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The L2 Box
Part 12

"Another headache?" Duo questioned. I nodded and swallowed down two more pills with some water. Being my roommate, he found out that I had the tendency to have a lot of "migraines". He didn't question it any further though. I figured he understood that I didn't want to talk about it or just thought it was something normal for me.

"Come here." Duo beckoned and I obeyed, coming over to sit beside the braided wonder. He pulled me by the shoulder to lie down on the couch and place my head on his lap. After we shared out secrets, our skeletons hiding in the closet, we had grown a lot closer. Closer, like the best of friends. It never went further than a comforting hug or something close to that. His fingers were on my temples, applying gentle pressure around in small circles. Closing my eyes, I had to give a sigh of content. No one had done this to me before and it felt so good, making the pain subside. I could hear him chuckle as I made a small rumbling sound of content from the back of my throat, much like a cat purring.

"Better?" I smiled and nodded as he continued his ministrations. "Yea, Hilde likes it to. She'd have some of the worst migraines when "that" time of the month comes along." He snickered.

"Hilde seems like a very good friend." I commented.

"Yea she is. I think the only reason why I'm her friend is because I'm the only guy that had never hit on her or offered her money for a one-night stand. She's a very good friend." He looked down and grinned at me. "But you're a good friend to, Heero."

I was about to speak up but the doorbell interrupted me. "Don't move, I'll get it for you." Duo offered, stopping his temple massage and taking my head off his lap to get the door, to my disappointment.

He came back a minute later holding an envelope. "Who's it from?" He only shrugged.

"I dunno. It's got your name on it, though." I took the envelope and opened it up to find a business card and one piece of paper:


Meet me at Acclimmax @ 8:00 p.m. Directions are on the card.

Duo looked over my shoulder. "Acclimmax, huh?" He whistled.

"What is it?"

"Oh nothing. It's only THEE hottest, most popular, nightclub on L2. Sheesh, don't you get out? Even I knew that." He rolled his eyes mock exasperatingly, and was paid back with a pillow thrown at his face. "Well? Are you going to go or what?" He asked impatiently, after throwing the pillow playfully back at me.


The club was full, the dance floor jammed pack with people, and the bass thrumming so loud I could feel it vibrate inside me with each beat. It seemed like it was the same beat as my heart and the blood pumping through my veins. Girls passed by me, winking and even blowing me a kiss. Another brushed past me, wearing a practically translucent tube top and a small . incredibly short mini-skirt. Short meaning that when she bent over, I could tell she wasn't wearing underwear, sort of short. I walked around trying to find my mystery person, passing by bodies, slick with sweat from dancing to the fast, pumped up, music. The building was huge. At least three stories, the second story opening up so people could look down at the dancers on the bottom floor. Lights flashed around making it seem as though I were high and seeing swirls of colors.

I stood there near the entrance a bit nervous, fidgeting and fumbling with the buttons of my shirt. Duo had picked this outfit for me. It was a tight blue button up shirt. He made me leave the first few unbuttoned though, saying that it made me look more "sexy". Just remembering that made my cheeks a bit warmer. He made me put on the black khakis to go with the shirt and gave me a once over, circling around me to make sure that "HIS guy was the hottest one in the club that evening".

"Excuse me," a waiter shouted above the loud music, tapping my shoulder. I gave him a curt nod and he motioned me to follow him. He led me to a small table in the corner of the vast room. "Wait here," Was all he informed me and left without another word. I sat there for a while, squinting to see in the dim lit room with the constant flashing strobe lights when a figured stepped in front of me.

"Hi, there. My name is Trey." It was spoken in English, with a thick accent but I was able to understand. First, I registered 4-inch heel platforms and tight black vinyl pants that hugged the legs. Pants that were so tight, I could see the curves of the muscles on his thighs and shiny so that they reflected the club lights every time they flashed. Then it was the silk, blood red, poet's shirt, unbuttoned, though it didn't make a difference because, through the sheerness of the shirt, I could see his entire upper body encased in a tight dark tank top. The body seemed to be covered in some glitter, sparkling in the strobe lights. The body only was enough to make any person desire it. But finally the face.

"Trowa?!" Was all I could utter in surprise. His eye, outlined with charcoal eyeliner to stand out, showed amusement. "What the hell are you doing here?" I sputtered.

"Call me Trey." He still spoke in an accent. His tongue curling around the r's. Hm. He's one helluva actor, even faking accents. His thin lips, glossed with a pink tinge, glittery substance, curved into a seductive smile. This whole image of Trowa would have been so erotic, if only it weren't for this whole confusing situation.


"Trey." He insisted. He pulled a girl to his side. She smiled at me and took a puff of her cigarette.

"Her name is Stacey." Trowa introduced. Stacey snapped her gum. While Trowa. excuse me "Trey", was dressed in a more toned down style, Stacey was wild. Her blonde hair was tied up in an intricate style full of small braids bobby-pinned to her top of her head. Her hot red imitation-leather skirt matched with her lipstick. The hot pink, spaghetti strap, top gave her skin a healthy tone. Large, loop earrings, sunglasses on the top of her head, bangles around each wrist and those white knee-high platforms. It was a caricature of a prostitute. "You want a threesome? We give discounts this time of the season." Trowa's. Trey's question interrupted my observation and nearly gave me a heart attack.

