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Warnings: A Yuy with a stick up his butt, and a very kawaii Maxwell. Language, Yaoi.

Sweet November
Part 9

Heero woke up to an empty bed and several rays of sunlight streaming threw the apartment. He opened his eyes slowly, ridding them of sleep, and searched the apartment for his lover. Tossing the covers off his body, and stepped out of bed and padded into the kitchen. A small piece of yellow paper on the table caught Heero's attention, and he picked it up.


I couldn't sleep, went for a walk with Trowa. Be back later


Heero crumpled the paper into a small ball and tossed it into the garbage can. In the middle of the table, Duo had left him a small muffin and some strawberries. Smiling at Duo's thoughtfulness he grabbed the muffin and took a bite into it. He sat lazily in a chair, flipping one leg onto the table, and leaning back in the chair. Just as he Heero was getting comfortable, there was a small knock on the door, to polite and gentle to be Duo. Heero slithered out of the chair and opened the door, revealing Mariemaya's head of bright coral hair. The child was dressed in a pair of purple leggings with a black skirt over them. She had on a brown zip up sweater and blue tank top underneath. Her small hands were done up in 'jewelry' which was constructed from various colors of pipe cleaners.

"Ohh hi Marie, how are you?" Heero stooped down so that he could talk to the child face to face.

Mariemaya bit her lip and swayed back and forth on her heels. "Umm I'm ok, I suppose. Hey where's Duo?" Mariemaya's eyes darted across the apartment.

"Ohh I'm sorry, he went out for a walk, I don't know when he is coming back."

Mariemaya tugged at the bottom of her shirt and blinked up at Heero. "Well, I was looking for you any way."

"Ohh, is something wrong?" Heero moved his arm to let her into the apartment but she didn't budge."

"Yea, well you see…….everyyearatmyschoolwehaveaparentdayandsincemymothercan'tcomeifig uredyoucould!" Mariemaya closed her eyes tight and stood their waiting.

"All I understood from that was 'well you see…..', lets try that again, but this time breathe."

"Ok, well every year at my school we have a parent day where all the kids bring their parents, and since my mother can't come I figured you could, that is, if you don't mind." Mariemaya paused and looked back up at Heero, giving him a toothy grin. "Please?"

"Well Marie, I would be honored to be you 'parent' at Parent Day. Are you sure you can't fine anyone 'cooler'?"

"Gee are you kidding! You're the coolest Heero!" Mariemaya was beaming. "Remember, it is this coming Monday! So don't forget about me." Mariemaya turned to leave, Heero following her down the steps.

"I would never forget. Don't worry." Heero ruffled the girls hair gently.

"Arigato Heero!" Mariemaya bounced down the stairs on onto the sidewalk. "Hey Heero, did you know how much the largest bowl of spaghetti weighed?"

"No Marie, I don't." Heero laughed at the child's sudden question.

"Over 600 pounds!" She quickly yelled as she crossed the street.

"Boy Mariemaya, you really are something." Heero put a hand to his head and ran it though his tangle locks. He smiled as he walked back up to the apartment and took a seat at the table again.

Juliet came slipping across the floor, claws clicking, ears flapping, and sat down at his feet. Heero patted his lap, indicating for the small puppy to jump up, and she did so, curling into a small ball on his lap and resting her muzzle on his abdomen. Heero scratched her head and then searched the apartment for Romeo. He was absolutely no where to be found. Taking the now confused dog into his arms, he searched the apartment, searching for Romeo's hiding space. However all his searches were fruitless and he could not find Juliet's brother. Just as the Japanese man was about to open the door, it opened for him, revealing Duo. Duo's eyes looked tired yet his face looked happy enough. He was dressed in a long blue shirt that hung to mid-thigh, it was old and faded, yet Duo still looked wonderful in it. He wore an old ripped pair of blue jeans, had a blue scarf around his neck, and his black fishnet sweater around his waist.

"Morning." Duo kissed Heero on the cheek as he walked past him.

"Um Duo…..Romeo is missing, I was just going to look for him."

"No, he's not missing." Duo took Juliet from Heero and nuzzled her. "I gave him to a nice old woman."

Heero had a look of disbelief on his face. "You what? You loved that dog."

"Yes I know, that is exactly why I had to give him away. Can't keep a dog for more than 3 months, that is the rule anyways. So I didn't want do get to attached. Besides, now he has a good home."

"Well at least we still have Juliet."

Duo bit his lip and then answered Heero. "Well we have her for a few more minutes."

"What do you mean by that?"

"Well a man is coming by Trowa's to pick her up. I promised him that he could have her."

Heero put a hand to his head. "I will never understand you."

