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Pairings: 1+2+1
Warnings: AU, extreme sappiness (expect a lot of making out and corny lines. This will probably be the fic with the most "kiss" words you’ve ever read ^_~), lime. PWP? (O_o yes, it seems like a really long PWP to me ^_^;; I can’t think of what kinda plot I have in the fic ^_^;;)

Note: A lot of things here seem too sudden and incredulous (it’s a Heero and Duo fall in love in under 60 seconds kinda story), but bear with me here 'cause it’s our favorite couple and we love them getting together, ne? ^_~ Sorry if there are errors and typos all over the place.

Another Note:This story is based on the show Shipmates. It’s always on whenever I go to bed so I just lay there and watch ‘til I get sleepy. I saw this one couple and thought it’d be interesting to write Heero and Duo into the role (though I’ve edited their date a lot). For those of you who are unfamiliar with the show, it’s kind of like a blind date thing but they set up couples meet on a cruise ship and they have to spend three days together to see if they get along or turn into arch nemeses.

(Duo:/Heero: is commentary. They’re speaking off screen making comments about their date. They’re in separate rooms so neither are aware of each other’s comments.)

by Mai Sieu Phong

~Prologue ~ Introductions~

Before the show started and they met each other, the contestants had to talk about themselves for a minute as an introduction:

Duo Maxwell: "I’m a very outgoing person. I’m wild and I like being in the center of attention. *with an easy-going smile* I’m comfortable with myself and my sexuality. I can be a bit of a nymphomaniac but... uh, *fidgeting excitedly in his seat* I’m not expecting to find a husband or wife on the show or anything. I’m just here to have fun and stuff."

Heero Yuy: *looking uncomfortable talking to the camera practically in his face* I’m not a very social person but I’ll relax and talk if I’m with the right person. I’m rather conservative… so this will be one of the few times that I have tried to go out with another man… I haven’t gone out with very many people for that matter. I’m just hoping I get along with my partner."

Will these two make sparks fly or will they become sworn enemies on the show?

~End Prologue~

Duo walked into the lounge nervously. He rarely ever went on blind dates, much less for a television show. At first he had been excited when the show called saying he’d been accepted as a contestant. Now, he was doubtful and skeptical. What had he been thinking? What if the person they set him with turned out to be a total flop? He’d never hear the end of it from his friends back home. How was this going to work out? Blind dates always turned out bad (or at least it seemed so to many people)… and that cameraman wasn’t helping much either. With the cameraman following his every move, Duo was sure it would only make things more awkward and hard for his date and him to get to know each other.

The cameraman pointed towards a table with a lone man sitting there waiting. Well, here goes nothing.

When he felt something tap his shoulder, Heero stood up, turned around and saw another man with a shy, nervous smile.

"Hi, I’m Duo Maxwell. Nice to meet you." The tall man moved to give Heero a quick hug and a friendly kiss on the cheek. Heero’s eyes widened in surprise but he didn’t push the other man away.

"I’m Heero Yuy." He managed to reply.

(Duo: "The first time I met him, he was definitely cute. He’s unbelievably gorgeous… but he’s such a prissy! He’s WAY too prude for my tastes. I could tell it was going to be hard to talk to him."

Heero: *shifts in his seat uneasily* "Duo’s very touchy-feely. I didn’t think it’s bad. I’m just not use to it, especially from a stranger.")

They sat in the lounge and spoke over a cup of coffee. It was still morning after all. "Um, so." Duo tried to start a conversation. "What do you do for a living?"

"I’m a computer programmer."

(Duo: "Boooring!")

"And you?" Heero felt very awkward. He didn’t know how to speak with people very well.

"Oh, well, I’m a part time model." Duo informed. Heero’s eyes roamed over Duo and he definitely appreciated the view. "But I’m also working as a hair stylist at my friend’s hair salon. It’s fun."

"Aa, you like to play with hair." It sounded like a question, but Heero was pretty sure of the answer. Duo chuckled slightly and pulled his braid over his shoulder and played with it.

"Well, I like to play with MY hair at least. I go to great pains to take care of it. I get vain over it sometimes."

Heero nodded and tried to smile. "It looks very pretty." He complimented. Duo was used to being flattered. He was complimented often, but having Heero’s approval somehow made him feel more flattered than usual.

