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Pairing: 1x2
Rating: R
Contents/Warnings: Shounen Ai/Yaoi, lime, attempts at humor

AN: Written for Hatsukoi 2004.

Shifting Sheets
by kebzero

Duo was lying in his bed, back against the wall, eyes closed, his breathing finally calming down again. He felt profoundly drowsy. At best, his thoughts were sluggish. His entire body was heavy, sated - still recovering from events earlier that night.

A soft rustle of sheets reached his ears. The first time around, he ignored it. By the third time, he was annoyed enough to force his eyes open and attempt to focus.

The first thing he saw was Heero's face, resting on the other end of the large pillow. The bed was hardly big enough for the both of them, but that hadn't discouraged them last night. Heero was also lying on his side, albeit almost turned over enough to lie on his stomach. He appeared restless.

Heero didn't notice Duo looking at him. The Wing pilot seemed rather preoccupied, his face filled with the curiousness and awe of discovery of a four-year-old as he studied his hips. He shifted again, making the thin cotton sheets slide along his skin - in particular, his bare backside.

Duo cut off a yawn halfway through, smiling softly. "What are you doing? Trying to avoid the big wet spot?"

Finally aware of being observed, Heero gave Duo a startled glance, paused for a moment, then moved his rear again. "It's not that, it's-" He stopped, sighed, showed Duo a lopsided smile. "Well, it's the first time I've slept naked, and-" His smile grew towards a sheepish grin, and his cheeks flushed, barely perceptible.

Duo noticed, though. He'd learned to take note of such small things. "You like the feel of fabric on your bare ass, right?"

Pause, tentative nod.

Chuckle. "Figures. After having had your butt draped in spandex all the time, I guess that doesn't surprise me..." He sighed, fought back another yawn, then mumbled "...here I give you my virginity, and you focus on how the cotton sheets skid across your perfect ass..."

Soft frown. "Duo..."

"You are one, you know. Perfect ass." Duo groaned, glanced at the ceiling. "Should just have bought you some cotton briefs instead..." Heero grunted, amused. Duo rolled his eyes and started tilting over on his backside again. Halfway there, his posterior reported its sore state to his brain, causing a wince and a reversal of movement, returning him to his side, looking into Heero's face.

Heero dared snicker. Duo glared daggers. For a few heartbeats, neither moved nor spoke. Then, Heero started shifting his hips again, letting the cotton sheets caress smoothly across his rear.

Duo closed his eyes momentarily. "Stop that..."

Heero evidently refused his command, as the rustle continued. Well, it wasn't the first time Duo's requests had gone unanswered - at least in a favorable sense. Duo opened his eyes again, prepared to give Heero some hard glares. This time, however, the expression of curiosity was not there. Instead, Duo was faced with the playful, almost teasing smirk and mirthful eyes that had gotten to him the night before.

He cut short a groan. "And wipe that damn smug look off your face. You weren't that good, you know..." Once more, Duo almost fell over on his back again, but avoided it after getting a reminder from his tender butt. He cringed a little, balanced back up on his side, leaving him to face Heero's smirk again.

"I thought you said I took your virginity. Logically, that leaves you without a basis for comparison..."

Duo threw a glance to the ceiling, admitting defeat. His mind was in no condition for a drawn-out verbal sparring match right now. "It hurt, you selfish bastard."

The smirk wavered, unsure, finally settling into a slight smile. "You were the one who suggested it, Duo. You were the one who wanted it. Allow me to quote; 'Oh yeah, right there...' 'That's the spot...' 'Harder, Heero. Faster...'" Heero stared Duo straight in the eye. "Should I go on? You were quite vocal, and I made mental notes of most of it."

Oh, how Duo wanted to punch Heero in the face for that... Sure, he'd been vocal. Parts of it had been enjoyable - but most of the sound-bits were inspired from his rather sizable stash of porn flicks, safely stored in Deathscythe's computers, heavily encrypted. Maybe he'd invite Heero for a viewing one day - maybe more. Right then, however, Duo was nowhere near the mood for that. He did blush, however, and grew a sheepish grin.

In Heero's eyes, it was the sort of grin that almost screams 'danger', possibly only verbal, possibly deadly. Heero had seen both occur, and prepared for the worst.

Being cut off, that is. He didn't think Duo would settle for killing him; torture seemed more likely.

Duo went easy on him, though. "Hey, I only offered in the first place 'cause I knew you'd be too chicken to play bottom. After all, we did size up who's got the biggest - ow!"

Heero had punched Duo in the gut, not very hard, but certainly enough to be noticed. Duo had seen it coming, and had successfully hardened his muscles in time to soften the blow. Duo would probably have said something, or done something in return, but Heero's hand was soon smoothing across the impact site, soothing the pain with a faint, ticklish touch. He abandoned the task briefly, pushing on Duo's shoulder, urging him to lie back on the bed.

