Disclaimer: I do not own the pretty little Gundam boys (though I wish I did! I however own a frog named Trowa) Nor do I own the song. The song is Fiona Apple's Criminal, off her CD 'Tidal', and I didn't write the wonderfully sexy lyrics. The idea for this fic, is however my own. Anyways that tis all!
Pairing: 2X1
Rating: NC-17
Warning: yaoi, lemon

by Kelly-Mama

Heero sat at the small desk in his room, he had a desk light shinning over his workstation. On his lap were many tools and little pliers, on the desk was a dissected lap top, laying in several pieces. The laptop was victim to one of Duo's mishaps, which consisted of him leaping and bounding into the room, his beloved coffee in hand. Of course giving an already energized bunny coffee is not a good thing, but not only that, this little bunny happened to be Duo Maxwell. Well point is, while Duo attempted to pounce his lover, he spilt his boiling coffee on the keyboard of Heero's precious laptop. The two fought, or rather Duo shrank back in fear from Heero's angry glare. A few words were thrown around, and Duo left. Though both boys realized later on that they both over reacted a tad (well not Heero), Duo did feel responsible. Heero continued to fiddle with his fried laptop when he heard music blaring down the hallway.

“Baka….” He mumbled under his breath. He tried once again to concentrate on his work, but the persistent music came ever closer to his room. He was about to walk over to the door and tell Duo to shut up, but a stereo sliding into the room interrupted him. From it's two speakers the familiar bass line of Fiona Apples “Criminal” poured out. Heero rolled his chair back giving him a better view of the door, just in time to see Duo kick up the door with one foot.

He was dressed in his usual black attire, except this time he had a black feather boa around his neck. His violet-blue eyes glimmered as a little seductive smirk curled his lips. His braid was flung over his left shoulder, lying on top of the soft black feathers. He was perched in the doorway, his back pressing into one side of the doorframe, his right hand resting on the other side of the doorframe. He placed his left hand firmly on his hips, swaying his body to the enticing beat. His lips were pout, as if ready to move at any moment, and he let his hand trail from his hip in a slow motion up and down the front of his body. Inside Duo was reeling, the look on Heero's face had been utterly priceless, though it was just a small glimmer, Duo had been around the boy long enough to pick it up. As he heard the lyrics approaching he readied himself to put his plan into action.

“I've been a bad bad boy….” As Duo sang the lyrics, he so painstakingly memorized, he tilted his head down, his eyes looking up, into Heero's face. If Duo were a cat, he surely would be purring now. “I've been careless with a delicate man. And it's a sad sad world, when a guy can break a boy, just because he can.” Duo left his spot in the doorway and fell to his knees, crawling closer to Heero, who was paying full attention to the braided boy at the moment.

He crawled along the floor alluringly, swaying his body with the rhythm pouring out of the stereo. He sat back onto his legs as he sang the next line. “Don't you tell me to deny it…” Duo's fingers traced up his body again, this time finding the small black buttons on his shirt, and popping them open. When his fingers found their way into his shirt, they played over his smooth creamy skin, tracing circular patterns. He slowly began to do a striptease for his lover, pulling the shirt slowly off his shoulders and letting it fall to his mid back. “I've done wrong, and I want to suffer for my sins.”

Duo stood up, slinking over to Heero as if he were a drug, slowly letting the Japanese book drink in his image. He slipped the shirt off, letting the black fabric fling to the side as he pranced over to his prey. He straddled the boy's hips, as he belted out the lyrics again. “I come to you 'cause I need guidance to be true…” Duo took Heero's hands in his own and led them to his smooth stomach. He placed them gingerly on his sides and let them god, letting Heero's hands fall to his hips on their own. He ground his hips into the boy holding his waist as he sang. He through his head back as he heard a small moan escape his lovers parted lips. “And I just don't know where I could begin.”

