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Pairing: 2X1 and a tad bit of 3+4 in later parts.
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Warnings: m/m sex, graphic sex, mushy sweet stuff, language
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Baby Mine
Part 1

Duo bounced down the corridor with his usual high spirits. He opened the door to the apartment he and his lover shared. Heero greeted him with his normal cold face. 'Damn' thought Duo 'I'll break him in one day, but for now this will have to do.' Duo tackled the boy, and nibbled gently on his neck.

Heero's look softened for a moment and he gently brushed the braided beauty to his side. "Hello Duo.", Heero remarked coolly.

"Hi lover.", Duo kept his arm entwined with Heero's. Though Heero had a very small way of showing affection, Duo felt Heero's fingers tiptoe to Duo's palm. "What are you up to?"


"What's wrong?", came Duo's questioning voice. He gripped Heero's arm tighter.


"You're lying."

"So what if I am?"

"Heero, I know you have been acting strange, even for you."

"Damn Duo, why do you have to pick at everything?"

"Because I know it's important…", Duo looked up with big violet eyes, an irresistible pleading look. "Please tell me." Duo leaned over and kissed Heero's neck. Oh he wanted him in all his essence at this moment; the mere scent of Heero was intoxicating.

"Duo…..Don't" Heero tilted his head back so Duo had better access to his neck.

"Please Heero…I'll be quick." Duo ravished Heero's neck, biting at it, and nibbling at the hot steamy flesh.

"Duo…" Heero tried to push his lover away, but his desires were fighting to get out. "Mmm", He let out a little groan. Duo began to push Heero backwards, towards the bed they shared. Their bodies pressed hard against one another. As Duo pushed him down, their lips locked, tongues exploring each other's mouth. Their tongues wrapped around each other's in a seductive dance. Duo's hands began to wander over Heero's helpless form. His hands reached under Heero's shirt and slowly pulled it up so that he may have free roam of his chest. As the kiss continued, tongues darting compellingly into each other mouth, Duo caressed Heero's hard body. He broke the kiss just long enough to whip Heero's shirt off, as well as his own, savoring the feeling of the heat generated from their chests.

Duo could feel Heero's hard length under his as he leaned down to taste Heero's hot nipple. A soft gasp was given by Heero, as he felt Duo's tongue run over his flesh. "Duo…D…", He was silenced by one of Duo's urgent kisses. Duo's need for him was multiplying as the time went on. "Shh…you'll like this", he reached down and slipped off Heero's pants, exposing his beautiful erection. Duo smiled a moment, how he loved this part. He allowed his eyes to take in every ounce of Heero's nude form. Then slowly but surely his hands traveled down to Heero's throbbing member, and clenched them gently around the base. He allowed his tongue to travel up the underbelly and to the tip, where he swirled his tongue around in small circles. He heard Heero try to muffle his cries. Dou kept up his torture for a moment and then suddenly plunged Heero's whole length into his mouth. Heero let out a muffled moan.

"Let it out Heero, let me hear you." The cries excited Duo, and he heard Heero let out a low groan, which increased his passion. Duo took this as a cue to increase his speed, and his allowed his mouth to bob up and down on Heero's length. Duo swirled and rolled his tongue in seductive ways across Heero's member. Duo began to suck harder, as his pumped Heero into him faster.

"Duo...hai…..hai!!!" Heero reached up to entwine his hands in Duo's hair, pressing the American closer to this throbbing erection. The Japanese boy spread his legs wider as Duo continued his drive. A moan rumbled deeply in Heero's throat as he bucked up to meet Duo's strokes. It was at the precise moment that Duo stopped immediately. He heard Heero whimper in need, something he rarely ever did, but he was particularly vulnerable today. Duo reassured Heero with a hungry kiss before he flipped the boy over and began to kiss and lick down the length of his back.

"Duo...please..." Duo lifted Heero up to and rested his back gently against the backboard of the bed. He spread Heero's legs wide, pressing the soles of his feet onto the bed. He looked lovingly at those empty eyes. On all fours he climbed over Heero, purring into his neck. He grabbed the lube from the night table and quickly coated his fingers with it. While nibbling at Heero's neck, he pushed one finger into his tight ring. Heero let out a sharp hiss at the feeling, and he pushed forward, yearning for attention. "More." Heero moaned as he pushed down on Duo's finger. Duo was more than willing to comply, and teased the boy with two more slick fingers, pumping them in at a moderate pace. Duo pulled his fingers out and quickly coated his throbbing member, and prepared to satisfy his lover. He grabbed Heero's shoulders for support as he slowly began to enter him.

Heero thrashed his head to one side as he felt his muscles spasm, and he waited until Duo had completely filled him to move. Before doing anything else, Duo captured Heero's panting lips in a kiss, which he concluded by sucking on Heero's bottom lip. Duo pushed himself further into his lover, as he let out small moans. His aching sex yearned for the release he so deserved. He began to pump into his lover slowly, savoring the feeling of his warm walls and constricting muscle. Duo let his head tilt back as he began to pump faster, losing his own control. Heero was very much in the same state, raising up to meet Duo's thorough strokes.

