clavicle. The man's pants and choice of footwear were even more undisciplined. Certainly, both were black, fitting regulations, but...

Duo Maxwell halted, tilted his dark sunglasses to the tip of his nose, and adjusted the shoulder strap of his small, black carry bag. "Yeah, deanie?"

Dean Wilby frowned even more. "Mister Maxwell, I thought we discussed the campus dress code in our last meeting."

Duo shrugged. "Yeah. So?"

The dean clamped his jaw, cheeks and forehead growing slightly red. "Mister Maxwell - those pants. And you are wearing boots. I thought I told you-"

"You said white shirt, black tie, black pants, black shoes." He swept his hands in the air from his shoulders down, showing himself off. "Don't I follow those rules?"

"I did not mean leather pants, Mister Maxwell, and I'm sure you understood that. And even so, your shirt and tie are hardly suitable for campus. This is a proper institution, Mister Maxwell, and I would think you would honor us by adhering to the dress code the way we honored you by admitting you here, despite your checkered background."

Duo rolled his eyes. Oh, he and the dean had talked about this many times in the past - not that it ever led anywhere. So he had a few arrests, mostly petty stuff. Shoplifting, graffiti, one attempted car theft - of which he was innocent, but was found conveniently close to the scene to get blamed. They couldn't prove anything, but the incident remained with his records, anyway. His grades had been above the requirements, though. Still, the dean had found out about his past, and apparently felt it was his personal mission to make Duo conform to every boring little rule the school board had set down - including the dress code.

Granted, Duo wasn't the only one Dean Wilby was trying to reform - but he seemed by far his favorite. Perhaps it had something to do with how Duo had made it a sport to find loopholes in the rules to taunt the fidgety dean with. He didn't do it to be mean, not really.

And he happened to like his black combat boots and tight black leather pants.

So did a decent portion of the student body, judging from the assorted looks and occasional cat calls he got.

Then again, there were those who did not look in admiration or appreciation, but in disapproval - like the brown-haired guy standing behind the dean, whoever he was. Fairly good-looking, Duo thought - if only he'd lose the scowl.

"Mister Maxwell, I trust you will abide by the spirit of the rules soon, not merely the lettering? It might not be any of my business what you wear while at the dorms - but while you are here in the public areas of campus, and especially in the auditoriums, I expect you to respect the rules. Please, Mister Maxwell - next time I see you in these hallways or in the classrooms during my inspections, I expect to see you in our standard school uniform. Or at the very least, something closer to it than this. If not, the board might have to take another look at your case. Do I make myself clear?"

Duo sighed. It was the same old argument, the same old threat. Still, it didn't hurt to give the dean a small victory every now and then. "Yes, Dean Wilby. Next time - but now I have to go, class is about to start." With a quick mock salute, Duo ran off, disappearing into the auditorium.

Dean Wilby sighed, and turned to Heero again. "I don't know what to do about that boy... His grades are good, but his behavior..." He glanced over his shoulder. "Oh, it appears he's in your class, Mister Yuy. Good luck. I fear you will need it, with Mister Maxwell in the room." He quickly patted Heero's shoulder as he passed him. "Oh, and remember - they smell fear. Especially him. Be careful."

Heero gave a slight nod, still frowning at the door. He did not like people who didn't play by the rules, when there were rules. Perhaps he should find some extra assignment to take the braided young man's mind off mischief.


All in all, Heero's first class went by fairly easily. Part of that was the students sizing him up, giving him some slack before deciding whether to reel him in or let him off the hook.

He'd done a quick check of the list of names, and found Mister Maxwell's first name to be as peculiar as the person himself. Perhaps his parents were hippies. The end result certainly leant itself to that theory.

Duo had been a distraction to the entire class, even if he was kind enough to pick his moments carefully. At two rows up from the front, and fairly in the middle of the room, he'd picked the perfect spot to contest whomever was on the raised podium - only with the entire student body on his side.

Heero didn't fall for that passive intimidation. He didn't show how the carefully timed creaking of leather annoyed him, especially as it brought giggles throughout the room. He'd expected Duo to come with some flippant remark or another, but the young man remained quiet, unlike his pants. Mostly, it happened when he struggled with his tie, or gave winks and grins to several of the young women in his vicinity that showed a smidgen of interest. For a moment, Heero thought he'd seen Duo wink at a guy a row behind and to the left, at least judging by how the blond blushed immediately afterwards. Then again, he probably imagined it. He was busy trying to comment on some of his favorite bits from classical myth and history, after all - and the wink came after he asked the class if they knew the connection between hyacinths and the god Apollo. Only a few hands went up - which was pretty much what he had anticipated. He had not expected to see Duo raise his pencil, wagging it, signaling he too knew - or at least dared make a guess. Heero asked the blond boy sitting next to Duo instead - and got the answer he sought. It sparked a few murmurs and snide comments towards Greek myth, but not much beyond that. Heero decided to include a selection of similar stories on the curriculum. It would do the group well to get a slightly different slant on myth and history than what the standard textbooks provided.

He had also given the class an assignment. The mere implication of work was met with a shallow, collective groan throughout the auditorium. Still, their spirits were lightened as they learned the task was a fairly simple one. Heero asked his students to pick someone from history, myth and legend, someone relevant to the curriculum, and form a brief opinion on this character - merely a few lines worth, if that. A thought or three.

Heero had deliberately avoided telling them to pick a 'favorite' character - this was what he was really interested in finding out. Those who picked favorites - and clearly showed so in their description of said character - would in all likelihood be those that couldn't remain objective; those who couldn't see all the facets of any individual. Then again, a few who picked their favorite might also deconstruct their heroes and heroines in such a manner they would show objectivity. Much can be said with just a few words.

If nothing else, it would give him an idea of what his students were like - which of them were the overachievers, which were the stragglers, and which he might be able to call on for support in leading class discussions at the various points in the curriculum.

It was a start.


The next day, Heero came to the auditorium five minutes early, wanting to set an example for his students. To his surprise, a few were already seated - including Duo, once more in a position of challenge, almost directly opposed to the podium. Heero resisted the urge to toss him a frown, and concentrated on unpacking his books, including a blank notebook for impressions. It was time to review the class assignment, after all - and unbeknownst to his students, he had already picked out the ones he wanted to answer. He'd spent a good hour the day before matching faces with names in the school's public records. Their common denominator was making themselves shown in class the day before, either by showing an interest, or the direct opposite. Might as well start culling the herd early.

One face he didn't have to match a name to.


Overall, his victims had answered with a quality he had expected. Only one of them had answered 'didn't bother doing it' which was a fairly pleasant surprise. Two more had spoken on the fly, but answered decently enough. The task hadn't been all that hard, after all. It was mostly to gauge opinions.

Heero looked at the list of names, pretending to pick one at random. "Miss Anderson?" He looked around the room, even if he knew precisely where Miss Anderson sat - far at the back, out on the right side. She raised her hand, overly confident. He nodded at her. "Please, give us your answer."

She nodded, stood up to make herself heard better. "Well, I picked Achilles. He's really cool. I mean, he won the war on Troy, and all."

Heero resisted the urge to cringe. "Go on."

"Well, he had all those cool fights - killed people with just one quick thrust-" Miss Anderson illustrated the move. "Like that. And then he fought Hector because he killed his cousin, and made off with that Trojan priestess. It was a real bummer when Orlando killed him, though. I mean, who kills someone by aiming at their feet?"