"Thanks. I like yours too." At the sudden remark, Heero ran a hand through his short, messy hair self-consciously. Duo watched with twitchy fingers. HE had an urge to run a hand through Heero’s hair! It looked very soft.

"My hair looks like bed hair." Heero stated, scrunching his nose a bit and Duo noted that he looked very cute doing that.

"No way. It’s just the way your hair grows. I like it. It’s totally you! Makes ya look like a bad boy or something." He chuckled nervously, wondering if his comment would be taken badly. He always did that: Talk too much. They didn’t know each other enough to be loose like that.

Heero looked at Duo in surprise. "You think so? It just looks so messy. People think I don’t brush my hair in the morning or something."

"I’d… um." Duo wasn’t sure if he should have volunteered, but hell, they were on a date. "You wanna come up to my room? I think I can try to do something for your hair if you want."

They went to Duo’s room and he set a chair against the sink. He gave an encouraging smile as he directed Heero to sit and lean his head back.

(Heero: "To wash my hair, Duo had to lean over me. We were very close to each other and I got a very good look at his face. He’s a very handsome man, if not pretty. It’s no surprise though. He’s a model after all. I think I’m very lucky that we got paired together for the show." *seems embarrassed with saying such sappy things* "I really like his smile and especially his eyes. I’ve never seen a shade like that before. I liked it, so I told him so.")

"I really like your eyes." Heero suddenly blurted out. Duo paused and looked down at Heero. He hadn’t known Heero was looking at him so carefully and he blushed.

"Thank you!" He winked at Heero causing the other boy to look embarrassed. "You’re pretty cute yourself." He cradled the back of Heero’s neck to support his head and ran warm water over his hair. He scrubbed the shampoo in deeply. It felt good! Heero sighed in contentment. It was like a very good massage.

"You like that huh?" Duo asked with a chuckle as he noted Heero’s blissful expression.

"Mm, yea." Heero answered drowsily. "Feels very nice, Duo."

(Duo: "Oh my god! The guy might be a bit antisocial, but he looks really cute anyway!")

Duo blew-dry the hair, reveling in the feel of its downy, soft texture. It had been a good idea to invite Heero to his room. They had gotten a chance to be close to each other and Heero had complimented his eyes. It was a good start. When they finished, Duo stood closely behind Heero when the other boy looked at his reflection in the mirror. Duo tilted his head and pouted. Heero looked in the reflection and his gaze briefly lingered on Duo’s slightly jutting bottom lip.

"I don’t understand. I used my best shampoo and everything. I tried to blow dry your hair a different style and it looks the same."

Heero turned to look at Duo and they were so close their noses almost touched. "It’s ok." He assured. He bent a bit and kissed Duo quickly on the lips before turning away blushing. "Thank you for trying."

(Heero: "I don’t know what came over me. Maybe it was a way to show my appreciation. He did kiss me on the cheek when we first met, so I figured he would be okay with one on the lips. I don’t feel bad about it. Duo IS a very good looking person." *shrugs with one shoulder* "Just because I act impassive doesn’t mean I am. It felt nice and I don’t really regret doing it.")

Duo looked surprised but very pleased. He blinked slowly and turned Heero’s head to give another kiss; longer than the earlier one, but only by a few seconds. It was only a touching of lips but had made an impact on both boys. Their heart beats has sped up and blood was flowing so fast they both felt faint and suddenly excited. Something had happened and they had made a very strong connection. When the kiss broke, Heero continued to stare into the eyes he had been admiring. What had compelled either of them to do that? They hardly knew each other!

"Let’s go eat something." Duo finally suggested, breaking the awkward silence.


There was a restaurant and it was fully decked to emote a romantic feeling.

"Where are you from?" Duo asked while they ate.

"Portland, Oregon. You?"

"New York." They frowned, realizing how far apart they were; at opposite sides of the country.

"Yes, you seem like someone who would live in a crowded, urban place like that." Heero said for the sake of conversation.

"What’s that’s supposed to mean?" Duo’s tone said he was not offended, but curious.

"Well, you seem very street-smart; witty, outspoken, and you dress very… chic." Heero bumbled, unused to complimenting people. "Oh, that reminds me; I wanted to say that you look very nice today." Heero smiled almost coyly. They spoke more over dinner and Heero opened up slowly, but faster than Duo had expected, not that he was complaining. Surprisingly, they had a lot to talk about- similar tastes in hobbies like games, movies, and music. They began to realize how well they complimented each other’s personality. Duo was creative, optimistic and very carefree. Heero was rather serious and level headed. But neither were extreme opposites, so they supported each other where something was lacking.

