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Baby Mine
Part 2

Heero and Duo researched the new topic for many days. What they found was not all together helpful, but at least they had a better understanding about how it worked. However, Heero was still very uneasy about this whole situation. Duo repeatedly reassured him that it was fine, and he insisted on getting it done. He didn't care about the side effects. After not only visiting, but also questioning numerous hospitals, they decided on what seemed like the most knowledgeable doctor. From her they received more in-depth information.

It seemed the process was accomplished by taking a donor egg cell and erasing all DNA data from it. After this was completed, a sperm cell from was taken from one of the parents and its data was imputed to the egg cell. (save the XY chromosome, which stayed an XX). Then it was merged with a sperm cell from the other partner and planted in the walls of one of the male's abdomen.

It seemed logical enough, but still little was known about the later stages of the pregnancy. If Duo were to undergo this treatment, he would be the first to do so, something he was not looking forward to. It would mean press and publicity. However, it could be attempted to keep the pregnancy a secret. As well as being the first he would also have to take medicines everyday to help build up muscle and a 'womb' similar to a females, and to help prevent his body from self-aborting. Side effects of this drug were not serious, save the occasional moodiness of the person.

They both decided to give it a try, under the contract that it would be kept a secret as long as possible.


Duo held tightly to Heero's hand as the needle was injected into his smooth stomach. It was the second time the couple was attempting to conceive. Duo's body had seemed to have rejected the pregnancy the first time, self-aborting before the medication could take much of an effect. But the optimist never gave up his hope. "All done. Now don't forget what we told you Mr. Maxwell", came the doctors smooth voice from the other side of the examining table.

"Hai, arigato Podganey-sama"

"My pleasure." As the doctor left Duo pulled down his shirt and fastened his pants. He leaned over and gave his lover a quick peck on the cheek, and without a word they walked out of the small room together.

"Heero, do you think it will work this time?"

"I don't know."

"Humph, you could be a bit more positive", he said, putting his hands on his hips and scowling at Heero.

"Ah, I think that medicine is already taking effect."

"Hey what's that supposed to mean?", came Duos voice as they left the building.


Duo slumped against the wall of his apartment, nearly crying. He had just gotten the results from their third attempt back, negative again. He kept his fists balled up as he felt his tears roll down his cheeks. Why did this have to happen to him, why now? After he had finally gotten his hopes up of having a child, after Heero had started to open up to him.

"Duo. Duo I'm home." Silence answered Heero back. His eyes scanned the appartment until he spotted the boy crouched in the corner of their room. "Duo?" He kneeled down so he could see eye to eye with the American. He could see his hot salty tears rolling down his cheek. He let out a small puff of air before his leaned in to kiss them away. Duo had gotten like this when he received the last two results.

"Heero, I got the results back today."


"They were negative." Heero said nothing, instead he carefully lifted the boy up and placed him on the bed. Duo looked at him weakly, ashamed of his unstable mood. He grabbed a hold of Heero and sobbed into his chest. "Heero, what's wrong with me. Is my body that defective?" Heero just stroked that hair he loved so much as he listened to Duo's jagged sobs. "Why does my body keep rejecting this child? I have never wanted anything more in my life. Heero, why can't I…….?"


"3 Times Heero! Three! You think by now something would happen."

"Maybe it just wasn't meant to be Duo."

Duo, feeling rejected and worthless let himself sob into Heero. He stayed there unmoving till morning, thinking about those words, 'Maybe it wasn't meant to be'.


"Aww shit!" Duo mumbled as he dashed for the bathroom. He bowed to the porcelain gods, for the 4th time that day. His stomach had been upset, which he simply credited to the fact that he had not been in the best of moods lately. He and Heero never bothered to try to conceive again, feeling that it was fate. Duo sat back on his legs and wiped his forehead. He was feeling like crap today, he couldn't keep anything down.

His appearance was in about the same state his health was. His hair was thrown back in a messy ponytail, and hints of dark rings were appearing around his eyes. Heero was even worried, wondering if it was some strange side effect from the medicine.

"Better play it safe than sorry.", he murmured, as he picked up the phone to call Dr. Podganey. When he told them his symptoms they told him to come down immediately. Worried that it was something serious, Duo rushed off without even bothering to tell Heero.


Duo sat at the edge of the examining table, swinging his legs back and forth. His hand where folded around each other on his lap as he studied the wallpaper. The patterns only served to make Duo sicker. He closed his eyes and leaned back against the wall, trying to rid his sight of all those nauseating colors.

His eyes popped open as he heard the door open, and a petite woman enter the room. "Your pregnant, congratulations!" The doctor voiced with an un-measureable amount of excitement.

"NANI?", came a very shocked Duo. "For real?" His eyes looked as if they were going to pop out of his head.

"Yes, your test came back positive. It mustn't have shown up on your earlier test. When you told me your symptoms I knew something was up, that's what prompted me to run another one."

"Sugoi!" Duo's eyes were as big as saucers, and he placed his hands on his stomach.

"But you must remember what we went over before you even started this. You must must must must, take this medicines to insure a healthy pregnancy." She uttered as she handed Duo a parcel full of his prescriptions. "If you need anything at all, please feel free to call or visit the hospital anytime you need. You have my home number as well, so feel free to call me as well." She smiled softly at the ecstatic boy. "And remember, the fact that you are feeling sick is a good thing, it shows healthy signs. It is really a blessing in disguise."

"Hai great…a real blessing.", came Duo's unenthusiastic voice as he waved a hand at her. "Now if you'll excuse me, I need to use your bathroom…" Duo made a mad dash for the bathroom as he got that queasy feeling all over again.


