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Baby Mine
Part 5

"Quatre! I'll be ready in a minute!"

"Take your time Duo."

Duo rushed around his room, gathering a few things. Stopping to examine himself in front of a mirror, he smoothed out his crimson sweater, and a pair of black jeans. His jeans were altered to fit his stomach, now swollen with six months of pregnancy. Duo let out a pout as he stared at his bulging stomach, his eyes scowling at the image. To tired and sore to weave his hair into his beloved braid, he threw it up into a high ponytail, the ends swaying near his calves. Half satisfied with his appearance, he exited the room with a grin on his face. "Ready!"

"Good! Should we go?" Quatre was dressed in a pair of khaki's and a powder blue knitted shirt. The sun coming through the window caused his blond hair to shine.

"Yep!" Duo walked over to Heero, who was cross-legged on the couch, his trusty computer on his lap. His fingers were typing away furiously. "You sure you don't want to come with us, koi?" Duo gave him the best puppy eyes he could, his violet eyes big and shimmering.

"Duo, shopping for baby furniture and such, is not my idea of fun." He glanced quickly at his disappointed lover.

Duo sighed and whirled around, facing Quatre. "Figured, you never really want to do anything." His mumble was soft enough to go undetected by all but Heero's ears. However, Heero chose to ignore it, not wanting to upset the boy. Suddenly Duo let out a little gasp and grabbed his stomach. He sat down on the couch, his face clearly displaying the pain he felt.

Quatre rushed over to his friend, voicing his concern. "Duo what is it?"

Duo waved his hand at him. "Ahh, I'm sure it is nothing, just one of those lovely little quirks of pregnancy."

"Are you sure?" Quatre gave him an unbelieving glare.

"Yes, really, lets go now." Duo gingerly rose to his feet, gave Heero a little kiss on the forehead, and left the apartment.


After hours of shopping for baby furniture and other items, Duo finally found one that suited him. A light oak bedroom set that matched the baby pattern he had chose. He and Quatre found the Noah's Arc Babies comforter set, lamp, and room boarded very suiting, since it could be unisex, and was most definitely baby like. He had purchased a small mobile, from which dangled small giraffes, monkeys, elephants, and lions. All together, they fit perfectly, and Duo could hardly wait to set them up in the room.


Duo half stumbled, half walked through the doorway. He set the shopping bags he had in his hands aside, and wiped how brow. "Oi Heero, I never knew shopping could be so time consuming." Duo flopped down next to his lover on the couch and kissed his cheek.

"How'd it go?" Heero had to smile at the pitiful tired face Duo had on.

"Really well! Quatre and I....Oww!" Duo ran his hand over his stomach as he felt a jolt of pain. Shrugging it off he continued "Well Quatre and I found this...ugh!" Duo lurched forward as another jolt of pain hit him. Heero caught the boy in his arms as he doubled over. "Heero, something is seriously wrong." Duo's large violet eyes stared up towards his lover. His frame was trembling slightly.

With a nod of acknowledgement, Heero swooped the boy into his arms and headed towards the door. "I'm taking you to the Hospital." With that he quickly slammed the door and headed off towards his car.


Tucked neatly into a crisp, white, hospital bed, Duo awaited the results of his tests anxiously. He twirled his fingers hastily as his eyes darted around the room. What ever they had given him for the pain, had apparently work, for he hardly felt those stabbing pains. Heero on the other hand, seemed perfectly calm, seated to Duo's right, his fingers woven with Duo's, his eyes casually glancing at the boy from time to time. Both of them jumped when Dr. Podganey broke the silence. She quickly took a seat near the couple, her lips twisted into a small formal smile.

"What news do you have for us Doc?" Duo's tone could clearly show that his 'good mood' was just a fa├žade.

"Well, I have bad news, and just a little bit of good news." Without waiting for the couple to respond, she continued. "Your blood tests show that you have Toxemia, which basically means you have toxins in your blood. This can be triggered by pregnancy and can be harmless if it is taken seriously. But if not taken seriously, there can be disastrous side effects. To name a few, the baby could be blind, mentally retarded, premature, and in worst case scenarios, still born."

