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Pairing: 2x1 a small hint of 2+3 and implied 3+4 (very tiny hints of5+S)
Rating: R
Warnings: A Yuy with a stick up his butt, and a very kawaii Maxwell. Language, Yaoi.

Sweet November
Part 4

Heero woke up alone and cold in the bed. He stretched and grimaced when he found his muscles to be sore. With a yawn he stepped out of the bed, blissfully naked. He looked around for his clothing, but all he could find was a blue pair of boxer shorts with Wing Gundams all over them. He slipped into them, letting them ride low on his waist, as he went to find Duo. As if on command, the door opened and Duo walked in, cheerful as ever. He had on loose black jeans and a black fishnet top. The mesh letting his pale skin peek out.

"Hey darling. Good Morning. Duo leaned over and kissed Heero's cheek.

"Duo, where is my clothing?" Heero received the kiss and resumed looking around the apartment, tripping over the two dogs, Romeo and Juliet, in the process.

"I gave them away." Duo bent down and looked in the refrigerator for something to eat.

"Ha ha, very funny Duo. Where are they." Heero walked up behind the American.

"I gave them away. They were too serious and business like. But! Being the wonderful person that I am, have gotten you new clothing."

Duo pulled out a box of waffles from the freezer and placed them on the counter. He opened a brown bag that was sitting on the counter and tossed a pair of jeans at Heero. "Pants" He then tossed a multicolored form fitting top at Heero, "And a shirt!" And then a zip up sweatshirt. "And even a jacket. Now aren't I nice?" Duo threw the empty bag away and went back to toasting the waffles. "You want some fruit on your waffles?" Duo looked over his shoulder at Heero, who looked like steam was about to come out of his ears. "What?"

"You gave my clothing away? Why?"

"Cause it is liberating." Duo put a waffle on each plate and handed one to Heero. Heero took his plate and dropped it onto the table. "Get dressed first Heero."

Heero bent down to snatch up the clothing, giving Duo a wonderful a wonderful view of his firm ass. Just as he was about to pull on the pair of pants, he heard the door open. He turned his head to see a tall slender man walk in. Silky mahogany hair hung in front of one of his eyes.

"Good morning Duo love." He walked over to Duo and they kissed innocently on the lips. Duo wrapped his arms around the tall mans body and squeezed him tight. Heero just watched, his mouth slightly open. When the two men parted, the taller one leaned over Duo and took a mug out of the cabinet, and filled it with the fresh coffee that was brewing.

"Good morning Trowa. You're looking gorgeous as always." Duo faced Heero, who was now trying to get his pants on as quickly as possible. "Ohh Heero, this is Trowa, Trowa this is Heero."

"You must be November, nice to meet you." Trowa turned back towards Duo. "He's a sexy one."

Heero pulled the shirt over his head and faced the two, who were still tangled up in each others limbs. "Nice to uhh, meet you too."

"My clothing looks good on you Heero." Trowa laughed as he sipped his coffee.

"Your clothing?" Heero looked at him puzzled.

"Yea, but I tell you what, why don't you keep it." Trowa turned back to Duo and gave him another kiss on the lips. "Well I have to go now love. Thanks for the coffee." Trowa set the mug down in the sink and walked off towards the door, waving as he went.

Heero and Duo both watched him go. Duo lovingly, and Heero in confusion. "What the hell was that? Your boyfriend?"

"Hell no! That was just Trowa, he lives down stairs from me. We take care of each other." Duo stuck a fork into his waffle and started to devour it. "Hurry up an eat Heero or it will get cold."

Heero just shook his head, his dark hair falling over his eyes. "Duo, hate to tell you this, but this is really weirding me out. This guy just comes in here, kisses you, pours a cup of coffee, and leaves. I am pretty sure he can take care of himself,and make his own coffee."

"Oi Heero, he is my best friend." Duo was munching on a strawberry, his tongue snaking out to lick at it. "Just drop it, come on and eat, we have a busy day." Heero sighed and flopped down into the chair, stuffing the waffle into his mouth, looking absolutely miserable. "Heero stop looking like the end of the earth and cheer up. He is just my friend."

Heero shoveled the last bit into his mouth and dropped the plate into the sink. "Ok, I'm done. What are we going to do today."

"Try to be a bit more enthusiastic will you? Otherwise my 'treatment' will not work." Duo grabbed Heero's hand and pulled him close, giving him a deep kiss. "Now come on, otherwise no getting naked tonight."