Duo bounced down the hall gleefully, his ponytail bobbing, flowing behind his small form. Oh how he couldn't wait to tell Heero the great news. His world seemed to be looking up now. He burst into his apartment and raced to the bedroom, where he found Heero typing away at his laptop. "Heero!" He ran over to the chair and spun it around, flinging his arms around the confused boy.

"My, you're in a better mood….", he was cut of by Duos excited voice.

"I'm pregnant!" Duo could see Heero's eyes widen and come alive.

"Nani? How?"

"Well let me see, remember those 3 times we went to the hospital and they injected me with that embryo? Yea I think that is how it happened."

"Baka! I mean I thought the results were negative."

"They did a second check after I said I wasn't feeling well today. And it came back positive. Oh Heero!" Duo latched his arms around his lovers neck, hugging him tightly. "Mmm"

Heero nuzzled the boy's neck with his lips. Inside he was more excited than he had been in a long time, as if some strange force had taken away the cold Heero that used to be. But mostly he was happy for Duo, whose eyes seemed so bright and alive. "Hey Duo?"


"Is there something we should do to consummate this pregnancy?"

"Nani? Ohh…." He said catching onto Heero's words. He let out a little purr, "I think so"

"Well then…" Heero gave Duo a little nip on his neck as he carried him the small distance to their bed. "Just enjoy yourself." Heero slowly slid off Duo's pants and shirt, allowing himself to bask in the glory of his lover's nude form. He tenderly kissed his body from head to toe, paying special attention to his stomach. Heero peered up at Duo with almost cat like eyes, which sent a shiver down Duo's back. "Unfasten you hair." He motioned towards the ponytail.

As Duo let down his hair, flowing wild and free, Heero could smell the soft scent of his lover. Heero removed his clothing as well, and then moved upwards to ravish his mouth. He darted his tongue into Duo's mouth rapidly, and was met by the soft caress of Duo's tongue. Duo being the more vocal of the two, let out soft moans as he felt his love pressing his own manhood against his.

"Heero." Duo let his lips to be captured again and again, each time willing, if not urgently, giving into the kiss. His hips began to move slightly as Heero left Duo's lips and began to torture one of his nipples with his tongue, the other with his fingers. "Ai, Heero." Duo let his small pants fill the air.

Heero slipped down Duo's slender body, kissing every inch of the way. Duo looked down hungrily at Heero as his tongue lapped the tip of his erection. "Aa" Duo let his head fall back as he savored the feeling. Rarely did Heero take on the dominant role. Heero began to swirl his tongue around his lovers hard length. He slowly slid his member into his mouth, and was rewarded with a moan from Duo, whose hands were now tangled in Heero's mess of hair.

"Ohh gods" came Duo's muffled voice. Heero began to pump Duo faster, still continuing his licking torture. "Matta….." came Duo's pants. "Matta…I want you to feel this too. Move over my face." With out stopping his movements on Duo, Heero moved his hard member over Duo's face. Duo greedily accepted this into his mouth and began to slowly pump Heero's member with his mouth. Duo moaned out in pleasure, sending vibrations up Heero's length. They continued this pace, when Duo would move up with his mouth, Heero would move down with his groin, when Duo moved down with his groin, Heero would move up with his mouth. "Mmm" Heero couldn't take Duo's torture anymore, and it was fairly certain from Duos moans that he was almost there as well.

Swiftly he moved off Duo, who was shaking with need. With out a word, he lifted Duo up to his knees and positioned him on all fours on the bed. He slowly trailed his hands up the shivering boys thighs as he spread them apart. Grabbing the bottle of lube, he slicked his fingers with it, and quickly pushed one into Duo's opening. He sat back, his eyes drowning in the erotic sight of his lover moaning and pushed back on his fingers. Wanting nothing more than to be sheathed deeply in the beauty before him, he quickly pumped his fingers, preparing the boy.

"Heero…" Duo's voice came in pants, turning Heero on further. "Now Heero, please…." Heero positioned himself behind the smaller boy, grabbing a firm hold of his stomach by wrapping one arm around it. With the other, he slowly pumped Duo's throbbing manhood. "Careful love." He said, motioning to the tight arm around him. With that, he gave into the pleasure, and let out a small purr as Heero pressed against his opening. "Hai." Heero slowly pushed himself into Duo, letting a moan escape his lips, and his head to fall backwards.

Duo always felt so good, his tight sheath pulsing around him. He began to pump himself into his lover who was letting out cries off his own, which were only exciting the soldier more. His hand continued to pump Duo as fast as he was stroking into his lover. Sweat covered both their bodies as they moved in the same motion. "Hai! Heero!" Came Duo's demanding voice as he pushed Heero farther into him. "Harder Heero! I need you!"

That was all the encouragement Heero needed to pump full force into the panting boy. His mind was wild with ecstasy as his body pumped Duo harder and more completely. "Ahh! Fuck me Heero!" Duo closed his eyes as his moans filled the room. Duo let the sensations take over his body as he started screaming out, Heero's name in pleasure at the top pf his lungs. He rocked his body faster, following Heero's movements, wary of his approaching climax. His hands grabbed onto the sides of the sheets as he felt himself explode, tilting his head backwards. Soon after he felt his lover follow him, erupting his hot liquid into him. They both fell, mangled and sweaty, onto the bed. Heero, still keeping one arm around Duo, settled down next to him.

"Aay, Heero, that was amazing. I think we should celebrate more often."

"Hai" Heero had a small smirk on his face. He rolled over to see Duo yawning.

"Damn I'm tired," Duo said stretching.

"Sleep then", came Heero's voice as he leaned in to his the drowsy lover.

"I love you Heero." With that he snuggled into Heero's arms and slept.

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