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Pairing: 2X1 and a tad bit of 3+4 in later parts.
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Warnings: m/m sex, graphic sex, mushy sweet stuff, language
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Baby Mine
Part 4

One swollen foot tapped rhythmically on the floor, followed by another. Duo danced whole heartedly to the music that was blasting from the small radio. He was dressed in black cotton drawstring pants, and a baby blue tee shirt. His belly, swollen with four and a half months of pregnancy protruded, causing the tee-shirt to rise up a little bit and show some of his flesh. The American swayed his hips to the rhythm, dancing all about the kitchen floor. The soft chestnut hair, combed straight and free, swayed back and forth across Duo's back. His lips formed the words to the song that was currently playing as he pranced his way over to the refrigerator door. With a wide grin on his face he swung open the door dramatically, and began searching for some substance to quench his hunger.

Unbeknown to the dancing-singing-Duo, Heero had entered the apartment. He threw his keys and jacket onto a nearby couch, and followed his ears to the loudest part of the house. He loosened the tie that hung around his dress shirt collar as he entered the kitchen. A smirk appeared on his face when he saw Duo's wiggling rear sticking out from behind the refrigerator, and what a beautiful sight it was. Heero quietly sneaked behind Duo, and ran his hands down the boy's back.

Duo, as if receiving the shock of his lifetime, jumped, and shuffled a few feet backwards. His eyes went back to the usual size as he realized it was only his lover. He had a chocolate pudding pie in his hand as was leaning back against a counter. His bare feet curled innocently around each other as he bit his lip and looked up through his bangs at Heero.

The mere sight of his koi sent a chill up Heero's spine, and he smiled as he stalked over to the boy. He let out a little growl as he planted a rough kiss on Duo's lips.

Duo smiled under the kiss and in a sexy voice spoke into Heero's ear. "You dig the belly?" He kissed Heero fiercely on the lips.

Heero moved closer to his koi, and wrapped his arms around him. "Ohh yea I dig the belly." He purred into Duo's neck.

"Want some pie?" Duo asked seductively. His eyes taking on a mischievous gleam.

"Mmm hmm." He ravished Duo's lips again, sliding his tongue into the warm cavity.

"How bad? Duo said as he twirled his finger in the pie's whipped cream and slowly licked it off. His pink tongue snaked around the digit, liking off every trace of cream. Heero let out a moan, as he watched his lovers tongue work.

"REALLY bad." Heero rolled his groin against Duo's leg as he sucked at his neck.

"That bad hmm?" Duo teased as he dragged his finger threw the whipped cream again, this time smudging it on Heero's cheek. He leaned up and let his tongue slowly lap at it.

Heero shivered as he felt Duo's hot breath on his face. "Sooooo bad." With that he took hold of Duo's face and planted a kiss on his lips.

Duo leaned back against the counter, placing a small glob of cake on Heero's lips. "You look delicious. Much better than the cake." Duo captured Heero's lips in his own again and attempted to pull his lover on top of him. Unfortunately, Duo's belly got in the way. "Oww!" Duo sat up, totally forgetting Heero, and rubbed his stomach. "Now what are we gunna do?...." Duo continued to ramble on, as Heero didn't pay attention.

Finally Heero grabbed Duo's hand and stood him up. "Duo, shut up." He started in the direction of their bedroom, indicating that Duo should follow him. He was not going to let anything get in the way of their lovemaking tonight. "Ohh and Duo? Grab the pie."

Duo's ears perked up as he heard the tone in Heero's voice, and he rushed after him into their room, pie in hand. When he entered the dimly lit room, Heero grabbed him, and pressed his lips against his. Duo slithered his tongue into Heero's mouth, warring with Heero's.

"Want you." Heero panted into the kiss. He raised his hands to Duo's scalp, and ran his fingers through the silky hair. Heero took the pie away from Duo and spoke softly, "Undress."

It was really a statement and not a command, but Duo did so anyway. He pulled his shirt over his head and tossed it to the ground. His pants and boxers, leaving him wonderfully naked in front of his koi, quickly followed it. He crawled onto the bed and leaned back onto the various pillows thrown across it. "Come here Heero."

And Heero did just that, crawling into place beside Duo, kissing the hallow of his neck, sucking on the salty flesh. He let Duo fiddle with his shirt buttons for a while, until finally aiding him, and removing the shirt. Duo's lips sought out Heero's nipples, as Heero continued to kiss any part of Duo he could get his lips on.

Duo ran his tongue over Heero's hardened nipples, licking them gently, then sucking on them, rolling the hardened flesh carefully between his teeth. Heero dipped his head back and moaned.

"Duo, wait. I have other plans for you." He gently pushed the boy back onto the bed, receiving a disappointed whimper. "Wait, you'll like this." Heero proceeded to take small globs of the cake and trail them down his lover's body, from neck to groin. When he was finished, Duo greedily took Heero's pie covered fingers into his mouth, and sucked them clean. He smirked innocently when he realized Heero was painfully hard. Heero sat and watched, desire floating in his cobalt eye. When the American was finished with his task, Heero set out on his own.