"What?!" Trey pointed at the girl and himself.

"You want both? Or just me?" Seeing my confusion, he only broke out in a bitter, mocking laugh. The girl just grinned slyly.

After taking a swipe of Stacey's cigarette, he suddenly bent down and took Stacey's lips with his own, completely devouring her. I stood there staring in total shock as I watched Trey and Stacey share a heated kiss in front of me. I could feel my pants get a bit tighter as Trey completely explored the insides of his friend's mouth. Hell, any guy would get hot and bothered at this sight unless he had a libido of a rock. For my mercy, they finally broke away with a thin strand of saliva still connecting the two, each taking ragged breathes. He turned to look at me; lips smeared with Stacey's lipstick, and smirked at my uncomfortable position. Sticking his tongue out, I saw her wad of bubble gum balanced on the very tip. She stood on her tiptoes to reach for it. Taking his tongue into her mouth, sucking on it as she retrieved her gum. My mouth went dry as I could see as their tongues twirling around playfully with each other.

He finally pushed his partner away. "Sorry, Stacey, he's mine." He told the girl, looking at me almost predatorily. She pouted, but nodded and left right away, not before winking at me, pursing her lips and making a quick kissing sound.

As I stared at her walk away, disappearing into the crowded dance floor, Trey came up behind me, pressing his body against mine, making my entire body shiver as he whispered into my ear, "Let's up upstairs. I have a private room there." By now, I was in total stunned with everything that I had seen, that I couldn't even think and could only nod dumbly and Trey took my hand and led me towards the elevator to his room.

Trey led me to the third floor and into one of the rooms. The loud music could still be heard, bass vibrating the wall. Think of it as a theme song going along as you screw. I winced it was really not romantic. With the bass beating a little more quietly, my heart beat to it's own accordance, fast and hard as a jackhammer. I was here, in a room, with my dream behind me. The whole thing seemed so unbelievable at the moment and I couldn't make anything out of it.

No sooner had he closed and locked the door did he launch himself at me. His lips mashed against mine in a fierce kiss. Those lips, which I had been dreaming of tasting for years, were finally pressed hard against mine; it was fresh tasting, as though he had just eaten a fruity mint. He was almost violent, lashing his tongue into my mouth, twirling my tongue with his, licking the roof of my mouth, and trying to reach my tonsils. He practically pushed me onto the bed, falling on top of me. We broke the kiss when the breath was knocked out of me after hitting the bed. My chest was heaving for air he had sucked out during the kiss.

"What the hell are you doing, Trowa?" I manage to gasp out.

"Sh, don't talk." He came down to kiss me again, leg coming down in between my thighs to rub against my sex. The friction burned against my sex and he swallowed my small moan and continued his attack; hands coming under my shirt to lighting flick and pinch my nipples until they grew hard and pebble-like. It's funny how the littler head does most of the thinking most of the time, because I was automatically raising my hips against him for the pleasure of friction. This was my wildest fantasy coming true. And even in my dazed condition, I still couldn't help it, but have a feeling like this was so wrong. It was only when he stopped kissing me and began undressing me, did my I start thinking again. The fog in my mind began to dissipate.

"What about Quatre?" I asked. He looked at me, eyes cold as ice.

"What about him?" His voice was emotionless.

"He's your fiancÚ." I reasoned.

He stared at me hard for a long time before finally answering, "He's out of the picture. Forget about it, Heero, and just enjoy this." And continued unbuttoning my shirt, giving a lick and nip once in a while on my chest, making me gasp each time, making me forget the important little details. I told you, little heads always do most of the thinking, or maybe it's just a lousy excuse because I'm weak.

It felt wonderful as he lapped at my nipples. It felt so good.. But. mechanical. Like he was just doing it indifferently, and just doing it for the sake of the act. Like a feeling of not feeling, it's crazy and hard to explain. My shirt was pulled off and he came down to suck on my neck. I had to moan out as that part of my skin felt like it was on fire. And I blinked. Each place he touched felt like it was burning for a moment, but quickly ended up feeling hollow and cold, as though it was telling me that all of this was false. Was it supposed to be like this?

"Are you sure about this?" I asked him, unsure of it myself. I still couldn't get my conscience to leave me alone. All these cold feelings suddenly turning up were trying to tell me something and I couldn't ignore them. He looked at me as if I had said the world's stupidest thing.

"This is what you wanted, isn't it?" He asked and crooked his neck down to nip at my collarbone. I lay there passively, as if I couldn't feel his administrations. His question burned in my mind. Wasn't this what I wanted? All those years of yearning for love, Trowa gave up on Quatre and was finally giving himself to me. To ME at last! So why didn't it feel as though this was the ending of a fairy tale? Why did I feel so terrified and chilled instead of hot and sweaty and warmed inside with love and passion?

