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Sweet November
Part 11

Duo was sitting peacefully on the edge of his bathtub, totally nude, save the pair of white slippers on his feet. He was running a large paddle brush through his damp chestnut hair. Each slippery stand falling between the brush's bristles and landing with a small splatter against his chest. His eyes focused intently on the cracks in the tile floor, but even then, he seemed to be staring past the floor. His little violet orbs flickered upward as Trowa walked into the bathroom.

"You need to eat something Duo." Trowa put one hand on his hip and the other lay limp at his side.

"I am eating." Duo stood up, letting the brush clatter to the floor with a hallow echo. He brushed past Trowa and over to his bed. He picked up a pair of navy cotton pants with a drawstring and slipped them over his legs.

"I hardly call munching on carrots eating." Trowa leaned in the doorway of the bathroom and watched as Duo tied to strings to his pants.

"You know you don't have to watch me like a hawk Trowa, I'm a big boy." Duo casually walked over to the sink and filled a glass with water.

"Are you really now." Trowa finally walked into the kitchen and took a seat in Heero's usual chair.

Duo tossed Trowa a dirty look and took a large gulp of water.

"Well that is not the only reason I came over. Thanksgiving is in 4 days, and I wanted to see if you were doing anything, being that it is normally at your apartment."

"Yea sure, I'll make some tofu and veggies." Duo gazed out the small window above his sink.

"What ever happened to the traditional turkey?" Trowa smirked in Duo's general direction.

"Since when am I traditional Trowa."

The way Duo spit out Trowa's name made him jump. "Well aren't we in a foul mood today." Trowa walked towards Duo. "You miss him?"

"Sort of." Duo was suddenly fascinated with his hands and studied them persistently. "Hell of course I miss him. I'm so stupid." Duo nuzzled into Trowa's warm shoulder. "But what I did was right, wasn't it? I can't be around him when I am like this."

"I can't answer that for you Duo love." Trowa let the shorter man cuddle him, surprised when Duo suddenly pulled away.

"Trowa, I think I want to go for a walk…alone." Duo left Trowa to retrieve a warm sweatshirt, and he pulled it over his head.

Trowa just nodded and headed down the stairs with Duo. "You sure you can handle Thanksgiving?" He turned right once he exited the building, Duo turned left.

"Yea, it is just you, Quatre, Mariemaya, and her mother, right? Then it should be no problem." Duo smirked slightly as he took off down the sidewalk, his hands shoved into his pant pockets.


Heero sat in his apartment, which seemed excessively empty. He was busying himself by cleaning useless objects in his apartment. He wandered over to his unadorned counter top and sighed. "Ohh great…" Heero's eyes lazily wandered over to his fish tank. A bloated orange body floated lifelessly at the top. "My fucking goldfish died." Heero flicked his finger at the tank and walked away. His apartment seemed dead and dull, as it filtered into Heero's eyes in tones of gray and black. Finally fed up with sitting around doing nothing but moping , he grabbed a thin jacket and headed out the door.


Quatre was sitting lazily on the couch, Trowa seated comfortably next to him. There was a soft knock at the door, disturbing the two men. Trowa rise slightly but Quatre pushed him back down.

"I'll get it, you sit". Quatre pranced over to the door and opened it. "Aye, Heero, what are you doing here?" Quatre blocked the doorway preventing entrance to the room.

"Hi Quatre" Heero's eyes tried to peer into the room beyond the man. Quatre was dressed in a button up blue shirt, that stretched tightly across his chest, and a tight pair of eggplant pants that flared out a little at the bottoms. His blond hair was pinned back by 2 clips, allowing a few strands to frame his eyes. His liper seemed to be coated in a thin gloss and we turned up into a half smile. Heero bit his lip slightly and tried to look over Quatre's shoulders again. "Is Trowa around?" Heero fidgetted with one food at Qatre glanced over his shoulder.

"Yea." Quatre hooked his thumbs into his pant pockets.

