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Sweet November
Part 10

Heero sat in the immaculately white waiting room of the hospital, his body slumped in a hard plastic chair. His hands were stuck in his pockets and he was toying with the end of his sweater. He studied the seams of his shirt as Trowa swayed over to him, a cup of coffee in each hand. He was wearing a pair of worn in jeans that hung diagonally off one him. A gray tee-shirt clung to his body.

"Here." Trowa shoved a cup in Heero's face, a small drop of brown liquid splashing to the floor.

"Thanks", Heero quickly took the cup and pressed his hands against the sides, warming them. He store down into the liquid, his tired eyes meeting those reflected back at him.

"Don't totally blame yourself for this." Trowa landed in a seat next to Heero with a loud thud. He kicked one of his legs up onto the chair to the left of him. His head feel back against the wall with the soft thump. Wispy pieces of hair partially covered both of his eyes, yet he continued to stare straight ahead.

"How could he hide that from me?" Heero's head spun with images of pills as he took a gulp of his coffee.

"Come for a walk with me." Trowa sipped his drink slowly.

"What about Duo?" Heero's eyes widened a bid as he looked at Trowa, who was now standing.

"Ohh don't worry about him, he'll be out for hours. Come on." Without waiting for Heero's answer, Trowa strutted down the hallway. "Ok! Ok!" Heero quickly stood up and chased after Trowa.

Trowa seemed to be in his own little world. His face was contorted into a imperturbable one, emerald eyes fixed ahead of him. "He's been having these attacks more often. Every time it's the same thing." Trowa skillfully avoided Heero's eyes.

"He has them often? What is wrong with him?" Heero concentrated more on sipping his coffee than he did at walking, so he started to trail behind a tad.

"Advanced Lymphoma. He's had it for years." Trowa voice was soft, his witty tone totally drowned out.

Heero blinked his eyes in disbelief. He knew Duo was sick, but he never thought cancer was the problem. "He never got treatment for it?"

"Well he did, 2 years ago when he found out, but it always came back. Eventually Duo became tired of all the treatments so he stopped the. He figured he would rather live 2 happy years, without doctors and hospitals, than live 5 years of agonizing medical procedures. He still takes pills for the pain, but they don't help anymore." Trowa walked outside leaning back against the cool wall. Heero stood in front of him, trying to get Trowa to look him in the eye.

"No one could help him?" Heero moved around to Trowa's side, and he too leaned against the wall.

"It's to late now, it spread too far. Besides, he doesn't have the money, his family doesn't care, and sadly I don't even have enough money for the amount of treatment he would require now. I've taken care of him the best I could for the last 5 years."

"How could he lie to me?" Heero's voice was raised, catching Trowa's attention.

This time Trowa looked Heero right in the eye. His witty voice came back to him, and he stood straight. "Easy. He doesn't want to be treated like a sick person. He wants to live his life, he pretends that nothing is wrong. Heero, don't you notice all his rules and regulations? He makes them all up so that he feels powerful. He feels like he is in control of his life." Trowa let out a huff of air as he ran one hand through his hair and pushed it back.

"I never thought of it that way." Heero looked down at the floor and bit his lip.

"Hate to be blunt, but did you ever take notice to the fact that Duo always has to be seme when you make love? Isn't he always the more dominant one?"

At first Heero was surprised that Trowa knew so much, but then he opened his mouth to talk. "Yea....."

"He does it all to feel like he is in charge. He at least has power when he is with you. He started helping people like yourself so that he could have more power, so he could help people before it was to late for them. Do you realize that he never gets attached to anything for more than a month? He is afraid of dying, he is afraid of getting too attached to something and then leaving them."

"So that is why he got rid of Romeo and Juliet. Ohh I feel like an asshole."

"You should. You really hurt him, he started to open up to you. And what did you do to him? You screamed at him. He was going to tell you, and he never tells anyone." Trowa's eyes were furious and glowing with anger.

"I didn't realize, I didn't mean it...." Heero's own eyes grew slightly, ashamed of the way he acted.

"No, you didn't did you! You destroyed everything that Duo tried to teach you." Trowa slammed his empty coffee cup into the trashcan and stormed into the hospital once again. Heero was walking reluctantly after him. "You really fucked up this time." Trowa stated bluntly as he headed towards Duo's room.

