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Sweet November
Part 7

"Ok ready?"

Duo was on his knees in the middle of his apartment. He had a giant grin plastered on his face and he was biting his lip. He was wearing a pair of red and black plaid pants that hung off his hips, and a tight black shirt. His shirt rose up a bit, exposing his smooth stomach. Heero was standing in front of him, dressed in a brightly colored tee-shirt, and loose fitting jeans that fell off his hips as well. He had one of Duo's scarf's tied around his eyes, and was yet again trying to find the braided man. "Come get me!"

Duo bounced off his heels and skid across the room, hiding near a bookshelf. With utter ease, Heero moved himself throughout the apartment, dodging the furniture and things on the floor. He followed Duo's small giggles, and wove himself over to the bookshelf. Duo let out a squeal and ran over to the bed, jumping onto the covers. Heero quickly followed suit, jumping onto the bed, and trying to wrap his arms around Duo. However, he missed and caught the air, causing him to tumble to the floor.

Duo let out a huge laugh and went to sit on the kitchen table. His eyes widened when he realized Heero was in front of him, and before he could move, the Japanese man had his arms around his waist and was tugging him closer to his body. Duo let out a little yelp of surprise as he struggled to get out of Heero's tight embrace.

"No way, I caught you fair and square." Heero pushed Duo back onto the kitchen table and then removed his blind fold. "You're mine." Heero pressed a kiss to Duo's lips and hugged him closer.

"No fair, you are getting to good at this game." Duo protested before Heero captured his lips again.

"Duo, that is the first time I caught you." Heero pulled Duo up into a sitting position.

"I know, but it was so much fun to watch you fall over your feet." Duo laughed as he hopped off the table to make lunch. "What do you want? I can make some taco salad." Duo bounced over to the refrigerator and opened the door.

"I don't care. What ever you want." Heero slid into one of the chairs and flung a leg onto the table.

"Ok, taco salad it is then." Duo brought out a few ingredients from the refrigerator. He swayed over to the kitchen counter and started to pull some green leaves off a head of lettuce. "Heero, Thanksgiving is coming up, and I was wondering, do you have any family?" Duo looked over his shoulder slightly, seeing Heero tense up.

"Well not really." Heero sat straight in his chair and pulled his leg off the table. "Why do you care?"

"I was just wondering if you wanted to have them over for thanksgiving, you know, I could cook a nice dinner. Trowa can come over and some friends, maybe Mariemaya and her mother." Duo tossed the lettuce into a bowl and began to grate some cheese over it.

"Well I grew up around here, actually. But my parents died when I was younger. So I suppose I really don't have any family."

"You grew up here?" Duo turned towards the Japanese man who was staring at him.

"Yea, you sound surprised." Heero stood up to help Duo with the food.

"Well I suppose I am surprised. I didn't take you to be the kind of child that grew up…well that grew up without a lot of money." Duo pulled out a sharp knife and cut into a small tomato.

"Yea, well when your father is a door to door salesman, and your mother doesn't work, you're a quite limited to where you live."

"I suppose." Duo was at a loss for words. He let Heero finish preparing the salad and went to fry some chop meat.

"We were kind of the outcasts on the block…you know, no one wanted to be near the poor kid." Heero looked down at the counter top and pressed his lips together. "Ohh. Sorry."

"It's not your fault. I bought the house after my parent past away, but I haven't been about to bring myself to go there again. I still carry the key with me, but I haven't been there in years." Heero carried the salad over to the table and then returned to Duo.

"I'll go there with you." Duo took Heero's face in his hands and held it. He leaned in and left a kiss on his lips. "That is, if you feel you need to."


Duo was sitting in a bathtub full of bubbles. He was seated behind Heero, his knees popping out of the sudsy water. His hands were entwined in Heero's soapy hair, and he was currently making an art project out of the wet tresses. He had sculpted Heero's hair into a small mohawk, with little strands coming down near his forehead. Heero was leaning peacefully against Duo's chest, his feet hanging over the edge of the tub, and one of his fists was clenched around a mass of Duo's hair.

"Hello Duo love." Heero scowled slightly as he heard Trowa's voice. "The coffee tastes different today. Did you switch brands?" Trowa walked into the bathroom, coffee mug in hand, totally disregarding the fact that there were two naked men in the bathtub. He was dressed in a tight pair of jeans and a shirt that had the sleeves ripped off.

Duo nuzzled his face into Heero's neck. "Morning Trowa. Yea I switched brands. That is hazel nut, I like it." Trowa just made a face at the coffee.

"It's ok." Trowa still lingered in the bathroom.

"Do you mind? We are taking a bath." Heero scowled at Trowa, his hair still up in the mohawk, and tried to sit back up, but Duo pulled him closer to his chest.

Trowa widened his eyes slightly. "I can see that." His lips curled up into a smile. "And Duo, you are looking quite lovely today." Trowa playfully trailed his eyes over Duo's body.

Duo blushed slightly and nodded his head at Trowa.