"Ne, let’s go dance." Duo said.

"Demo… I can’t dance." Heero admitted shamefacedly. He twisted his napkin in unease. It was embarrassing. He couldn’t do something as simple as dancing.

"Well then, let’s go. You can learn. I’ll help you." Duo insisted. Heero stubbornly refused. He shook his head, not wanting to go. "Once you find the beat, it’s easy. Besides," Duo’s voice lowered a notch, "I’d really like to watch you dance." The deepness his voice made Heero’s insides tremor. He felt surprisingly too weak to protest. Duo wanted to watch?

"Aa… let’s go." Heero gave in, all doubt suddenly gone

They left, leaving the show to pay for their meal.


It wasn’t really a big dance floor, but it was not crowded. That made Heero hesitant. Others would be able to see him fumble clumsily.

"Come on." Duo grabbed Heero’s hand and dragged the boy toward the center of the floor.

"Duo, matte. Wait!" He wanted to back out, but he couldn’t get out of Duo’s grasp.

"Come on, Heero." The place played a song Heero was unfamiliar with but Duo was already in the mood and dancing along. "Just move to the beat." Heero watched a woman nearby dance, trying to get the feel. After watching for a moment, he got somewhat of a clue and gave it a try.

Duo’s eyes widened as he watched Heero move. Wow… who could have imagined that the sullen boy could move to sexily? Duo suddenly swallowed harshly and backed away to see Heero fully. Heero looked at his partner and wondered why he was moving away. He knew it. His dancing skills were so horrible he’d made a fool of himself and embarrassed Duo. Heero stopped about to abandon the dance floor but Duo suddenly shook his head. He watched as Duo mouthed the words, "Dance for me," and he flushed, incredibly pleased with his efforts. Duo was watching him. When he closed his eyes, he could still feel Duo’s heavy gaze on him.

His body moved, undulating to the heavy bass that made his innards quake. With his azure eyes still closed, he bit his lower lip and slowly ran his hands slowly down his body, looking sultry and teasing. Knowing that Duo was watching made him feel suddenly hot. The song was singing something absolutely wicked, riding ponies and a lot of other sexual innuendoes. Moving to whatever he felt inside, he wasn’t even aware that his dancing had began to take a suggestive turn.

Although they had to work on the personality, he admitted that Heero was a VERY good looking person. He looked even better while dancing. Duo watched, enjoying the show. Heero was not aware of how erotic he looked dancing like that, graceful and sleek, and with such a hot blooded expression. The man was just dancing, but Duo could not stop his naughty thoughts! He watched those rocking hips, imagining how they’d feel in his grip as he pounded Heero from behind. They could go to a nearby bathroom right now and do it. The boy would look flushed and a bit sweaty, kind of like now as he moved to the music. Heero danced oblivious to Duo’s hentai thoughts and lusty stare.

The music changed and Heero finally opened his eyes, wondering how Duo wanted him to dance to a slow song by himself. Arms wrapped around his waist and pulled him back almost flush against another chest. Heero allowed a startled gasp.

"Thank you, Heero." Duo murmured. "You dance very well." Heero blushed deeply, trying not to feel the firm shape press slightly against his buttocks. He didn’t know what Duo wanted from him. He had a good guess, and he was not sure he wanted to know the correct answer… yet. He turned around and wrapped his arms loosely around Duo’s shoulders. What on earth was going on? It was like he was having high school crushes all over again- Not that he had any back then. He never really got along with people enough to like them. He glanced into Duo’s happy eyes. Why was Duo different? Maybe it was fate. Inside, Hero laughed at himself for being so foolish.

When the song was over, Duo reluctantly let go of Heero’s waist. It had taken all his will-power to not let his hands stray anywhere indecent, but by god, Heero was so perfect and alluring.

(Duo: "I admit that my first impression was wrong. He’s not a stiff like I thought he was. I think it was obvious that I was really into him by then."

Heero: "I’ve never felt this way toward anyone before." *looks a bit perplexed.* "Ano...")

"Can we get a drink?" Heero asked. "I’m a bit hot and thirsty from the dance."