"Can I talk to him?" Heero was getting impatient.

"Hold on." Quatre skampered over to Trowa and crawled onto his lap. He pushed a strand of Trowa's hair behind his ear and whispered to inform him that Heero was at the door. Trowa let Quatre tumble off his lap as he stood up and then stormed over to the door.

"What are you doing here?" Trowa walked out into the hallway and closed the door behind him.

"Trowa, honestly, I need your help." Heero's eyes pleaded with Trowa.

"Why should I help you?" Trowa's eyes glared at Heero.

"Do you think I really want your help." Heero snapped before he even knew what he did. He instantly regretted it and took a step away from the taller man. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean that. I am just so frustrated. I'm sorry that we don't get along, but you're the only one that could help me." Heero scowled at Trowa, his face expressing all the emotions going on inside his body. "Help me get Duo back, I truly do love him, he means everything to me."

"I shouldn't help you…but I know you do love him. And the sad part is, he loves you too, he just doesn't know that yet." Trowa sighed in defeat and he allowed Heero to take a step closer to him.

"I do love him, I never meant to hurt him." Heero started talking more with his hands than with his voice.

"So listen, he is having Thanksgiving at his house…" Trowa continued to explain his plan to Heero as he allowed him into his apartment.


A chilly wind came blowing through the small window above Duo's kitchen sink. Duo shivered slightly and reached over to slam it shut. "Damn it's cold." Duo, who was dressed in a tight pair of black pants, purple shirt, and his thin blue scarf, walked over to the kitchen table and squirmed into his black fishnet sweater. His small apartment was decorated with orange and brown streamers, and his 'kitchen table' was transformed into a 'Thanksgiving table', and was set in the middle of the apartment.

The table was set for 5 people, Trowa, Quatre, Mariemaya, her mother, and himself. Duo put on a sad smile as there was a knock at the door, and he walked over to see who it was. However, Trowa beat him to it, and opened the door. A sweetly smiling Mariemaya, and her mother, stood there, Mariemaya holding a small cake up to Duo.

"Hi Duo! Happy Thanksgiving!" Mariemaya gave Duo a huge grin, her little eyes sparkling up at him.

"Hi Mariemaya, how are you sweetie? You look nice." Duo tried to ruffle the girls hair but was unsuccessful since all her hair was pulled tightly into two small pig tails. Mariemaya trotted over to Trowa to show him the cake she had made.

Mariemaya's mother stepped into the apartment. She was a slender, unhealthy looking woman, with short dirty blond hair. Her clothing seemed to hang off of her bones and her face looked sunken in. "Hi Duo, we made you a cake." She pointed towards her little daughter who was showing off her creation. "It's chocolate, your favorite." The woman smiled at Duo gave her a kiss on the cheek.

"You shouldn't have, but thank you." Duo let the woman inside and pulled the door closed. He went to follow Mariemaya and her mother but Trowa grabbed him from behind.

"You feeling ok?" Trowa cocked his head to the side as he looked at Duo.

"Yes and no. But I'll be fine." Duo stood up on his toes and gave Trowa a peck on the lips. He sighed as he let go of Trowa and walked over towards his guests.

Quatre had already set some food down on the table and Mariemaya was already shoveling it onto her plate. "Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I don't know about you guys, but I'm starved. So lets eat!"

Duo brought a plate full of vegetables over to the table and then sat down. The rest of his guests followed suit. Duo looked around the table to see that Mariemaya was the only one eating. "Well what are you waiting for? Eat up, I didn't put poison in it."

Duo honestly laughed for the first time in over a week. He piled some vegetables onto his plate and passed them onto Trowa. Mariemaya passed him the rice, which he also took a huge helping from. Once Duo was finished taking a portion of almost every food, including the cake, he quickly dug in. His most stuffed with food he looked up to see everyone staring at him. A muffled "what?" came out of Duo's mouth as he questioned them.

