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Warnings: OOC, ANGST! Guys are around 20 years old. After EW.

Note: The guys are around 21-ish years old. It's after EW, they've all spent one or two years on their own before going to Preventers when they're 18-19-ish and Heero and Duo finally got together around then and they've been together for about a little more than a year. Everything's pretty vague, eh?

Love Me Still
Part 10

We sat around, lounging in the rented hall-turned-nightclub for the night. I sat there sullenly, moping, thinking about Wufei's words. They had been replying over and over again in my mind. He had stated his claim over Duo. I didn't like the idea of Duo being some kind of thing to own, but then I was hypocritical by wanting Duo for myself! Whatever Wufei said, didn't help me at all. I still loved Duo, even though he was with someone else.

The dance floor was slightly filled with invited guests and friends, and that was A LOT of people. Quatre's acquaintances, sisters, Rashid and his big gang and their dates, Trowa's circus friends… a lot. There were some people I don't think any of us knew, but they came to party in the atmosphere anyhow. Quatre didn't mind, he was in the ultimate, highest, happy mood. Everyone was generally having a great time at the bachelor party.

Even though he's not supposed to pay for his own bachelor party, Quatre had definitely gone all out for it, after all, this was the last time he'd ever party as a single man. There were strobe lights, professional DJ's, even a bar tender serving at an area that acted as the bar counter. They had carried in a lot of equipment and decorations to transform the entire hall into something like a European nightclub. Being scrupulous, I had objected to this since: one, the bridegrooms were supposed to be the one in charge of the bachelor party and two, it would have been a lot more simpler just to go to a real night club instead of "making" one. But Quatre insisted this for some insane reason and I gave up, not wanting to argue on his requests. It's his and Trowa's bachelor party. They can do whatever they want.

The doors opened and Duo finally stepped in. I sat quietly in the corner with Quatre, Trowa as Duo, decked simply, hair still in its usual braid, made his way over. I couldn't take my eyes off him to save my life. His pants, slightly baggy and boot cut, hung on the dangerously low curve of his hips as he walked toward us. Sliding past people, he gave everyone a nice view of his taut, slightly cut, abs since he was wearing a tight, cropped tank top that stopped just a bit above his belly button. There was a black armlet on each arm and a little silver hoop earring decorating him and that was it.

He was dressed conservatively and simplistically compared to other outfits he'd worn other times. Staying true to tradition, it was all black, but this outfit wasn't too raunchy or revealing… and I loved it. I loved it because he was wearing it and it looked so good on him. I wanted to up to him and kiss him full on the lips, touch his creamy, smooth skin, run my hands down his graceful arms, and tangle my fingers into his braid, but I didn't.

Instead, I sat there frowning when Wufei tagged along with Duo, holding hands. He was dressed in leather pants and mesh black shirt and army boots. Even I have a better sense of dress than that. He clashed with Duo's clothing. Then again, I was probably being bias and making excuses because I didn't like them together at all.

"Hey, this is a party! Why are you guys just sitting here?! Come on, let's dance or something!" His playful voice invited us. He had on his cheeky, twinkling grin as he motioned his hands. The others agreed readily, leaving me to sit here by myself. I don't dance. Everyone knows that.


Everyone danced but I just sat there watching.

Duo seemed oblivious to his partner with every song. I was only attentive to him, not really paying attention to the song besides the heavy bass. But his lips started mimicking the lyrics and I held my breath. I read the suggestive words from his lips.

"I... want you back in my life. Want you back by my side… 'Cause that's where you belong." If only it was true, Duo, I mused. "And I… I won't give you up. I will never stop. My love is much too strong." Reading his lips, it felt like he was actually speaking to me. But he wasn't. I nearly sighed melodramatically. He wasn't paying attention to anything.

I went to go sit at the bar table to drown in my own misery, even though I've only finished my first drink. I'm not a drinker, I was taught better than to drink like that. Duo suddenly came up beside me at the counter, ordering a refreshing drink.

"Gawd, it's roasting in here. Can I have something, anything cool, please?" He fanned himself with his hand as he waited for his drink to be prepared. Then, he finally looked at me, his face flush from dancing.

"Hey." He greeted. I think that was probably the first word he's spoken directly to me since we came to this colony for the wedding. "Why aren't you on the dance floor like everyone else? Trying to be a party pooper?"

"You know I don't dance." I replied levelly, watching him take a seat on the stool beside mine.

"I suppose not..." he answered nonchalantly. "Then again, I suppose I never really knew you at all, huh?" He ignored my hurt look when he thanked the bartender for his drink.

Trying to keep the conversation going, I brought up a subject that he'd probably have a lot to talk about. "So, how are you doing with Wufei?" I tried to sound casual but winced when I heard desperation instead. He looked at me with amused amethyst eyes as he sipped his drink.