"Sure, let’s go." They walked comfortably hand-in-hand toward the bar and got nothing but innocent wine coolers. Duo found an empty love seat and patted the cushion beside him, inviting Heero. When Duo pulled him closer so that he had to lean against the long-haired boy, he didn’t protest, but sat there demurely as Duo wrapped an arm around his shoulders. They drank, cuddled, and spoke a bit more. Heero was surprisingly willing to talk. He was usually the very silent type. They were getting along very well.


(Duo: "Eventually, Heero said he had to go to his room and take a shower to wash the sweat away. I came to visit him room 15 minutes later.")

Heero opened the door and greeted Duo. He was in a casual shirt with beat in jeans and Duo was in a dark tank top with loose sweat pants; the kinds that had those stripes and buttons along the sides. Heero wasn’t good with fashion, but he thought it looked very nice on Duo. He gave Heero a lazy smile and entered the room when Heero moved aside.

(Heero: "The show gave us props and we were supposed to play some kind of game. We took turns picking up pieces of paper in a jar and we’d have to think of things to do with the word written on the paper if it was vague.")

Heero took out another slip of paper and blushed yet again. Duo liked the color on Heero’s cheek. It was all very cute! He couldn’t believe the show had matched him with someone as cute as this! "Kiss." Heero read on the paper. He leaned over and kissed Duo quickly on the lips. It was a feather-light touch and Duo pouted in disappointment.

(Duo: "Knowing me, the game became very sexual." * waving his hands animatedly in explanation*. "The sexual tension in the room was so thick you’d probably have had to use a chainsaw to cut it. God knows. After that whole dancing fiasco, how could anyone think of anything NOT indecent? The only thing I could think of was a way to get in the guy’s pants… or at least get as close to it as possible.")

The word was "lollipop". Duo grabbed the lollipop from the bucket of given props and handed it to Heero. He almost laughed when Heero eyed the candy as though it would bite him.

"I want you to suck on this lollipop as sexily as you can."

Heero looked scandalized, and then set his face to look determined. He grabbed the lollipop from Duo’s fingers and unwrapped it as the other boy watched with gleeful anticipation.

(Duo: "Oh... my… GOD! I’ve never seen anyone eat anything like that!")

Heero began with a series of long licks, once in awhile giving it a few playful flicks with the tip of his tongue. He knew what Duo was thinking with this idea and as punishment for being naughty he’d give Duo exactly what the boy wanted to see. He ran the lollipop across his lips, puckering a bit to give the candy soft kisses. Duo was watching very attentively with wide eyes. He pushed the round candy slowly into his mouth and added a low moan. He could hear Duo’s breath quicken as he pulled the candy out a bit and pushed it in again slowly. Heero closed his eyes, imagining other… better things he could be sucking.

God, he was practically having sex with the candy! Duo swallowed a groan as he watched the candy slowly tint the boy’s lips a bit red. Heero smiled, knowing exactly what effect he was having on Duo. He pulled the candy out a bit and opened his mouth to let Duo see inside. He curled his tongue around the candy and twirled it around. Duo saw the talented tongue and squirmed uncomfortably in his seat.

"You want a taste?" Heero’s voice came out huskily. Heero drew the candy out and offered it. Duo only smiled and stuck his tongue out, letting Heero move the lollipop on it instead of having him lick it

Heero drew out the next slip of paper. His reaction to it was hard to gauge. Duo leaned over to read it. "French."

"Hmm," Duo teased. "There’s nothing in the bucket that we can do with that word." He grinned. "The only think I can think of is a French kiss." Heero seemed reluctant. Kissing like that was going much too far. Duo was afraid his partner wouldn’t play along but whooped in triumph inside when Heero finally sidled closer to his side. He couldn’t believe his luck! He got to taste the candy again but this time from Heero’s sweet lips. They yielded against him when his tongue moved to enter Heero. It was warm, moist, and so good when he felt Heero suck a bit on his tongue.

"Nnh, mmm…" Heero was moaning softly when Duo’s hands moved; one to splay across Heero’s lower back and the other hand cupped the back of his head, playing with the thick, short hair and moving his head to give Duo better access. They broke with a wistful sigh.

"Wow." Duo exclaimed out of breath. Dazedly, Heero nodded in agreement. After that kiss, the only thing he wanted to do was throw Heero onto the bed and have hot, sweaty, amazing sex with him but he restrained himself when he saw the cameraman move around, trying to tape everything. He bit back a growl of annoyance and frustration.

