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Pairing: 2x1 a small hint of 2+3 and implied 3+4 (very tiny hints of5+S)
Rating: R
Warnings: A Yuy with a stick up his butt, and a very kawaii Maxwell. Language, Yaoi.

Sweet November
Part 1

Subject: Heero Yuy. A normal human being, leading a normal life, consisting of working, eating, and sleeping. He had everything he thought he wanted and everything he thought necessary. He had a high paying job, a large apartment, and a girlfriend. What more could one possibly need. His alarm clock buzzed obnoxiously as the Japanese boy stirred. In record time he finished 'screwing' his girlfriend, regardless of her enjoyment, crawled off her body and slapped her playfully on the ass.

"That was... good." He stood up to take his standard shower, and get ready for work. When he exited the shower, clad only in a plain white tower, and his body slick with water, his girlfriend was sitting on the edge of the bed with her legs crossed and a rather annoyed expression.

"Heero we have to talk."

"About what?" Heero quickly dried off his body with the towel and pulled on a pair of boxers, followed by his dress shirt and suit pants.

"Us." With that one word Heero lost interest and turned to a mirror so he could fix his tie.

"Sorry, I am afraid I don't have time for a talk today. Maybe after work, Ok?" Heero pulled on a Jacket and went over to the kitchenette to get something to drink, flicking on the television in the process.

"Heero, you have a stick up your ass so large that it is amazing any normal human being could get along with you!" The girl turned and went back to the bed to put on her clothing.

Heero just sighed and went back to staring at the T.V., lingering in the room for a few more minutes before he clicked off the television and exited the apartment. He hopped into his car and sped off towards another routine day at work.


Heero briskly walked through the doors of the Advertising firm that he worked in. People, including his friend and co-worker Wufei, swarmed him.

"Hello Mr. Yuy! You received another award for your brilliant advertising skills." A woman brushed towards him, award in hand.

"Wonderful." Heero just kept a bee-line to his office.

"I'll take that." Wufei tried to grab the award from the woman who still held it tight.

"It's not for you."

"Yes it is. See it says Heero Yuy and team. I am team." Wufei took the award, leaving the woman behind them as they entered Heero orderly office.

"So, what do we have to work on today?" Heero got straight to the point, settling himself into his chair, and turning on his lap top.

"Well we still have to come up with an ad for the 'Hot Diggity Dog' product." Wufei opened a small folder and proceeded to show Heero some photos and idea.

Heero just rolled his eyes. "This is to simple. This one is pretty good." Heero picked up a design and examined it. "Just, make the red deeper, like blood. Got that?"

Heero's secretary entered the room and interrupted the two. "Mr. Yuy, don't forget you have a DMV appointment in an hour."

Heero ran a hand through his hair. "Ohh, reschedule it, please? I have to much work to do today." Heero went back to working, ignoring the woman.

"Heero, if you wait any longer your won't be able to drive legally. And if you get caught driving with an outdated license, that will put a big dent in your work schedule. So I think, you should get your ass over there." The woman gave a triumphant 'humph' and left the office.

"She is right Heero, no one beats the DMV. Go, I'll take care of things here." Wufei stood up and took the folder from Heero.

"Fine, I don't like doing this, but I guess I have to." Heero stood up and headed for the door. "And don't forget, red, blood red." He darted out of the office and towards the door.

"Hai I know, blood red, bloody blood, deep gory red." Wufei ran a hand through his hair and got right to work.


Heero sat at a small desk, a little white test paper in front of them. He was twiddling a pencil between his fingers. He didn't have time to take the damn test, he might as well just copy other peoples answers and not think about anything. His thought pattern was interrupted by a rather noisy person entering the test area. She.. no he, had on a pair of lose fitting short, which black leggings underneath them. He had a fishnet shirt under a short dark maroon tank top, and a light blue scarf around his neck. He had a thick braid which hung over his left shoulder and trailed down to his exposed stomach. In his right arm he had a huge bag of packages, overflowing with goods. A lollipop was stuck firmly in his mouth, and he held the test papers with his lips.

