Disclaimer: I dun own them. Hell I don't technically own this plot! This story is based on The Chinese Box, one of those low budget movies that I just happened to pass by. I didn't like it as all, so I rewrote it. And I don't own GW or anything.. 'cept maybe the plot changes. Oh well, this is my pride and joy, so have fun reading it!

Pairings: 1+3, so far.
Warnings: OOC, angst! There's, like, ONE lemon scene, a lot of cuss words ('cause Duo's a potty mouth), yaoi. Oh, there's a lotta bad things that happen to some of the characters, so you might get mad. The guys are around 25 or 26-ish years old. Except Duo. He's around 22, 'cause this is an AU story. Shonen Ai so far. Deathficcy Mebbe That's about it, I guess. ^___^

The L2 Box
Side Story

When I softly deposited him on my bed, I took the opportunity to shrug out of the shirt he had helpfully unbuttoned and out of my slacks and undergarments. Returning my attention to Duo, I saw that he had also divested himself of any clothing. I finally had a good look at him. In the months that I had known him, he was always a conservative dresser. I never saw him when he came out of the shower, and I think this was the first time I had ever seen him with his hair down. He smiled at me shyly and gnawed gently on his lower lip nervously. And even with his scar, he was absolutely beautiful, sitting there with his hair down, nude, coy, like a sprite. Though. he looked thin. Incredibly thin, enough so I could clearly see the bones of his ribcage. Hadn't I been taking care of him well enough? Under my scrutiny and seeing my frown, Duo sadly turned away, slightly covering himself with his hands.

"Do whatever you want. Just. Don't look at me if you don't want to." He whispered. I was touched by his tone, and crept onto the bed to lie down and pulled him to lie down beside me. He looked confused, but followed after my insistent tug. He rested his head on my shoulder and I wrapped my arms around him, our bodies pressed tightly against one another, erections touching, sending shivers throughout me with every breath I took. I brushed the scar on his cheek and leaned forward to kiss it.

"Tonight, there is no scar." I whispered to him, giving soft butterfly kisses there. "You're beautiful." He gave a gentle sigh, closing his eyes to revel in the feeling. My hand left his face and traveled down his slim frame, running along his arm, fingertips tracing a rib bone, lightly brushing the soft skin on his hip and stomach before I finally cupped a buttock and gave a slight squeeze of the firm, but soft and tender, globe. He gave a small cry, lifting his head to seek my mouth, rocking his hips and making me cry out in turn. I was going mad by just touching his skin. He continued slowly rocking his hips and kissing me, drinking in my moans as the delicious friction made the spot even more sensitive.

He suddenly broke away, both of us panting for breath after the kiss, and pushed me slightly so that I'd lie on my back. I watched as he knelt over me, lapping at one of my nipples. A groan fell from my lips as his tongue lapped and circled one with his tongue while he pinched and flicked the other with his fingers, making them rise and harden under his touch. His lush hair brushed against my sensitive skin as though they were caressing me. I had to lift my hips in need of release and brushed against his taut stomach. His tongue never stopped it's twirling and licking around my sensitive nipple as he grasped me in one fist and began to pump, making me writhe and moan even more. I shut my eyes tightly, letting myself just feel, letting the pleasure take over as I bucked slowly into his palm.

But he stopped and my eyes snapped open. I met with his amethyst eyes and when he was sure he had my full attention, he smiled again and bent down, kissing the tip of my erection. I could only cry out as his tongue darted out and licked the precum through the slit on the head of my penis. He brushed against an entire patch of nerves every time he flicked that pink tongue, causing me to cry out again and making my breath hitch. I watched in fascination as he took my erection into his mouth. Our eyes, never once leaving one another. I had to grab at the bed sheets in an attempt to control myself as his hot, wet mouth took me to the root, his nose brushing against my pubic hair.

"Aa. Duo. Duo.." His name was all I could murmur, my mind drawing blanks on everything except for him, as he began sucking on my sex. His head bobbed up and down, cheeks concaving in as he sucked. The suction and soft, inner walls of his mouth rubbed against every side my sex. I moaned his name again, as felt his tongue run over the tip and trace a vein. My blood felt like it was boiling, especially when he nibbled on me teasingly.

He smiled devilishly at me around my sex, knowing that he was slowly torturing me, and I could only smile back weakly. Daring to break the gaze, I looked further down to see his own glistening erection, begging for attention. Deciding fair was fair, I carefully maneuvered the two of us to that he was on top, still sucking on me, while his was conveniently in front of my face. I took his sex into my mouth, and sucked almost urgently, smiling knowing that I was repaying the torture when he gasped as my mouth first touched him. I could taste the bitter sweet pre-cum and with just a drop of it, I was already addicted. He gave a moan, sending vibrations along my cock and my nerves sent tingling sensations throughout me. I was breaking into a sweat trying hard to concentrate on him as he continued to suck on me. The room was silent except for the sound of us sucking, moaning, gasping, and groaning. And Duo made the throaty sounds, deep and so desire filled.

