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Baby Mine
Part 7

Heero was overjoyed with happiness. He gingerly kissed the boy's face all over, kissing his lips, his eyes, his forehead, and the tip of his nose. "I love you so much, I love you more than anything on this earth. I love you with my whole being." He wept into the boy's shoulder. "I'm so sorry Duo." His mouth poured out endless words of love as he sobbed.

"Shh, Heero. Please don't cry."

"I should have told you Duo. I should have told you a long time ago. But I was foolish."

"Hai, but you are a fool I am in love with."

"Duo, I was so worried. I was so scared. I didn't know what I would do without you, I didn't know how I would live. I didn't want to believe what was happening. I sat by the door crying, not even caring about what others thought. I cried for you Duo. You finally broke me Duo, but you had to go to the brink of death to do so." Heero's eyes were filled with tears of love as he kissed Duo's face yet again.

"Your words kept me here. I felt you with me while I was 'dying'. You and our daughter."

"Hai, our daughter. Duo, she is really ours."

"She was beautiful, did you see her? She was so beautiful."

"I saw her lover, but only briefly. You started slipping as soon as I held her."

"I want to see her. I want to hold her." Duo attempted to sit up but then cried out in pain, causing Heero to jump up.

"Duo! You baka, you just had surgery. I'll ask if they can bring her in for you. But please, just rest now." Duo lay back into the bed, half of which was tilted upward, leaving Duo's position as one between sitting and lying down. Heero turned around to leave when he looked over his shoulder. "I love you Duo."

"I love you too." Duo watched his lover go. This 'disaster' had broken some wall inside Heero, sending it crumbling into oblivion.

Heero walked down the small corridor to the nursery, and entered quietly, unnerved by all the loud noises coming from the tiny newborns. He asked the head nurse in charge if there was a possibility he could bring the baby to his partner's room. The nurse had been informed that since this was a special pregnancy, there were special privileges. So she told him to go wait in the room, and a nurse would be by shortly with his daughter. He thanked her quickly before literally sprinting back to Duo's room.

When he returned by Duo's side, he told him he would see his daughter soon. Duo being the brains of the operation right now told him he should give Trowa a call and give them the happy news. He did, calling Trowa, but getting Quarte. He took Quarte's excessive congratulations as a yes and hung up. He tucked the phone away just as the nurse was bringing his child into the room in a small cart.

Duo gave her the puppy eyes and asked if they could be alone for a few minutes, she agreed, unable to resist Duo's charms. Duo, being that he had just had major surgery was unable to hold his daughter, one because she would rest on his wounds, and he was unable to contort his body into that position at the present moment. So Heero scooped her up and rested her on the bed next to Duo's face. Duo ran a finger down her small body. He looked up at Heero, who was sitting silently on the other side of the baby. Duo eyes shinned with happiness.

"Ohh god, she is so beautiful. I can't believe she is really ours, it just seems like a dream."

"Well it was your dream, Duo."

"Look at her, she is an angel. She has your eyes Heero." He said, looking into her big cobalt eyes. They were blinking defenselessly at him. He ran a finger through her full head of hair. The baby turned her tiny face slowly towards Duo and blinked her big eyes. Her little body squirmed as she listened to his voice.

"I wonder where she got her hair from." Came a surprisingly sarcastic voice from Heero. "She has your angel face." The baby squirmed and let out a little cry. Duo looked at Heero helplessly, unable to comfort the child much. So Heero scooped her into his arms. "Shh little one, don't cry. Please, daddy doesn't want to see you like this. After all the trouble he had bringing you into this world" He bounced the little bundle in his arms, a soft look in his eyes.

Duo was surprised at the gentleness in which he handled their daughter. The baby quieted down and he placed her back near Duo. Duo continued to trail a finger around the baby's nose and arms. He leaned over to kiss her soft pink skin. The baby grabbed onto his finger and let out a little coo. This act warmed Duo's heart.

"I want to hold her so badly."

"Soon enough lover, just rest now. I love you." Heero kissed Duo's lips, letting his tongue sweep in gently.

"I love you too. Hey Heero? What the hell happened to you while I was out? What have you done with my old koi?" Duo let out a little laugh but a nurse entering with a bottle interrupted their talk.

"I was wondering if you would like to feed your baby." Motioning towards Heero, being that Duo was incapable of doing so. Duo felt a bit bitter that he could not do all these things himself, but in time he would. And maybe this was good for Heero.

Heero took the baby away, with a slight noise of objection from Duo. He cradled her in his arms as the nurse instructed him how to hold the bottle and the baby. As soon as the bottle reached his daughters lips she started suckling noisily. Duo laughed as the baby drank away. The nurse disappeared, but the doorway was blocked again with someone else's body. A tall boy walked in, followed immediately by Quarte and WuFei. Trowa let out a small gasp as he saw the state of Duo's body.

In a few sentences Duo explained the nights occurrences, and why he was unable to hold his daughter. Their eyes washed over Heero at the mention of the word daughter. They looked at the small baby, suckling noisily at the bottle and laughed at the ironic scene before them. It was quite amazing that she was actually their baby. Not only having one partner's DNA, but both partners.