I startled when Trowa began to undo my pants, tickling my navel with his warm tongue. Kneeling down between my legs, he looked up and smirked at me as he proceeded to pull down my zipper with his teeth. The soft sound of my pants being unzipped was suddenly magnified tenfold. I winced as though I had just heard the buzzing of a chainsaw. Another headache was coming. and at such an inopportune time! I shut my eyes, trying to will the headache to go away. A sudden movement made me snap my eyes open and a saw Trowa staring at me, confused? Concerned? I only stared back for a moment before he broke the gaze to return his attention to my body.

And... On my god. It just suddenly clicked. For a brief millisecond, I could have sworn, I saw a flash of blue-violet in Trowa's eyes instead of the rich, emerald green.

"Trowa, stop." I finally said. He paused, looking curious.

"Isn't this what you want?" He came back on top of me, covering me with his body, trying to capture my lips again, but I turned my head to avoid the demanding mouth, causing a little more rush of pain from the quick movement.

He paused only for a brief second, looking a little peeved. "You don't even KNOW what you want, Heero! You WANT this! Trust me." He went to nuzzle me at the end of my jaw. But I did! I knew exactly what I wanted now. There were these wonderful, beautiful, expressive, indigo eyes, a long, silky chestnut hair, and an amazing personality that stole me away from you, Trowa.

"I know what I want, Trowa!!" I cried out, pushing him off me violently. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry, Trowa." I apologized as I got off the bed, gathering the clothes that had been discarded. "I'm so sorry for everything I've done to you." Trowa sat up on the bed, staring at me incredulously. And I smiled softly to myself. He makes the pain go away, Trowa. Just suddenly coming to terms with myself and realizing how important that other person was to me, made the pain in my head slightly ebb away.

"I just.. I'm sorry." I gave him a small bow in apology. "I don't know what happened, but go back to Quatre. He's the one for you." And I bolted out of the room, slamming the door behind me, never even looking back.


It was so clear all of a sudden! My emotions that I had tried to hard to puzzle out suddenly seemed to fit together so well. The pain had disappeared and I felt freer and lighter than I had in my entire life. With this revelation, like an enlightenment, I raced as home as fast as I could.


I entered the house welcomed by music blasting from the living room. A Life in Mono, if I recall. Quatre had bought me the CD a while ago as a gift. Duo was there in the living room, lounging about, wearing a loose fitting pair of black pants and a large, bulky, white sweater, sliding a bit off one shoulder. He was brushing his hair; hmm, he must have just come out of the shower a short while ago. He was swaying his slim hips slowly to the beat of the song. As soon as he twirled around and saw me, his eyes widened.

"Oh shit! Heero! What are you doing home so early?" He asked in surprise, rushing to the stereo to turn off the blaring music. "Sorry, I was just bored and found the CD. I liked it. Uh. is something wrong?" He noticed that I had been staring at him, never once breaking the gaze.

No, Duo. Everything's fine now. He looked absolutely endearing the, with his long hair cascading down, and even with his scar, he looked like a fallen angel. For once in my life, I wasn't confused or lost. He took a step back for every one I took forward. He was so close, and especially when I knew what I wanted and needed so badly, I HAD to go get him. I've been waiting too long already. Carpe Diem. I didn't know how much time I had left so I couldn't even spare a minute more.

"H-heero?" He was trapped between the wall and I. "Heero, what's wron- mphhh" I cut the question off by giving him a longing kiss, his lips delightfully soft as they yielded against mine. I gave my all into the kiss. Months of pent up, confused emotions were finally let out. He was tense against me, but I wasn't going to give up yet. Not when I was so close. I brought my hand to his chin, pulling his lower lip down so that my tongue could run against his teeth. Please Duo. I was almost afraid that he'd push me away, but I was thrilled when he opened his delicious mouth and tentatively met my questing tongue with his. Giving a small sigh, he gave in, leaning more against the wall, and ran his hands up my back as his mouth worked mine. He was sweeter than I could have imagined, and knowing that it was Duo, made it all the better. My tongue ran gently against his, flickering against the roof of his mouth, and against the insides of his cheek, exploring. I didn't want to miss a thing.

I had moved closer, pressing against him, pleased to meet a hardness that matched my own. Cupping his buttocks, I pulled his hips into mine and feverishly rubbed his erection with my own. Gasping and panting, he wrapped his arms around my neck to gain a sense of balance. He gave me another breath-stealing kiss before he lifted his head to face the ceiling and began moving with my hips. I kissed the top of his chin, then bent closer to lick at his Adam's apple. "Heero.. Not here against the wall." He gasped again.

Understandingly, I nodded, kissing him quickly and with a grunt, I lifted him up and proceeded to carry him to my room. With a small cry of surprise, he tightened his hold around my neck and wrapped his legs around my waist. I nearly dropped him as his erection pressed against mine again. Feeling steady enough, he managed to pull of the bulky sweater tossing it behind me. Through lust filled eyes, he smiled and kissed me again as he began unbuttoning my shirt.

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