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Pairing: 1x2x1
Rating: R
Warnings: Yaoi, lime-ish.

AN: Written for [ gw500 ] challenge #200 - 'end'

Rewards for Endurance
by kebzero

Duo muted the TV as soon as he heard the door slam. "Heero, that you? Hey, I was thinking we order Mexican tonight. What do you-" he trailed off into nothing as Heero shuffled in from the hallway, deposited his helmet and bag on the far side of the couch and crashed down in their cushy chair of comfort. Duo studied him, from the matching tube socks to the abrasions at his bare shins and knees, the tear at the left side of his bike shorts and the scraped skin the gap revealed. Up, past the dirt-stained blue T-shirt, the bruise at his jaw, his grumpy expression and to the ever disheveled dark brown bangs. Without even asking, Duo stood up and walked towards the bathroom.

Heero hid his face in his hands, slowly moved them up and sifted his fingers through his hair, glaring into the ceiling. "Car overturned me," he half-yelled. "Fast - didn't signal at all," he continued as Duo returned with the first aid kit. "I had to ditch, or be hit," Heero muttered off.

Duo knelt before Heero, opened the kit, dashed a cotton pad with some antiseptic and softly dabbed it at one of the scratches.

Heero grit his teeth, then sighed, leaning back. "This seriously hasn't been my week - and it's still only Friday. I'll be lucky to be alive Sunday evening."

"It's not been that bad," Duo cautiously tried, moving on to the next abrasion.

"Oh really?" Heero started.

"Shorts down," Duo motioned.

Heero obeyed, easing out of the spandex, leaving him in his briefs. "Monday was your fault," Heero added in a surly tone. "I wouldn't have been late if-" Again, he clenched his jaw shut, letting go of a hiss as Duo rubbed his thigh scratch none too gently.

"I didn't hear any objections at the time," Duo curtly stated.

True enough, Heero acknowledged. The night before had been great - so great he'd forgotten to set his alarm clock before he rolled over and fell sound asleep. "Have they called back from the auto shop yet?"

Duo shook his head. "No."

Heero's car had broken down Tuesday afternoon, leaving him stranded at the office lot. He'd called a tow, then spent hours trying to maneuver his way home through the bus service, stubbornly refusing to admit defeat by calling for a cab - or worse, for Duo to pick him up. Duo had warned him the car was a junker, but the offer had been too good to refuse.

He failed at covering up, and Duo had gloated all through Wednesday - at least until that little cooking mishap that evening. They'd gotten the soot off the walls, but the oven mittens were definitely due for replacement, just like the batteries of their fire alarm.

Speaking of which... "Une say anything yet?" Duo inquired, right on cue.

Heero shook his head as he watched Duo pack up the kit. "Not yet. She's still giving me a cold shoulder after yesterday."

"It wasn't your fault," Duo said. "You didn't know someone had used the ashtray at Wilkins' desk."

He hadn't. Heero knew Wilkins couldn't have, since he was on sick leave. He'd thought it safe to deposit the ashes in the waste bin. The flames were alight before Heero had returned to his own desk, and the bells went off before he'd put the fire out with a water bottle.

The sprinklers went off, too. They were still assessing damages.

Heero let go a scoff. "Right... I really felt like it wasn't my fault, with all the dirty looks this morning..."

Duo touched his lips just above Heero's right knee, slowly moving a fingertip against Heero's left thigh, drawing circles around the roughened skin. He rested his cheek against the arm rest. "Anyway..." he started. "You're safe now. It's weekend. Nothing bad can happen now - no more hurts." Very gently, he kissed the scab at the knee.

He started a crooked grin. "I don't know... I think I've got a big hurt growing right here," he said, pointing at the tent his briefs were fast forming.

Duo chuckled, slid his palms up Heero's legs, hooking his fingers at the cotton hem. "It might be big, but I think it's more of a chronic ailment," he snidely commented.

With a snort, Heero lifted his hips, allowing Duo to pull his underwear off.

"It's a good thing I know all the right treatments, isn't it?" Duo said with a wink, then engulfed Heero's half-hard dick with his mouth, going deep, fast.

With a content sigh and a hand blessing Duo's bobbing head, Heero managed as much as "Yeah... good..." before the rest of the night proved action greater than words, dinner forgotten until early morning, and breakfast postponed by an encore.

Thank God for weekends.


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