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Warnings: A Yuy with a stick up his butt, and a very kawaii Maxwell. Language, Yaoi.

Sweet November
Part 3

Last time in part 2: Heero was just fired from his job, because of an unnecessary outburst.


Heero entered his apartment, ready to flop down on his bed and wallow in his self-pity. He entered his bedroom to see his girlfriend facing him.

"Boy am I glad to see you." Heero looked her up and down, then noticed she was holding a suitcase. "Ohh you can't be doing this to me. Not now!"

Heero watched her nod slowly as she walked away. Heero watched her go, punching the wall as she left. He stormed over to a small shelve of awards he had won in the advertising business. With one swipe he knocked them all of, crushing each one of them. A sharp shard of class got caught in his palm, causing some crimson blood to trickle down his wrist. He watched his life's liquid flow down his arm and drip in sickening splats onto the floor. A knocking on the door caught his ear. "What!"

"Mr. Yuy! That crazy man from before left you a package, he said I had to be sure you got it." His super's voice came muffled through the door.

"Leave it by the door." Heero slumped to the floor.

"I don't think you want me to do that."

"Leave it by the door damn it!" Heero stood up and went over to the door.

"Ok sir, what ever you say." He dropped the box by Heero's door, and quickly made it back to the lobby.

Heero swung the door open to find a cardboard box on the floor, with little holes cut out. He leaned down and opened it. The little female Jack Russell named Juliet jumped out and onto his lap. She was wearing a little party hat that said November, and had a little necklace that said the month as well, but it also included the key to Duo's apartment. Growling, Heero picked her up and stormed over to Duo's apartment.


"Duo! What do you think you are doing." Heero started jogging the steps up to Duo's apartment. He stuck the key in the door and opened it. All he could hear was loud music as he looked for the boy. The puppy was still in hand when he found Duo, dressed in loose fitting jeans that hung off him, exposing his hip bones, and a tight gray tee-shirt. He was dancing and twirling and singing along to the song. He let out a gasp when he saw Heero watching him.

"JULIET!" He ran over and cuddled the puppy. "I missed you!"

"Do you think you are funny?" Heero just stood there.

"Yep" Duo grabbed Heero's hand, the one with the cut, and attempted to drag him onto his little 'dance floor'.

"Oww!" Heero pulled his hand away. Duo had unknowingly dug his fingers into the slash.

"Ohh let me take a look at that." Duo grabbed his hand and examined the wound. "Yuck." He pulled Heero into his bathroom and cleaned the cut under the water. His eyes spotted Heero's watch and he yanked it off. "I hate watches. Who cares about time right?" Duo dumped it into the garbage pail. "What's wrong with your, you aren't your normal argumentative self."

"I lost my job today."

"Perfect! We can start tonight! You can be my November!" Duo opened the medicine cabinet and pulled out some gauze and medicine.

"And, I also lost my girlfriend." Heero's eyes were fixed on Duo's ministrations. When Duo was done he placed the things back into the cabinet and started to unbutton Heero's dress shirt unbearably slow. "What are you doing?"

Duo's hand slid across Heero's warm chest. "Taking off your shirt, you smell like puppy pee." Duo grabbed the shirt and walked out of the bathroom. "Clean yourself up and then come join me."

Duo walked over to the sink and scrubbed Heero's shirt, ringing it out when he was done. Heero approached him from behind. "Thank you Duo." Duo turned around to meet Heero's eyes.

"Your welcome." And no more words were issued as the two gravitated towards each other. Their mouths meeting in a primal urge, lips pressing into each other, and tongues warring with one another. Heero grabbed Duo roughly and attempted to pull his shirt off.

"Slowly Heero." Duo pulled out of Heero's grip only to be pulled back in again. Duo's hands traced the lines of Heero's chest, caressing the flesh there. "Slowly" Duo kissed him again, breaking away before it got to deep. Heero pushed Duo down onto the couch leaning him over the armrest. Reaching one hand under Duo's shirt he twisted his nipples. "Ai Heero! Slowly!" Heero continued his ministration, putting more weights on Duo and grinding his hips into him. "Heero, this isn't that comfortable. Maybe if we."

