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This is a sequel to 'Sleeping Patterns'
Pairing: 1+2
Warnings: Shounen-ai, 100% pure sap, PWP, mindless rambling

Note: I promised some of you that I'd write a sequel in Heero's POV, so, where it is [:)]

Sleeping Patterns 2
by Mai Sieu Phong

When I got out of the shower, he was still asleep, curled up in the spot I had vacated minutes ago. Im not surprised. Its dead early in the morning and dawn wont come until another good hour. Duos turned into a rather heavy sleeper-- Sleeping was one of his most favorite things to do. It was on the same list as cuddling and making out.

I look out the window and repress a shiver. Its eerily, dark outside with the rain thundering against our window and the wind howling past the house. Im tempted to crawl back into bed with him again and hell open his arms, welcoming me warmly, but I know that I cant. Preventers had sent me a mission and I have to leave and go the space port in less than half an hour.

Hed gotten so angry with me when I told him about my assignment. It was urgent and important, but it had meant that I would have to be away from him this Christmas. The thought of being alone this holiday makes me sad as well, but we both know that protecting innocent lives has a greater priority.

Wed gotten into many fights over the same topic. Hed quit Preventers a while ago, tired of playing soldier. Wed played that game most of our lives already and he went back into the business that he loved, salvaging parts and the like. He had asked me to leave as well, but we both knew that this was the life I had chosen since I was young. I wanted to make the world better for everyone. Better for him.

I tiptoe out into the kitchen and hoist myself up onto the counter to reach for the highest shelf in the cupboard over head. Its much too high for him and hed never even bother putting stuff up there much less check. I pull out a small package, carefully wrapped in green and red wrapping paper and secured with curly ribbons and a big bow.

I place the Christmas present on the nightstand and leave a note telling him to wait until Christmas morning. Hell die of curiosity when he wakes up, but hell be good and wait because he knows that Ill find out if he doesnt. Duos a horrible liar. I can tell by the way his voice raises to a higher pitch than normal and the way his eyes tend to blink more rapidly when hes nervous. Ive gotten to know him so well these past ten years.

Hell probably be mad at me for leaving without as much as a goodbye, but he looks to peaceful to disrupt. Besides, weve already spent the entire evening making love, our way of saying farewell. His hair was loose tonight and it was spread all around him. I smile, knowing that hell have one hell of a time untangling it in the morning.

I remember the first time wed slept together with his hair loose. Id gotten stuck in it as well in the morning and he had cause such a ruckus as I tried to pull loose and almost pulled his scalp off as well.

He stirs when I cant resist the urge and kneel down beside the bed to brush his bangs out of his face. Ten years ago, he would have had a knife pressed harshly against my neck as a reflex, but time has made us adjust well. His body knows that its only me and I would be the last person on earth to hurt him.

I cant believe that Ive had the pleasure of being with him for so long. There have been so many obstacles between us. I know that Im not exactly the most talkative person to be with while hes a natural social butterfly. He was everything I could ever hope to be, open, kind, loud, obnoxious normal.

My smile is reflexive as I look down at him, snoring erratically and wiggling his button nose as he breathes heavily. The sound usually lulls me to sleep when Im feeling restless. Hes even got a small dabble of drool spilling out from the corner of his mouth. Its so cute. He is cute. Duo looks like a cherub, an angel, an anything with adjective that makes him sweet like sugar and nice.

I nearly laugh at myself for being such a sentimental sap and shake my head instead. Its his fault that Im like this. All this time that weve spent together, has made our personalities mix and match. Ive learned to be more open, accepting, and loose. Hes learned a few things from me as well. We have our differences no doubt, but weve been married for 10 year already. It has certainly given us enough time to adapt and live with each others flaws.

That doesnt mean were perfect. Were like a normal couple, bickering over the smallest things, bills, chores, worktrust. I hate it when he gives me the silent treatment, locking himself in the bedroom and avoiding me at all costs.

Thats how it was when I first told him about my mission. Hed gotten so angry at me and refused to say a single word, not even during dinner. Eventually, he relented, understanding that it was not entirely my fault that I would have to miss the holiday. I had apologized, one of the most difficult tasks Ive had to learn to do while living with Duo.

Im glad that we made up though. It will be nice to leave with warm, fuzzy feelings rather than a black, boil of angst inside as I work on my mission.

Speaking of which, I should probably go now before I miss the shuttle. I bend down and kiss him softly on the forehead and his lips putter slightly, making a spit bubble. My shoulders are quivering slightly from suppressed laughter as I stand up and grab my duffle bag and uniform jacket.

Sleep tight, Duo. Ill try to come home as soon as I can. Well spend many other holidays together, I promise.


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