She heard Duo let out a gasp as the words sank in. "However, if you take it easy, and don't over exert yourself, everything should be fine. I can prescribe you some medications as well. But most of all, you must must must rest. I am not saying you have to be a vegetable, but you shouldn't do more than one major task a day. I am sure if you need anything, Heero would help you."

Duo just nodded, "Was that the good news?"

"Partially. Other than the toxemia, you are perfectly healthy. Everything is going very well, and the baby is healthy."

Upon hearing this, Duo let out a sigh of relief; at least his body was doing something right. He sat there in silence as he listened to Dr. Podganey continue to speak, his hand clamping down tighter on his koi's.


Duo's violet pool like eyes were fixed on the ceiling, his hands folded over his swollen belly, legs kicked up on the arm of the couch. His pregnancy was going considerably well, since his last visit to the hospital. Though the weekly visits to Dr. Podganey were starting to aggravate him, and his daily onslaught of medications were becoming a hassle, he dealt with it. His body had grown accustom to the small life form growing inside him, of course with the help of his medications. However, Duo remained slim, save the obvious bulge. The junk food addict even began to eat healthy for the sake of the little one, choosing salad over potato chips (that is not to say he cut junk totally out of his diet).

Duo did have his moods though, as expected. No one wanted to get in his way when he decided to fight with Heero over every little thing (which usually resulted in Duo tossing something large into the air that would come crashing down in several pieces), but these were few and far apart. And they always ended with Heero apologizing.


Heero walked down the street, hands in his pocket, eyes focused blindly ahead of him. He had stepped out to take a quick walk about 10 minutes ago. What he planed on being a short walk was turning onto a long journey, mentally as well as physically. He wanted some time to think by himself. Not that he minded being around Duo, but he just wanted to be alone with his thoughts. As he continued his steady pace, he smiled, envisioning Duo curled up on the couch at home. He thought of the events that had been happening as of late, and where his life was heading. He, the perfect soldier was not only living, but also having a child with the god of death, which to him seemed like an oxymoron. What a contrast they were, though it was plain to see he liked it.

Heero was actually adjusting to life with Duo, and he was getting used to Duo's little tantrums, but he was also getting used to the attention. In public, Heero didn't necessarily show his feelings for the American, but as of late, he had been openly showing his emotions both in private and public view. It was odd; perhaps Duo was finally breaking him in. When he looked at you, sometimes you could see the life in his eyes, and the way he felt. Though he never really made the first romantic gesture towards Duo, he sometimes openly accepted them. But no matter how many times he heard Duo utter "I love you", he never said it back. He wasn't sure if he even believed in love. As he walked he thought about this fact, rolling the idea around in his head.

"Is what I feel really love?"

Heero walked the distance back to his apartment after a 35-minute walk, entering to see Duo sitting on the couch as he envisioned. His hair was tied back in the usual braid, one hand placed behind his head. He was dressed in black pants and an oversized navy blue sweater. His other hand was placed on his stomach. He looked towards Heero with a smile. "Hi koi, come sit by me."

The other boy did as requested. "Give me your hand, you can feel the baby moving. He's an active one today."

"Duo...." Duo knew Heero wasn't into that kind of stuff, yet he persisted, and Heero could see Duo's face morph, indicating a screaming match coming on.

"All right all right!" Heero surrendered his hand right away, causing a smile on Duos face.

"See was that so hard?" He heard Heero mutter something under his breath. "What was that?"

"Ehh nothing..."

"I thought so." Duo placed Heero's palm on his stomach. "See Heero? A natural fighter ehh?"

"Hai" Heero's face softened as he felt the small bubbly kicking sensation under his hand. Suddenly he grabbed the boy into an embrace, kissing him tenderly.

"I missed you." Came Duo's voice"

"I was only gone 40 minutes baka."

"Hai, but I missed you very much in those 40 minutes. Duo planted a kiss on the side of Heero's neck. "Can you believe this? It is like all my dreams are coming true." Duo felt a small kick, which by the small noise Heero made, he could tell he felt it as well. "Little soldier, ne?" Duo sighed in thought, and smiled. He has never been happier, he and Heero were doing fairly well, and his friends were very supportive as well. Only one thought bothered the American, it was obvious the boy would have to have a cesarean when the baby came to full term, but he didn't worry his mind with that right now. He lay back into his lovers arms and though about a happier topic.

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