Duo moved his hips provocatively over Heero's, enjoying the reaction he was getting out of the boy. Duo leaned in and kissed Heero's exposed neck, sucking on it and nipping it with his teeth. He let his lips travel upwards to Heero's Jaw and he planted small kisses on it, yet the held some force to them. With some protest from Heero, Duo pulled his face back, and let his body sway to the pulse, feeling Heero's arousal under him. Heero gripped the boy harder, and pushed him down onto his lap, moaning very slightly as he felt the boys gyrating hips. Duo trailed his fingertips over the contours of Heero's body, slipping them quickly underneath his hunter green tank top.

He playfully made a pathway to Heero's nipples with one hand and used his other to pull the shirt up over Heero's head, tossing it aside with his discarded shirt. He let his hands roam the plains of Heero's chest as he pressed his forehead to his lover. “What I need is a good defense…” He accented this with a quick hip thrust into Heero, “ 'Cause I'm feelin' like a criminal. And I need to be redeemed to the one I sinned against, cause he is all I ever knew of love” Duo let his head fall down to Heero's chest. He ran his tongue over his collarbone and trailed it down to his lovers nipple. He quickly took it into his mouth and sucked it gently, while the other hand worked on the other one. He felt Heero's hands try to do the same to him, but he inched his body away, not letting the boy touch him just yet. Duo continued his simple torture, leaving Heero's now hardened nipple, and journeying up his neck. He left a trail of vampire kisses, sucking Heero's salty flesh as he continued upward. He finally found his treasure, Heero's mouth, parted and waiting.

Duo paused briefly before ravishing Heero's mouth, meeting his lips in a force. He slipped his tongue into Heero's waiting mouth, sliding it around his lovers, and melting into the kiss. Heero responded to the kiss, slipping his tongue into Duo mouth, tracing intricate patterns on the inside of his mouth. Duo pulled away and swished his thick braid to his other shoulder. Duo threw his boa around Heero's neck and pulled the boy closer to his face so that his breath was hot on his face. He leaned in as if he was going to kiss his waiting lover, but pulled away at the last moment. He stood up, dragging the boa from behind Heero's neck. The Japanese boy shivered as watched his braided koibito prance away.

“Heaven help me for the way I am….” He ran both hands down the sides of his body, hooking his thumbs on the sides of his pants. He closed his eyes and let his head loll backwards. “Save me from these evil deeds, before I get them done.” As he sang out the sultry lyrics his nimble fingers toyed with the zipper to his pants, teasing it down inch by agonizing inch. “I know tomorrow brings the consequences at hand…” With a free hand, he reached behind his back and released his hair from it's rubber snare. The wondrous chestnut silk fell around his body, framing his beauty. Duo flipped his hair in the air, swishing it behind him as wiggled slowly out of his pants.

Heero sat back in his chair watching this luscious show, biting his lip slightly. Duo rolled his back to the music as he stepped out of his pants, flinging them over onto Heero. Clad in only his black silk boxer shorts, boa, and his cross, Duo enticingly made his way over to his seated target. “But I keep living this day like today like the next will never come!” Duo proceeded to purr into Heero's ear as he flipped the boa around his neck for a second time. He slowly lifted the boy up from the chair with simple movements that were in sync with the music. Duo then began to walk backwards, his lover in tow.

“Ohh Help me…..” Duo felt Heero's hands plant themselves on his hips, hooking his thumbs onto the elastic of his boxers. “But don't tell me to deny it. I've got to cleanse myself of all these lies till I'm good enough for him.” As if accenting the last comment Duo pressed a firm kiss into Heero's swollen lips. “I've got a lot to lose, and I'm bettin' high, so I'm begging you, before it ends, just tell me where to begin.” Duo felt the edge of his bed jut into his calves, and stopped the captivating dance the two were fabricating.

He felt Heero pry his hands off the boa and led them to the band of his spandex shorts. Duo smirked slyly as he placed his bottom on the bed, his lips ever so close to Heero's firm stomach. Duo kissed every ripple on his paramour's stomach before making his way down. As he did he looked up into Heero's cobalt eyes. “What I need is a good defense, 'cause I'm feelin' like a criminal” He nibbled at Heero's abdomen as he slowly pulled the spandex shorts down, riding his lovers beautiful body of any article of clothing.