Duo snaked his arm around so that he could stroke Heero's straining erection, pumping it in time with his thrust. Duo ran his thumb over the slit in Heero's member, smearing the wetness over the tip. He bucked his hips deep into his lover and brushed something deep within Heero. Feeling Duo hit his prostate made him groan and pant louder, pushing his lover closer to the edge with ever thrust. Duo held fast to Heero's shoulders as he gave him all he could, sweat beading on his forehead and chest. He couldn't contain himself much longer and he gave in to Heero's pulsing muscle, shooting deep within Heero. His hips jerked as he came, shuddering with pleasure. This sensation was all that was needed to drive Heero over the edge as well, spewing his seed on his lover's smooth stomach and hand.

Duo collapsed onto the Japanese boy, his lips lazily playing with Heero's. Both of them lay there, spent, and panting. Duo regrettably dismounted Heero's member and came to rest beside him in the mangled bed. He nuzzled Heero's shoulder gently as they lay in silence for some time. "Now tell me Heero." Predictable as always, Duo broke the silence.

"Shit Duo, you couldn't have just stayed quiet? You sure know how to ruin a mood"

"Heero! I love you, please tell me." He put on his best puppy face.

"You know I can't resist you" Heero lets a small smirk come to his face, but it quickly faded. "Duo, do you see a future between us, honestly?"

"Nani??" Duo's face showed all the signs of shock. How could he be hearing this? After all the times he professed his undying love to his 'perfect soldier'. "Heero….nani? Of course I think that!" Duo's eyebrows were raised in confusion as he stared blankly at the man he just made love to.

"Don't you care what others think? Doesn't it bother you that we will never be taken seriously? Duo, we are so different. Maybe it would be better if we weren't together….."

"Heero....shimata Heero! I love you" Duo's voice began to crack, he felt his world spinning on his axis as he heard the words he knew would come one day. "Hai it bothers me, but I don't care. When I'm with you I feel complete…I love you Heero. Let others despise us, see if I care. All that matter to me is you. Don't you know that! Haven't I told you that" Duo's lips quivered and hot tears formed in his eyes. He wasn't going to cry, why should he cry, it had been so long since he cried, yet something deep within his soul poured into his eyes. He felt a strong arm wrap around him, when he looked up he saw Heero's face, emotionless as always. "Heero…"

"We can never lead a normal life, you know this hai?" Duo nodded affirmatively. "And this doesn't bother you?"

"Not really." Duo folded his hands on his lap and waited for Heero to say something. Heero sat silent for a moment. He had been with his lover for almost 2 years now, and things had pretty much stayed the same. That was the way Heero liked it. Heero never told Duo he loved him, not once, regardless of the many times it was uttered to him. But Duo knew somewhere that he cared enough for him. And Heero wasn't stupid, he understood that the only reason this relationship bothered Duo was because Duo wanted children. He was so good with kids too. He wanted them with all his being, that he would give up part of himself just to have one of his own.

"Duo, I only ask all these questions because I have a proposition for you."

"Nani?" Duo whipped his eye with the white cotton sheet. He looked pleadingly at the unchanging eyes.

"Baka, I won't leave you..." Heero reached down to grab Duos hand. "Duo, have you heard about the new technology developed recently?"

"Ehh? What technology?"

"The one about male pregnancy, it is capable to achieve now, though it has not been fully tested yet."

"What? It is capable! Ohh Heero!" Duo's eyes seemed to glow as he sat up in bed, arms curled close to his chest.

"Matta Duo!" Heero stated taken by the surprise of Duo's conclusions. "I never said anything yet!" Heero put his hand to his head. Why on earth was he doing this, what had suddenly come over his these past few days. "I asked you if you believed in our relationship because I was considering fulfilling you dream."

"Ehh? Heero! You would do that?"

"Hai, I was considering having a child with you. But the procedure is risky yet, and all the quirks are not deleted yet. I don't want you to participate in it until I know it is safe." Duo flew on top of him and planted a kiss on his lips. He hugged him tightly and laid his head on his shoulder.

"Oi Heero...arigato." Duo sat there, amazed at the events that played out before his eyes. Why was Heero suddenly vocalizing his emotions to him? "When can I get it done love?"

"I told you Duo, not until I know it is safe."

"But Heero! That could take months, years. I am sure I could handle that. After all I am a soldier. I thought you couldn't refuse me. So I wont take no for an answer"


"Yea, but I'm your brat"

"Fair enough", came the Japanese's voice as he grabbed Duo into his arms.



"Is this for real? Do you really want to do this?"

"Hai Duo, now shut your mouth and get to sleep. You are always so much cuter when you sleep."

Duo let an evil smirk form on his face, "I had other plans for you my soldier."

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