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Pairing: 1+2+1
Warnings: Shounen Ai. Angst-ish, fluff

Written for [ gw500 ] challenge #215, 'abduction'.

Whisked Away
by kebzero

Duo couldn't figure out why the hell it always had to be him that got into situations like these. The blindfold itched the bridge of his nose, and he shifted uncomfortably in his seat as the car took another turn.

Where were they? Ever since the car had started moving, Duo had tried to track their progress, tried to remember the sequence of turns, how long between turns, background noises, flashes of light bright enough to penetrate the blindfold and play on his closed eyelids. He'd lost track in a hurry; the driver was a professional at confusion.

Again, he cursed himself for being captured, but it wasn't as if he could stay on edge forever. He had to sleep sometime too. Hell, it had barely been an afternoon nap.

The assault had been quick. Pinned down, the blindfold had been put on first. Then he'd been ordered to get dressed, in part helped, since his current attire was not Duo's usual choice of clothes. It felt like a straitjacket, and the tight cloth grip at his neck barely allowed him to breathe. Duo had inhaled deeply when it had been put on, but he hadn't fooled anyone. The outfit was tightened to where he got no leeway to worm his way out. At least he hadn't been gagged. Not that he thought he could taunt his way out of this one. "So... where are we going?" he cauciously asked, to no answer. He briefly considered screaming, but that was not his style. Duo endured pain and fear, he wouldn't allow anyone else to take pleasure in him showing those things.

This was all Heero's fault, he testily decided. Okay, maybe a little bit his own. Sure, Duo had been the one giving Heero the cold shoulder for the last couple of days, right to the point where they were barely on speaking terms - but he'd only been getting even with Heero for two days ago. Heero had to get him out of this, Duo decided. Heero owed him, especially after last Tuesday.

The car came to a halt, and the engine shut off. They were obviously there, wherever there was. Duo swallowed, made difficult by the tight collar. "...can I lose the blindfold now?"

"No," came the curt reply.

Duo sighed. As best he could, he reached to unbuckle his seat belt. "Come on, Heero... I know what's going on, you know."

There was no immediate answer, but he could almost sense Heero tense up. "...have you been reading my emails?" Heero asked in an ominous, low voice, adding with a growl "again?"

Duo pulled his neck in just a little and grinned. "Well... you left your computer on, and I had to check if you were still using some sappy play on my name for your password." He turned to face Heero, though he still couldn't see a damn. "You did."

Heeo huffed, let his seat belt reel up. "So, the secrecy was all for nothing, huh..."

"...well, we can split," Duo suggested hopefully.

Heero shook his head. "No. Combining your birthday and a big Valentine's party was Quatre's idea, not mine. I knew you'd be pissed at me for 'forgetting' your day - you surprised me when you didn't blow up on me on Tuesday night." Duo felt Heero's hand pressing his to his thigh, smoothing the dark pants leg. "Now I know why."


"I am too," Heero agreed.

"Yeah... so... let's ditch this?"

"Not a chance," Heero stated, the comforting hand gone. "I'd take your fury over Quatre in full Zero mode if he found out you ruined your own surprise party, much less avoided it."

Duo reached for his collar. "At least let me drop the tie? This is not what I bought them for..." he added with a sly smirk.

Heero let go a chuckle. "Oh, I know..." He delivered a quick peck to Duo's cheek. "We can get back to that later tonight."

"How about right now?"

"Later," Heero warned.

Duo sighed. He loathed suit-and-tie parties. Parties in general. Especially events where he couldn't just hide away in the corner somewhere, preferably with Heero. Like under the cake table at Relena's reception last fall. He grinned at the memories. Besides, Heero was the romantic softie, not him. Duo prepared to deliver a final, snide remark about this 'surprise' party and everything else when something soft touched his chin, tickled his nostrils - the scent was unmistakable; a rose.

"Happy birthday, Valentine. Forgive me for being two days late?"

With a slight smile, Duo sighed. As if he could not.

He didn't realize he'd said it aloud until Heero replaced the rose with his lips.


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