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Pairing: 2x1 a small hint of 2+3 and implied 3+4 (very tiny hints of5+S)
Rating: R
Warnings: A Yuy with a stick up his butt, and a very kawaii Maxwell. Language, Yaoi.

Sweet November
Part 8

Duo stumbled into his apartment, one arm folded across his stomach, the other pushing various objects out of his way. He quickly made his way to the bathroom and pulled out several small brown pill bottles. Without even bothering to count the pills or look at the labels, he poured a large amount of them into his hand, and then one pill at a time he swallowed them without water. He was shuddering slightly and he rushed to consume the pills as he heard Heero bounding up the steps. By the time Heero reached the door, Duo was quickly shoving the bottles back into their rightful place.

"Duo? Are you alright?" Heero stepped over a knocked over chair and towards the bathroom. He found Duo standing there, trying to look as if nothing had happened. "Duo?"

"I'm fine, really?" Duo noticed he left two of the bottles out and he quickly went to move them. But in his haste he knocked them over, sending the contents clattering to the floor. Duo let out a little gasp as he quickly bent down to clean up the mess.

Heero bent down as well, sorting the small white pills from the green ones. "You don't look fine." Heero's hand brushed over Duo's and he held it tight.

"I'm fine, really. Just a headache, that's all. Maybe Quatre's cooking didn't agree with me, or something like that."

Heero looked at Duo with stern eyes, but then bought the excuse and he continued to help pick up the pills. When they were done, the both of them stood. Duo wavered slightly, but caught onto the edge of the sink before he went down. Heero quickly wrapped an arm around his waist.

"Duo!" Heero hoisted the man up, letting Duo put most of his weight onto him. "Are you going to tell me that nothing is wrong again??" Heero led Duo into the bedroom where Duo finally detached himself and went to stand near a dresser.

"Just a little light headed…..I'm fine." To avoid further questioning, Duo tried to change the subject. "Hey Heero…" Duo gingerly climbed onto the bed and tried to look sexy, however, the only thing he pulled off was looking overtired. "How about getting naked, didn't you wanna get naked?" Duo toyed with the bottom of his shirt, teasing it up slightly.

"Duo…" Heero looked at Duo's face. It was a miserable face covered with a false mask of happiness. The braided man was pale, and he looked as if he was wavering slightly. "You really are sick aren't you?" Heero crawled onto the bed in front of Duo.

Duo nodded, finally admitting that he was sick. He finally collapsed into Heero's arms, he head resting on his lovers shoulders.

"Well how about tomorrow we get naked, and today we get into pajamas. Ok?" Heero pulled Duo away from him.

"That sounds absolutely wonderful." Duo flopped down onto the bed and let Heero slip his shoes and pants off. He then removed his sweater and pitched it over to a chair. Heero did the same, unbuttoning his shirt, removing his pants, and kicking off his shoes. He then crawled into the bed with his lover, who was presently curled into a little fetal ball. "Thank you Heero." Duo turned over and pulled Heero closer to his chest. He rested his head on top of Heero's, burying his face in his messy hair.


Heero was sitting outside the apartment he now shared with Duo. He was wearing a pair of blue overalls that weren't buckled, and a electric blue tee-shirt with the collar cut off of it. He was sitting peacefully on the steps staring at the sky, which almost mimicked the color of his shirt. It was such a beautiful autumn day, with wind blowing in his hair and the scent of leaves floating in the air. In his ears he heard the soft voices of kids playing and passing cars. He suddenly jumped to his feet, a totally goofy look on his face and he ran up the steps to the apartment. Duo was in front of the stove, re-heating some leftovers from last nights dinner. He was dressed in a pair of big black jeans that hung off his hips, exposing his creamy skin and small jutting of bones. He had a small purple vest on, unzipped, that barely reached the bottom of his ribs.

"Hey stranger." Heero grabbed Duo around the waist.

"Hey you." Duo dropped the rest of the food into the pan and turned to face Heero. He pressed his body up against his Japanese lovers and kissed his neck. "Miss me?"

"Mmm Hmm" Heero let his head loll back as Duo kissed and sucked at it.