Heero clenched his teeth, resisting the urge to snap something truly mean back. "Miss Anderson, have you been to the movies recently?"

She smiled wide. "Yeah. Why?"

Heero sighed. "Oh, just a hunch... Now, Miss Anderson - out of curiosity, how do you feel about research? How important do you consider the source of information when you gather facts?"

As expected, she shrugged.

Oh, how he not so secretly hated movies and books that were 'based on', or worse, 'inspired by' myth or history. Even the most biased historian would not distort the original story as much as script writers needing to make good movie material did. The worst bit was how people would read or watch the material, and think that it was the truth - as far as truth applies to myth and history. He intended to shake the class up about this more than once. "Now, Paris did kill Achilles - do you know why he aimed for his heel?"

Again, Miss Anderson shrugged.

"Why do you think they call the tendon at the back of the foot an Achilles tendon? Why do we have the expression 'Achilles' heel'?"

She seemed to consider that for a moment. "Because Achilles got hit in it?"

Heero couldn't resist shaking his head this time. "Not quite... Thank you, Miss Anderson." He scanned the entire room as she sat back down. "Now, one thing I hope to teach you during this semester is to evaluate your sources, and how any source can be wrong. You will have to learn to balance different accounts of the same events, and be critical of your sources. Let me tell you right from the get-go - unless the movie you get information from is a documentary, do not trust it." He glanced at Miss Anderson. She had the decency to blush slightly at the embarrassment. Heero knew it wouldn't last. She didn't seem the kind of woman to take such light blows to heart.

He made a note to include an assignment to investigate the relationship of Achilles and Patroclus on the study plan. 'Cousins', indeed...

Yet, time was running out, and he had one more student he really wanted to hear from. Heero checked the list of names again, if only for pretext. "Mister Maxwell?" He swept the room as if he didn't know who the student was.

"Here," Duo said, lankly raising an arm, still leaning back comfortably.

"Please, tell us who you picked and a little about your choice - and why you made that choice." Granted, he hadn't asked anyone else that last bit, but the class was growing lax again; somewhat inattentive. And unexpected question would at least make a few of those who hadn't yet spoken wake up, and make some quick thoughts on the subject for their own selections, just in case there would be time for one more interrogation.

Duo didn't stand up, but straightened up a little. "Icarus."

Heero nodded. "Go on."

"Well, I'm sure most of the people here have heard the legend of Icarus. Basically, he and his father were exiled to Crete, but his dad wanted to go back. So, they made themselves wings out of dropped bird feathers and wax, and started to fly back to Greece. His father warned Icarus not to fly too close to the sun or the sea, but Icarus forgot, wanting to get closer to the sun. The wax holding the feathers of his wings together melted, and he fell into the sea - which we now call the Icarian Sea."

Again, Heero nodded, satisfied with that. "And why Icarus?"

"Because he longed for something he could not have, something he was warned against, and ended up burned because of - but still went for. Sometimes, going with your desires ends tragically, but if you can reach your goal..." He shrugged. "Happiness is worth a risk. Good things require sacrifices, the better, the bigger sacrifice. And even if Icarus fell to his death, he still achieved immortality - both through the legend, and by having a piece of the ocean named after him."

Somewhat intrigued by Duo's point of view, Heero wanted to continue that train of thought, but alas, they were interrupted by the full hour. There was no bell short of the shuffling of books and restless feet. Heero knew a lost battle when he saw one. "Okay - class dismissed. We'll start fresh tomorrow. Bring your notebooks, you will need them." The last two sentences were barely audible over the closing of books and general motion towards the exits.

Heero began packing away his own books and papers, when he noticed Duo hadn't moved from his spot. He dismissed it after a glance, and put the books and notes in his briefcase. The room was almost empty now, but Duo remained seated. This puzzled Heero. He snapped the locks of the briefcase shut, keeping one eye on Duo.

He was about to ask when Duo finally rose and moved slowly towards the nearest exit. It was then that Heero heard it; it was faint, but familiar - a slight squeaky sound; tight leather bending. Yet, Duo's pants were certainly not leather - black corduroys, neatly pressed and presentable, probably just what dean Wilby would have wished for.

With a slight frown and a peaked curiosity, Heero followed Duo, first out the door, then down the nearly deserted hallway. Duo ducked into the restroom by the main lobby. Heero thought it over for a moment, then followed. He entered just as Duo dropped the fancy corduroys, revealing the leather pants underneath. Tight leather, glued across bent buns. Barring issues of coloration, Duo was mooning him - unknowingly, of course.

Yet... Heero found himself lingering at the door, staring for several heartbeats, even as Duo stood up again, folding the neatly pressed corduroys. When Duo bent down again to put the pair away in his bag, Heero felt a lump gather in his throat, and a slight groan escaped him.

That was enough to rattle him out of it, and he hastily left, letting the door slow to a close on its own, courtesy of the telescopic arm above it. He rushed down the hallway to the nearest intersection, went around the corner and took a moment to rest, leaning up against the wall.

His breathing was erratic, and he struggled to calm down. Frowning, he bit his lower lip, and more than tapped the back of his head against the concrete wall. Why had he reacted like that? Why-

Then again, he knew why. He'd known his own preferences for quite some time, though never acted on them. His studies had taken up all his attention; there simply hadn't been a time for... other things. Not that he hadn't gotten a few badly veiled suggestions - all from young women, though. And Professor Stevens. Then again, that old bat was always three steps away from a harassment lawsuit. A few were courteous - or devious - enough to flirt back at her. Whether it affected their grades or not was uncertain. Those three steps were a well-maintained safe distance.

The view Duo had presented had most certainly been an enticing one. Still... That was forbidden ground. Duo was his student - despite the fact that they were the same age. Heero had checked the files on all his students, especially the potential troublemakers, like Duo. Despite Professor Stevens' example - which had never transgressed the three steps, other than in rumors - a teacher should not try to take advantage of his students. Getting 'favors' for better grades, as tempting as it could be, was not something Heero felt he could possibly defend. Or do. Even if it wasn't an exchange of backrubs involved, it was wrong.

He shook his head, tried to get the image of Duo's ass in tight leather out of his mind - and failed miserably.

At least he managed to calm down some before returning to the faculty rooms.


Duo grinned to himself as he made for the main exit, and in turn the dorms. Restrooms had such nice mirrors. And acoustics.


Weeks passed. Heero gained a reputation as a demanding, but relatively fair teacher. He had respect, and for the most part, cooperation - even some attention - from his students. He did not go easy on them beyond those first two classes; the students were expected to study, pay attention - and not fail if he suddenly arranged a quick pop quiz, or a more lengthy examination of a select few down by the blackboard. Most of the students were even a little afraid of him.

But not Duo.

At every lecture, Duo made a point in choosing a seat almost directly in front of Heero. He didn't give any trouble, answered when asked - but his grin hardly ever failed to make the teacher fumble with words whenever their eyes met for more than a second.

It greatly amused Duo - and upset Heero just as much.

After most classes, Duo would wait until the student body drained out before getting up. Heero began to wonder if he was imagining the creaking of leather hidden under corduroy, half those times. He never followed, though. He'd gotten enough of an eyeful the first time, and he did not want to jeopardize his new job.

