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Baby Mine
Part 3

Duo padded around the kitchen in bare feet, which caused a slight thumping sound to echo in the empty apartment. He was dressed in a violet tee-shirt and black jeans, his hair tied back in his usual braid. He opened the small cupboard and let out a gasp, which almost turned into a scream. Quickly he made his way over to the phone and punched in Heero's beeper number, then entered their home number plus a few 911's. He flopped himself down into a chair and fidgeted nervously looking at the phone. After ten minutes of fidgeting in agony, he heard the door open and a flustered Heero appear.

"Duo!" He ran as fast as his legs could carry him in the direction of his lover. "What's wrong? What the emergency?" He was clearly out of breath.

"Oi Heero! Thank god you're here! I was so worried."

"What happened?" Heero looked around as if expecting a major emergency.

"We ran out of chocolate cake with marshmallow frosting!" Duo practically screamed it in Heero's ear as if it were the disaster of the century. Heero's facial expression changed drastically from one of worry and concern to one of anger and his parented Death Glare.

"You call me......because you ran out of chocolate cake?"

Duo batted his eye lashes innocently, and latched onto Heero's arm.

"Well I need it! You don't understand, I have to have it! Please get me some Heero?" His voice dripped with sweetness.

"You beeped me 911, emergency, because you NEEDED cake?"

Duo nodded his head up and down. "I think I am going to go crazy if I don't get some."

"I thought this was an emergency" Heero's eyes sent little lightning bolts at Duo as he wiggled free of his lovers arms.

"It is Heero. The baby wants some. Please!!!!!"

"Grr...." Heero mumbled something as he walked away, giving into his koi and going to retrieve his precious marshmallow cake. "Duo, you have got to stop getting these cravings at the worst times." He trudged out the door, he had become the slave of a pregnant man who craved every sweet substance on earth.


Duo crept out of bed, moaning at the slight pain. He hadn't had any of his beloved coffee for about a month and a half now, and it was driving him absolutely up the walls. Heero had been wise to Duo's attempts at sneaking a cup of coffee and now did everything in his power to keep that steamy liquid away from the boy. This particular morning Duo could have really used a strong cup of coffee, since he had an early appointment with Dr. Podganey.

He made his way into the shower, letting the warm water sooth his aching muscles. He looked down as his fairly flat abdomen, running his hand over the small 'bump'. He smiled to himself, as he continued to wash his body, running slippery fingers over his flesh and leaning against the tiled wall.

After about a half-hour, he was content with his cleanliness and stepped out of the shower. When he returned to the bedroom, he found Heero still sleeping, with a pillow thrown over his head. Smirking, Duo took the towel from around his waist, and whipped Heero on the ass. The Japanese boy shot upright, his eyes staring at Duo's naked form.

"Mmm, lovely view this morning." Heero said as a smirk appeared on his face. In quick silent motion, he reached out and pulled Duo on top of him.

"Ugh! Fast motion....I'm gunna be sick." Duo stated as he felt his stomach turn. He has become very motion sensitive in the last few weeks.

Heero quickly sat his lover up and looked into his eyes. "Gomen...you ok Duo?"

"Hai...." Duo composed himself and then rose from the bed. "You better get dressed, you know I have an appointment today, right?"

"Hn.....Do you really need me to go?" Heero replied, flopping back into the bed.

"Yes..." Duo flung a shirt towards Heero. "Now get dressed." Duo walked off to his own closet and took out his favorite pair of black jeans, and a tight long sleeve black shirt. Observing himself in the mirror, he scowled disapprovingly at the very small bulge growing on his abdomen. And it was only going to get worse, much worse. Shrugging, he made his way to the bathroom to do his hair.


Finally dressed, Duo sneaked into the kitchen and poured himself a cup of coffee from the pot Heero had just made. Confident that he would get away with his theft, he smiled to himself, and leaned up against the wall. Just when he was about to take his first sip, Heero walked by, casually snatching the coffee mug, and replacing it with a glass of juice. "Heero please!!!!!!! I need that coffee."

"Sorry, Duo." Heero spoke as-a-matter-of-factly.

"Grr!!!!" Not willing to give up, Duo snuck right back into the kitchen, looking both ways to make sure Heero wasn't in sight, and poured himself another cup of coffee. He quickly scurried out of the apartment, closing the door quietly behind him. And yet again, as he was about to take his first sip, Quatre, who was sharing an apartment with Trowa down the hallway, walked by and gingerly took the drink away from Duo.

"Heero warned me you might try this. He put Trowa and I on 'Duo-watch', so don't think you are going to get away with anything." Quatre spoke as he continued in a bee-line back to his apartment.

Meanwhile Duo was about ready to rip his hair out and jump up and down. All he wanted was a cup of coffee, was that so much to ask. "But Quatre! I need it!" He hoped that Quatre, being the softy that he was, would give into his plea.

"Yea Duo, just like you need everything else on earth."

"But this is different." Duo followed Quatre, his eyes locked on the cup of coffee. "I really need this."

"Just like you needed the chocolate cake? And vanilla ice cream? And the...."

"BUT I NEED THOSE TOO!" Duo put on a puppy face which Quatre just scowled at. "Ok ok......I give up." Duo raised his hands in defeat and trotted like a little lost puppy back to his apartment.


After a very eventful morning, the two finally found themselves at the doctors office. Duo was stretched out on the examining table, as Heero sat next to him. Heero for the most part, was nervously looking around the room, hoping for some excuse to bail out on Duo. He was extremely uncomfortable and did not feel like being there at the moment. However, Duo was a little jumping bean. It was the sixth week into his pregnancy, and the first week he was going to hear the baby's heartbeat. Dr. Podganey was rushing around the room like a little bee, poking and prodding Duo, taking blood samples and other various tests. After all that 'stuff' was out of the way, she settled down near Duo.

"You want to hear your baby's heart beat?"

Duo nodded his head vigorously as he leaned back in onto the table, watching the doctor set up the ultrasound machinery. The doctor lifted Duo's shirt a bit, and unbuttoned his pants, folding them down. Without warning, she squirted some cold gel onto Duo's stomach, causing him to shiver for a moment. Rolling the sensor on his abdomen, she picked up a faint sound. Raising the volume, she intensified it, letting the pair hear the thumping sound of a new heart.

Duo's eyes widened.... "That's..."

"Mm hmm, perfectly healthy." Came the doctors voice as she let the pair continue to listen to the lulling beating sound. Duo sat up straight in amazement, causing the sound to stop, as the sensor moved from his body.

"Ohh gods." The stunning realization hit Duo, that there was really a life with in him. "Ohh god." Duo was going to be sick.

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