"Sowwy!" He mumbled with his mouth full as he sat down in an empty desk diagonal from Heero. He set the bag down by his seat and a roll of cookie dough tumbled out towards Heero. It hit Heero in the foot and he picked it up to return it to it's owner. He leaned back to give it to the braided boy, who in turn leaned forward to receive it. Their fingers brushed slightly as the boy took it and placed it back in his bad. 'Thank wou." He said, lollipop still in mouth.

Heero just nodded and went back to his own test paper. Mindlessly reading the questions. He was distracted as he heard a sucking noise coming from behind him. The constant suck and then popping of a lollipop. He turned around to se the boy popping the sweet in and out of his mouth, his pink tongue wrapping around it and licking at the sugary substance. Heero psst at him to get his attention, and then whispered, "Do you know the answer to number 2?"

"Me?" The braided boy pointed to himself, then looked around. He took the red candy out of his mouth to answer. "No, I don't know yet. I haven't even started, but as soon as I know, I'll tell you, ok?"

The proctor in the room heard the American man whisper the sentences to the Japanese man, and called him forward. "You with the braid, bring your test paper forward. Yes you, come on." The braided man came forward, handing his paper to the proctor.

"I wasn't cheating really. I was just telling him that..."

"It was cheating in my book." The proctor ripped the test in half. "You can retake this test in a month."

"A MONTH!" The boy put his hands on his hips. "Can't I just take it now. I really need to and...."

"I said you can take it in a month. Do you understand, or do I need to get security." The proctor folded his arms over the desk and looked up at the boy.

"No, I'll go." He went over to his desk and picked up his packages. "See I am leaving. Nice and quietly. Don't anyone feel bad for me. See you later." He waved to Heero "Bye, Good luck." And then headed in the direction of the door, babbling the whole time.


Heero had just finished his test and was already 10 minutes late for a meeting. He rounded the corning to the parking lot and as he approached his car, he saw the boy, the one with the long chestnut braid, sitting on the hood of his car. "Great", he rolled his eyes and approached him, passing a neon orange van, with picture of puppies all over it. He was about to say something to the boy on his car, when his cell phone rang. Reaching into his jacket pocket, he pulled out a small black rectangle and flipped it open. "Hello? Ohh Wufei, I know I am late. I will be there in 10 minutes, I swear. Just stall ok?"

"Hello! Remember me? Question number 2? Yea just ignore me." The boy waved his hands at Heero, and settled himself on the car.

"Wufei, just take care of it! I'll be over in a minute." Heero heard the boys yelling and he just walked away from him. "I'll be right over. There is something I have to take care of."

"Hello! Mr. Perfect! Are you just going to pretend a beautiful man is not sitting on your car?" He continued to scream at Heero.

"What do you want?" Heero walked over to his car and gazed at the boy.

"You just cost me driving for a month. Do you know how much that hinders me." The boy pointed to the van in front of him.

"Let me guess, that's your van? And now you can't work and it is all my fault."

"Exactly! How am I supposed to get a paycheck now." The boy stood his ground and glared at Heero.

Heero opened his walled and pulled out a card. "This is my business card. Call and have my secretary settle on an amount of money that you make a month. I will pay it, and then some. Is that fair?"

The boy snatched the card away from Heero and examined it. "Heero Yuy.. advertising huh? Well I suppose I could call you." Duo still remained seated on the car.

"Well aren't you going to get off my car?" Heero waited, expecting the boy to hop off and leave.

"Nope." He just swung his legs innocently, and leaned back onto the car's windshield.

"Why not?" Heero was getting quite annoyed and it was clearly showing.

"Not until you say, 'I'm sorry Duo, would you please forgive me?' How about that?"

"How about a thousand dollars. Would that make you happy." Heero handed over a thousand dollar bill, which Duo promptly handed back.

"Are you trying to by amnesty? Well forgiveness isn't for sale today, sorry, all sold out!."

"Would you please... please... please get off my car, I am late and I am getting fed up with your games." Heero leaned in towards Duo, his face full of anger.

"Are you really sorry or just afraid of the dent I will leave on your precious car."

"The dent." Heero walked over to the drivers seat, and opened the door.

"I am offended." Duo hopped off the car, stretching, his tank top as well as fishnet shirt rising up to his ribs. "Well nice meeting you!" He waved sarcastically as Heero drove away.

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