Quarte leaped over to hug Heero from the side and looked at the sleepy child in his arms. He then went to stand on the other side of Duo's bed, giving him the gentlest hug he could, congratulating him profusely. Trowa also stepped forward kneeling down to see the baby nestled in Heero's arms. He chuckled inside at the oddity of the sight. His finger toyed with the child's hand, which in turn clasped gently around his finger. Trowa smiled, and then pulled away gently. He stood up and patted Heero on the back, allowing the Chinese soldier to take his place.

WuFei also congratulated the new father, though the nature of his fatherhood still boggled his mind. However he had never seen Heero so happy, so full of emotion. Trowa squeezed Duo's hand, a sign of congratulations, as not to interrupt the conversation Quarte was having with him.

"What are you going to name her?" Came Quarte's questioning voice.

Duo looked at Heero, Heero looked at Duo, and they didn't have the slightest idea. "How about Emi? It means beautiful blessing." Came Duo's sudden voice.

The whole room seemed to smile in agreement. She surely was a blessing, and beautiful, no doubt about that. So Emi it was.

"Uhh, I don't mean to pry, but what's going to be her last name?" Quarte piped up again, though this time he was clinging to Trowa's slim form. Duo went to open his mouth but Heero stopped him.

"Yuy." Duo smiled at the fact that Heero had given the child 'his' name. It meant a lot to him, it was like giving the child a part of him, when in a sense he was.

Quarte looked up at Trowa, a sweet look of longing on his face. Trowa backed away suddenly, a look of protest on his face. "Ohh no you don't'! Don't even think about it. I'm not joking around Quarte!" Trowa walked (or jogged) out of the room, followed by his smaller lover.

Duo laughed at the two of them, having a good idea what that look was for. WuFei also decided to depart, but not before giving them his blessing, saying he would be looking forward to seeing them back at home, or at one of Quarte's mansions. Quatre had invited them all to stay for a month or two, and Duo had a good mind to accept, being that he and Heero may need some help, and Quarte looked as if he wouldn't mind giving it. When the couple was finally alone with their now sleeping child Heero kissed Duo, kiss full of joy and love, a kiss that brought tears of devotion to their eyes..


Duo slowly made his way around the living room of Quatre's mansion. The hospital had kept him two weeks, mainly because they wanted to make sure none of his internal organs were permanently damaged, but they wanted to monitor his healing as well. The also needed to do many tests on little Emi, which Duo objected to as well, but if it would help others be as happy as he and Heero were, then he was sure Emi wouldn't mind.

He was still sore as hell, and regretted the fact that sooner or later he would have to sit down. But the fact that he was going to hold his daughter for the first time today made it feel better. His stomach was wrapped in bandages, hiding the massive scars covering his flesh. The doctors were sure he would heal quickly, not leaving many scars, so the ones he did have were a small price to pay for his daughter.

Duo had his hair out of its normal braid, but still tied back and out of his face. The tips of his hair reached down to the backs of his knees and brushed them when he walked. He had on loose pants, making sure not to agitate the wound, and a black tee shirt pulled over his head. At least he could go back to fitting into and wearing some of his normal clothing. He gingerly sat down on the couch, leaning against the soft back cushion. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Heero and Quarte enter the room, Emi nestled into Quarte's arms. Heero settled down next to his lover, who kissed him on the cheek when he did. The other boy sat on the other side of Duo.

"Duo, she is such a darling. I wish I had one."

Duo let out a small laugh, as Quarte's eyes became misty. "You don't want to go through what I did to get her."

"But wasn't it worth it?" Quarte said looking back up at him.

"Hai I suppose your right. But I don't think Trowa is going to go for that, well at least not now."

"I was simply saying I want one." Quarte returned his glance to the wiggling one in his arms. She had beautiful dark chestnut hair and wide cobalt eyes. She stared up at Quarte, her hands moving this way and that. "Well I assume you want to hold your daughter."

Duo nodded with greedy eyes. "Since the day I saw her."

Quarte handed Emi off into Duo's unsure arms, careful not to brush his tender stomach. Quarte had taken on the role of a pseudo mother to Emi, helping Heero whenever he needed it. Duo was grateful for the help Quarte offered, but now he wanted to hold his child. Duo lifted the child up so that she rested comfortable in his arms. Her hands coiled around a stray piece of Duo's hair and tugged it unknowingly. Duo looked up at his lover with pride. Heero rested his arm around Duo.

"She loves you already." Came Heero's voice, as he watched his daughter sit tranquilly in Duo's arms.

"Well it is said that babies can recognize the heartbeat of their parents." Quarte knew many odd facts for some reason or another.

Heero handed Duo a small bottle filled with formula, "Why don't you feed her." Duo took the bottle and lifted his daughter's head up slightly. At first the child refused the bottle, but on the second attempt she snatched it into her mouth and drank. Something inside of Duo snapped as he watched the innocent baby that depended on him. His eyes quickly welled with tears as he pushed the baby back into Quatre's arms and took off in the direction of the room he and Heero was sharing. Heero looked in the direction Duo just took off in, in confusion. Then his eyes turned back towards Quatre.