"Heero." He finally called out softly after pulling my erection out of his mouth with a small *pop* I could only "hmm?" Knowing that the vibrations would bring another moan from Duo, something I learned I enjoyed greatly. "Heero. I need.. ah.." He was panting heavily and broken in gasps, but I knew what he wanted. Thankfully, I had a bottle of Lubriderm in a nightstand just an arms length away from me and wouldn't have to break away from his warm skin.

He had returned to sucking on my erection, and I wondered if he enjoyed it. as much as I do. I loved the taste of him, the feel of his sex in my mouth, as it moved past my lips, the thickness and warmth of it throbbing against my tongue; just the sheer thought that I was giving HIM pleasure, made me enjoy it all the more. He tensed as he felt my hand spread his buttocks and circling his entrance with a slippery finger. I lapped at his sac, calming his nerves as I slowly pushed the first finger in. "Ahh.." Duo breathed, the exhale of warm breath brushing against my sex as I slid my finger slowly in, not stopping until I reached the third knuckle and could go no further. Oh God, he was so tight just around ONE finger. I was going to have to prepare him well before entering.

He tried concentrating on my throbbing erection and I could feel him flitting his tongue along my length as I began pulling my finger out and pushing it back in. As soon as I felt the muscles relax against my first finger, I slipped in a second one and he gave a strangled call of surprise and tried to pull away, but I held him steadfast with my other hand, clamped around his hip.

I kissed, licked, nibbled the inside of his smooth thigh (his legs were on either side of my head), anything to distract him, as I spread my two fingers in a scissor like way and began thrusting them into him. He could only give a low groan, resting his head on my thigh, taking deep breaths, as he grew accustomed to the feeling. I raised my head to suck on his erection again, trying to divert him from any pain as I continued to thrust my fingers into him.

Duo was breathing heavily, but his hips were slowly beginning to move in time with my fingers. His hand clasped my sex, giving a lick and a kiss to it, and began pumping it in time with my thrusts. He suddenly gave a guttural groan and threw his head back. I released him from my mouth to ask if anything was wrong, but he shook his head, a bead of sweat rolling down his temple.

"N-n-noo." He stuttered. "No, everything's fine. Just. do that again." He begged. What had I done? I moved my finger in a little further again and encountered a fleshy nub. I curved my finger and brushed against it. Duo gave another cry and pressed harder against my finger. "Nnh. It feels so good, Heero." He moaned out, hips now thrusting encouragingly more. He hung his head with the next few thrusts of my fingers, but he finally looked back to me, eyes hungry and clouded. "Heero. I want you in me. now." He pleaded out urgently, raising his hips in a doggy style, begging for me to take him. With that invitation, I got up from under him and positioned myself behind him.

After carefully readying myself with the Lubriderm, I prepared to push in. No sooner had my tip brushed against his rose bud entrance did he gasp out sharply and his entire body tensed against my hands. I looked to see what was wrong. He had clenched the sheets to hard that his knuckles were turning white, face pressed hard against the mattress and eyes shut tight. I was so foolish. He'd been raped many times when he was young. This was probably one of the harshest, painful, positions for him to remember. Stupid. I was so selfish that I had almost forgotten.

Quickly, I flipped the both of us over so that I lay beneath him again, this time, he straddle my hips, my almost painful erection bumping gently against his bottom. He stared down at me wondering what the hell I was up to, but I only reached up to rub my thumb against his scar and told him, "I'll only going to take what you want to give me. Nothing more."

He smiled so endearingly at me, looking even a bit misty eyed. After quickly bending over to kiss me softly, he sat back up, grasped my sex and directed it towards his entrance. I felt the resistance at the beginning; the tight ring opening slowly, beginning to accept the tip of my erection. He pressed down more until the tip was fully in and I saw his face of concentration. There was a frown on his face, obviously trying to disguise the pain, and he bit his lip so hard I thought he was going to draw blood.

"If it hurts too much-" I wouldn't force Duo to do this, but he shook his head with a determined expression.

"It hurts a little. But I want to do this." He told me quietly. Instead of giving in, he moved back up and proceeded to press down again, and repeated the motion, each time taking me in a little deeper. And I was absolutely helpless. It was a slow torture for me as well as I felt the tight pressure inside. I clutched at the sheets to keep my hands from grabbing him and shoving him down until I was completely inside. I tossed my head back against the pillow, closing my eyes, taking deep breaths to control myself. This time, Duo didn't stop me when I broke our gaze, but continued the slow, agonizingly, laborious task at hand. He grasped both of my hands and held them tightly as I watched him take in the last bit. I gave out a groan, and he took a deep breath and held it for a moment.