"Duo, you're eating." Quatre pointed at the braided man.

"Yea I do that sometimes Quatre." Duo smiled, his cheeks bulging out slightly.

"No Duo, I haven't seen you eat more than just a carrot or two in weeks." Trowa took a forkful of his own dinner as he watched Duo.

"Well lets just say I'm over that. I'm starved." Duo continued to munch down his food, and the atmosphere seemed to be much more friendly from that point on.

An hour later, after a meal full of laughter and stories, the 5 people still sat at the table, telling even more stories. Quatre had just told some embarrassing story about Trowa, which had everyone but Trowa in stitches. Duo quickly jerked his head to the right as he heard a strange sound coming from a large window to the right of the table. His eyes widened when he saw what it was. It was Heero, dressed in a red suit and Santa hat. "Ohh my god." Duo put his head in his hands as Heero climbed through the window. "This isn't happening."

But it was, and Heero had successfully climbed through the window. He stood straight up, giving everyone a good view of his Santa suit. He had a huge red sack slung over his shoulder, bloated with presents. "Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas." Heero tried to do his best impression of Santa but failed miserable.

Mariemaya giggled hysterically, her tiny hands clamped on her stomach. "Heero! You have the wrong holiday!" Mariemaya was quickly shhed by her mother, but small muffled laughs still came from her direction.

"No my dear, it is the right holiday, but only for him." Heero pointed over towards Duo.

Duo had both hands covering his mouth and he was bright red. "Heero…."

Heero walked around the table so he would be in front of Duo. Trowa swiveled Duo's chair so he faced Heero directly, and then he and Quatre backed up slightly, followed by Mariemaya and her mother. On his way he brushed past Heero. "It took you long enough."

Heero shot him a small glare and then returned his attentions to Duo. He dropped the sack he was carrying gently and went over to him. "For you, I would like to present the 12 days of Christmas, Heero style." Heero walked over to his sack and opened it up.

"Heero, don't" Duo's violet eyes seemed to pulse with moisture as he watched Heero fumble with the bag.

"As the first gift, I would like to present you with the food item that started it all." Heero pulled out a large roll of cookie dough, and handed it over to Duo. Duo laughed as he received the 'present'. "This sugary substance is not as sweet as all the things you have done for me."

"The second gift, for the man that must always be in control, a whip." Heero took a long black whip out of his bag and cracked it loudly before handing it to Duo. A small smirk crossed Duo's face as he curled the leather around his hand.

Heero returned to his bag and pulled out a huge bouquet of flowers, ranging from roses to Easter lilies. He got down on one knee and presented them to Duo, who quickly took them and inhaled their sweet aroma. "The third gift, flowers, to apologize for all the wrongs I have ever done to you." Duo smiled and watched in anticipation as Heero dug for another gift.

"When I first met you, in the DMV, you seduced me with the playful sucking of a lollipop. So to ensure future seducing, I present you with…" Heero pulled out a large rainbow lollipop and dropped it on Duo's lap. "a lollipop."

Duo laughed as he cleared himself of the prior presents so he could receive more.

"To symbolize one of our first 'dates', I present you with this." Heero pulled out a miniature sailboat, painted just like the one he and Duo helped Mariemaya make.

"Ohh a sailboat!" Duo grabbed at the present and studied it. He let one single tear fall from his eyes as he placed the boat on the table.

Heero sauntered over to Duo, his finger slipping underneath Duo's scarf. With one fluid motion, he yanked it free of Duo's neck and flung it behind him. "With the colder weather just around the corner, I have a special present for you." Heero pulled a scarf, similar in color to Duo's older one but thicker and warmer, out of his bag. He placed it around Duo's neck. Duo cuddled into the scarf and tied it slightly. "That's to keep you warm whenever I am not around." Heero smiled when he saw Duo's face brighten up.

