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Pairing: 2x1 a small hint of 2+3 and implied 3+4 (very tiny hints of5+S)
Rating: R
Warnings: A Yuy with a stick up his butt, and a very kawaii Maxwell. Language, Yaoi.

Sweet November
Part 2

A soft grunting sound came from Heero's apartment. Heero was on the floor doing pushups, a thin sweat breaking out over his flesh. His small workout was interrupted as a voice came over the intercom/vid-phone.

"Mr. Yuy, I am sorry to interrupt you, but there is a crazy man down here claiming he knows you."

Heero got up and walked over to the small video screen by his door. He saw Duo in the background trying to talk to Heero. "What is it?"

Duo was trying to push the Super out of the way so he could talk to Heero. "It's ok really, just let me talk to him for a minute."

"No sir, I don't think I can let you do that." The super was trying to push Duo away, but was losing terribly.

"Please! Nothing will happen, see, it is ok!." Duo successful fought his way in front of the super and could was facing the Vid-phone. He was dressed in a little rainbow colored knit hat, with a tassle at the end. And from what Heero could see, a oversized fishnet sweater that fell off one shoulder. Under it he wore a blood red top.

"Hi Heero, remember me? Yea well, since I don't have a car and all, I was wondering if you could do me a little favor. Yea you see, I need a ride some place and it is really important, can you give me one?" His voice dripped with innocence as he faced the super. "He can hear me, right?"

"Yes yes he can hear you." The super faced the camera. "Mr. Yuy, please get rid of him."

"Well you give me that ride Heero?" Duo's face came extremely close to the camera.

"Are you crazy, I don't even know you."

"I'll wait." Duo flopped against the wall and slid to the floor."

"Ok ok! I'll be down in 10 minutes, wait." Why did this crazy person have such an affect on him.


Heero arrived in the lobby ten minutes later on the dot. He had on a black sweater and khakis. He spotted Duo leaning on the super's desk and chatting him up. Heero walked past him, grabbing him by the arm and dragging him outside.

"How the hell did you find me?" Heero yet again found himself angered by this American.

"I have my ways. So are you ready to go."

"Not so fast, why should I drive you? And where do you have to go?"

"You should drive me because you owe me. And I don't have to go very far." Duo turned his head when he heard a knocking on the glass next to him. The super was holding up a sign to Heero that said 'Do you want me to call the police?" Heero shook his head no, and continued his conversation with Duo.

"No, I won't drive you, now go home and don't bother me again, please!" Heero turned and went to turn back to his apartment.

"Ohh Heero! Last night when you FUCKED me it was sooooooo good! Come on baby, do me like you did me last night! Nice and kinky!" Duo flung himself onto Heero, rocking his hips into the man. Heero's neighbors who were entering the building saw this and hastily made their way inside and away from the man. Duo was laughing inside as he let go of Heero who's eyes were full of confusion.

"What the HELL are you doing!" Heero tried to apologize to his neighbors but it was to late. "Those are my neighbors, do you know what they will think of me!"

"Exactly, and they will keep thinking that until you give me a ride. I will come here every night and do the same thing. Cause I love when you FUCK me!" Duo shouted as more people entered the building.

"Ok ok! I'll drive you! Just shut up!" Heero cupped a hand around Duo's mouth and ushered him towards the car.


"I thought you said we were not going far." Heero said, still driving, Duo playing with some things he had in his bag.

"Stop right here! Stop. OK wait for me!" Duo pulled a black bandana over his hair, and tucked his braid into the back of his jacket. He put on a pair of sunglasses and opened the door. "You are going to wait for me, aren't you?" Heero just nodded. Duo smirked and before Heero could have done anything, he snatched the keys from the ignition and put the key ring in his mouth. "Thanks sweetheart!" And with that he took off into a building.

Heero sat in the car, twiddling his fingers and looking around him nervously. His ears perked up when he heard sirens in the background. Duo appeared at the car again, and flung the door open, a huge sack in his arms. "GO GO GO!" He tossed the keys at Heero, who quickly started the car and took off just as the sirens were getting closer.

"You're crazy!" Heero's hands were shaking slightly as he sped towards Duo's apartment.

"Wanna see?" Duo started to open the bag.

"Don't even show me, I don't wanna know." Heero heard a loud yelp and looked over towards Duo. There were two little Jack Russell puppies on his lap. One almost all white save a small patch of brown over his eye. And the other had three spots on one side, one on the other, one by her tail, and one covering each eye and ear. They were jumping up and licking Duo's face.

"Aren't they adorable. Yes, mean nasty scientists were going to do some experiments on your brain, but I wont let that happen." Duo was cuddling the dogs and hugging them tight. Heero just rolled his eyes and sighed as he kept driving.


"Wanna come in for some hot cocoa?" Duo asked, stepping out of the car which was parked in front of his apartment.

"Thanks but no thanks." Heero looked exhausted and wanted nothing more than to go home.

"Please, do this one thing and I will never bother you again."

"No, really." Heero focused his eyes back on the road.

"Ok, then I will see you tomorrow? Same time?"

"What!" And before Heero knew it, he found himself in Duo's apartment, surrounded by the two little hopping Jack Russell's, and a very eccentric apartment. Duo was making two mugs of cocoa, talking to Heero all the while.

"You know you should really lighten up Heero. You should be my November."

"Your what?" Duo had caught Heero's attention, and the Japanese man stepped closer.

"My November." Duo stated matter-a-factly.

"What does that mean." Heero sat down at the table, watching Duo.

"Well every month, I take a man, or woman, but usually a man, and I stay with them for a month. I am their belonging, they can do with me what they like. I help them gain confidence, whatever they need. I teach them how to live."

"And how do you do this."

"Well, there is only one rule, they must devote their lives to me, for one month, and live in my apartment, the outside world totally forgotten." Duo sauntered over to Heero, sizing him up.

"And how does this magical therapy, or treatment should I say, work."

"I can't tell you my secrets now, can I?" Duo handed Heero a hot mug, and sat down at the table, crossing his legs.

"What do you get out of this." Heero took a sip of the cocoa, and instantly regretted it, for the liquid burned his tongue.

"Satisfaction knowing I helped someone." Duo sipped his drink, letting the warm liquid swish in his mouth.

"That can't be the only reason. Do they pay you?" Heero set his mug down and stood up.

"No, that is the only reason."

"You are even crazier then I thought. You just give yourself to a total stranger for a month. Are you some type of a whore."

"Ouch Heero!" Duo stood up as well. "You would be a good November. It is October 30th, we can start tomorrow night!"

"And what am I supposed to do about my girlfriend?" Heero stepped closer to Duo.

Duo leaned in so that Heero could feel his breath on his cheek. "You don't have a girlfriend, a man like you couldn't possibly have that." Duo turned away, going to the sink to wash out his now empty mug.

"I do have one in fact." Heero said, not only trying to convince Duo, but himself as well.

"Well I feel terrible for her."

"You're crazy. Thanks for the cocoa." Heero slammed the door to Duo's apartment and head down to his car.

Duo sat down at the table and picked up Heero's cocoa mug. He watched the brown liquid swirl a bit before he took a long drink.

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