Daydreams - and sometimes rather lucid dreams at night, much to his annoyance come morning - were plentiful, though. And pure torture. Heero had trouble coming to terms with his attraction for his student - obviously not because of his gender preferences, but much more for their professional relationship. Their only form of relationship, of course. Heero had not encountered Duo outside of class, not even when he too was a student, as Duo had only begun this semester.

After much consideration, Heero concluded his attraction was partly physical interest - Duo was quite handsome, after all. It was the other parts that worried him. He had a crude desire to wipe the grin off of Duo's face somehow, ensure that he was indeed the leader of the class, despite how Duo quietly challenged that, simply by sitting at his direct opposite, with all the students in a great arc around him. Finally, there was the simple lure of the forbidden. To be involved with a student was a sordid temptation, a chance to exploit the situation - and it was most certainly a reprehensible act, if not outright illegal.

Still, Heero did not think Duo would agree to a quick kiss and touch simply to boost his grades - not that Heero wanted to make the offer in the first place. After all, it was forbidden, and Heero did not want to go down that road, even if he could. Duo's grades were simply too good to need much boosting. Why that was, Heero wasn't sure. Duo didn't strike him as a diligent student, and his attitude in class was fairly lax - but on all the tests and class discussions, Duo showed he knew the material well - better than most of his fellow students.

In the end, Heero simply tried to push all such thoughts out of his mind, and focus solely on teaching his class. For the most part, he was successful. He only occasionally stumbled on his words now, and gradually, Duo's satisfied grin more and more often became a sullen frown.

While Heero had adopted a 'hands and mind off' policy towards his students - all of them, not merely Duo - this was not requited. More than once, he'd been approached with offers - like now. The class had just been dismissed, and four of the young women - barely more than girls - had come down to his desk. The two in the rear of the group had trouble hiding their nervous giggles and slight blushing.

"Sir, we were wondering-" their leader began, voice wavering softly. "Uhm, wondering if you would care to have a cup of coffee with us - we'd like to discuss the finer points of-"

Heero quickly shook his head. "No private tutoring, you know that, Miss Halley. If you have a simple question, I'm ready to listen, but outside of the next few minutes, I'm afraid you have to seek the support of your..." His eyes panned the little clique forming up behind Miss Halley. "Study group."

She nearly pouted. "But Mister Yuy, we'd all really appreciate your help... really..." She fluttered her eyes. The two girls in the rear were a fair shade of tomato by now.

Heero sighed, and didn't bother to stop himself from rolling his eyes. "Miss Halley..."


He put his books away into his bag. "Miss Halley, I will see you tomorrow."

The disappointment was plain on her face. This wasn't the first time she'd tried, and Heero was certain it wouldn't be the last, either.

Heero watched the girls leave. Oh, even if he was interested, he wouldn't have done it. His minor experience with Duo had taught him that, if nothing else, and-

He became aware he was still not alone in the auditorium. Duo still sat directly opposite of him, frowning, the cold stare sending a mild shiver down Heero's spine. He struggled not to show it, and put his papers in with the books. As he did so, Duo stood up and walked down to the little pulpit at the floor. He stopped across the desk and waited for Heero's attention.

He got it soon enough. "Yes, Mister Maxwell?"

Duo's chilly expression broke out in a soft, ill-omened grin. "I know your secret."

Before Heero could give an answer, Duo turned and walked away - quite audibly. Heero gulped; he most definitely recognized the sound. Of course, that wasn't what worried him at present. It was more what Duo had said. Was that a threat? If Duo meant he knew of his preferences, and wanted to use it for purposes of blackmail-

Heero shook his head. No, being exposed in that way would not matter much with Dean Wilby. That alone was not grounds for dismissal - and he was fairly certain the dean was more than satisfied with his results so far. Heero had done better than most of his fellow junior teachers. Better than some of the regular professors, for that matter.

The real problem lay with the students. It could undermine his authority in ways he could barely imagine. At the present time, he did not want to risk that.

Duo hadn't stated any demands - but those would come soon enough, Heero assumed. If this was the secret in question in the first place. Was there something else Duo could exploit?

All the way back to the teacher's lounge, he thought about that - but came up blank.


Another few weeks went by. Duo's grin returned, stronger than ever - and it had the desirable effect on Heero. The poor, young teacher took to looking out to either side of the room, ignoring the students sitting directly in front of him. This way, he only choked on a few words whenever he passed the center and failed in avoiding Duo's face.

Even so, it was becoming a serious disruption, and Heero had little tolerance for that, if he could help it. Rather than live in fear Duo might say or do something, he decided to force the issue. If Duo wanted to discredit him, so be it. Given time, he could deal with that - but not the young man's smug expression straight in his face at every lecture.

Thus, as class came to an end again and the students started to leave, Heero gathered up his resolve. "Mister Maxwell - a word, please."

Still grinning, Duo looked a bit taken aback, and pointed a finger at himself.

Heero nodded. "Yes, you, Mister Maxwell. Please come down here."

All the while, students filed out of the auditorium. By the time Duo shuffled down next to Heero's desk, they were alone.

Heero made a few quick glances to ensure himself of that fact. Then, he cleared his throat and faced his nemesis. "Mister Maxwell, I don't know what you think you know about me, but I have had quite enough of it."

Mild surprise flashed across Duo's face. "Huh?"

Heero's brows came threateningly close together - yet, they didn't seem to be as intimidating as Heero had hoped. "You say you know my 'secret' - but this blackmail scheme you have going won't succeed, I assure you of that."

Surprise to slight resentment. "Hey, wait just a minute-"

"What you mean by my 'secret', is that I'm gay, correct?"

At first taken aback, Duo nodded. "Well, yeah, but-"

Heero leant in closer, their noses but inches apart, eyes locked. Heero was glaring icicles now. "If you have a problem with my lifestyle, tough. I'm not going to change, Mister Maxwell, and-"

He suddenly realized Duo was grinning again; that confident smile of a winner, bordering on that of a predator. "Good." The next thing he knew, Duo's hands were on his shoulders, pushing him back up against the wall - and then, Duo's lips pushed against his own, hard and craving.

Stunned, he struggled to remember how to breathe, much less move. Duo's kiss was far from gentle, yet Heero found himself relenting completely, a ghost of a moan pushing up through his throat. He barely registered how his wrists were in Duo's grip, Duo's thumbs sweeping across the bare, sensitive skin there. His knees went weak, and by the time Duo broke their kiss, Heero was sagging quite a bit down the wall, knees bent. Only with great effort was he able to stand up again; lean against the wall rather than collapse on the floor.

Brain slowly kicking in again, he realized the squeaky sound of concealed leather signified Duo was leaving. He honed in on the sound, tried to see between the spots dancing across his sense of sight.

"...only wanted to ask you out, anyway..." he heard Duo mumble, sounding very much unhappy.

Heero touched his lips, took a few rapid breaths, before all but whispering, "W-wait..." He took a few more breaths to relax, and called out aloud this time. "Wait... please... come back."

But Duo was already gone.


Heero was barely able to sleep that night. More than once, he touched his slightly bruised lips, remembering the fiery kiss, that sweetness of the forbidden he had experienced. All through his rites of morning he kept stalling, wondering if he shouldn't stay home instead. He knew he'd break down the instant he saw Duo, the instant he got a solid reminder of what had happened, what-

Oh, if Duo wanted ammunition for blackmail, he certainly had it now - especially since Heero hadn't pushed him away immediately. Yet... the devilishly handsome man had only wanted to ask him out. That had been what he was angling for; a date - not a blackmail ploy for grades or money.