"Anyway, I came here to invite you two over to my apartment for dinner. Then afterwards, we can see if the last of the Mohicans here…" Trowa gestured towards Heero, "can dance." With that Trowa turned to leave, "Dress up you two." Trowa swayed his hips slightly as he exited the small bathroom.

"Duo, I really think he has to start making his own coffee." Heero turned in Duo's arms so he could face the man.

"Why? I rather like having him around."

"Well next time he comes in you could be screwing me silly."

"Ohh he did that already." Duo went back to rinsing out his hair as Heero stared at him, mouth slightly ajar.


Duo was standing in the doorway of a small house. It was unkempt and old, and the smell of age permeated his senses. Heero pushed open the door so that the braided man could step in.

"Well this was my home." Heero followed his lover into a small hallway that branched into 3 rooms and led into a small kitchen. "As I said, I haven't been here for years, so it is a mess."

Duo walked in farther, kicking a small box out of his path. "What room was this?" Duo pointed to a small room with an old couch and a end table inside.

"That was the family room. My father spent a lot of time in there." Heero's eyes looked dark as he wandered through the house. "When ever he came home from work he would sit in there. God forbid we bother him."

Duo trotted up to Heero and latched onto his hand. "What was that one?" Duo pointed to an empty room.

"That was my parents bedroom." Heero pulled Duo forward and led him to the last room. "And this was my room." He let go of Duo's hand, and let the American wander around. The room was composed of browns, and there was cowboy wallpaper on the walls. There was a small table in the corner of the room, but otherwise the room was empty.

"So this is where you spent most of your time?" Duo returned to Heero, wrapping his arms around him from behind.

Heero nodded affirmative. He gestured to the small table in the corner. "I used to have a record player over there, and when I was younger, I would listen to records day and night. I used to love doing that. I remember I wanted to be a singer."

"You can sing? Will you sing for me one day."

"I don't think so, I gave that up long ago." Heero nuzzled into Duo, holding him tight.

"And so you sat here and listened to music." Heero nodded "Did you dance?" Duo pulled Heero into a dancing position, and wrapped one arm around his waist.

"Never had a dancing partner." Heero pulled Duo close to his chest and started to dance with the man. Almost as soon as they started moving, Duo immediately stepped on Heero's toes. Heero pulled away and started to dance again, and yet again Duo stepped on his feet.

"Duo, I may not know how to do many things, but I do know how to dance, and you are terrible at it." Heero smiled for the first time that afternoon.

Duo just laughed and let Heero pull him into an embrace. "I never had a dancing partner either." Duo covered his mouth with a hand and let out a little gasp of surprise. "Ohh dancing! I forgot, we have to go to Trowa's tonight!"


Duo was standing in front of a mirror, he was putting small white flowers in the front of his hair, sticking them in sparingly. His thick braid fell over his back, the tip brushing against the bottom. He was dressed in a pair of black pants, and a slightly transparent burgundy shirt. Underneath it, he had a white tank top, the seemed to glitter slightly. Heero snuck up behind him and hit him on the ass.

"You look nice. Can we get naked now?" Heero tried to put on an innocent face. He had on a dress shirt that was a darker shade of Duo's, black pants, and a black tie.

"Very funny Heero. Come on, I am sure Trowa made a delicious meal for us." Duo quickly finished up and headed back into the main room of the apartment.

"Ok, so we can go down and say hi, and then get naked right?" Heero tried to wrapped his arms around Duo's waist but the man pulled away.

"We can get naked later, ok? Right now we are going dancing." Duo pulled Heero towards the door.

"I would much rather see you naked, please?" Heero playfully pleaded in Duo's ear.

"That is very sweet, but later."

"How about we get naked now, and then go to Trowa's later?"

"If you don't get your cute little ass into Trowa's apartment now then no getting naked tonight." Duo smirked triumphantly.

Heero raised his hands in defeat and scrambled down the stairs. "Ok, you win, I am going!"

On his way down, Duo grabbed a small bunch of flowers out of a vase, and followed Heero to Trowa's door. He knocked on it gently and waited for his friend to open it.

The person that came to the door totally and utterly surprised Heero. It was Trowa, his face lightly painted with makeup, and his hair parted down the middle, causing silky strands to frame his face. He was in tight fitting green sequin dress, that reached mid-thigh, and his feet were encased in black dress sandals. His lips were painted a glossy pastel rose, and his eyes were thinly lined in black, his long lashes curling upwards slightly. His makeup was very simple, but it brought out his eyes, and his hair framed his face elegantly.

"Hi!" Duo latched onto his friend and hugged him tight. "You look wonderful!"

Trowa smiled and let the two men in, Duo smiling, and Heero utterly stunned.

"I love your dress." Duo studied his friend, and the way the dress clung to his slender body.

"Duo dear, this is not a dress, it is a sequin masterpiece." Trowa spread his arms and looked seductively at Duo. "Hi Heero, glad you could make it. Come on in."