A few slips later, Duo got the word, "whipped cream". There was a can of the stuff in the bucket. Holding the can in his hand, he looked at Heero, trying to think of something good to do. Heero had a nervous look, but also a lusty one. His eyes had become a darker shade of blue, clouded with passion and Duo noticed it, wondering if his own face reflected the same need. Although he was hesitant to do all the dares in the game, Heero admitted that they had all made him fell very good. He awaited Duo’s next action anxiously.

"Take off you shirt." Duo commanded.

"N-nani?" Heero blinked. Duo looked confident as he stood up and made Heero also stand.

"Or you can just lift your shirt up a bit." Heero bit his lip as he slowly lifted his shirt ‘til his entire torso was revealed. "Nice…" He heard Duo whisper. Heero was pleasingly built and very compact. There were shallow ripples on his abs and his chest wasn’t huge, but there were defined pectoral muscles. Heero’s skin was a nice beige color, like the perfect tan everyone wants. He checked out Heero’s body only a bit longer before returning his gaze toward Heero’s eyes. "I’m going to lick some whip cream off you." He watched Heero’s eyes widen. For some reason, he really liked horrifying Heero this way. The innocent act was really doing something for him.

Heero’s breath hitched when the chilly cream touched his skin. Duo sprayed a line up towards the middle of Heero’s chest and was happy to clean it off. He took large laps to lick the cream of the smooth skin. Heero tried to bite back a moan but was unsuccessful when he felt the mixture of cold cream and Duo’s warm tongue on his skin. The trail ended on his breastbone, between Heero’s nipple and Duo resisted the urge to take the brown nub into his mouth and lick and nibble until they became pebble-like. To Duo’s ears, Heero was making lovely noises that drove his libido wild. Heero seemed to have very sensitive skin and moaned with every small lick. Duo took his time sucking on the velvety expanse of skin, even when there was no cream left. His tongue dipped and played a bit in Heero’s cute belly button. The poor boy squirmed at the ticklish sensation and he gasped when Duo continued to lick just a bit lower.

(Duo: "That was payback for the lollipop incident." *He smirks evilly*.)

"You’re a virgin, aren’t you?" Duo asked in a whisper so the camera could not catch it. Heero looked down at Duo where he was giving slow, languorous licks on the skin right above his pants. When Heero tersely, nodded once, Duo smiled. It was kind of obvious from the sounds that Heero made that he had never been touched or teased like this.

Unfortunately, the game had to end. Heero felt like asking Duo to stay a bit longer… perhaps even overnight, but he hesitated, too shy to ask. Duo kissed him goodnight; a quick kiss and not as hot as their French kiss had been, so Heero was not sure if Duo was interested in him enough to take the offer.

(Duo: "I was in a hurry to get out of there. I desperately needed to go back to my room and j**k *ff." (words are censored for the viewing audiences ^_~))


(Heero: "In the morning, Duo really surprised me. He came very early with a tray of food.")

Heero opened the door when there was a knock.

"Room Service!" Duo greeted jauntily. "I thought you’d appreciate a little breakfast in bed!" His face fell as he eyed Heero. "Oh, you’re already up."

(Duo: "I was kind of disappointed. I mean, breakfast in bed sounded really romantic, but Heero was already up and out of bed.")

"Aa, well, we can still eat the food." Heero said quickly. "I haven’t eaten anything yet. Come on, let’s eat." He moved to the made bed and sat cross-legged. Duo sat beside him still looking a bit disappointed. Spontaneously, Heero leaned over and kissed Duo on the cheek.

"Thank you for the breakfast." He said softly- almost shyly- and Duo smiled brightly, no longer upset.

Duo began to feed Heero, once in awhile taking a bite for himself. Heero was enjoying the pampering as he opened his mouth and took another offered fork of crisp waffles.

"Mnh!"" He winced slightly.

"What’s wrong?" Duo asked in panic.

"It’s too sweet!" Heero said when he finally swallowed. The sweetness had touched a spot on the back of his jaw and sent a jolt through his system. "There was too much syrup on that one." Duo gave a light laugh before leaning over to kiss Heero’s lips, tongue darting in quickly when Heero gasped. They kissed very shortly before Duo pulled away, licking his lips.