Duo reached behind the boy and pressed his hands into Heero's firm ass as he kissed the juncture where leg met hip. “And I need to be redeemed from the one I sinned against…” Duo kissed his way down to the base of Heero's erect member, but didn't touch it, instead he brought his face dangerously close to the tip. “Because…” With each word, Duo's hot pants washed over Heero's arousal, causing it to twitch with frustration. “It's all….” Another hot breath, “I ever knew….” Duo allowed his tongue to slither out of his mouth this time and wash over the tip of Heero's member. “Of love.” Duo was rewarded with a gasp ripping out of Heero's throat as he lunged forward. Duo was prepared for this however, and backed up, not wanting to end his torture yet.

“Let me know the way.” Duo's lips roamed Heero's body again, traveling up his chest to his nipples, kissing and sucking one of them. Heero tried to urge Duo's head back downward, his eyes silently pleading Duo to return to his throbbing sex. Duo's violet eyes glanced up at Heero's, whose were dark with desire, and rewarded the boy with his hand traveling down his body, and firmly gripping the throbbing member at the juncture between his legs. Heero moaned out as Duo continued his bittersweet torture, kissing his way back down to his hips. He lay his check on Heero's hot flesh as he spoke the words softly into the boy's abdomen. “Before there's hell to pay. Give me room to lay the law and let me go. I've got to make a play, to make my lover stay, so what would my angel say, This devil wants to know.”

As if answering the question, Heero pushed Duo's head to where he ached for it to be. This time Duo gave into Heero's request, slowly taking Heero's member into his mouth, inch by tormenting inch. The chorus of the song was forgotten, though the stereo still blared it in the background. Heero's knees started to go weak as he sunk into Duo's hot mouth. Duo let go of his lover for a split second, only to turn him around and push him down upon the bed. Like a lion, Duo crawled over Heero's sprawled out body, claming every inch of his now exposed skin. His satin like hair trailed over Heero's legs as Duo slowly spread them apart, allowing him self to perch himself between them.

With one quick glance up at the object of his affection, Duo leaned down and left a trail of small hot wet kisses up his leg to the base of his member. Heero let out a gasp as he felt Duo's hot breath on his arousal, but then all was a blur. Duo let his tongue slither out of his mouth and licked up and down Heero's length as if he was the most delicious lollipop in existence. Duo ran his tongue along the underbelly if his member, pressing small patters into the hot flesh, feeling the veins under the velvet skin. He grinned to himself when he heard Heero let out something resembling a whimper, it was funny, the power Duo had over the usually advantageous boy.

Taking this as a hint that the boy was enjoying Duo's torture, he circled his tongue over the sensitive tip of Heero's length, letting it leave and return to the flesh in a flicking manner. Without any warning he suddenly plunged Heero's organ into his mouth, getting a sharp gasp from Heero in return. Heero bucked, tunneling deeper into Duo's mouth, but Duo took it all in stride, taking in Heero's member as deep as he could. He placed his hands on his lovers hips to not only control his small bucks, but to get better leverage as well.

Duo began a soft sucking torture as he pumped Heero in and out of his mouth at a moderate pace. Duo let his tongue twirl around Heero's shaft as his lips twisted and turned. Not only did the braided boy bob his head up and down, but he also twisted it from left to right, resulting in a build up of sensations, causing Heero to loll his head backwards. Duo soon quickened his pace, letting his lovers member slip quickly in and out of his mouth. Duo soon realized Heero's hands were entwined in this hair, pushing the boys head down in sync with his own motions. Heero's small cries seemed to mingle with the music, they were louder and more urgent when Duo pumped him into his mouth, and more of a whimper when Duo let him slid out of his parted lips. Duo soon found the right tempo to keep the boy moaning, his cries becoming one with the music. Heero was like an instrument, and only Duo knew the perfect way to play him.