"That is the beauty of ME!" Duo gave a big toothy smile. "Anyway, Trowa has a new collar for her, would you go down and give him Juliet for me? Please?" Duo nuzzled Juliet for one last time and handing him off to Heero.

"Do you enjoy torturing me?" Heero headed towards the door.

"I live for it!" Duo waited until Heero had left the apartment before dashing to his room. He fiddled with a small key on his key ring and jammed it in the lock of a wall cabinet. He pulled out a bottle of pills and drowned several of them in one gulp. He quickly hid the pill bottle from sight and hunched over in his chair. Small twinges of pain, getting consecutively larger, ran through his body, pulsing into his head and limbs. He let out a little cry and tried to curl into a ball. He shuttered, causing his body to fall off the chair and land harshly on the wood floor. That was exactly when Heero reentered the room.

"Duo what happened?" Heero dashed over to the shuddering heap on the floor. Duo's small frame sat up and he crawled onto his knees."

"Nothing, I'm fine." Duo hugged his frame and tried to stand, collapsing back into the chair.

"Your face is beet red, and your crying! Something happened." Heero tried to touch his lover but Duo just ducked out of reach.

"I miss Juliet, that's all." Duo's eyes were sunken in, and his coloration was pale, save the blush that spread across his cheeks.

"Well I can still get her if you want. I am sure she is still at Trowa's."

"NO! Leave her, she has to go with them." Duo let out a little yelp of pain and grabbed his head.

"I don't understand what is going on." Heero backed away from Duo, his eyes catching on the locked wall cabinet. " What are you hiding from me?"

"Nothing, I swear. I just miss the dogs." Duo's voice was shaky as he stood up, wobbling a bit.

"Then why do you need a lock on this cabinet? What are you hiding in there." Heero's voice grew more angry as he fiddled with the cabinet lock. "You don't need a lock to hide 'nothing'" Heero was now screaming and his hands worked furiously at the lock.

"No don't, please!" Duo latched onto Heero's arms in a pathetic attempt to stop him from opening the cabinet.

"All your secrets, all your rules! What are you afraid of!" Heero punched the cabinet, loosening the door a bit.

"HEERO! NO!" Duo gave one last weak attempt to unlatch Heero, but it was fruitless. So instead he pulled the small key out of his pocket and jammed it into the keyhole. He flung the door open and revealed the bottles of pills to Heero for the first time. Heero's jaw dropped, there were more pills in that cabinet than he could imagine. It was filled to the brim with them, loose pills, small bottles, large bottles, liquids.

Duo's eyes widened with rage, small tears trekking out from the corners as he shoved himself in front of the pills. "IS THIS WHAT YOU WANTED TO SEE!" His voice was angry and loud as he store Heero down. "IS THIS WHAT YOU WANTED TO KNOW? ARE YOU HAPPY NOW!" Duo grabbed a fist full of bottles and hurled them directly at Heero's head. "YOU WANNA SEE MY PILLS? WANNA MAKE ME SICKER! HERE!" Duo hurled more pills at Heero's head, the bottles spilling onto the floor with small clicks. "This is what I was hiding Heero. I'm dying!" Duo closed his eyes and let the tear roll over his cheeks. He heard Heero saying something to him, calling his name, but it all didn't matter anymore. Heero found out his secret, it was over anyway. Duo brushed his hand through the cabinet, sending the remaining bottles to the floor. "You weren't supposed to find out this way Heero."

"Duo! HOW COULD YOU HIDE THIS FROM ME!" Heero screamed right back at the shivering braided man. He knew he shouldn't yell, that he was being shallow, but he didn't care. The only thing that mattered in his mind was that he was angry at the present moment.

"After all that time I taught you nothing." Duo stumbled to try and get out of the bathroom. He feel to his knees and tried to crawl his way out. His body suddenly lurched forward as he vomited onto the clean white tiles. Duo grabbed his stomach as he did so, his eyes wide and empty. Heero was still screaming in his ears as he gave one last effort to crawl out of the room.

Heero saw his fragile lover fall to the floor and he stopped yelling. He leapt over to where Duo fell and crouched down near him. "Duo, are you listening?" Heero shook his shoulders. Duo didn't show any sign of life as Heero shook him. "Duo?" He shook him again. "Duo!?" Heero rolled him over and Duo feel limply into his arms. His face looked as if it had been bruised, and his head lolled back unnaturally. Heero's eyes widened a bit as he gathered his lover into his arms and raised him. Heero turned to the door way and saw Trowa standing there.

"Ohh good god, not again!" Trowa ran towards Heero. "Don't just stand there, we need to get him to a hospital."

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