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Baby Mine
Part 8

Duo walked through his apartment door, arms filled to capacity with grocery bags. He kicked the door closed and trotted of to the kitchen. On his way he spotted his lover dead asleep on the couch, Emi nestled in his arm, both dozing peacefully. One of Heero's arms dangled of the couch, his hand holding a bottle loosely. Duo smiled as he watched his lover take in slow breaths, his mouth slightly ajar. His heart melted at the sight of his small family, wanting to remember this sweet moment forever. He ran off searching for his camera, shuffling through a few things before he found it.

He returned to the slumbering pair and snapped a few pictures at various angles. Once he was satisfied with his efforts he returned the camera to it's place and proceeded to put the perishable groceries away before it was two late. He was quiet enough not to wake Emi, quickly putting the food into the refrigerator and freezer. All the other goods he would deal with later, and left them still in bags on the counter.

He nervously walked over to the pair and studied them for a while, it was actually unimaginable how much he loved them at this moment. Duo bit his lip as he took an apprehensive step forward. Leaning close enough to feel Heero's hot breath on his cheek, he slowly reached down to pick up his daughter.

Carefully he lifted the infant from her warm cradle, and slipping one hand behind her head, he held his daughter for the second time in his life. He gazed down at her little face and smiled deeply as he held her little body close to his chest. "Oh I missed you so much little one." He bounced her gently all the way back to her bedroom, his eyes never leaving her little face. When he reached her room he stopped in the middle and thought for a second.

"Think Duo. You've seen Heero do this before...what do I do?" Duo set Emi down gently on her changing table and slowly unbuttoned her little outfit. At the sudden change in temperature Emi curled up her fists and let out a little whimper. Duo eyes searched the room frantically, but instinct overrode his brain and he scooped the baby up hushing her. She quieted down quickly enough, and he laid her down again.

After a few minutes, and various attempts, he had his daughter freshly changed and tucked into her crib. She gave one last stare at him before she closed her tired eyes and drifted off to sleep. Duo blew her a kiss as he watched her in silence for a few moments. He snuck out of the room quietly, and sauntered off towards his bedroom.

Once there he proceeded to rid himself of his clothing, slipping off his black T-shirt and loose black jeans. He slid off his boxers, as well as his sock, and studied his form in the full-length mirror. He scowled disapprovingly at his slightly swollen stomach and small scars that covered it. Pushing his worries away for another day, he grabbed a larger red T-shirt, slipping it over his head as he retrieved his hairbrush. Duo set his hair free of it's braid and ran the brush through it, smoothing out all the bumps and waves. When he was happy with the results, he set the brush down, a wide mischievous smile on his face.

He quickly left the room, grabbing something before he did so. Boy was his Heero in for a surprise tonight. Duo tip toed back to the love of his life and lay his body across Heero's. His long naked legs coiled around Heero's and his arms folded around the boy's neck. His chestnut hair spread over the two of them like a blanket. Duo inched closer to Heero's lips and dipped down to taste them. "Heero..." Duo kissed the lips gently, coaxing a response out of them. Even in his sleep, he kissed his braided lover back.

"Heero sweetie, wake up." Duo moved downward so he could nip and suck at Heero's neck, tasting the salty flesh that resided there. He was rewarded by slight vibrations on his lips from one of Heero small moans. He traveled upward again, licking at Heero's ear, blowing hot breath into it, and nipping at his earlobe. "Heero. Koi, wake up" Heero let out a little moan of protest, but he blinked open his eyes.

"Duo?" He looked at the angel above him. Suddenly he sat up, his eyes wide with panic. "Duo, where's Emi?!" Duo giggled at Heero's protectiveness.

"I put her to bed." Duo leaned in for another kiss.

"Ohh." Heero kissed him back deeply, but then shot upright again. "You what?!?"

"Put her to sleep."

"You? By yourself and everything?" Heero's eyes were wide with disbelief. Duo just nodded as he tackled his koi again. "Did you change her? Is she warm enough...."

Duo pressed a finger to Heero's lips to silence him. "All taken care of Heero." Duo kissed Heero forcefully, his tongue searching for entry, slithering past Heero's lips and exploring the crevices of his mouth.

Heero hugged Duo close to him, letting himself surrender to the kiss. When was the last time Duo had kissed him like that? The two broke the kiss, flustered and gasping for air. Heero's eyes still revealed his disbelief of the situation.

"I'm back Heero." Duo smiled as he pulled the boy in for another soul searing kiss, the two boys touching each other frantically on the couch. Duo pulled away long enough to rip Heero's shirt over his head, but then returned to his waiting lips. Heero's hands ran their way up Duo's smooth thighs, squeezing and caressing them gently. Meanwhile, Duos hands had free roam of Heero's naked chest and he intended to take full advantage of that.