"Yup. You’re right." Duo agreed. "It’s very sweet." Heero had a flustered and embarrassed look but continued to eat. They continued to kiss at brief intervals, tasting the sweet food on each other’s lips. Duo hand fed Heero some fruit and Heero opened his mouth to bite the ripe strawberry. Duo was captivated with Heero and the short-haired boy definitely noticed the attention, feeling so flattered that he nearly glowed.

(Duo: "The guy had the sauciest lips I’ve ever seen! They practically beg to be kissed. All throughout breakfast, I kept on thinking of ….um, that’s not right to say on TV. Anyhow, Feeding him drove me nuts! Especially with that peach. He makes everything he does seem so naughty and he’d so innocent that he doesn’t even know what kind of effect it’s having on me.")

Heero bit into the plump, ripe peach awkwardly, unused to having someone else hold it for him. The juice spilled a bit, dribbling down the side of his lip and Duo promptly leaned over to lick it clean. He traced the trail of juice from the bottom of Heero’s chin up to lap at that sultry, sweet mouth. Obviously, it led to a kiss, a very heated one. It was a very long and so pleasant that they both easily forgot the rest of their breakfast for each other instead.

They probably would have skipped the plans to the beach and stayed in Heero’s room to make out for the rest of the day, but the show wouldn’t give them the pleasure and insisted that they adhere to the plans. They did, finally, remember that they were being taped and halfheartedly got up to do whatever the show had planned.


(Heero: "We had to go to the beach, but it was still fun. I think, by then, that we were definitely interested in each other.")

On the edges of the beach, Heero sat on some railing with Duo situated between his thighs and his arms wrapped around Heero to keep him from falling back. They were making out… as often as they could.

(Heero: *frowns defensively* "I LIKE kissing Duo. It feels good." (^^;;)

Duo: "I think the show was getting kind of peeved ‘cause we were making out so much and not doing anything else." *shrugging sheepishly* "When we finally got into the water, Heero was wearing a pair of swimming trunks. He’s so modest but he’s still cute. He’s got a REALLY nice bod. He’s like… a computer nerd but he’s also into fitness and looking after his body. Everyone appreciates that in a guy: Brains AND Looks."

Heero: "When we started swimming, Duo was very playful. He was touching me a lot, like just running a hand along my skin. He seemed very interested in me and I was glad because I think I liked him very much also. He’s very fun to be around and he has this way of making me feel so comfortable with myself." *blushes suddenly* "And there was this time… he came and hugged me.")

Duo swam further into the sea so the water came just below his chest. He motioned Heero to follow him and chuckled plottingly. He quickly pulled his bikini styled swimwear off and hugged Heero when he came in reach. He kissed Heero’s lips quickly to get the man’s full attention. When Duo was sure he had it, he lifted his hand to show Heero the flimsy material. He couldn’t help smiling as he watched Heero’s eyes widen as he stared at Duo’s swimsuit.

Duo leaned over to bite Heero gently on his ear lobe before whispering, "How does it feel to know I’m not wearing anything right now?" He was surprised but pleased when Heero suddenly kissed him passionately. He held Duo by the chin and pressed his lips against Duo’s insistently. Duo made these panting noises into Heero’s mouth that sounded so wonton it encouraged him to kiss that teasing boy even fiercer.

(Heero: "We had to stop before one thing led to another." *frowning* "It’s not right to do those things on a public beach with other tourists around… especially on TV."

Duo: "Afterwards, I had to put my swimsuit back on of course. We did get a couple of gropes in-between that but Heero’s too decent to do anything further. So we just sat on the beach and Heero surprised me when he offered to give me a massage.")

Of course Duo didn’t refuse. He laid face-down on the beach towel with Heero situated on his bottom. Heero moved his hands along the Duo’s smooth back. The hands were slippery with suntan oil, the sun was out and pleasantly warm, and the sound of the sea was soothing to hear. Duo’s eyes slit and he nearly purred.

It was almost perfect. Almost.

He suddenly flipped over to face Heero and they both smiled at each other for a second before Heero bent down to kiss the beautiful man underneath him. Slowly twirling his tongue against Heero’s and running his hands through the man’s short hair, Duo sighed in contentment.

THIS was perfect.


(Heero: "Later that night, we went to a barbeque restaurant and ate some grilled food. It was my turn to pay back for his pampering.")

He pulled off a piece of chicken from the shish kabob and popped it into Duo’s waiting mouth.

"How are your parents with you participating in this show?" Duo wanted to know.

"I don’t have parents. They were deceased when I was little. I have a guardian whom I haven’t seen in years since I turned 21."

