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Pairing: 1+2+1
Rating: PG-13
800 words
Warnings: Shounen Ai, attempted humor

AN: Written for [ gw500 ] challenge #102, 'uniform', with Wufei character focus. Uhm... well, I tried.

Return To Sender
by kebzero

Wufei had pushed for this extra assignment, and got approval with Lady Une's blessing. Still, although he was enthusiastic in bringing the criminal to justice, this particular part of the mission required skills that were lacking in him. Heero had a far more honed talent for this. Hell, Wufei had to admit even Duo had a leg-up on him in this department - a fact which annoyed Wufei to great lengths. He had signed up for a refresher and intensive training program next month to rectify that, but for now, the present mission came first - as did asking for Heero's help.

"The address?"

Quickly, he handed Heero a note, watched as Heero read it, nodded and faced the glare of his computer screen again. "Just a sec..."

Wufei watched Heero's fingers hammer at the keyboard and wished the man would hurry up - never mind how his own digits could never dance as fast on the keys. Then again, he preferred field work over the grind of nine-to-five. He glanced at the screen, skimmed some of the blurry text as one page of it replaced another. He didn't understand half of it, nor did he care. Wufei fiercely disliked the Preventers computer lab. It was bone-dry and the lights were set too dim, effect worsened by the glow of half a dozen monitors.

Throat dry, he unfastened another button of his crisp shirt, determined not to be so weak as to pop a third one.

Bad became worse when the door opened, revealing one-

"Maxwell," Wufei grudgingly stated. "I told you fifteen minutes."

Duo shrugged as he closed the distance, grin in place. "Been at least five. I was getting worried. Hey, Heero."

There was a grunt of acknowledgement.

Dissatisfied, Duo leaned down to embrace Heero's shoulders, before landing a peck at Heero's cheek. As Duo's lips latched onto an earlobe, Wufei registered the frequency of typing slow down.

He frowned. "Enough, Maxwell. Ten minutes, then you're free to go home. I don't care what you do then, but for now, he's on a mission. Don't bother him."

While leaving Heero's ear alone, Duo maintained the hug, resting over Heero's shoulder, skimming the screen. "Well, he's good at multitasking..." With that, he shifted an arm down around Heero and popped a shirt button at his midsection, sticking his hand inside.

Heero's fingers left the keyboard for an instant.

Wufei glared at the couple. "Could you please keep it in your pants until I've gotten what I need, Maxwell?"

At that, Duo laughed. "Oh, so your need is bigger than mine, huh?" Abruptly, he stood back, leaving Heero to feverishly work the keyboard again. Duo went for his zipper. "Wanna check?"

Rolling his eyes, Wufei sighed. Coping with either one of them alone was bad enough. Stuck together, they were impossible to deal with.

"Got it," Heero said. He flipped the note, grabbed a pen, glanced at the screen and jotted something down. After a hard line across the paper, more notes. Done, he handed the slip back to Wufei. "There. The top is the owner of the URL you gave me." He shrugged subtly. "The alias, anyway. I tracked down the other name and address from there - it could be another cover, but I doubt it. That's your culprit." Heero might have said more, but Duo had sat down in his lap halfway through the sentence, and it was dotted with Duo's lips to his.

Wufei had seen similar scenes often enough not to even bat an eye - and often enough to know it was time to leave when Heero's clavicle started showing. Again, he glanced at the paper. "Thanks, Yuy - I owe you one."

There was a guttural reply as he hurriedly left, remembering to close the door behind them. He judged it was late enough in the afternoon not to bother searching out a 'do not disturb' sign - besides, he had more important things to deal with than protecting his colleagues' privacy.

He glared at the names he'd been given, wishing not for the first time that he could declare martial law and dispense just punishment at a whim - however, the colors he now wore did not allow for that.

A pity, he thought as he curled up the note, names and addresses memorized. Computers could be amazing things. Just from the internet address he'd given Yuy, he'd gained a perpetrator.

He buttoned up and straightened his shirt, reached for his jacket. It was time to go arrest the bastard who'd sent him countless spam mails over the last month. While Wufei acknowledged his Asian heritage, he most certainly did not require a greater sword to perform well.

Briefly, he considered picking up his katana on the way, just to prove it.


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