Quatre looked just as confused as Heero did, but did offer one piece of information. "Give him time Heero. I can't even imagine all the things he is going through right now. After all, his emotions are probably going wild. Not only did he have major surgery, and has a new baby, but he is suddenly deprived of all the medication he was on before."

Heero just sighed. "I'll go check on him. You'll watch her wont you?" Waiting for Quatre's nod, he walked quickly towards his room and knocked on the door. "Duo? Can I come in?" The only response he received was loud sobs. He opened the door and saw his lover sitting on the bed, his back facing him. He rushed over to the shuddering boy, and crawled on the bed next to him. His hands ran over the boys body trying to find anything that may comfort him.


"It isn't right. Something is not right." Duo's voice came in small intervals as he sobbed.

"What isn't right?"

"Everything...Something is wrong."

"What the hell are you talking about?" Heero tried to comfort his lover, but he was totally in the dark on this one.

"So tiny...she's so small. And totally dependent on me! It's just.......oh god I don't know. Heero, I can't do this."

"Of course you can do this. I thought this is what you wanted?" Heero pulled Duo upright so he could look into his watery eyes.

"So defenseless, and little. And I have no idea how to take care of her. And I have to. I just cant." Duo's body shook with sobs or defeat as he watched his lover stand up, some unknown emotion in his eyes.

Something inside Heero told him not to get angry....but he didn't listen. "Duo, you have to take care of her, she is already here now." He paused to take a calm breath. "We'll take care of her, and Quatre is helping..." Duo cut him off before he even had a chance to finish the sentence.

"That's what you say now. What happens when you don't..."

That last comment struck Heero. He grabbed Duo's shoulders and forced him to look directly in his eyes. "Are you crazy? I am not going to leave, and I will always take care of Emi. Duo, she is your daughter, she needs you."

"That is precisely it. I may be able to fight a war, but raising a newborn...I just can't"

"Duo, you can..."

"Duo stood up in a blur, eyes wide with stress. "NO I CAN'T HEERO! I JUST CAN'T!" His body was about to crumple to the floor when Heero's strong arms grabbed him and crushed him to his body.

"Alright Duo. Alright." He kissed Duo's head gently as he hugged him tightly. Heero was in for one hell of a ride.


Duo's tired eyes opened, he raised himself on one elbow, looked over Heero's sleeping body, and gazed at his crying daughter. Emi was tucked into a small bassinet near Heero's side of the bed and crying loudly. Duo felt a sudden jumpiness and nervousness as he watched her. He quickly nudged his sleeping log of a lover awake. "Heero...baby's crying...Heero wake up."

"Wha....what?" Heero sputtered out, trashing his arms a bit as he woke. His black tank top was hanging off of him, and his hair was sticking in all different directions. He looked at his wailing daughter and quickly scooped her up, rocking her gently. "Shh Emi...." Heero stood up and slowly walked out of the room towards the kitchen to make the baby a bottle.

Duo lay awake, eyes fixed on the ceiling. He still heard his daughter crying, but softer now. He lay there thinking about the drastic change his life had taken. He was totally incapable of taking care of the child he so desperately wanted. It wasn't that he didn't want to care for Emi, it was just that he physically couldn't. Every time he even though about it he got sick to his stomach, and became upset. He couldn't even be left alone with the child. He wasn't cruel of bitter, he was still the same old Duo, but couldn't bring himself to finally take on the role of father.

Thank god for Heero who was everything to the baby. He broke his back taking care of her day and night. But he did love her, the little thing had finally captured his heart, and somehow knew exactly what to do with it. Duo was also thankful for Quatre's help. He often spent his days helping Heero, doing any possible thing.

Duo snapped back to reality as Heero walked back into the room, Emi suckling on her bottle. Her eyes were wide open and she was staring directly at Heero's face. Her legs were curled up to her chest as her hands moved slightly up and down. Heero sat down on the bed and continued to feed his daughter. Duo turned so that his back was facing the two, and curled into the blankets. Heero watched as he did, letting out a sigh of disappointment.

A while later Emi was finally tucked back in her bed, full, freshly changed, and fast asleep. Heero crawled under the covers and moved closer to Duo's warm body. "Koi? You awake?"

"Mmm hmm." Duo snuggled backwards into his lover.

"Duo...you have to get over this..."

"Heero, I don't want to talk about this."

Heero, noticing he pushed to far, dropped the subject and hung one arm loosely around Duo's waist. He leaned in a kissed his way up Duo's neck, slowly making his way to his ears. When finally there, he gently nibbled and sucked on his earlobe, emitting hot breathes on his skin.

Duo shook him off and pushed him away. "Not now Heero." With that he curled back up and prepared to sleep.

Heero rolled over, somewhat resembling a puppy dog, his face disappointed and hurt at the same time. He sighed for the second time that night, and closed to eyes as well.

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