Duo’s chewing slowly slightly. "I’m sorry. I know how you feel. I don’t have parents either, was orphaned when I was really young." He smiled encouragingly at Heero. They had empathy for each other.

"So, how many guys have you been with?" Duo asked inquisitively after awhile.

"Ah, not very many. I’m very new to the… ‘dating scene’. I haven’t gone out with many guys and not very many girls either." Heero answered truthfully, chuckling a little nervously. "This was actually my co-worker’s idea. He said I needed to go on a vacation and meet someone."

Duo smiled and kissed Heero on the nose. "Tell your friend I said thanks."

"What about you? Have you gone out with many?"

Duo shrugged carelessly. "More than I can count. I got too lazy to keep track."

"Aa," Heero seemed a bit upset. "You must think I’m pathetic, so inexperienced and all with this compared to the people you’ve gone out with." Duo silenced him with a kiss. He easily returned the kiss with familiarity now, but he was still so naïve. He was different from the usual people Duo usually went for.

"I don’t care for the people I’ve gone out with." Duo answered. "As far as I know, this is the best date I’ve ever been on."

"Honto ni?" Duo didn’t know very much Japanese but he was pretty sure what Heero had asked and the boy was just too adorable for his own good.

"Yes, really." He gave a soft laugh. "Geez, I think I’m really falling for you, Yuy."

Heero smiled. "Aa, me too." He leaned over to give Duo a sweet kiss.

The cameraman sighed in exasperation. The sappiness was enough to give him indigestion.


(Heero: "When we returned to the ship at night, we got some drinks and took a walk on the deck. The weather was a bit chilly at night, us being on the sea and all. We kept each other warm though.")

Duo held him from behind and one in a while bent to tenderly kiss Heero on his slender neck. The other boy was just content enough to relax in Duo’s arms as they viewed the ocean.

"This is kind of weird." Heero spoke up.


"Just…this is happening so quickly. I’ve only known you for two days…"

Duo nodded in understanding and tightened his embrace. "Yea, but it feels so right, doesn’t it?"


"And I would rather we get along," Duo added, "than fight like other couples on the show. I like it this way better." Heero nodded in turn. It was true. Some pairings had gotten off at the wrong start and stayed that way the entire trip. He would not like that to happen with Duo and himself. Duo was right though; despite the suddenness of all this, it felt very right.


Heero when kissed Duo goodnight and he clung onto the taller man as though he were falling and the only thing left to hold onto was the violet-eyed man.

(Duo: "If he had asked me to stay right then, I would have. I didn’t want to insist and try to persuade him into letting me join his bed for the night though." *looking a bit guilty* "At first, on the first night, all I wanted to do was sleep with him but now, I can wait. I don’t just want him for sex. He’s, you know, ‘not experienced’ and" * pauses in thought*, "I care enough to wait, even if it may never happen."

Heero: "I wanted to ask. But… I was not ready." *blushing* "I did not have the things… lube and protection, I mean…um… God, I can’t believe I said that on national television.")

As he walked back to his room, Duo’s lips still tingled after the kiss. He was disappointed that it hadn’t gone any further, but …wow. The kiss had definitely been good. It was as if, with the kiss, Heero had whispered fervently in his ear, "Think of me tonight." The tease! Duo smirked as he slid the card to open the lock to his door.


(Duo: "The next morning, we decided to just hang out on board and check out the pools. There were any big plans left.)

It had been a long time since Heero had let himself have some fun. He worked at least 60 hours a week and it left him exhausted and he rarely had free time. Whenever he had time though, he wouldn’t know what to do. There wasn’t any one or anything to spend time with so he’d just go to his office and work overtime. It was rather pathetic, but at least he was on the boss’s good side. He was actually having fun now, laughing as he tried to swim after and catch Duo.

They sat in folding chairs afterwards, enjoying the friendly sun and their drinks. Heero had helped brush out Duo’s hair they sat there to wait for it to dry a bit. The cameraman taped them sitting beside each other. Heero was smiling whenever Duo leaned over to whisper secretive words into his ear.

(Heero: *Looking smug* "That’s for me to know and you NOT to find out.")

Heero fished his cherry from his drink and ran it over Duo’s lower lip, in an offering. There was some kind of innuendo to it and Duo stared into the Japanese man’s, unusual, blue eyes as he accepted the cherry and a bit of Heero’s finger also. The short haired boy parted his lips slightly for breath as Duo sucked on his finger, the warm tongue caressing it. Had it been a hidden meaning or was Duo just thinking wishfully?