Suddenly Heero's weight was gone, and Duo was alone on the couch. Heero was standing up and putting his shirt on. "Heero what? Where are you going?"

"You act like I never made love before."

"I am sure you haven't! You may have fucked people before, but I doubt you ever made love." Duo's comments just caused Heero to leave even faster, stepping out into the pouring rain. Duo was hot on his heels, begging him not to leave. "Please Heero, don't go, I can help you."

"Everything with you is strange. You act as I know nothing. You keep telling me slowly as if I have no clue what I am doing."

"I am trying to re-teach you. Please don't go." Duo stood in the pouring ran, his bangs matted to his forehead as he ran to Heero. He pressed his body against his and hid his head under Heero's chin. "Be my November...."

"For only one day." Heero put his arms around the beautiful creature in front of him.

"I'll take it. I'll take any time I can get with you." Duo pulled Heero back into the apartment, the two of them both dripping water everyplace.

"Heero will you be my November?" Duo leaned in and kissed Heero harshly, his tongue pushing it's way into his mouth and probing Heero's hot cavern.

"Yes." Heero was panting, his lips slightly swollen from the kiss. The two pulled off all their wet garments and hurried over to the bed. Duo let Heero lie underneath him, so that he could press his body against the Japanese mans.

"Let me show you love Heero." Duo kissed Heero's nose, and led a wet trail of kisses to Heero's neck. He let his tongue flick across the salty flesh, and trace the outlines of Heero's veins. His closed his lips around the tender flesh and sucked gently. He felt Heero let out a little moan as he suckled the flesh. Duo left his now red neck, and trailed down to his collarbone, placing small kisses on them. He kissed down to his tan nipples and took them into his mouth, running his tongue over them, and sucking them gently. After he was done with the first he proceeded to the next one.

Duo inched his body down lover so his face was near Heero's thighs, and he dropped soothing kisses on his inner and outer thighs. He nuzzled the flesh with his nose and inhaled Heero's musk. After he was content with the attention he paid to Heero's thighs, he kissed down Heero's legs till he reached his feet. Kissing up and down each leg. When he finished, he sat up to look at Heero's face. His muscles were relaxed as his face was calm.

"That is how you do is slow my love. But I am sick of slow. How about we quicken the pace?" Heero didn't answer, but Duo knew what his response would be.

He let one hand snake around Heero's firm member and teased it. With his other hand he reached to the floor and took a little tube out of his pants pocket. Setting the tube on the bed he leaned forward an put a kiss on Heero's arousal, stabbing his tongue into the slit and then rolling it around the head. He slowly licked it up and down, as if it were a lollipop, and then he placed his warm hot mouth around it and pumped Heero inside.

Heero let out a little gasp as he moved his hips slightly. Duo reached up and held him still, all while rolling his tongue around the hardened flesh. He sucked Heero increasingly harder, pumping his member in and out of his mouth faster.

Heero was letting out little whimpers and trying to buck deeper into Duo's hot mouth. Duo pulled Heero out of his mouth with a loud pop and opened the small tube, applying some of the cold gel to his fingers. After he coated his hand, he went back to sucking Heero's member, pumping him in and out of his mouth quicker.

"Ahh Duo! More." Heero broke free of Duo's hold and pumped into Duo's mouth, the tip of his member hitting the back of his throat, causing shivers to run up and down Heero's body. Duo grabbed Heero's legs, and pushed them up and out, throwing them over his shoulders. The sight of Heero spread eagle was enough to make the American come then and there. Still pumping Heero into his mouth, he traced a finger over Heero's tight channel, trailing his finger over it repeatedly. He felt Heero move his bottom down towards the finger, as he pushed it carefully inside. Heero tensed slightly, but the feelings Duo's talented mouth were giving him kept him distracted. Duo pumped the finger in a few times, slowly stretching the man, before he added a second.

He moved his long fingers around inside the tight hot channel, before he started to pump them. He heard Heero let out a strangled moan as he brushed something deep inside Heero. Duo quickly added another finger, pumping Heero in time with his own mouth. His fingertips hit Heero's prostate again, causing the man to shudder.