The couple walked down Duo's block, Duo introducing Heero to all of his eccentric friends. They stopped when Duo approached a small 7 year old girl. "Heero, this is my good friend Mariemaya" Duo pointed to a little girl, with coral colored hair, who was standing on one leg. She had an adorable little chubby face, with little freckles on her cheeks.

"Hi there Mariemaya." Heero waved and continued to walk.

"Hey Heero! I am trying to break the world record for standing on one leg. Wanna time me!"

"For how long?" For some reason Heero was already annoyed with the child.

"The record is 30 hours. Wanna time me, huh?" Mariemaya held out a stop watch and grinned mischievously. Heero just threw his hands in the air and walked away. Duo approached the little girl and gave her a high five.

"Good one sweet heart. You annoyed him in less than a minute, you're getting better." Duo ruffled her hair and followed after Heero.

The two walked for a few hours, letting the autumn air blow through their hair. They stopped by a house where Duo picked up 5 dogs that he walks every week. The two headed towards the beach, Duo walking 3 dogs, and Heero walking 2.

"So how much do you get paid for this?" Heero questioned, being awkwardly pulled by the dogs.

"Nothing, I do it for free. It relaxes me, besides I love dogs." Duo reached the edge of the beach and took the dogs of their leashes. "You can let them go." Heero did just that, dropping the leashes and letting the dogs run wild. "Go ahead puppies, just don't tell mommy." Duo ran after the dogs, chasing them through the sand to the edge of the surf. He tackled a few dogs, rolling around in the sand with them. Heero just plopped down and watched the braided man play with the animals. There was something magical and capturing about the boy in front of him. Duo followed the dogs to the edge of the water, the bottoms of his jeans absorbing the salty liquid and darkening his jeans. Heero watched in silence as he heard Duo's giggles fill the air, watching his nimble body to cartwheels. He watch the man tumble in the sand, his pale flat belly exposed as he flipped.


"Do tell me, why do you find such pleasure in doing simple tasks like these?" Heero was licking an ice cream cone, resting one hand around Duo waist. They had dropped the dogs back home and were now walking the boardwalk.

"I just like focusing on the simple things. That is what makes life worth wild. They are the best, and you can just be carefree and do what you please." Duo was chomping on an ice pop himself, snuggling into Heero's warmth. He had a Heero zip up sweatshirt on over his fishnet now so that he wasn't freezing.

"Did you ever have a job?" Heero was amazed that someone could be so carefree.

"Of course I had a job, believe it or not. I owned a pet shop with a friend. But he died, and I didn't care to keep the shop open by myself. Besides, it was starting to get big, and you know me, I am always about the simple things."

"You wish a job, terrifying." Duo just hopped off the boardwalk and towards the trolley car.

"Can't we just drive?" Heero watched Duo run off towards the trolley.

"This is more fun! Come on." Duo grabbed Heero's hand and they jumped onto the car. Heero pressed his lips to Duo's, holding him tight.


"Duo, you're not going to be upset when I have to leave tonight, are you? I told you I could only stay for a day."

"I won't be upset, I know exactly what you will do. You will go home, be bored, go onto your computer, get bored, and then try to sleep, but won't be able to because you are thinking of me." Duo continued to eat his dinner, not even looking Heero in the eye.

"Sure of yourself?" Heero took another forkful of his dinner. "Tell me about October?"

"October...well he was a sweet man. Incredibly shy, that is why he came to be, to overcome his shyness."

"And were you successful?" Heero was not quite believing Duo.

"Why of course! So successful in fact that we had to end a week and a half earlier than planned. He is so confident now, he can pretty much do anything he sets his mind to."

"And September?"

"There was no September."


"A girl who had no self esteem. She was a bit boring unfortunately, but extremely friendly. And yes, I cured her too." Duo crunched on a string bean, and took a sip of his water.

"Well thank you for dinner Duo, it was delicious." Heero stood up, taking his napkin off his lap, and leaning over to kiss Duo on the cheek. "But I must get back to my life."

"What life? You have no job, no girlfriend, no commitments, you have the perfect chance to stay with me." Duo slumped in his chair.

"You can't just end a conversation on a happy note can you?" Heero went back into the main room, picked up his cell phone and watch, and left.

"You'll be back." Duo finished his meal and went back into the main room.

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