Heero watched the mouth wrapped around his finger. Duo’s wet tongue licked the pad of his finger and Heero shuddered. It felt very hot in Duo’s mouth and he couldn’t believe how nice it felt just to have his finger sucked on. He quickly removed his finger and replaced it with his tongue.

They shared another multitude of kisses.

Could it really be true love or was it just lust?

The show wouldn’t allow them to sit all day so they got dressed and went off the ship to window shop at the stores lining the beach shore. Seeing a convenience store, Heero excused himself and went it. By the time Duo followed in, he saw Heero pocket something after paying at the cashier. Heero only smiled nervously and ignored the curiosity in the amethyst eyes.


The sun was setting and the two were strangely quiet as they entered the restaurant that evening.

(Duo: "I think we both realized that this was our last night together. We were both sad that things were ending so quickly. It was going to be hard to see each other since we live so far apart." *shrugs sadly* "I guess no one ever expected us to hit it off so well.")

They spoke in hushed tones over dinner, reminiscing how fun their trip had been and didn’t speak of the impending future. Still, they could already feel the longing and sadness in each other.

Duo took Heero’s hand into his and caressed the slender fingers. "I can’t believe how well this trip has been." Duo admitted. He turned his head to look at the patient boy beside him. "I really like you, Heero. As corny as it sounds, I’ve never felt this way about anyone before."

Heero echoed his sentiments by smiling sadly and leaning over to kiss Duo. It was slow and languorous as thought they had all the time in the world when, in fact, they only had less than 24 hrs left.

"…I just can’t get enough of you…"


Later, they walked slowly to Heero’s room after many postponements, trying to make their final night last just a bit longer. Tomorrow morning, they would have to say goodbye as the ship docked at a Florida bay. Before Duo could turn to leave and go back to his own room, Heero stopped him, holding onto his arm.

"Stay." Heero finally said. He reached into his pocket and fished out the condom he had gotten from the convenience store. Duo looked at the small, square package, and then at Heero again. The intent of the invitation was obvious but he wanted to make sure Heero knew what he was getting himself into. They boy had a nervous but confident and determined look. It dared him to refuse the offer and pleaded him not to. It was, after all, their last night. Forget the T.V. He could care less what other people thought about him after this. All that mattered was each other right now.

After a moment of stillness, Duo finally nodded and entered the room with Heero, closing the door behind him, leaving the cameraman out.


Heero sat idly, zoning out for the umpteenth time in his office. After the sad goodbyes and kisses, he had returned home and continued his usually grind and way of life. No longer was he a shy, blushing, happy, sappy person, but a stoic, dispassionate, man again.

He had spoken to Duo a few times on the phone since they had parted. That was a few months ago. But talking wasn’t the same. There were time zone problems and huge phone bill problems. Most of all, Heero couldn’t touch Duo or see his lighthearted expressions. The phone calls became less frequent when they both realized that the long-distance relationship was not working out.

Still, Heero thought constantly about Duo. He wondered how Duo was doing. Was he getting along fine? Had he moved on and found someone else closer to his area? Heero kept on remembering and thinking about their three days… and one night or paradise. Heero blushed. It had been well worth it. They had made memories to last a lifetime. But memories were not enough. He felt an empty ache inside. He missed Duo. A lot.


The doorbell rang and Heero opened it expecting a salesperson, but he was shocked to see Duo standing there with a bouquet of colorful flowers.

"….Duo!" Heero was speechless. What was he doing here?!

"I couldn’t stop thinking about you." The braided boy confessed, looking a bit sheepish.

Oh, Duo... Heero threw himself into familiar arms and buried his face into Duo’s neck, in a tight hug

"I missed you too, Duo."

Note: Hehe that was way too sappy huh? Well, now that I’ve gotten all that sappiness out of my system, don’t expect any more happy stories for a while *threatening* I kinda didn’t follow the show’s format, but took some of their elements. I was too lazy to write the other parts ^_^;; Oh, and this is my first, kinda-long, 3rd person fic. I think I have a bit of trouble writing 3rd person (I prefer 1st person) but oh well *shrugs* hope you can still enjoy it. LOL ^_~ Anyhow, Happy Early Valentines Day ^_^!


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