One hand trailed over Heero's hard abs, his fingers walking slowly over the hot flesh. The other was toying with Heero right nipple, rolling it gingerly between his fingertips, eliciting a deep moan from him. "I missed you so much Duo." Heero moaned into Duo's neck as he continued to kiss it. His hands slipped under Duo's T-shirt and came to rest on his ass. Heero massaged it roughly as he left a trail of wet kisses up Duo's neck and back to his lips. His hands slipped between Duo's thighs as he teased his hard member. Duo arched his back as he felt Heero's hands on his body, he kissed his lover back energetically as his finger toyed with Heero's pants. He quickly had them unbuttoned and unzipped, and was proceeding to slip them off, raising his ass in the air so he could tug the pants off Heero's legs.

"I missed you too Koi, I missed this." Duo ran his hands over Heero's nearly nude form. He slipped his head down so he could suckle on one of Heero's nipples, his tongue running wet circles around it. He rolled the small bud between his teeth. "Ahh! Duo!" Heero entwined his fingers in Duo's hair and panted. He bucked his hips into Duos, grounding their erections together.

"I want you so bad." Heero purred as he closed his eyes and tilted his head back. Duo smirked around Heero's nipple and proceeded to nip and suck his way downward. When he reached his boxer's elastic band, he nipped at it like a dog and pulled it down with his teeth, revealing Heero erection. Duo's hands quickly threw them to the floor. He sat upright for a moment, his eyes ravishing Heero nude form. Heero hair was tasseled, and his chest was rising and falling rapidly. His hips bucked up slightly as Duo's fingers coiled around Heero's member.

Heero's small moans were music to his ears as he lowered his lips to the tip and licked at the few bitter drops of liquid that had formed there. Suddenly his mouth enveloped Heero shaft, suckling at it gently. He slowly pumped his lovers engorged member into his mouth, his tongue making intricate patterns on the underside, slipping around Heero, as his sucking pressure increased. "Duo!" Heero bucked up into Heero's mouth, one hand clutching the coach, the other forcing Duo head up and down. "More Duo."

Duo happily obliged sucking Heero harder, pumping his in and out of his mouth quickly. The tip of Heero erection brushed over the back of Duo's throat repeatedly, sending shots of pleasure over Heero's body. Duo curled one hand around so that he could caress Heero's sac, his tongue darting out of his mouth to lap at them quickly before he went back to deep throating his beautiful lover. "Duo, I'm gunna..ugh!" Heero succumbed to the pleasure as he felt Duo suckling him harder. He let out a few various moans as he rocked his body to match Duo's pumping. Duo had snaked one hand upward to squeeze Heero's hand tightly. "DUO!" Heero threw his head backwards and emptied his seed into Duo's waiting mouth.

His body shook all over, as the waves of pleasure racked over his body. Duo slurped up all of Heero's hot seed, licking the boy clean, and kissing his sweaty form as he crawled back up to kiss him lips. Heero, still in a small daze from his orgasm, held Duo tightly to him. "Umm..that was good. Very good." Was all he could say as he nuzzled Duo's neck.

"It gets better." Duo smiled as he kissed Heero's forehead. "I love you."

"I love you too." Heero rolled Duo on top of his body, Duo's violet eyes gleaming into Heero's cobalt ones. "I thought I lost you."

"Never." Duo assaulted Heero's lips again. They kissed deeply, the couple holding each other tightly. When they parted Duo looked up into Heero's dazed eyes. "More." Duo's voice rang in Heero's ears.

Heero parted his legs for Duo, surrendering himself to the American. Duo licked his lips at the delicious sight before him. He leaned down to pick up the small tube of lube he has brought down from the bedroom. Squeezing a small amount on his fingers he cut straight to the chase and pressed one slick finger up to Heero's puckered entrance. Heero pushed down onto the finger, letting out a small gasp as Duo pushed his finger further and drew it back out again.

Heero's heavy panting began again as Duo added another finger and pumped the Japanese boy, stretching him carefully. Bitter-sweetly, he added a third finger into the mix, coaxing a small moan of pain from his lover. But Heero urged Duo on, pushing his bottom down onto Duo's slick fingers, moaning as they brushed his insides. Duo pumped his digits into Heero, searching for his prostrate. As soon as he hit it, Duo's eyes widened and he let out a moan of pleasure. His renewed erection bobbing slightly in the air. His panting increased only urging Duo on more. After hitting that magically spot a few more times, Duo withdrew his fingers.

As if reading Duo's mind, Heero squirted some lube onto his hand and reached up to coat Duo's member. Heero ran his hands quickly up and down Duo's length in a circular motion, coating the boy thoroughly. Duo had to pull away, on the verge of climaxing from Heero's talented hands.

