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lone wolf's fics are presented here in a manner inconsistant with the rest of the author pages on this site, and with very good reason. earlier this year, lone wolf left gundam wing fandom, for what we hope is not forever. he has given blanket permission for his work to be archived, provided that his stories be left in tact.

in direct response to his request, what you see here, is almost an exact replica of the fiction page on his own site.

BGM noted at the top of each fic, is the background music the author has recommended you listen to while reading

everything is mostly heero and duo. the others may appear, but 1 and 2 are the stars.

song fics / vid fics

  when you are a soldier - song fic

warnings: sweetness (yeah, heero's soft, but love can do that, ne?), painful emotions (pitch-black at one point), shonen ai/yaoi (depending on where you draw the line between them).

  dive trilogy - three vid fics

warnings: yaoiness, darkness at points.

  i'll have to say i love you with a song - song fic

warnings: shonen ai, sweet, just a touch angsty

  i'll be waiting - vid fic

warnings: shonen ai, the war ends in june AC196, no "endless waltz"

  heero are you queer - song fic

warnings: yaoi, a bit of angst, AU, OOC

humor fics

general warning: in all humor fics you should expect yaoiness and double entendres -- and a severe lack of seriousness. humour fics are not wufei approved

W: Damn straight!
LW: Uh, no, that's the point, they're not straight -- the characters or the stories.
W: Kisama! <holding nose to prevent incipient nosebleed>

  micro fic 1 -- a new color

warnings: zuchinni, death threats, duo quoting shakespeare (i need to apply for SDDI), miss clairol

  micro fic 2 -- heero strikes back

warnings: nosebleeds, borg, possession by relena

  micro fic 3 -- the phantom keanu

warnings: nosebleeds, shakespeare, keanu reeves, self-detonation threats

  micro fic 4 -- size matters

warnings: no additional warnings

  mini fic 1 -- the aquarius challenge

warnings: heero singing "age of aquarius", kama sutra, nosebleeds, LSD in tea?
this fic was written in response to a GWML challenge. yeah, get out while you can.

  jungle of terror - a jungle week/kink week crossover)

warnings: a serious lack of seriousness, yaoi, hentai, a bit limey

  fortress of the drow - a D&D week fic

warnings: yaoi, serious? AHAHAHAHAHA!, inside jokes, parodies of parodies of early 80's phenomena

  death, love and other complications

warnings: yaoi, a few bad puns, unexpected plot twists, moderate limeness

serious fics

stories exploring a connection between duo and death

  #712 - a prose poem

warnings: sweet shonen ai (imo), a bit weird, a bit heavy, AU, OOC? (they're mid-20's here, so adjust your thinking accordingly), and worst of all... first person, present tense, stream of consciousness, meant to be read aloud with pauses and inflection.

  second chances

comment: borrows pieces and ideas from '#712'
warnings: yaoi implications, heavy angst, duo is dead, have kleenex handy


comment: the dreaded sequel to 'second chances'.
warnings: none given. read or bail, you won't hurt my feelings.

  the "dis" series

read at your own risk. detailed warnings would spoil parts of the story. be ready for anything and everything. flames ignored.


the serious answer to "the aquarius challenge". the rest of the "dis" stories were unintentional.



lots of profanity



"crossing" won the 2001 nanashi award for best romance. want more info on the nanashi awards? go to and choose the nanashi link. katsu writes some good gw stories too.

warnings:yaoi, moderate angst


  meant for

  simple truths

miscellaneous stories

  non-euclidean geometry

warnings: shonen ai, OOC-ness? (i don't know. i think it's exactly the kind of thing heero would want to know.)

  falling water

warnings: mild shonen ai

  a good catholic boy

warnings: yaoi, AU, OOC, mild angst, some sweetness, and, oh yeah, citrus, citrus, citrus

  ill be waiting

warnings: shonen ai, the war ends in june AC196, no "endless waltz"

  h.i. hattai

warnings: AU-ish/AT-ish, yaoiness, citrusy

  when it rains

warnings: shonen ai, moody

  inbound telemarketing

warnings: yaoi, humor (within reason), heavy lime

  dark matter

warnings: yaoiness, violence, rape, murder, guilt, angst, revision of duo's past

  heero in the garden

warnings: suck it up and be surprised

'soldiers and fools' and related stories

  soldiers and fools

see preface for warnings, etc. this is a slightly large fic. (obviously, huh, it has a preface.)

  00 - preface

  01 - opening doors

  02 - first steps

  03 - fanning the fire

  04 - moments of peace

  05 - buried treasures

  06 - hopeful secrets

  07 - confutatis maledictis

  08 - lacrymosa

  09 - reunion

  10 - discoveries

  11 - wind of heaven, stuff of earth

  11s - listening - side story

  12 - ending 1 - benedictus ( non-yaoi )

  13 - ending 2 - part 1 - sans dire ( yaoi )

  14 - ending 2 - part 2 - sub rosa ( yaoi lime )

  15 - ending 3 - part 3 - ad infimitum ( yaoi lemon )

  soldiers and fools sequels

  not as strong

warnings: yaoi, angst, biblical allusions (duo is nominally catholic)

  what walls say

warnings: yaoi, mild angst

  the rejects arc

a soldiers and fools arc


warnings: yaoi, moderate lemon

  identifying marks

warnings: yaoi-ness, heero in a sexy outfit, graphic lemonage, excessive drinking, recreational use of performance enhancing drugs

  wherever you go...

warnings: yaoi, mild-to-moderate limeness


warnings: yaoi, mild lemon (not particularly explicit)


warnings: yaoi, zest of lime, surprises


warnings: yaoi, more surprises, limey lemon (or lemony lime, depending on your take)

  roads taken

warnings: yaoi, even more surprises

  a season of peace

a soldiers and fools series


yaoi, a touch melancholy
note: "gifts" was originally a one-shot that looked a lot like S&F (to me, anyway). this is the story recast into S&F.


warnings: yaoi, a drop of lime at the beginning


warnings: yaoi

pwp / pwp-ish

  good cop

warnings: yaoi, lemon, PWP (or close to it), NC-ish (but not really)

  a nice little vacation

warnings: yaoi, PWP-ish?, lemon, sweet-ish
note: this is a sequel to 'good cop'

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