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Pairing: 1+2, 3+4
Contents/Warnings: Shounen Ai, fluff.

AN: Ficlet written for Challenge #7 ('Strawberry') at the gw500 LJ community.

by kebzero

Heero picked up the box on his pillow, read the little heart-shaped card. 'To Heero, love, Duo.' The lid came off easily, revealing the small bits of chocolate within. He frowned, puzzled.

A knock at the door. "Yes?"

Trowa came in, a bouquet of red roses in one hand. "I'm going out to- Hey, what's that?"

"A gift from Duo. I can't figure out what for, though. He invented birthdays for us, but that's not for another-"

Trowa chuckled. "It's for Valentine's Day, Heero."

Frown. "For what?" And thus, Trowa hastily tried to explain why on this day above all others, you'd give your loved one something beautiful, or something sweet, or both - anything that reminded you of your loved one, to show how much said person is appreciated and adored.

He didn't quite get through.

"So, I have to buy him something?"

Soft smile. "That's the general idea - I got these flowers for Quatre. He likes roses. Maybe Duo would like flowers, too?"

Scoff. "Yeah, right. Duo picking flowers over food."


"It's the thought that counts, right?"


Grunt. "Flowers it is, then. Thanks, Trowa."

Amused smile. "You're welcome, Heero."


After some searching, Heero ran across an open flower shop. An old lady sat attendance outside, petting her cat. He was about to ask her when a young, brown-haired boy interrupted. "Hi - may I help you?"

Curt nod. "I need roses."

The boy looked startled, then broke into a smile, sighing. "I'm sorry, but..." He gestured toward the display window; empty for all but some potted plants and other unsuitable flora. "This late on Valentine's Day, without a pre-order, you'll be hard pressed to find nice flowers anywhere." He chuckled. "It's worse than Christmas."

Heero frowned. "I'll get him some candy, then."

The boy shrugged, and shook his head. "Same thing. The shops are probably stripped by those who didn't remember the date until it was too late."

Frown to scowl.

Tilt of head, inquisitiveness. "Your boyfriend likes flowers, then?"

Shrug. "More of a food person."

Chuckle, folded arms. "Then I think I have another suggestion - also tough to get, this time of year, but..."

And Heero listened.


By the time Duo returned, Heero had been sitting in the couch for hours, waiting. The box of chocolates rested at the table. Duo's eyes were locked on the big, wrapped bouquet in Heero's lap, though.

"Here," Heero offered. "Happy Valentine's Day."

Duo grinned. "For me? Thanks, Heero." Quick peck on the cheek, rapid unwrap. "Never would have thought you'd buy me flow-" He paused. Within the wrapper was not a bouquet of flowers, as he had been led to believe. Instead, the thin, transparent plastic with pin supports hidden within the wrapping was filled with clean, topped strawberries. Duo raised a brow, puzzled. "Strawberries?"

Heero looked away. "Sorry. I wanted to get you roses, but there weren't any left." Shy glance. "Strawberries are in the rose family, though."

Puzzlement to big grin. Duo stuck his hand into the original container, took a berry for a taste. "Mmmm - these are damn good, Heero. Thank you."

Heero allowed himself a slight smile.

Duo picked out another strawberry, held it out towards Heero, grinning. "Open wide."

Obedience. Chew. Smile.

And then, Duo kissed him tenderly, making it all the sweeter.


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