Heero watched the taller man go, his slender legs taking large strides. He knew he was going towards his lover's room. And he decided to steer clear of Trowa for a while.


Trowa creaked open the door to Duo's room, being as quite as possible even though it really wasn't necessary. The braided boy was sunken into the hospital bed, looking like a small child. His abnormal clothing was stripped from his body, leaving him in a plain paper gown, making him look sicker. His body looked abused, and his lips were cold looking. Small monitors were making blipping sounds, and the I.V. dripped like clockwork. Trowa sat in a chair next to Duo's bed but then quickly sunk to his knees. "Look what you're doing to yourself Duo." He let his face fall into the blanket near Duo's hip. "I yelled at him for you. So don't worry, you won't have to when you wake up. Trowa's hand snaked up the bed and gently put pressure on one of Duo's knees. "Look what you're doing."


Trowa had been in Duo's room for several hours, eventually Quatre came by to pick him up, dragging him by force out of the building, and back to Duo's apartment. As Quatre passed Heero, who was seated in a chair, he informed him that Duo was awake. Heero hopped up at the news and crept over to Duo's room. He opened the door slightly and peeked at Duo's face. He was awake, and blinking at the door. Heero stepped into the room, closing the door behind him, and took a seat next to the bed.

"Hey stranger." Duo's soft voice filled the room.

"Hey you." Heero grabbed one of Duo's hands and nuzzled it hand with his cheek and dropped a small kiss onto his palm. "I'm so sorry."

Duo didn't say anything, he just looked down at Heero. Then he pulled his hand away from his lover. He placed it over the I.V. needle in his left hand. "Get me out of here." Duo, with a grimace on his face, yanked the needle out and tossed it to the ground. He pulled various other devices off his body and attempted to get up. He looked like an old doll, his limbs long and lanky, his hair a chestnut mess.

"Hey, take it easy, I got you." Heero slid one arm behind Duo's shoulders and another around his waist. When he was sure he had a firm grip on the American man, he lifted him into the air and held him close to his body.

Duo immediately threw his hands around Heero's neck for more support and he leaned his cheek on Heero's shoulder. His thin legs kicked out gently as he tried to worm himself higher on Heero's body. "Lets go home Heero, please?" Heero nodded in response and carried the man out of the hospital.


By the time Heero arrived back at the apartment Duo was in a trance like state. His arms were still tense around Heero's neck, and his legs constantly kicking at the air. Before Heero even got to the door, Trowa and Quatre opened it for him.

"Here let me take him." Trowa moved forward and Heero passed Duo into his arms. Trowa caught one of Duo's arms around his neck and supported him around his back. Quatre had Duo's other arm around his own neck, and was holding up Duo's legs.

"Hey darling." Trowa smiled at Duo, who no leaned his head on Trowa's shoulder. "Aren't you looking beautiful."

Duo let out an almost inaudible giggle.

"Paper is very becoming on your Duo. And we have a lovely dinner menu for you tonight. What is on the menu tonight Trowa?" Quatre helped Trowa carry Duo towards the bathroom where they had a warm bath waiting.

"Well some codeine to start." Trowa tried to keep a happier tone, trying to raise Duo's spirits.

"And a beautiful dessert platter of pills." The two men made it to the bathroom and set Duo down on the edge of the tub in order to remove his paper gown.

Meanwhile Heero just stood in the hallway like a lost puppy. He had no idea who to do, in fact his brain didn't even seem to be working. He scampered after Trowa and Quatre.

Duo was now totally nude, and Trowa helped him climb into the warm water. Quatre poured some of the water over his head and chest. Duo closed his eyes and shivered a bit but then opened them up. He grabbed Trowa by the collar of his shirt and tugged at it lightly. "I don't want him here." Duo moved his eyes over to Heero, who was standing in the bathroom doorframe.

Trowa nodded and went over to the Japanese man. "He wants you to leave." Trowa stated bluntly, and tried to close the door, however, Heero slipped his foot in.

"Why? I can't just stand here and do nothing." Heero tried to push the door open.

"That is exactly why he wants you to leave. He doesn't need you haggling him about his disease, and he doesn't want you to see him like this. So please, just leave." Trowa finally slammed the door shut and turned the lock.