"The seventh gift…" Heero caught Trowa's eye and motioned to him with a nod of his head. Trowa immediately disappeared into the hallway, but returned moments later with a large box, covered in red paper, in his arms. He placed it in front of Duo.

"You were involved in this!" Duo's eyes widened as he looked at Trowa. Trowa gave him a guilty look and walked away, leaving Duo with the present. Duo quickly tore away the paper and started to open the plain brown box. He ripped oven the cover and was presented with a very small… "Dishwasher!" Duo squealed slightly and examined the white object.

"For the man who hates to wash dishes." Heero watched as Duo energetically examined the present.

"Ohh my…Thank you!" Duo smiled back up at Heero, his eyes glowing.

"The eighth gift is one to symbolize the best thing that I have ever experienced….your kiss." Heero walked over to Duo and sat in the empty chair next to him. He leaned in closer to the braided by and they latched lips for the first time in what seemed an eternity. Heero's lips opened wider, allowing Duo's small tongue slip into his mouth. After a few moments, Heero reluctantly pulled away from a flustered Duo, and returned to his bag of gifts. Letting out one heavy breath he looked lovingly at Duo before he pulled out the next gift and handed it to Duo. It was a miniature trolley, a small bag of trolley tokens was taped to the top of it.

"Aww, how cute." Duo rolled the trolley over his lap.

"The ninth gift is so we can ride the trolley together whenever you want, without even having to leave the house.

Heero turned around and pulled a small slip of paper out of his now empty sack. He handed it over to Duo, who studied it, not sure what it was. "The tenth gift is a gift certificate for dancing lessons, which is guaranteed to get your off of my toes on onto the dance floor in no time."

Duo turned pink for a moment as he laughed, remembering the time he almost broke Heero's toes when they tried to slow dance.

"And the second to last gift, back by popular demand…" Heero looked at Quatre, who was opening the bathroom door. A energetic Juliet came flying out and pounced Duo.

"JULIET!" Duo cuddled the puppy who was currently licking his face. Duo ruffled her fur and flipped her onto her back so he could rub her belly. Heero smiled as he watched his lover play with the dog. Duo's eyes caught on Juliet's new collar. Her back of her name tag had both his and Heero's names, and their address. Duo let a few of his salty tears fall into Juliet's white fur.

"And the last gift, well that requires all of us to go out. So you'll just all have to wait."

Duo clapped loudly and smiled in delight. He had thought that seeing Heero would depress him even more, but it had just the opposite effect. He jumped out of his chair and latched onto Heero, nuzzling his face into the soft trim of the Santa suit. "Thank you so much."

"Don't thank me yet." Heero let his nose fall down to Duo's hair, and he took in his lovers scent. "I have one last thing for you….well two actually, but one last tangible thing." Heero pulled out something from behind his back. It was a bright red fishnet shirt, a black tank top, and a pair of black shirts with a few zippers scattered over them, they were long enough to reach down to Duo's knees. He handed the outfit over to Duo. "Wear this tonight."

Duo looked at the clothing and a huge grin crossed his face. He gathered them up into his arms and examined them. They were absolutely perfect for him. "I love them! They are perfect. Heero you spoil me." Duo gave Heero a small peck on the cheek and was startled when everyone in the apartment clapped.


Duo, Quatre, and Trowa sat at a small round table in front of a ordinary stage with a solitary microphone on it. Duo had on his new outfit, and looked wonderful in it. He had put on a pair of black leggings under the shorts since he was a bit cold, and he wore his new scarf. In his hands he cupped a mug of hot cocoa. He was sitting between Quatre and Trowa. Quatre had on a lavender short sleeved top and a short blue skirt. His hair was curled a bit, and he was impatiently tapping the floor with his foot. Trowa was dressed in a dark green turtleneck with no sleeves, and a pair of ordinary jeans. Heero had disappeared shortly after bringing them to this small 'club' but promised he would return, that was about 10 minutes ago. Suddenly the lights on the stage brightened and the house lights dimmed. Duo's attention was brought to the stage as he watched the performer step out of the shadows.