Heero sighed to his reflection in the bathroom mirror. It didn't matter. Duo was still his student. Though... His fingers left the toothbrush handle, and grazed his lips again, brushing away the last of the toothpaste suds.

He shook his head, and steeled his resolve. No, he was going to go. He was going to confront his fears - his nemesis. He was going to turn Duo down, as gently as he could. It was inappropriate for a teacher to be involved with a student - no matter how tempted Heero was. Duo's interest in him meant far more than any of his other students could have triggered; male or female.

He came early, sat down and waited, watching as the students began filing in, one after another. Yet, the spot amidst the benches directly opposite of him remained vacant. At two minutes past the hour, he realized Duo hadn't shown. The murmur of the class even died down. They were so used to Heero's rigid schedule, and this peculiar change - namely that they were already two minutes into the class, yet not being taught - disturbed the entire group.

Finally catching on to the silence, Heero stood up, and commenced the lecture.


While he managed to shake some of his tension droning on about subjects he was almost too familiar with, Heero grew somewhat concerned. Even if a great annoyance, Duo had become a constant he was used to having in the classroom. Now, in the aftermath of their kiss, it bothered him even more.

Halfway through class, he calmed himself down by assuming Duo was sick that day.

Three quarters through, the term 'lovesick' entered his mind, along with more worry and a fair portion of guilt. Duo had only wanted to ask him for a date... He should have just been there, listened - and gently turned him down, much like he had to do every other day with Miss Halley.

The end of the period came as a great relief. Still concerned about Duo's absence, he quickly intercepted one of the boys that usually sat nearby Duo - one that he assumed was a friend, given how freely the two chatted in the minutes before class started. "Excuse me, Mister..." He had to think to remember the name of the young man, and the entire second, the blond boy smiled politely. "Mister Winner - I didn't see Mister Maxwell in class today - is he not feeling well?"

Sunshine fading a little. "Oh..." Soft slump of shoulders. "Well, he stayed back at the dorms today, sulking over something or other. I'm not sure of what - I asked, but he never answered. He looked fairly depressed." Another shrug. "I suppose he had a bad test, or something - he can be a bit moody and irrational, at times, and-" The blond hastily checked his watch. "I'm sorry, sir - but I have another class right after this one - I have to run."

The young man didn't even wait for a dismissal, and left Heero with his thoughts.

Moody...? Irrational...? Duo not even talking to his friends...?

A thought struck him, and his eyes went wide, startled. Duo couldn't be thinking- He shook his head. No, Duo was not the type who'd consider, much less actually commit suicide over such a small thing. Heero was almost certain of that.


Before he knew it, he had packed his briefcase, and nearly ran towards the dorms - specifically, the wing he knew Duo resided in. He even remembered the room number from Duo's files.

As he entered the building, his hurried walk became running. He almost sprinted down the last corridor. Thankfully, it was empty. Then, stopping before Duo's door, he hesitated again, catching his breath, wondering what to say, what to do - what the hell he was doing here in the first place, short of wanting reassurance Duo wasn't thinking - hadn't already done - something incredibly stupid.

He knocked at the door, softly.

No answer.

He knocked again, a little harder. "Mister Maxwell? Are you in there?"

Again, there was no answer.

Heero knocked again. "Mister M- Duo, please. Open the door. We need to talk."

"...go away," a muffled, weak voice sounded from inside.

Heero could almost feel the weight fall off his shoulders. At least Duo was safe - for now. Alive. He breathed a little easier. "I'm not going to do that, Duo. We have to talk - through this door, if need be, but we have to talk."

There was a brief pause, and then the sound of feet shuffled along the floor. The lock on the door clicked, and the door opened. Duo glared at him, his eyes with faint shades of pink in the white. "What do you want?"

Heero's eyes drifted. It was hard not to, once he realized Duo didn't wear a shirt. His chest was bare, all the way down to the waist where those familiar, tight leather pants hugged his shaped legs, top button undone, a trace of dark curls trailing south. Heero gulped and tried not to think more of it, as he quickly slipped past Duo, and put his briefcase down by the door. Duo pushed it close again. The room went dark, given how the shades were down despite it being mid-day, and the single lit reading lamp over by the workdesks couldn't illuminate much beyond the desk it covered. Heero blinked twice, adjusting his eyes. "I wanted to see if you were okay, Duo. I didn't see you in class today, and-"

Duo shrugged, and staggered over towards one of the two beds, presumably his. Duo's roommate was obviously not present - which was just as well. "So I skipped one. Big deal. There's no attendance record, anyway, and-"

"Duo - why didn't you come today? You haven't missed any of my classes so far this year."

Duo sat down at the edge of his bed, looked away. "I told you - skipped one. Didn't feel like going."

Heero took a few steps closer, but halted halfway there. "Duo... About yesterday..."

"What about it?"

"You kissed me."


"We shouldn't have done that."

That certainly got Duo's attention. He glared Heero in the eye, a new fury building up. "Why the hell not?!"

Heero gave a mild frown. "Well - I'm your teacher. You're my student. It would be unprofessional-"

Duo got to his feet, stomped over to stand but an inch away, eyes locked on Heero's. "Like hell! We're the same age - you're not a real teacher, anyway - and you wanted that kiss. You wanted me."

"Duo, I-"

"You wanted me. You followed me on that first day, and-" He saw Heero take a subtle gasp in surprise. "Yeah, I saw you, gawking at my ass. Not just taking in a glimpse either. And when I kissed you yesterday, you all but begged me to continue. You wanted me bad, Heero."

To be called on a first-name basis was almost as much a blow as the rest of Duo's tirade. There was some truth there, of course - but it was wrong to follow through, no matter how much he might want it.

Without Heero noticing, Duo's hands advanced on his throat - in particular, the tie. As nimble fingers loosened the knot, Heero snapped out of it. "What are-"

The tie was torn loose with a whoosh, and was tossed aside. Heero's stunned look lasted even as Duo's lips locked onto his own, not as roughly as the day before, quite the contrary. It was so light Heero had to push back a little - which he did, without thinking. Duo's fingers were already working on the buttons of his shirt. Three buttons down, he stepped back, which made Heero take a faltering step in pursuit. Duo smirked now. "You still want it."

Heero's jaw hang loose. Oh yes, he wanted it, all right - but it was wrong. He was Duo's teacher, he was-

-tossed onto Duo's bed, in one swift motion. He lay there on his back for a few seconds, disoriented, before Duo all but pounced, spread out over him and delivered quick kisses to forehead, nose and lips. Duo pulled the crisp shirt collar aside to latch onto Heero's neck, suckling a tender spot. Heero let go of a moan.

Damn, it was wrong... but how could something wrong feel so right?

Duo kissed him again, and again, his tongue pushing against Heero's lips. At first, Heero stalled, but then a set of fingertips brushed over one of his nipples. He took in a sharp breath, parting his lips just enough - and felt Duo enter; tickle his palate. He closed his eyes, content with just feeling.

Nimble fingers worked open the remaining buttons of his shirt, pushing the fabric aside as they brushed up along his sides, then down his chest and stomach, caressing the exposed flesh with slow, subtle motions, playing his body as if it were an instrument. He certainly made sounds to that effect.