This exquisite tightness surrounding and capturing me. I held his hands as he sat there, getting used to me so deep inside of him. I could feel a pulse, I think, a slight clenching every second, gently squeezing on my erection.

"Can you move?" I asked in a soft whisper after waiting for what seemed like an eternity to me. With a hesitant nod, he shifted slightly and I moaned yet again. A little movement of the hips, a little grind; while even that sent me towards ecstasy, his hands clenched even tighter onto mine and he gasped harshly. I placed a hand on his hip, looking at him in concern. If this was going to hurt him too much, I wasn't going to do this. But he shook his head slightly and forced himself to move again on me. Slowly, tormenting slow, after a few more thrusts, the frown on his face disappeared and he began to moan with me.

Letting go of my other hand, he placed both of his onto my chest for balance to get deeper thrusts. His hot channel massaged my erection, tightening and relaxing in a hypnotizing rhythm, giving me pleasure that makes people's toes curl. On a particularly hard thrust, he tensed for a second, throwing his head back and gave a loud cry. He was an amazing site then, body flushed with a red rose color, mouth hanging open, chest heaving for breath, hair mussed about. After the cry of surprised pleasure, he began moving harder down onto me, but the rhythm was getting ragged and harder for him to concentrate on when pleasure was fazing up his mind.

Taking hold of him, I rolled over to be on top, sinking even deeper and getting rewarded with another beautiful exclamation from Duo. His arms came up, wrapping tightly around me as I gave sharp thrusts, snapping my hips giving us jolts of delight. I bent down to take that tempting mouth as I continued to move. My muscles were tensing up, as I drove into his tight channel, tighter and perhaps better than any other woman I've ever been with, but I'm probably being bias.

"Harder." Duo panted into my ear. I gave him what he asked for, pushing my hips, flexing a little more as I pounded into him. Definitely what he asked for, because he threw his head back and gave a small, keening wail, sobbing for air. His legs wrapped around my hips, his hands were even cupping my buttocks, squeezing and massaging them, pulling me in deep with each thrust. As much as I loved the feeling, I knew I wasn't going to last much longer. My thrusts were getting more shallow and quick, my sac tightening and drawing higher to the base of my penis.

"Touch me. please." It was in a harsh, desperate whisper. Who was I to deprive him this? Resting my weight on one elbow, I reached down to grasp his burning sex and began pumping it, earning a choked sob of pleasure from him. When I pumped him roughly, slowly circling the silky head of his erection, and rubbing my thumb against the slippery slit, he began bucking almost wildly, making incoherent sounds, moaning, groaning, crying, wailing into my ear, such absolutely lovely noises escaping those thoroughly kissed, delicious lips. And intoxicating me with everything; I was drowning in the pleasure with all my senses, drawing me to a frenzied pace. Every time I withdrew, his inner muscled felt like they wanted to pull me back in, coaxing me to white wash him with my semen. It was only a few more frantic strokes and pumps, which I never thought I'd be able to last, when:

"Heero. nnh. I'm gonna.. -" The rest of his declaration was cut off as he cried out, almost in a hoarse scream and he arched up sharply against me. The hands on my bottom gripped and I felt the warm splatter of Duo's cum on my stomach. The expression of pure ecstasy was written all over his face.

His insides contracted even tighter around me and I knew this was it. Against Duo's cries in orgasmic bliss, all my muscles strained, my sac grew even tighter, even a tingle of pain, everything growing to one pinnacle of pressure. His slick channel and trembling body demanded my climax and I couldn't have denied it even if I wanted to. I gave a cry of my own as I flooded him with my semen, giving a few small thrusts, milking all of it out. I felt my penis swell, and the muscles in my stomach cramp with each jet of sperm I filled Duo with. And I just froze there as he drained me, gasping for air until all the sensations like pins and needles waned away and I shrank enough to slip out of him.

Against his heaves for breath, he gave a small sigh of contentment and relaxed as he ran his hand through my hair while I stooped down to lap at his still warm semen that had pooled onto his chest and stomach. People say that cum is bitter, nasty, and whatnot, but Duo was sweet, just a hint of bitterness. Hell, dark chocolate is sweet and bitter to and people love it. Finally, I drew back up and collapsed beside him, heart still beating so fast and hard that you'd have thought I had just run a marathon. And I realized: I was exhausted as though I had just run one.

Duo's arms embraced me. He cuddled up into me and gave me a quick kiss. Throwing an arm around him to keep him close, I noticed that his eyes were already closed and he was on his way to sweet dreams. Well.

Oyasumi, Duo. I kissed his sweaty brow and succumb to sleep myself.

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