Duo let out a gasp as he looked at the stage. "Trowa look!" Duo pointed to the dimly lit area of the stage. Duo's slender finger was pointing at a figure that sauntered onto the stage. To Duo's utter surprise it was Heero, clad in a tight black shirt and a matching pair of black pants. Duo had never seen Heero in anything but a suit or Trowa's clothing. Heero smiled knowingly down at Duo who was now mindlessly fiddling with the end of his braid.

"What is he doing…" Quatre sighed and let his chin rest in his hand. Heero walked over to the microphone and wrapped both of his hands around it. Music began to fill the air and weave into Duo's ears. Duo' held his breath as Heero opened his mouth to sing.

Heero let his lips trail over the head of the microphone, his heave breathing audible to the 'audience'. He took a one glance at Duo and let out a verse of the song. "This Romeo is bleeding but you can't see his blood. It's nothing but some feelings that this old dog kicked up." Heero started to sway his body slightly, loosening up slightly.

With his eyes locked onto Duo, Heero began to sing the next verse. "It's been raining since you left me, now I'm drowning in the flood. You see I've always been a fighter, but without you I give up"

Duo looked up at his lover and saw his facial expressions, knowing full well that even though it was only a song, Heero meant every word of it.

Heero pulled the microphone free of the stand, wrapping the wire around his hand twice, and stepped over to the edge of the stage, towards Duo. "Now I can't sing a love song , like the way it's meant to be. Well, I guess I'm not that good anymore, but baby, that's just me"

Heero sank down to his knees, leaning slightly over the edge of the stage, decreasing the distance between Duo and himself. His voice became louder as he sang the chorus of the song. "And I will love you, baby - Always. And I'll be there forever and a day - Always. I'll be there till the stars don't shine. Till the heavens burst and the words don't rhyme. And I know when I die, you'll be on my mind and I'll love you - Always"

Heero got back to his feet and walked back to the center of the stage, resisting the urge to touch Duo. "Now your pictures that you left behind are just memories of a different life. Some that made us laugh, some that made us cry. One that made you have to say good-bye" Heero emphasized the last line of the verse, hoping the Duo understood it's symbolism.

Duo whimpered slightly, not sure if he wanted to run away or jump up onto the stage with Duo. Trowa's strong hand rested on Duo's thigh, keeping him in his seat.

"What I'd give to run my fingers through your hair. To touch your lips, to hold you near. When you say your prayers try to understand. I've made mistakes, I'm just a man." Heero walked over to the edge of the stage again and closed his eyes. "Yeah, I will love you baby - Always. And I'll be there forever and a day - Always"

Heero hoped off the stage and walked over to Duo's table, standing a few feet away from his lover. He locked eyes with Duo and sang directly to him, as if there was no one else in the room. "If you told me to cry for you, I could. If you told me to die for you, I would. Take a look at my face, there's no price I won't pay to say these words to you." Heero swayed to the music as he waited to sing the last verse. He watched as Duo's eyes gazed at him, Heero felt as if he was being sucked into the eyes.

"Well, there ain't no luck in these loaded dice. But baby if you'd give me just one more try we can pack up our old dreams and our old lives. We'll find a place where the sun still shines." Heero left Duo and sauntered back up to the stage.

Heero placed the microphone back in the stand and gave the audience a sad look. "And I will love you, baby - Always. And I'll be there forever and a day - Always. I'll be there till the stars don't shine. Till the heavens burst and the words don't rhyme. And I know when I die, you'll be on my mind and I'll love you - Always" The music drifted out and Heero leaned into the microphone and spoke. "I told you I would sing for you."

Duo sat wide eyed in his seat. Before his mind registered it, he was clapping loudly, along with everyone else in the club. Heero jumped off the stage and stepped into Duo's waiting arms. The two of them hugged tightly, neither of them willing to let go any time soon.

to be continued

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