"Me too." Duo reached one hand behind Heero's neck and pushed it back up. He let his lips latch onto Heero's and kissed him deeply.

Heero in turn let out a small moan and pulled Duo backward with him. He eventually bumped into the table and he scooted on top of it, pulling Duo with him. Duo pressed his groin against Heero's harder as he kissed him deeper, his tongue sweeping into his lovers hot mouth and exploring it. Duo pushed Heero horizontal on the table and straddled the mans legs, leaning down to deepen the kiss. His hands were now locked into Heero's head of hair, curling the strands around his fingers.

Just as Heero started to work Duo's vest off of his shoulder, the braided boy froze, stopped his kiss, and pulled upright. "Ohh the food!" Duo jumped to his feet to stir the food, which had now blackened on one side. "Ohh well." Duo sighed and wiped his brow.

Heero sighed as well and got up off the table. "Hey Duo?"


"I don't know if it was the weather today, or I am just crazy, but…" Heero inched up so that he was close to Duo's left side. "Marry me."

"Ha ha, very cute Heero." Duo continued to stir the food, not looking Heero directly in the eye.

"I'm not kidding. Marry Me."

"You know I can't do that." Duo shut off the gas and faced Heero.

"Why not?"

"Well then I wouldn't be able to help more people like you. It is what I live for, remember? And I am sure you would not like your spouse sleeping with a different person every month."

"Come on Duo, marry me." Heero looked at Duo with total seriousness.

"Heero, this is not a game. I said no. Besides, I wouldn't be able to put up with all your watches, and pagers, and cell phones. You know I hate them." Duo smirked at Heero and hopped onto the counter.

Heero opened one of the cabinet doors and pulled out his well- hidden cell phone. "See this?" Heero held the phone over a sink full of soapy water. "Goodbye" He dropped the phone into the water, a few bubbles flying into the air. "See this?" This time Heero took off his watch and hung it in front of Duo's eyes. "Bye" He tossed it into the sink to join the phone. "Now will you marry me?"

Duo had to laugh, Heero just looked so cute. "Heero I can't. I'm sorry." Duo gave his lover a sad face and continued to clean up the kitchen.

"Will you at least think about it?" Heero pleaded, going totally out of his character.

"Will you shut up if I say yes?" Duo cocked his head to one side.


"Then yes, I will think about it." Duo set two bowls on the table, and the two ate lunch.


Duo tossed to the side, his eyes now clear of sleep. It was still dark outside, but there was enough light to make out Heero's sleeping form. The Japanese man was exhausted after their long bout of lovemaking. Duo had been awake for approximately a half-hour, and he was getting restless. He rolled out of bed, careful not to wake Heero, and trotted across the room. He tossed on an old pair of jeans, a blue shirt, and his favorite blue scarf. After quickly scribbling a note to Heero, he descended to Trowa's apartment. His feet hit the stairs gently as he made his way to his friend's apartment. With a gentle rapping on the door he waited for Trowa to answer. About a minute later Trowa answered the door, dressed in a pair of loose gray cotton pants and tank top. Duo looked at him meekly.

"I couldn't sleep. Want to go for a walk?" Duo's bright eyes shown through the darkness.

Trowa just nodded his head at the American. He slipped back into his apartment and grabbed a pair of shoes. "So what happened this time Duo?" Trowa held out his arm and Duo latched onto it.

"What makes you say that?" Duo cuddled into Trowa as the started to walk down the street.

"Because every time you come knocking at my door something is wrong." Trowa tilted his head up and gazed at the lightening sky.

"He asked me to marry him." Duo looked up towards the sky as well, his undone hair swaying at his knees.

"Ohh." Trowa pushed a lock of Duo's hair behind his ear as he spoke. "Well plenty of people have asked you that."

"Yea I know. But this time was different. This time I almost said yes." Duo looked back down at his feet, ashamed.

"Well that is certainly unlike you. What is so different about him." Trowa pulled Duo closer to him.

"Everything, and nothing…..I can't put it into words. I forget myself when I am with him." Duo stopped walking and flopped down into a bench, dragging the taller man with him.

"Do you know what your getting yourself into Duo?" Trowa let Duo cuddle into his chest as he thought.

"Not at all."

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