Duo latched onto his neck again, well under way with a hickey. Heero could almost feel the man's grin against his skin. He definitely felt it when teeth sunk in, not breaking skin, but definitely hard enough to notice. He gasped at the fleeting pain.

Duo's hands were at the buttons of his pants now, carefully and methodically undoing one at a time, deliberately curling his fingers inside, brushing up against tightening underwear.

There was no doubt in Heero's mind where this was headed.

He didn't care.

Or rather, he did very much care - albeit, not for it being a forbidden fruit. He'd passed the point of no return long ago. He'd passed it before he had ever come here. Perhaps he had even come here for this. He'd certainly come here for Duo, his touch, his kiss, his-

Fingers ventured inside the waistband of his underwear, grazed along the hem. Knuckles brushed his pubes, bumped against his growing erection. Then they were gone, digits now curling around his ear. Duo ground their bodies together again; though his open fly Duo's leather pants were much more easily felt, as was the hard package trapped within. More kisses, touches, caresses...

Heero struggled to think, to act. He reached for the buttons of Duo's leather pants, started undoing them - and grazed Duo's prominent bulge directly; Duo did not wear underwear. The man above him groaned at the mere brush. Heero's fingers sped up. They kissed again. Duo's fly was open; his cock free. Heero barely caught a glance of it hanging loose amidst fiery kisses, reached to touch-

Duo moaned as Heero did, but retreated. He went up to his knees, tugged at the pants and cursed them for fitting so tight.

The brief absence of contact left Heero a few seconds to think, to doubt, to- "Duo - the door, it's-"

Almost growling with frustration, Duo gave up on the pants and descended on Heero once again, kissing him soundly, their cocks ground against one another, parted only by Heero's thin cotton underwear. Heero all but whimpered. "The- the walls," he was able to utter between the kisses Duo rained over his face, his chest. Duo suckled on a hard nipple, smiling at the accompanying sound Heero made. "they're thin, they-nnngh-" Teeth raked across the nipple now, brief pain soon enough kissed away, Duo's hands roaming up and down his side. Heero's were busy exploring every ridge of Duo's back and shoulders, prepared to hold Duo back should he dare pull away now.

The kisses paused. Instead, Duo began rolling his hips against Heero. Coherent thought left the young teacher. "This is a liberal co-ed dorm, Heero. We're used to..." Forceful roll, drawn-out moan. "Loud noises."

Duo kissed him once more, all but a brief touch as he moved on to nibble at Heero's fleshy earlobe. Heero sighed contently, glanced at the door. The unlocked door, he remembered. His eyes widened. "Duo - the door - what about your-"

Duo had already slid down a little, scraping his teeth along Heero's chest, brushing over the other nipple. His hands dipped inside Heero's pants and underwear, scooped up Heero's buttocks, and squeezed them firmly. "My roommate has late classes," Duo informed him between licking and kissing up the path of slightly irritated skin he'd just made. Then he glanced up at Heero, grinning. "And a boyfriend. He won't be back until late." Especially when he hears the ruckus from next doors, Duo thought to himself. Trowa's blond boyfriend lived there, conspicuously having twisted someone's arm to be the single occupant of a double room. At least in theory; perhaps he had used bribery or guile rather than brute force. It didn't matter; it had brought results. Trowa slept more frequently there than here, these days.

Duo had complained about his friend abandoning him like that on a few occasions in the past - but right now, it was a blessing. Still...

He gave Heero another rough, intense kiss, then got to his feet, leaving his teacher dazed enough to not realize he was gone before a few seconds passed. Heero struggled to catch his breath, panting. "Duo, what-"

Duo had gone over to the door, turned the lock back on and flashed Heero a grin. Then, he walked over to one of the dressers, pulled out a drawer and rummaged about it for a few seconds, presumably clean socks and underwear falling out of the drawer as he searched. When he found what he was looking for, he came back to the bed.

Heero kept his eyes on Duo the whole time, watched how his hips swayed as he walked; how the leather across his buttocks and thighs shifted, clinging to his skin, how his prominent erection swung lazily back and forth out of the opened fly. He didn't really notice the veils of black in Duo's hand.

Duo crawled onto the bed again, coaxing Heero to slide further up, until his head rested against Duo's pillow. Heero relaxed as Duo kissed him again, barely noticed when Duo took his right hand, undid the cufflink button of his shirt and brought the hand up against the headboard, back of palm against the wall. Duo quickly tied Heero's wrist there with one of the thin, black scarves he'd fetched from the dresser. He repeated the move with Heero's right arm, making sure the thin veil didn't cut uncomfortably against Heero's wrist.

Finally aware of what Duo was doing, Heero fought a slight panic. He began second-guessing their actions. he tugged at the restraints, confirming the knots were holding, but not painfully tight. "Duo, what-"

Duo brushed aside the hairs across Heero's forehead, and kissed him there, then the tip of his nose, before landing on his lips again. Heero momentarily closed his eyes, his body shuddering, a near whimper pushing up his throat. Duo's fingers dipped beneath the waistline of his pants and underwear again, on each side of his hips, hooking down this time. Two soft tugs were enough to signal what he wanted. Heero put his heels down and lifted his butt off the bed, allowing Duo to pull his pants down and off, tossed aside on the floor close to the tie. Socks and underwear went the same way, leaving him utterly naked, short of the open shirt still covering his upper arms, and the scarves locking his wrists.

"Y-your turn," Heero forced out, both excited and terrified.

Duo flashed him a big grin, got off the bed and began peeling off the leather pants. It took work, and he cursed, more than once. Heero stifled a laugh. Duo turned his back on him for the final stretch of undressing, mooning Heero in all his glory this time. Laugh turned to soft groan.

Back at the bed, now utterly naked, Duo's touches and kisses were like fire. Duo laid down on top of Heero, ground their torsos together. He rolled his hips, provoking another moan from Heero. He chuckled. They kissed again, rough, drawn out...

Again, Heero closed his eyes, and felt Duo's lips touch each eyelid. Then, Duo brought another black scarf to bear; a thicker one which he put across Heero's closed eyes. Darkness descended. Duo lifted the back Heero's head a little, and tied up a knot there, ensuring the blindfold was complete. It did little to calm Heero's nerves.

Just what had he gotten himself into?

Duo's hands and lips vanished from him. Heero felt the bed dip, and his uncertainty rise considerably. Something soft slipped around his left ankle and pulled his leg sideways. In quick succession, the right leg got the same treatment. More of the soft velvet scarves, leaving him spread-eagled over the bed. He tugged lightly at them, heard the soft footsteps walking away. "D-Duo?"

"Be right with you, babe."

Heero felt like frowning. He was not about to take being called-

The bed dipped again. He felt Duo straddling him at the hips, something soft - probably a towel - land at his side, a hand at his chest, then lips against his own, briefly. "Sorry to keep you waiting."

"Duo? I can't see."

Warm laughter. "Yeah, that was kinda the point of giving you a blindfold, you know."

Heero did frown this time. "Take it off," he commanded.

Duo shook his head, before he remembered the gesture would mean little to Heero, in his current state. "No, not yet." He swept his fingers across Heero's skin, barely grazing it, caressing it. A few times he put just enough force in the touch to make it more than a brush. Heero let go a soft whimper as Duo circled his nipples. "Yeah, that's right... just let go, Heero... relent all control, and just enjoy..."