Duo didn't resist much, although he struggled not to wince as his butt got pressured again. That pain was quickly balanced out as Heero started kissing his belly, soft touches of lips to skin, moving down the slick surface, ignoring sweat and other residues clinging to Duo's body.

Duo let go a stressed moan as Heero dipped his tongue into the belly button, making a few quick swirls before brushing the start of Duo's treasure trail. In contradiction to Duo's anticipations, however, he did not follow the trail, but instead began a hike upwards again, across the planes of Duo's stomach, reaching his sternum, going further up, Heero's fingers grazing Duo's sides with soft caresses, the butterfly kisses reaching Duo's clavicle-

"You're heading the wrong way, Heero," Duo mumbled, not entirely unsatisfied by the turn of events, even if- "Want your lips at-"

Heero kissed him soundly, roughly, demanding access. Duo relented, mellowing out under Heero. He felt his body grow weak again, the good shivers running along his spine. Yeah, that was a good place for Heero's lips, too... Even so, Duo's mind started wandering.

It took a little while for Heero to realize it. Having had more than one make-out session in the past, he knew Duo was holding back. He kissed Duo, but got little response for it, and what there was lacked the usual enthusiasm. He paused his assaults on Duo's mouth, contemplated what was wrong, if anything. He looked Duo in the eyes, but they gave no answer. It was as if Duo was staring blankly ahead, through Heero and up into the ceiling.

Heero would have none of that. He leant in again and softly bit Duo's nose.

That, at least, sparked a reaction. Duo frowned at him. Heero kissed him again, and this time he was kissed back.

As he came up for air, gently rocking his hips against Duo's, he gave Duo a playful smirk. "Ready for an encore?"

Duo huffed, grinned faintly. "I'm still digesting the appetizer. What happened to the main course?"

Well, that certainly put a stomp on Heero's mood. He stopped the hip roll.

With the lack of an answer, Duo pressed on. "You know, I'm beginning to think this sex thing is too damn hyped."

Lopsided smile. "What were you expecting, Duo? Fireworks?"

Remnants of a frown. "Look, all I'm saying is that if that's all there is to it, I might as well spank the monkey myself, instead of having your monkey come play caveman."

"Hey, it was my first time too," Heero protested, holding back a snicker. "I'm sorry if you think it was uncomfortable, but I think it's unreasonable for you to think I'd get everything right the first time."

Snort. "Thought we were in the business of getting it right the first time, or end up dead."

Sigh. "Duo..."

Duo tilted his head to look away.

Heero briefly touched his lips to Duo's cheek. "We can always do other things together - sex isn't just-"

Mild frustration. "I know, I know... Sorry."

Heero hesitated, but decided to ask, anyway. "I still think... you ought to give me a second chance at getting it right, Duo..."

Duo glared into Heero's face again. "Uh-uh. No way, mister. No-"

He was cut off by another kiss. Heero shifted his hips against Duo's again. It didn't take long to spark the reaction he wanted. Heero left Duo's lips in favor of latching on to his neck, working up a hickey. "Cavemen," he mumbled in quick pauses in his suckling, "Raise your clubs... and beat off..."

Duo tried not to think to much. He had enough with just sensing, ignoring the soreness of his rear in favor of the feel of Heero's lips and tongue on his skin, of Heero's thighs straddling his, of Heero's erection rubbing against his own... His breathing grew ragged again, and he let go a moan. "...if this is your idea of foreplay..."

He felt Heero's smile on his neck. Heero abandoned the hickey in favor of Duo's cheek. "Is it working?" He ended the question with a rather forceful hip roll.

"Yeeesss...." Duo hissed. They kissed again; hands grew restless.

Lips to Duo's cheek, warm whispers to his ear. "Please, Duo... give me another chance to get it right..."

Again some unintelligible sound pushed its way up Duo's throat, to Heero's amusement. Delightful shivers raced Duo's spine. "You pushy bastard..."

Lick along cartilage. "I'll owe you one..."

Soft nod. "Yeah, like that..." Another kiss. "Owe me what?"

To that, Heero had no ready answer. Worse, he had the feeling his chances at getting lucky again that night - or possibly any time soon - depended on it. It was a risk he didn't like. It took a few moments before he realized they'd stopped kissing. Even their hands had come to rest, if Heero's hips had not, still seeking friction. They gazed into each other's eyes, noses almost touching. "I don't know," Heero finally replied. "How about a blowjob?"

Duo scoffed. "That's hardly a fair trade..."

Heero dared a smirk. "You said you liked my mouth." To demonstrate, he touched his lips to Duo's cheek, then went on to nibble at Duo's earlobe, tugging at the soft flesh, sucking on it, making sure to rub the back of it with his tongue, before going for an all-around swirl, and-

He had made his point. Duo gave in. "O-okay, fine."


When they finally went to sleep again, it was in Heero's bed, where the sheets were not yet repeatedly initiated.

Come morning, they were.


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