Pairing: 1+2+1
Rating: PG-13
Contents/Warnings: Shounen Ai/Yaoi, Fluff
Word Count: 446
AN: Written 'cause [ zerotwofan ] made sort of an [ open request ], and I had half an hour to spare. ...well, not really, but it felt like the right thing to do.

by kebzero

He unfastened the little piece of tape, and slowly folded the flap of paper down. He repeated the gesture on other side of the flat box, barely letting the tape take nibbles at the red wrapping paper. The pasted-on decoration he carefully lifted off the top, and put it aside by the wound-up piece of white string. The card had been meticulously tied loose earlier, and stood guard on the other side of the untangled string, showing off the neatly written words 'To Duo, From Heero' within its slight gap.

Heero sighed. "You're taking it awfully slow."

Duo smiled at him, and undid the three bits of tape still holding the paper tightly secured around the box. "Well, I like slow."


Duo folded the wrapping aside, cautiously following each crease, until the first side of the box was clear. It didn't reveal a thing, as it was made of entirely anonymous cardboard, not a single symbol on its surface. Duo chuckled. "Thanks, Heero."

Soft smirk. "You don't even know what's inside yet."

"I'll get there." Duo folded the paper and put it behind the card.

"It looks as if you're about to wrap it up, not open it," Heero commented.

Grin. "Well, I am about to wrap all of this up." Duo flicked the end of the cardboard lid up, and opened it. There was a single piece of paper inside. Duo picked it up, and snickered. "I thought you'd get me one of these for my birthday..."

Another grunt. Heero rubbed the back of his neck. "Yeah... I didn't know what else to give you. I'll make up for it sometime."

Duo closed the box and put it aside. "I think you chose well enough. Thanks a lot, Heero."

Singular chuckle. "You're welcome. You've kept me on edge for the last fifteen minutes, though. I thought you'd unwrap your gift a little faster than that..."

Leer. "Getting there is the best part. The excitement is all in the unwrapping, you know. The fun kinda fades when you get to see what's inside - 'cause then you kill the surprise."

Amused, Heero snorted, and pulled at the side of his grey T-shirt. "...and what if you already know what's underneath the wrapping?"

Chuckle. "Well, It's always good to savor the journey..." He put the note aside and reached for the hem of Heero's T-shirt, and tentatively pulled it over his head. Once Heero was freed from the cotton, Duo kissed him. "...not just reaching your final destination..."

Heero smirked, and returned the kiss as he untucked Duo's shirt.

Next to the card, the note proclaimed, in the same neat writing, 'Forever yours, Heero Yuy.'


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