He leaned into Duo neck, and let his tongue slowly eat away the pie. His teeth nibbled at the flesh as he worked his way down to Duo's heaving chest. Upon reaching his nipples, he took on into his mouth, sucking away all the traces of pie, and whipped cream. Duo let out a moan, and his hands found there way to Heero's scalp, trying to push him downwards. Heero trailed his tongue to Duo bulging tummy, and licked up more of the sweet pie.

Duo let his head fall backwards and moan as he felt Heero lick lower. "Hey I'm the pregnant one, aren't I the one who is supposed to be.......ughhh!" Duo let out a moan as he felt Heero take his hardness into his mouth. He scooted his body closer to Heero, wanting to be surrounded by Heero's hot mouth. "Ohh Heero"

Heero flipped one of Duo's legs over his shoulder so he could have better access to his member, and slid is slowly into his mouth. He ran his tongue in intricate patterns over the underbelly of Duo's erection, suckling gently.

"Mmm...More Heero." Duo began to pant as Heero started to pump him quickly.

He propped himself up on his elbows so he could watch his lover's mouth at work. He bucked his hips as he felt Heero's sucking become more forceful.

Without letting his mouth leave Duo's dripping arousal, he reached aimlessly for the bottle of lubricant. Finding it, he flipped off the cap, and coated his fingers with the slippery substance. As he pulled Duo's member out of his mouth and blew cold air on it, he slipped one finger passed Duo's tight ring of muscle. He was rewarded with a grunt from Duo as he stroked the boy's insides. He pumped Duo into his mouth again, his pace rushed and lustful. He added another finger into the moaning boy, pumping them slowly into the tight cavity. He added another one, all three stroking Duo's insides in search for his prostate. When they brushed up against it, Duo arched his hips off the bed and shuddered.

"Ohh Heero!." Duo's hands clamped down on Heero's scalp, urging him to quicken his pace. "I want you so bad. I'm ready."

Heero quickly and clumsily rid himself of his pants and boxers, tossing them to join Duo's on the floor. He scooted Duo over and sat against the headboard, spreading his legs widely. In silence he grabbed Duo and sat him on his lap, his back facing him. Putting his hands on Duo's hips, he poised him over his own hard erection. "Ready?" Duo's nod was all he needed to slowly impale the gorgeous boy.

Duo let out a small hiss of pain and pleasure as Heero pushed his way through the tight ring of muscle. When he was fully embedded in the boy, he stopped, kissing Duos smooth shoulder blades and spine. It was Duo who began to move again, slowly pumping himself up and down Heero's length.

It was clear Duo was in total control of the situation as he rocked quickly on Heero's member. Heero could only pant and moan as his lover rode him.

"Mmm More Heero! I need more." Duo panted as he rode his lover. Heero thrust his hips up to meet Duo's. "Deeper Heero!" Duo through his head back, landing on Heero's shoulder and he panted in the Japanese boy's ear. "Harder koi."

Heero thrust wildly into the boy above him, on the verge of climaxing, but he knew this angle wasn't cutting it for Duo. He pulled out of the boy and quickly pulled him to his feet, pushing him over so his ass was in the air, his hands placed on the bed, supporting his weight. Heero grabbed the boy's hips from behind and pounded into him again. His thrusts elicited various moans of pleasure from Duo, as he hit that spot in Duo repeatedly. He snaked his hand around the boy so that he could pump his dripping erection as well. He pounded into the moaning sweaty boy several more times before he felt his release over his hand. He felt Duo's muscles clamp down on his length as his body shuddered with pleasure.

The moans coming from Duo, and the sensations building in his body proved too much for him, and he came violently in Duo, shooting his seed into the boy. He stayed deep in Duo for a few moments as shudders racked his body, until exhaustion took over. He pulled out of Duo, who was still panting, and flopped himself on the bed.

Duo followed suit and curled up against his lover. He entwined his fingers with Heero's and placed their hands over his stomach. "That was amazing koi." Duo purred as he stared into Heero's eyes. "I love you." Duo planted a small kiss on the boy's lips before he closed his eyes and sighed.

Almost as soon as he closed his eyes, he bolted upright, eyes wide. He looked excitedly at Heero. "Do you feel that?"

"Feel what?" Heero looked over at Duo skeptically.

Duo placed Heero's palm on his stomach and waited a moment. He felt a small bubbly sensation within and squealed. "That!"

"That's the...." Heero was cut off by Duo's enthusiastic voice.

"Uhh huh! Oi Heero!" Duo threw his arms around Heero's neck and snuggled into him. Heero let out a sigh, knowing Duo would probably keep him up all night, waiting for the baby to move again.

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