Duo could feel Heero's body start to tense as Duo kept him buried in his hot mouth. He let out a little purr while Heero was still buried to the hilt, the rumbling vibrations traveling down his shaft. Duo did this every now and then, causing his Heero to almost go over the edge. During all this excitement, Duo hadn't even touched himself, and right now it felt like he had a fire between his legs. And Heero's cries were not doing anything to help the situation. After thrusting an almost exploding Heero into his mouth a few more times into his mouth, he sat up, frantically crawling over Heero, quickly removing his boa, still placed behind Heero's neck. He madly searched through the black feathers for the small tube of lubrication he hid there. When his hands found their target, he ripped it free, tossing the bow over to the stereo. In a flurry he began to slip his boxers off, exposing his rather hard erection.

“What are you doing?” Heero's voice came, breaking the spell.

Duo gave him a look that said 'What the hell do you think I'm doing?'

“I don't think so. You've been a bad bad boy, remember?” Heero said as he flipped Duo over, thus leaving him on top. He kissed the boy under him deeply, a hint of roughness poured into it. Duo returned the kiss as if his soul depended on it, letting his lover crush his lips. When they parted Heero kissed at the hallow of Duo's neck. His kisses trailed down to the braided ones chest, where Heero stopped promptly to sneak a look at the boy squirming under him.

What Duo saw in those eyes set him on fire, his mind exploding into small shards of thought, his body melting from any sensation his lover caused him. The lust in Heero's eyes pierced Duo to his depths, causing him to throw his arms around as much of Heero as he could grab, arching into his body. While Heero was staring up at him he murmured “I think you should be punished” and with that he descended on Duo, kissing his way down the slender boys side.

“Ohh…….OHH HEERO!” Duo's voice changed from one of playfulness to one of pleasure. He flung his head backwards and arched his back off the bed as Heero sucked his throbbing erection. Heero wasn't the most delicate of lovers; in fact he was rough. Though it was a fact he would never hurt Duo, he sure didn't beat around the bush. But that is something about Heero that turned Duo on. Duo let his hips rock ever so slightly as he felt his thighs tightening around Heero's face. “Emm Heero!” Duo let his moans fly freely out of his mouth as Heero tortured him. There was nothing special about Heero's technique, but it was always his force that would blow Duo away.

Duo pushed himself into a semi siting position. Looking down at his lover whose mouth was sliding over his arousal. To this sight Duo let out a low growl like moan. He bucked his hips slightly, feeling himself burrow deeply in his lover's mouth. Reluctantly Duo reached down and pulled Heero's head up, planting an urgent kiss on his lips. There was no more fooling around, neither of them could take it anymore. Duo flipped Heero over, so he was once again on the bottom. He leaned over the boy kissing him as his hands worked at the lubricant, slicking his fingers with the silky lotion. His lips and tongue parted with Heero's for a moment while he flipped Heero's legs over his shoulders. Duo returned upward to Heero's parted mouth, falling into a kiss, which neither was in control of.

Their lips and tongues were entwined with each other's, sliding in each other's mouth urgently as Duo pressed a slick finger up at Heero's entrance. As the two shared a soul-searing kiss he pushed it in slowly, passing the tight ring of muscle, and making it's way inside the warm cavity. Heero moaned into the kiss, his body tensing as Duo probed him.

With his free hand, Duo reached up and grabbed a hold of Heero's, clutching at his palm, clinging to it as he moved his finger in and out of Heero's waiting body. While the two kissed, Duo opened his violet eyes, to find his beloved's cobalt pools staring back at him, full of need, and an actual love. Duo inserted another finger into Heero's loosening passage, receiving a small moan of pleasure in return. Duo left his loves lips and gently nibbled away at Heero's neck as he prepared the Japanese boy.

Heero pushed down onto the fingers, persuading Duo to quicken his pace. His braided lover got the point and quickly inserted his third slick finger, pushing it in slowly, hearing the small gasps of breath Heero was emitting. Pushing in closer to Heero (thus pulling Heero's legs back further as well) Duo let his fingers plunge into Heero's body, searching for the spot he knew would give him the most pleasure. After a few searching strokes, he found what he was looking for, his fingers bushing against it softly. Heero shuddered, scooting down onto Duo's fingers as he let out a moan. He looked up at Duo, his eyes screaming 'NOW!' in Duo's skull. Duo let his fingers leave Heero, feeling the warm constriction of Heero's channel as he did. Quickly Duo coated his throbbing member with the slippery substance, discarding the bottle to where the boa and stereo lay.