"I'm good. We're good. He spoils me silly though. He gives me anything and everything I want." What was that supposed to mean? Was that some innuendo? Were they sleeping together? Just exactly how close were they? I know I heard everything from Wufei already, but I wanted them to come from Duo's own mouth…. Did Duo love him? I just HAD to know! I was going to ask, but Duo unexpectedly distracted me when he fished out an ice cube from his glass and brought it to his pink, coral lips.

I licked my own dry lips as I watched his tongue dart out to lick the cube, catching the water that threatened to drip. Duo always has this sexual appeal no matter what he's doing. It distracted me no matter how much I tried to resist. My eyes followed the ice as he brought it down the column of his neck and he tilted his head back slightly.

"Oh god~~" He made it sound like a sensual moan. "It's so hot in here. They ought to turn on the A.C." I nodded absently, wanting to lick the alcohol-laced water as it melted against Duo's hot skin and trailed down his neck, down to his collarbone and further down his top. He had such an erotic aura surrounding him. I was supposed to withstand the temptation, after all, I was engaged already; He had someone else and so did I. We broke up and I shouldn't want this. But this was Duo. Everything he did tempted me.

When the cube stopped moving, I finally looked back to his face and held my breath when he stared back. I swear, I saw a flash of a smirk, not a friendly one, but one of bad intent. It must have been my imagination; I blamed it on the alcohol.

His eyes opened wide and he grinned wildly. "Oh I LOVE this song! I'm gonna go find Wufei now, See ya!" And he left me just like that; me practically out of breath and needy.

I followed him with my eyes as he strolled confidently over to his, date… boyfriend… lover? As soon as Duo caught his eyes, a smile widened and he wrapped an arm around Duo, drawing their bodies closer. It took a moment for their bodies to begin to move along with the tempo, but soon, Duo was moving fluidly with Wufei. With the song, Duo moved so that Wufei's thigh was between his legs and he was dancing too close; Duo was straddling the mans thigh, rubbing pleasurably against it.

My jaw clenched and teeth ground when Wufei's hands dared to creep lower, cupping Duo's round buttocks, pulling their bodies closer to rub their hips together enthusiastically to the song. It killed me even further when Duo didn't protest, but encouraged it by moving his own hands down lower on his dance partner.

They danced that lewd manner as Wufei grabbed his chin to kiss, but Duo only turned around swiftly to press his back up against Wufei's chest and his bottom rubbed suggestively against Wufei's hip. That man was bold enough to place both hands on my lovers- ex lovers' hips and move in small circles. The two moving almost in synch, rolling with the beat. But my breath hitched when one of those hands crept up under that short tank top while the other lay dangerously low on Duo's abdomen.

Duo does this thing that makes my blood boil intensely every time. It's not really any act of seduction. But the way he dances with his closed eyes head nodding lightly back and fourth. He moves his body in a slow, liquid motion to the heavy, leisurely beat of the song. He's in another world; drowned into the rhythm. He wasn't even aware of Wufei's hands dancing on his lean body. Until…

I watched as Duo opened his eyes wide and gasped as that hand, I'm positive, was playing with a rosy nipple under his short shirt. As much as I hated it; as much as I hated seeing Wufei touch that Duo's body in such a manner, I couldn't stop this voyeurism as they practically had sex on the dance floor. I couldn't stop watching as one of Duo's slim hands covered Wufei's and dragged it down lower to press against the fabric of his pants between his legs. Even I could see the erection through Duo's pants now. Duo closed his eyes again, sagging slightly against his partner. Breathlessly, I watched as Wufei placed a heated kiss on the base of Duo's neck and shoulder, almost like a vampire sucking blood and rubbed the flat of his palm over Duo's erection. Duo bit his own pouty, lower lip, rocking his tempting bottom against Wufei.

They danced with sexual energy and the excitement was becoming more and more bold. I hated the sight of that other man touching Duo, but the way Duo was dancing and moving, I didn't want him to stop because the image was just breathtaking and… arousing. God, it was really affecting me.

Then, it was like everything had gone mute to me. Duo opened his eyes, Wufei's lips still burning against his light skin, but his bright, violet eyes shocked me as he stared straight, directly at me. It struck me. He knew exactly what he was doing with his pink-flushed face and sexual, flaunting body.

While Wufei touched his erogenous zones, Duo moaned and gasped under the ministrations but his eyes remained only on me. He was doing this on purpose, taunting and teasing me. The hand rubbed against his length undoubtedly pleasurable, but Duo was looking straight at me with passionate, half-open eyes, lips moving like he was going to moan MY name.

I broke. I couldn't take this anymore. I was suddenly suffocating like it was scorching hot in the room. While my body reacted predictably to Duo's seduction, I fled the place, rushing to my room. I refuse to fold and give in to whatever he and Wufei were playing at.

Note: Yay. Euro-Trance music is nice. I can't really imagine any of the GW guys dancing to trance/raving music, but that song, "I want you back in my Life" just fits very well with the theme ^_^;; The more slow song at the second, well, I was listening to Toni Tony Tone & DJ Quick the song's called, "Let's Get Down"

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