Duo's hands roamed free over Heero's body, up and down his torso, out along his arms and back again, curling around his ear, ruffling the bangs across his forehead... Heero felt the bed shift again, and deducted Duo had moved to the side. He drew a sharp breath as fingers closed around his erection, pumping it lightly. There were touches to his feet, shins, knees - he was barely aware of them until the sweep reached his upper thigh, sliding in between his legs to cup his balls, massaging them lightly, both of Duo's hands working him. Breathing became a struggle. "D-Duo, I-"


Heero obeyed. For another minute, it was bliss.

Then, Duo let go, let him catch his breath, let him almost growl in frustration at being so casually abandoned. "Duo," he panted, "P-please, finish-"

"Later," Duo answered, moving around the bed again, this time to lie on top of Heero's leg. He rocked his hips, humping Heero's thigh while alternating between nibbling and kissing Heero's chest, occasionally raking his skin across the smooth skin, causing faintly red trails of flushed skin. When he again gripped Heero's erection, once more causing delight, Heero shivered, bucked his hips slightly and tugged at the scarves around his wrists, but not enough to break free. He tried to speak, to describe it, but the sounds that escaped him were not particularly articulate.

It didn't help when Duo's lips kissed a path down his abdomen, swirling the tip of his tongue around Heero's belly button before dipping inside, repeatedly, more than a little suggestively. It didn't matter the pumping had stopped again. More than once, Duo's chin bumped against the tip of Heero's cock.

Slowly, the tongue slid down Heero's faint treasure trail, swept alongside Heero's cock and stopped short at the outskirts of his pubes - and then curled around his head, scooping it into Duo's mouth. Heero moaned, fought the restraints half-heartedly, lost himself in the sensation of Duo's warm tongue rubbing his underside, lips rubbing against his shaft as Duo sucked him off in a slow rhythm, Duo's hands still smoothing across his skin as if worshipping his body.

Close, closer, whimper as teeth grazed his shaft, raspy tongue wiggling playfully to sooth him back. He was just about to inform Duo of his state when his cock again felt the open air and slapped back against his belly.

He waited. After three seconds, his patience was up, and he'd calmed his breath enough to speak. "Duo?"

"One sec..."

Heero accepted that, but was feeling a little neglected as the fifth second following that promise passed. At ten, he was frowning beneath the blindfold, about to tell Duo off-

And Duo was back, all around him, focusing barely on his head now, teasing. Heero's hands became hard fists. He barely even registered the sound when Duo uncapped the lid. He did feel one of Duo's hands trailing up between his legs, delving under his sack, nudging his ass cheeks apart, but didn't have the coherency of mind to comment.

He definitely felt it when two fingers deposited a strip of something cold along his anus. He gasped, shivered - and not merely out of excitement. "What-"

"Relax, Heero..." Duo said softly.

Heero pursed his lips. That was easy for Duo to say, he wasn't-

Covered in lube, a single digit slid inside him, flickering, searching, tentatively going deeper. It wasn't painful, but decidedly uncomfortable, no matter how distracting Duo's blowjob was. What was he trying to-

It became quite apparent as Duo's finger grazed the spot he was looking for. Heero bucked his hips into Duo's mouth, making him choke a little. Heero panted, heard Duo cough, then chuckle. "Easy there, big fella. Keep your butt on the mattress, would ya? Or do I have to tie down your waist too?"

If Duo could have seen his eyes, perhaps the deep scowl would have unnerved him. As it were, the gentle creases of the visible parts of Heero's face did little to discourage him. Duo waited for Heero to settle down again, relax.

Satisfied, Duo began to finger him again, once more closing his lips around Heero's cock, bobbing his head at a steady pace.

Again, Heero felt the surge towards his groin. So close, so close, only a little more, only-

Duo hit the spot again. And again. Heero moaned, did his best not to buck his hips, aided by the flat palm pressing down against his stomach. Once, it wasn't enough, and Duo's mouth left him again, lips descending on his torso instead. "Duo, please," Heero whimpered, torn between pride and plea. It wasn't answered quite like he wanted. Teeth raked over his nipple, a hand wrapped around his aching cock, starting a rhythm together with the digit prodding his prostate. Close, so close now, the electric tingle gathering in his groin, building up, building- "Duo!"

His breath was beyond erratic, his body had long since gained a shimmer of sweat, despite barely having moved. The finger inside left him, but Duo kept milking him, pumping him dry, his come gathering in a wet pool at his flat belly. Heero had barely calmed down a little when Duo's grip on his limping erection loosened, vanished. Then, that delightfully talented tongue was at his belly, licking, lapping up the little pool that had gathered there.

Heero caught himself frowning, somewhat disgusted by the idea, both for the act itself and safety concerns, no matter how foolish the thought was, this late. Duo had already sucked him off, what difference would this make? Besides, he knew he was clean. He said nothing; didn't have time to do more than think those lines, as Duo's tongue made a path across his chest, licking at bits of moisture Heero hadn't registered, moving almost to his clavicle. Damn, had he really come so hard it shot all the way up his torso? "D-duo - what about-" he panted, tried again. "About the risk o-mmmph-"

Duo kissed him soundly, more than his tongue coming through Heero's parted lips. Still adverse to the idea, Heero initially tried to push Duo out, but it was much too late; he tasted himself from Duo's little gift, even swallowed some, knowing Duo had already done the same. To hell with health risks, he thought, then didn't, only enjoying the rough, deep kiss.

Duo pulled back to let them both catch their breaths. "I trust you, Heero," he said, breaking out into a soft chuckle. "No offense, but you don't seem like a guy that sleeps around a lot, so I figured you for safe."

Again, there was a profound scowl beneath the blindfold, and partly outside it. Heero felt his cheeks flush even more, anger but a very remote factor.

Duo pawed at Heero's hip, slid down and wiggled his way under to grope at his butt, while landing his lips on Heero's clavicle, moving in faint touches up the neck, to chin, to ear, tugging once at his earlobe, gently. "I want to come inside you," he whispered in Heero's ear.

Heero shuddered at that, more than a little uneasy, bordering on afraid. Suddenly, being tied up like this lost a great deal of appeal. Now sated - and slowly recovering from it - the moral dilemma of the entire situation visited his thoughts once more. Duo was his student; this was wrong. They had to stop, right now, even if it was already too late. It couldn't go on, it just couldn't.

A soft-spoken, annoying voice told him he was only thinking like this because he was afraid of penetration - at least that form. He had seen Duo's size earlier. He'd felt Duo's size, against himself. At the risk of sounding childish, he knew Duo was bigger than himself. The thought hadn't bothered him before, but now... It seemed an impossible fit, not something that could be the slightest bit enjoyable. The finger had been intrusive enough, let alone- "Duo... no..." he all but whimpered in reply, suddenly acutely aware of his vulnerability. "No," he said, a little more firmly.

Unbeknownst to him, Duo's grin was gone, replaced by a frown. This was certainly not going according to his plan - his fantasy, more like. More frustrated than angry, he kissed Heero again, rough, hard, mouths quite open, using one palm for support while the other flailed, searching for another scarf. He found it, curled it up-

In one swift move, he broke the kiss, stuffing the balled scarf into Heero's mouth, trapping his tongue. He pulled the blindfold down to cover Heero's mouth instead, making sure his nostrils were free from the makeshift gag. Towering over Heero, he glared down. Heero blinked, adjusting his eyes to the light, and saw Duo's unhappy face. "That's not what I wanted to hear... and I don't intend to hear it again."