"Ready lover?" Duo flipped one of Heero's legs over the back of the couch, leaving the other one to dangle on the floor. He crawled onto of the boy, claiming his prey, letting one of his legs dangle off the couch as well. Ripping off his T-shirt, he leaned down and kissed Heero deeply as the tip of his member pressed against Heero's tight entrance. Heero slid his tongue into Duo's hot mouth, sparring with Duo's tongue. He tried to take his mind of the slight pain he felt as the tip of Duo's member entered him, but found he could not. He broke the kiss and buried his head in Duo's shoulder as Duo pushed further more into his tight entrance. As Duo pushed past the tight ring Heero let out a loud gasp, his nails raking over Duo's back. Duo stopped his intrusion and looked into Heero eyes. Did he see small tears in those eyes? That was almost impossible. "Gomen Heero." Duo leaned down and kissed Heero's eyes gently.

Heero kissed Duo's lips, "It's been a long time Duo." Heero saw Duo nod and he grabbed his face in his hands and pulled it towards him. His swollen lips kissed Duo deeply as he suddenly pushed down on Duo's member, causing Heero to sheath him completely. Heero let out small gasps of pain as the two continued to kiss, Duo trying anything to get Heero's mind off the pain. Slowly Heero felt his body adjust, and he started to move underneath Duo, searching for any kind of friction. Duo quickly got the hint and slowly pumped into the boy beneath him.

"Oi Heero, I forgot how good you felt." Duo pumped his erection past Heero's tight ring, then bringing it out, save the tip. Then he pushed it deep into Heero's body, moaning at the sensations he was feeling. Duo arched his back as he pumped his lover quicker, letting out loud pants as they two hastily became one, moving together in a big sweaty mass, sprawled over the couch. Duo's mouth open and panting as Heero's insides massaged his member, Heero bucking up to meet Duos thrusts.

"More Duo." Heero reached up and grabbed a fist full of Duo's hair, pulling him down for a kiss. Duo let his hand slip between their bodies in order to stroke Heero's throbbing member, pumping it hard in time with his own strokes. Heero broke the kiss as he felt Duo pleasuring him inside and out. His eyes slid closed, his mouth left slightly ajar, his lungs taking in air quickly.

"More Duo, harder." Duo pumped into his koi harder and quicker, burying his member deep into the boy and brushing that magic spot. He slid one hand under the small of Heero's back, and elevated him slightly, angling him so that each stroke would hit Heero's prostrate and cause him to moan out. "You like it like this Heero?" Duo purred as he continued his pleasure, bringing both of them to the edge.

"Cum with me Heero!" Duo shot his seed deeply into Heero's entrance, thrown over the edge buy Heero's pulsating insides. Heero followed him soon after, his seed covering Duos hand and their stomachs. They stayed like that, letting the waves of pleasure ripple through their bodies until Duo collapsed, spent and exhausted, on top of Heero. "I love you Heero." Duo slid out of Heero's warms and nestled next to him.

"I love you Duo." "I am so sorry for putting you and Emi through all that shit. "I am so sorry....." Heero saw Duo's eyes on the verge of tears and he cut the boy off.

"It's over, your back, that's all that matters." Heero brushed Duo's matted bangs out of his face.

"How do you put up with me Heero?" Duo let out a small contented sigh.

"I suppose I could ask you the same thing." Their conversation was interrupted by their daughters little wails filling their apartment. "I think we woke someone up." Heero went to get up, but Duo pushed him back down.

"I'll get her." Duo stood up, steadied himself for a moment, then snatched his shirt off the floor, throwing it over his head as he followed his daughter's cries. He peered into the crib and saw Emi, her little legs curled up to her chest, her hands in small fists. Her eyes were squeezed shut as she let out loud cries. "Aww, little one, I am sorry for waking you up." Duo reached down and picked up the noisy bundle, resting her head on his shoulder and bouncing her gently. But she still didn't quiet down. "Ohh come on Emi baby, don't make me feel guilty. Please quiet down sweetie." Duo switched her position so that she was cradled in his arms, her crying had died down a bit, but she still whimpered.

Her large cobalt eyes store at Duo, as if she was listening to every word her father said to her. "Hey baby, you know I love you. You're my little angle." Duo's heart felt as if it would burst from all the emotions he was feeling. He rocked her gently as he walked to his room and sat on the bed. "I promise I will never leave you again." Duo ran his hand through the dark chestnut peach fuzz that covered her head. "I promise I will always take care of you baby. Me and your daddy, you know your lucky to have such a good daddy, he took care of you while I was.....sick.... and he and I love you very much."

"Very very much." Heero added as he stood in the doorway, clad in only his boxers. He took a seat behind Duo, hugging his body close, resting his chin on Duo's right shoulder so he could gaze down at his little daughter. Duo turned his head to the right, pressing his lips against Heero's.

"I've found my middle ground."


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