Duo positioned himself above Heero, his hair flowing madly around him, showering his body in silky chestnut. He slowly pushed his sex into Heero, letting out a gasp as he sank into the delicious warmth. He went as slow as his body would allow, savoring the feeling, closing his eyes and hanging his head near his lover's ear.

“Ohh Heero! You feel so good…” He half purred the last few words as he pushed himself to the hilt. He stopped, letting the boy under him adjust to his length. Heero lay panting underneath him, his insides pulsing around Duo. He turned his head slightly and caught Duo's lips with his own. As the two lovers kissed passionately, Duo began to move his body slowly within his love. He began a technique of almost pulling his erection out of Heero, causing the boy to suck in air, and then plunging back in, burrowing deeply.

Heero let his head fall back, gasping for breath as the sensations took over his body. Duo quickened his pace, and pushed himself a bit deeper into Heero, moaning out the boys name. Each time he thrust into his lover, who was now arching as best he could into Duo's arms, he brushed that spot inside Heero, causing the Japanese boy to close his eyes and shudder. Heero was responding to the wonderful sensations Duo was causing him, moving his read down to meet Duo's thrusts.

Duo's lips left Heero's as he started to pump Heero madly, tilting his head up and letting a moan rip out of his throat. His body was glistened with sweat, his back tense and muscles tight as he pleasured both of them. He moved his erection deeply in Heero, shaking the bed slightly, one hand clutching Heero's, the other wrapped around Heero's neck. He continued like this for a moment, reveling in his own pleasure, when he felt Heero tugging at his hair. Heero had firmly pulled Duo back down to his lips, and was ravishing them.

“Mine” was the only thing Heero could mutter before he rejoined Duo in the burning kiss. Duo let his hand fall away from Heero's neck, and trailed it down to Heero's stiff manhood. He grabbed it firmly, stroking it with the same speed in which his member pumped the boy. Duo felt as if he had died and went to heaven, the sensation of being inside the man he loved never ceased to boggle his mind. He road Heero faster, feeling the two of them mesh into one being, pouring endless amounts of energy into one another. Duo felt the two of them on the edge, rocking the bed with their lust.

“Heero!” Duo buried his head in the crook of Heero's neck as he pumped him. The hand that was pumping Heero's shaft was making quick circular movements, and pumping up and down with fury.

“Du….DUO!” Heero flung his arms around the boy, who was still pumping into him, as he came, his seed covering Duo's hand and covering both their stomachs. His body was shuddering sharply, and his insides pulsed tightly around Duo's sex. It was enough to throw Duo over the edge. With a shout of Heero's name, and his member buried deeply within Heero, he came, shuddering and convulsing in one big fit of pleasure and passion. He almost collapsed on his lover, but rolled slightly, and landed to his right. They lay like that for a few minutes, before Duo could muster up enough energy to speak.

“Ai Shiteru.” Duo whispered into his lovers ear. He nudged the boy in the cheek, kissing him slightly. “Did you enjoy yourself?”

“Hn” Heero didn't say much, but by the say he uttered it, and the look in his eyes, Duo could tell he very much enjoyed it.

“See, I always make up for my mistakes.” With that said he felt Heero pull him into his arms, and hold him close. Heero placed his arm around his sleepy lover, and kissed the back of his head. Duo smiled, yawned, and then feel into a well-deserved sleep.


Quatre quietly slipped into Heero and Duo's room unnoticed by the intertwined couple. He closed his eyes, not wanting to watch those two go at it again. The stereo had stopped, providing Quatre with the perfect opportunity to grab the CD player, the lube and the black feather boa from the room. He blindly searched for the handle of the CD player and dashed out of the room.


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