There was a slight panic in Heero's eyes, he tensed, tugged forcefully at the velvet scarves, tried to buck his hips, which didn't work that well, given how Duo all but sat on his stomach. The scarves were not that tightly bound; he could probably tear himself free if he wanted to, if-

Duo's hands were on him again, softly caressing his cheek, the bottom of his chin, brushing across his forehead to toss aside his lose bangs. The stern face had fractured now. "Sssh, sssh, sssh - No, I didn't mean it like that, Heero. Damn, I didn't mean-" He planted a light kiss on Heero's forehead. "I would never hurt you, Heero. Please, believe me when I say that."

Heero stopped thrashing. Despite everything, he felt Duo was sincere about that. Still...

Duo sighed, kissed the tip of Heero's nose, looked him straight in the eyes with a mellow gaze. "Look... I'll make it as easy as I can for you - but I will be inside you..."

Heero's heart pounded as furiously now as it had when Duo was engulfing him, maybe even more. This time, he could almost hear it, too. The prospect still frightened him, but he was also curious. The finger had been uncomfortable, true - barring encounters with rectal thermometers in his childhood, it had broken new ground. Yet, it had also found just the right spot. Heero had heard about such hidden places, but never believed in it - neither for men nor women.

Of course, Duo's cock was far more intrusive than a thin thermometer or short, singular digit. He tilted his head, glanced between Duo's legs, felt his heart beat just a notch faster. Duo seemed impossibly big, no matter how he knew that was merely a delusion, a fear, an uncertainty gnawing at his mind.

Duo's caresses went beyond his head now, softly brushing across his arms, sides, torso... Duo shifted, scooted down the bed, once in a while bending down to place a light kiss to Heero's skin. Already, Heero felt a slight stirring in his crotch.

Hands swept out along his leg, worked the knot tying it to the bedpost, freed it, moved it back. Lips touched his big toe. Duo turned to free Heero's other leg, this time kissing at the side of his ankle, before letting Heero's foot drop back to the bed. Duo reached for a condom packet resting at the towel at Heero's side. Duo ripped it open, and unrolled the piece latex on himself. Heero watched, struggling between uneasiness and excitement. Duo was really going to-

Duo looked Heero in the face again, a soft smile back. "Kick me away if you don't want me. If not..." He shrugged, deposited the torn packet on the towel, and took the tube of lubricant instead, coating three fingers liberally. "Those scarves at your wrist aren't that solid, either. You could probably break free, if you wanted to..."

True, Heero had surmised that much himself. He could... ...if he wanted to. He didn't resist when Duo pushed his legs back, knees up against his torso, slightly aside. He didn't fight it when the first slick digit moved inside. He gasped as the second did, groaned when the soft thrusts turned into flexes.

"Try to relax, Heero. You need to loosen up before I fu-" He stopped himself, gave Heero a sheepish grin. Heero glared daggers at him, but lost the sour expression in a moan as Duo scissored his fingers once more. He did his best to relax, to allow Duo's digits to work him, to prepare him. "Better," Duo stated, pulling his two fingers out-

Only to return with three. Heero bit down on the gag, groaned through it. There was pain, most certainly. Yet, if he could weather this, he could probably take-

Flex. Another shaky groan. Heero pressed his eyes together, then blinked it away, trying to steady his breath, calm down, relax.

"I think that will do," he vaguely heard Duo say. He watched as Duo went for the lube once more, watched him lather a good portion over the latex, then move into position, pushing Heero's legs back and apart again. Heero felt the head nudge his ass, barely wedging in between his buns. He closed his eyes, took a few deep breaths... "Ready?" he heard Duo ask.

Heero was as ready as he thought he'd ever be - not that that said much. Hesitantly, he nodded.

Duo pried Heero's buns a bit further apart, and started to push inside. He didn't go fast, but kept a steady pace, not stopping, stretching Heero as he went deeper, deeper... Heero felt like crying into the gag, but limited himself to biting down at it, letting a whimper pass through the velvet. It hurt, but he didn't want to fight it - not that he thought he could do much to force Duo away if he wanted; his legs were feeling lax, both from previous exertions and from being tied up.

At last, the penetration stopped. Duo had seated himself fully within him; he could feel Duo's hips to his rear. They were both panting now, waiting, adjusting... "Go," Heero tried to say through the gag. Duo gave him an odd look. Heero could understand that; it had sounded disturbingly like 'no', through the gag. He rolled his eyes, and repeated the word. This time he moved his legs around Duo's waist and put his heels at Duo's lower back to encourage him.

Duo's predatory grin sent shivers down Heero's spine; a rather mixed blessing of good and bad shivers. Duo pulled out, thrust back in again, out, in, soon forming a steady pace.

At first, the discomfort was the principal sensation traveling Heero's neural pathways - but as Duo shifted subtly, that changed in a hurry. He saw stars, but not out of pain. Again, and again, Duo's cock targeted the spot, missing steadily less and less. Heero moaned. Tears formed in his eyes again, and he blinked them away. He tugged at the scarves holding his wrists captive. Oh, how he wanted to reach out and touch- He wanted to tell Duo that, but the gag was still in place, and a glance at Duo's focused face told him Duo was too busy fucking him to hear him, even if he could have spoken freely.

When Duo began pumping Heero's re-awakened erection, he didn't really care anymore. Duo pounded Heero's abdomen from both sides, eliciting any number of soft sounds from Heero's throat, barely muffled by the gag.

The rush was back, even stronger than before, that well-known sensation of warmth gathering in his gut, going south, going-

Heero cried out Duo's name into the velvet ball in his mouth, once more felt a wet pool gather at his belly, if not as large. Duo gave him a few more pumps, then let go, and increased the rhythm of his thrusts, going fast, deep. Heero felt Duo's tight balls slap against his ass, hazed mind almost hearing more than sensing flesh against flesh, waiting, wanting-

"Heero!" Duo cried out with a final, deep push, affording only a few more lazy fucks before slipping out, letting Heero's legs drop to the bed. Duo crawled on hands and knees, first up to deliver another sloppy kiss to Heero's cheek, then flopping down along his side, panting heavily. "Damn..." His entire body felt drowsy, exhausted. Even so, he made an effort in disposing of the spent and rather full condom. He reached for the towel, did his best to wipe away the worst smear from Heero's belly and groin, as well as his own. Duo tossed the towel on the floor and collapsed back on the bed, riding the aftermath.

A good minute passed before he registered a muffled sound at his side.

"Huh?" He glanced, then grinned. "Oh, sorry, Heero." He reached to undo the gag, pulled the wet velvet ball out of Heero's mouth.

"Bastard," Heero said.

Duo chuckled. "Dare I remind you your wrists are still shackled to the headboard? Perhaps I should just leave you like that?"

Heero glared at him.

Grin. "Fine, fine..." With a final effort, Duo stretched his arms to undo the knots of the scarves tying Heero's wrists. Two pairs of arms fell to the mattress, almost limp. He kissed Heero's cheek. "Damn, that was good..."

Heero didn't say anything, but nodded gently in agreement. A good minute passed, then two. "We shouldn't have done it," Heero mumbled.

He felt a tap of knuckles at his hip, then Duo's hand reaching for his, entangling their fingers. "Like hell we shouldn't have. That was the best-"

"Duo," Heero began, but got cut off again.