"Uhh…hel…hell….Hi." Heero stuttered his greetings as he entered into the main room. A small blond entered the room and caught Heero's eye. If it were not for his broader shoulders, Heero would have thought he was a woman. The man had on a pastel blue skirt that reached his knees, and had on calve-high boots. He wore a lavender tank top with thin lace straps. His hair was slightly curled, a few pieces falling onto his forehead and around his face, but most were held back by small clips. His face was smooth and he had light makeup around his eyes, and a soft pink lipstick on. He swayed over towards Trowa and latched onto his arm. Heero leaned over to whisper into Duo's ear. "You didn't tell me Trowa had a boyfriend."

"It was much more amusing to make you think Trowa was my lover." Duo whispered back, laughing. Then he added one last thing to make Heero's blood boil, "Not to say that I am not." Heero would have remarked to that but Trowa interrupted him.

"Ohh Heero, this is Quatre." Trowa rested an arm on Quatre's shoulder and pushed him towards Heero. Quatre reached a hand out to Heero, shaking with him.

"Nice to meet you Heero. Ohh Duo you look wonderful!" Quatre turned towards Duo.

Duo did a little bow and smiled. "I try." He brought the flowers up towards Trowa. "I brought these for you."

"O, now aren't they lovely?" Trowa looked at them through half amused eyes. "Look Quatre, flowers." He tossed them over towards the blond man who caught them.

"Just beautiful." Quatre took them and tossed them over his shoulder into the kitchen where they landed on the tile floor.

"Well don't just stand around, take a seat, we have a lovely dinner for you." Trowa led his guests to a table where he had four place settings. Quatre entered the room with a small serving dish in his hands.

"I hope you like couscous." Quatre set the food onto the table and then went back to the kitchen for the chicken.

"I love couscous, don't you Heero?" Duo took the serving spoon and placed some on his dish as well as Heero's.

"Uhh, hai." Heero just sat there, with a befuddled face on.

"You made this Quatre?" Duo looked towards the blond man who had finally taken a seat.

"I slaved over it." Quatre smiled and took a serving for himself.

"He made it from a box" Trowa muttered under his breath.

"Well I still made it, didn't I?" Quatre looked across the table at Heero as he spoke.

"Regardless, it is delicious, and I am starved." Duo quickly ate the grains, and then proceeded to cut into the chicken that Quatre had served. The rest of the dinner was uneventful, Heero remained somewhat silent, and the other three chatted about various things. Heero's eyes wandered around the apartment, sizing up it's contents and all of Trowa's belongings. His eyes glanced over at a T.V. and it kept his gaze for a few moments. Trowa noticed Heero looking over towards the television and spoke up.

"You can watch it if you like." Trowa stood up and took his place, along with Duo's, into the kitchen.

'Well….it is just, Duo doesn't believe in television. It's been 3 weeks since I have even seen a television."

"Hey! In my defense, there are much better things to do than watch T.V." Duo turned to face his lover who had now wandered over towards the television. Trowa wandered over towards Heero, and switched on the T.V.

"You know Heero, you have looked like a fish out of water ever since you came here. Is it the dress?" Trowa crossed his arms and stood beside Heero.

"Well, no, it is not that. It is just, I wish I had known, I would have…" He was cut off by Trowa.

"You would have what? Worn a dress? I think that is highly unlikely. Though it would be amusing to see" Trowa turned towards the television, focusing his attention to the commercial. "Ohh I love this one."

"You do?" Heero watched the commercial, it was one that he and his old advertising firm had created.

"Yes. And before you say anything, I know you created it." The two men just sort of nodded at each other before going back to watching the T.V.

Duo, who was still seated at the table with Quatre, looked over at the two men. "See, that is why I hate television. It is like a portal, they are both total zombies."

"I heard that." Came Trowa's voice.

"Ok, well maybe not him, but Heero is." Duo slumped into his chair.

"I know what you mean." Quatre leaned in towards Duo, who was holding his head. "Let me guess, you need an aspirin?" Quatre touched him on the shoulder "I know how you feel."

"Yea thanks." Duo looked gratefully up at Quatre who got up to retrieve the medicine. Duo got up and plopped himself down onto the couch, watching the two men. He cradled his head in his hands, feeling the throbbing pain in his head. Quatre returned with two pills and he quickly swallowed them down. "Thanks"

"Duo, are you ready to go?" Trowa switched off the television and walked towards Duo.

"Umm, guys, I am not feeling too well." Duo stood up, holding his stomach. I must regretfully decline." Duo looked pale, and his frame shook a bit. Heero looked at him with worried eyes but Trowa and Quatre just nodded. "Heero, you stay, have a good time." Duo held his sides tightly as he bolted out of the room, leaving one extremely confused Japanese man behind.

"What was that all about?" Heero sensed that the two men in the room knew something.

"Well he gets terrible migraines." Trowa calmly walked over to Heero.

"Terribly horrible migraines." Quatre added.

"Go see him." Trowa stepped closer to Heero and looked him straight in the eye.

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