"Damn it!" Heero stomped one of his feet on the ground and spun around. He was about to let out a round of curses when he saw Mariemaya standing in front of him. Heero let out a small sigh and walked towards the girl. She was dressed in a small boys dress shirt, with a purple tie, and a black skirt. "I'm sorry Marie, I can't play today."

"I know, because today is Parent Day, remember?" Mariemaya had a huge grin on her face.

"Shit." Heero mumbled to the side and then turned back to the child. "Well Marie, I don't thinkā€¦" but the child cut him off before he could finish.

"I know you didn't forget, because you promised me you would come and that you wouldn't forget, no matter what, so I knew I could count on you."

"But Marie I...."

"I can't wait to show you to all my friend! It is going to be so cool!" Mariemaya bit her lip and curled her hands into little fists.

Heero looked at the excited child and knew he couldn't turn her down. No matter how upset he was about Duo right now, he couldn't break this little girls heart. "Of course I didn't forget. We better get going soon though."

"I knew you didn't!" Mariemaya ran up to Heero and grabbed his hand, leading him towards the door. The two walked down the street quickly, reaching the small school in no time. Mariemaya skipped in front of Heero, stopping at the door to her classroom. She turned the knob and harshly swung the door open. The colorful room inside was split down the middle. There were children on one side, and adults (who appeared older than Heero) on the other side. "Ok Heero, you sit over here, and I will be over there, ok? Don't be nervous or anything" Mariemaya pointed to the two seats and then skipped to hers.

The class started, and children presented their parents one by one. Most of the presentations bored Heero. It was either a kid going up and saying "I love my dad, he is the best" or a kid saying "My mom is so cool!". Heero's attention snapped back to the front of the room when he heard the teacher call Mariemaya's name.

Mariemaya, looking smaller than usual, strut up to the front of the room. She pushed her coral locks behind her ears and smiled at the 'audience'. "Hi. I came here today with someone really special. He is not my dad or uncle, he is just a really good friend. His name is Heero. Heero is the best person I have ever met. He didn't leave me like my dad did, and he is really fun. He even took me to a sail boat race and then bought me ice cream. And he even takes care of my good friend Duo. When I first met Heero, he was really annoying, and I used to hate him. But now he is so nice and funny, and fun to be with. Sometimes he even takes me to the park or invites me over for dinner with him and Duo. So Heero is my special person today because he is the nicest person in the world."

The small room of people clapped as the girl went back to her seat. Heero couldn't believe what Mariemaya had just said. He had no idea what he did meant so much to her. He was truly touched, yet felt horrible. He felt horrible when Mariemaya said that he took care of Duo. But the girls small speech opened his eyes, it made him realize how much he really cared for Mariemaya and for Duo. Heero returned to reality as he realized he was the last person clapping, and had been for some time. Heero blushed slightly and smiled, and then went back to looking at the front of the class. There was only one more person to go, and then it was all over. The next girl that went was brief, and all the 'parents' and 'children' were able to meet up again. Mariemaya came running towards Heero.

"How did I do?" Mariemaya was still all smiles.

"You did great. You just made a wonderful speech. Thank you so much Marie." Heero patted the girl on the head and ruffled her hair. He led the small girl out of the school and onto the sidewalk.

"I told you that you were cool!" Mariemaya kicked a small pebble with her foot, and watched it roll.

"Do you think I am still annoying." Heero joked.

"Nope." Mariemaya smiled back up at him.

"What about now." Heero poked the girl in the sides, trying to tickle her.

Mariemaya gave out a loud giggle and tried to swat his hands away. "Not yet."

"Am I annoying now?" Heero tickled the girl under the arms.

Mariemaya laughed louder and squirmed to get away. "Yes!" She still laughed as she skipped up the sidewalk and stopped at her house.

"Hey Mariemaya, I have to go away for some time." Heero sound sad as he spoke.

"It is my fault." Mariemaya asked, crestfallen.

"No no! It is not you, I think you're a cool kid. I really like spending time with you." Heero glanced up towards Duo's window and sighed.

"Are you and Duo having... you know... problems?" Mariemaya made a funny face as she spoke.

"Yea sort of. But don't worry, I'll be back." Heero ruffled Mariemaya's head again before backing away.

"Promise?" Marie cocked her head to one side.

"Promise. Thanks for picking me to be your 'parent' today Marie. It was fun." Heero waved goodbye and took off down the sidewalk.

Mariemaya sat down on the stoop and sighed. "He's weird."

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