"Duo! Mmm, yea." Heero started to move his bottom on Heero's fingers. Duo pulled away from Heero's hardened member a moment to watch his Japanese lover fuck himself on his fingers. Heero reached down and grabbed Duo's hand, forcing his fingers to go deeper and brush Heero's prostate again.

Duo gasped, Heero' was unbelievable, he looked beautiful laying there, covered in a thin sweat, his head tossing in pleasure, his mouth letting out little gasps of enjoyment. "Come Heero." Duo returned to sucking Heero, quickening his actions, and increasing the pressure. He pumped his fingers into Heero at the same time, brushing his prostate with each thrust.

It didn't take long before Heero came, letting a stream of his seed fill Duo's mouth. Duo let Heero empty himself into his waiting mouth. Heero's hips twitched as Duo drank all over Heero's cum, licking his softening member clean. He pulled away and let Heero's legs fall to the bed. He crawled up Heero's side and gently kissed his panting lips. "Like?"

Heero just nodded and pulled on Duo's braid, bringing the boy in for another little kiss. "I never felt anything like that."

"I know." Duo pushed Heero's hair out of his face, kissing his forehead. His still hard erection pressed against Heero's side as he did so.

"What about you?" Heero looked at Duo's face.

"Don't worry about me, I'll get mine very soon." Duo stroked Heero's chest with one finger.

"Ohh yea?" Heero spread his legs, and open invitation to Duo. Duo watched Heero do so, watching the long legs come apart.

"You sure?"

"Yes." Heero pulled Duo to sit on top of him.

"Well your stamina could come in handy." Duo reached for the tube again, but Heero took it from him. "You learn well." Heero smiled and opened the tube, squirting some into his palm and rubbed his hands together to warm it up.

Alternating both hands, he stroked Duo's dripping member, pumping him with his fist. Duo arched his back as he finally received the touch he had been waiting for all night. Heero coated Duo's erection completely, stroking him gently. "Enough Heero."

Duo pulled away from Heero's hands, and once again flipped the boys legs over his shoulders. "I won't hurt you. Slow, remember?" Duo was poised at Heero's entrance and he slowly pushed past the ring of muscle. Duo clenched his teeth as Heero's tight heat embraced him. He drew out and then pushed back in, a bit farther this time. He repeated that procedure until he was seated deep inside his lover.

Duo stayed like that, kissing Heero's face, waiting for the boy to move. Heero clenched his passage around Duo's shaft, causing Duo to moan loudly. He did it again, receiving the same response.

"Heero, you're evil." Duo buried his neck in Heero's shoulder as his hips started to move, pumping in and out of Heero. "Ohh Heero I could come right now." Duo nipped at Heero's ear as he pumped deeper into his lover, the tip of his erection brushing against Heero's prostate. "Ohh Heero your soooo good!"

Duo couldn't wait any longer as he started to pump Heero quickly, making long hard strokes into Heero's waiting passage. When he thrust into the Japanese man Heero would let out a little moan, his fingers digging into Duo's back. Duo rocked deeper inside Heero, Heero's tight passage massaging Duo as he went. Duo let out a grunt and pounded into Heero, grabbing the man by the waist and sat up. In this new position, the two were pressed against each other. Heero knees were still hooked on Duo's, and Duo could feel Heero's renewed erection pressing into his abs.

"Fuck me harder Duo." Heero growled into Duo's ear as Duo's grip on his waist tightened. He pumped Heero harder onto his member. Duo let go with on hand, and brought it to Heero's member, pumping it in time with his thrusts.

"Heero! I'm gunna cum!" Duo pounded deep into Heero a few more times before he exploded in the man, stream after stream of white hot passion flowing into Heero's tight channel. Heero bit into Duo's neck as he felt him release inside of him. The feeling of Duo's throbbing member buried deep inside of him threw him over the edge, and he came for the second time that night. His seed coating their stomachs as well as Duo's fist.

Duo still held Heero close to him, his member still within Heero. He let go of Heero's organ, and licked the seed that remained on his hand. "That's love, my beautiful November." Duo let his exhausted lover fall to the bed, and coiled himself around him. He pulled the blankets up to their necks, and slept peacefully and warmly.

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