"Heero - what's the big deal? We're the same age, we're both consenting adults, we-" He grinned, as one particular word had caused a soft frown on Heero's face. "Well, you did consent, once I forced your hand a little."

Snort. "It wasn't just my hand you forced..."


Heero sighed. "Duo, you're my student. I'm your teacher. Teachers aren't supposed to have affairs with their students, much less sexual rel-"

Duo's grip of Heero's hand tightened. "Yeah, yeah, yeah... But you're a junior teacher - that makes you barely more than a student, yourself." He tilted his head to flash Heero a grin. "And I can tell you right now, I've never gotten a boner for any of the professors, that's for sure."

Mild surprise. "Are you saying-"

Soft nod. "Why did you think my leather pants were always so damn glued to my body, huh? There was a reason they squeaked like hell every damn time I left your class."

Heero couldn't help but smirk at that, feeling more than a little vindication. A minute passed in silence, and another. Heero tilted his head to glance at Duo's alarm clock, and sighed. "I should probably get going..."

Again, Duo's grip on his hand tightened. "You don't have to."

"You know I have to. If I don't show up at the office soon, Dean Wilby might come looking for me. He's used to me coming in for a post-class talk, and you know how he dislikes irregularities in his schedule."

Snicker. "Neither do you, I think. Which is a shame. You could use a little spontaneity - a sense of adventure."

Snort. "I dared come here to the lion's den, didn't I?"

Grin. "Yeah, and the big cat thanks you for playing." He let go a playful growl, snapped his jaw towards Heero.

Heero rolled his eyes. "I really have to go..."

Duo sighed. "I know. Don't want you to."

"Your roommate might come back soon."

"Let him."

Eyebrows closing. "Duo..."

"Ashamed of what we did?"

Heero pursed his lips, hesitating to answer. "Well... no. But I'm your-"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah... Regret it?"

This time, Heero didn't need time to think. "No."

Soft smile. "Good..."

Heero returned the tight grip on Duo's hand, then loosened, signaling it was time to untangle their fingers. Duo reluctantly let go. Heero sat up at the edge of the bed, stretched as best he could. His own room wasn't all that far away; maybe he could sneak back and get a shower before Dean Wilby's patience ran out. Going to the dean's office smelling of- He took a whiff of his armpit, wrinkled his nose. Oh yeah, definitely shower first.

He looked around for his clothes. His shirt, the only thing he was still wearing, clung to his shoulders, badly wrinkled, with more than one sweat spot. There were probably other stains too, but Heero didn't want to think too much about that. Yeah, a change of clothes would be in order, too.

His clothes were gathered in a pile halfway over to the workdesks. Legs wobbly, he went over to fetch them. He put on his underwear, acutely aware Duo was watching him - not that it was a bad thing. On the contrary, he found he liked it; liked the sensation of being admired. He went for his shirt buttons, starting at his neck. He heard the bed dip again, looked over his shoulder.

Duo came over, placed his hands on Heero's cheeks, pulled him close for another kiss. "Thanks, teach."

Mild frown. "Duo..."

Grin. "You know what I mean."

Soft grunt. Heero reached for his pants, but Duo beat him to it, leaving them both clutching a leg of it. Duo shook his head.

"Use mine."

Heero's brows closed up again, first to give Duo a mild frown, then to glare at the leather pants gathered in a heap at the end of the bed.

"I just want a quick look..." Lips touched his cheek. "Do it for me?"

His glare didn't survive contact with Duo's pleading eyes. What could only be called a pout pushed him over the edge. He sighed in defeat.

Duo showed a victorious smirk, and went over to pick up the leather pants. He handed them to Heero, and sat down at the edge of the bed.

Heero put one leg in, then the other, carefully pulling the pants up. They didn't quite fit, neither in length nor width, but were still quite snug. As he struggled with the top three buttons, he turned his backside to Duo, and got a satisfied whistle. Heero abandoned the attempt at closing the fly.

"Leather looks good on you, Heero. I think I'm going to buy you something that'll fit." He got to his feet, hugged Heero from behind, gave one quick rock of hips. "Maybe something you'd wear for my eyes only?"

Heero spun around in the embrace, trying to forget the fact Duo was still stark naked. Duo's lips on his own yet again didn't help with that. "What do you mean?"

Duo shrugged. "Maybe a pair of shorts? Really tight shorts, to show of that delicious ass of yours - but only for me, of course, and-"

Heero glared the sentence to death. "Are you crazy? That'd become damned uncomfortable, wearing something like that underneath regular clothing. Didn't your double pants ever get to you?"

Chuckle. "Oh, definitely. Why did you think I lost the underwear? The pants were just too tight, and they could get so warm and clammy it wasn't even funny."

Snort. Heero took a step back and peeled the leather pants off, then went for his own. "And still you want to trick me into-"

Quick peck on cheek. "What about a compromise - bike shorts?"

Heero pulled his own pair of pants up, worked on the fly. "Hm?"

"You know, spandex? That's not so restrictive. Shouldn't get so bad when wearing something like that..." He gave Heero a leer as he sat down on the bed again. "And I'd love to see your ass in tight, black spandex..."

Lopsided smile, grunt. "Before tearing them off of me."

Chuckle. "Damn right."

Heero put on his socks, stuffed the tie in his pocket. It wasn't that far to his own room, and most of the students were probably still at lectures. At least, he hoped so.

Duo sighed. "It still bothers you, doesn't it?"

Heero shook his head. "No... I... Duo, I don't want this to be a one-night stand."

Cheeky grin. "It isn't. The sun is still up."

Cautioning frown.

Laugh. "Sheesh, can't take a joke, can you?" Deep breath. "I don't want it to be a one-time thing either, Heero. I like you - a lot. Not just saying that to get into your pants again later, or to stuff your ass into a snug pair of bike shorts."

Heero let go a chuckle, then a sigh. "We probably went along with this in the wrong order... what about going out together - on a date, I mean?"

Duo nodded. "I'd like that..."

Heero smirked, closed in to give Duo a kiss. Damn if he wasn't going to get to initiate some of them, too.

"You didn't come here for a date, though..."

Heero shook his head. "I suppose not... But I came for more than sex, Duo. I came for you."

Duo's mouth remained in an 'o' shape for just a split second, then he burst out laughing.

Quick frown. "What's so funny?"

Duo waved him off. "Oh, nothing... Yeah, a date sounds great, Heero. Talk to me after class tomorrow?"

Affirmative nod. He walked towards the door.

"Heero," Duo called out after him. "If we're going to be an item, I don't intend to hide that fact, got that?"

Again, Heero nodded. "I would never ask you to."

"Then, what about your job? What about-"

Heero shrugged. "We'll deal with things like that as they come along. If Dean Wilby decides to fire me, so be it. I'll just have to find another job. That's easy. Finding someone to love is a lot harder."

Duo smiled, and got a fair shade of pink across his cheeks. "You love me?"

Warm smirk. "Yes, Duo. I love you. Love you and lust for you."

Grin. "Right back at you, teach. Love and lust."

Heero reached for the doorknob, turned the lock and opened the door. Just before he closed it, he gave Duo a glance through the remaining crack. "See you in class, Mister Maxwell."

The door closed. Duo fell back on the bed, and grinned at the ceiling. "Ogle you in class right back, Mister Yuy..."


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