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Author's note: Written for the GW500 theme of "intimidation".

Death by Cashmere
by Merith

I was so screwed.

Options flashed, and all discarded. I could hear the footsteps coming closer. Nothing was going to save me now.

"Duo Maxwell!"

I was going to die. Only my feet didn't believe the message and took off, not even leaving a dust trail behind.

"...like that at all. I'm telling you, this guy is..."

Entering the workshop, I paused mid-step and looked at her. Yep, she was still working. I could see the filament brush looping through the slip-ring from where I stood. I needed that part, and the sooner she finished, the sooner I would be.

"But that was two years ago, and now the guy has really grown up."

I opened the supply cabinet but tossed a look over my shoulder, frowning. Whatever, Hilde. I shoved a few boxes around, didn't find what I was looking for and moved to the bench. Her fingers didn't stop the entire time she was yakking. Thinking it might be in the overhead cupboard, I stepped up on the ring of her stool, and reached for the knob.

"I'm so glad you decided to come this time. Duo'll be there, but it's not the same..." I stuck out my tongue and she elbowed my side, then shouldered me off her stool.

Down on my knees, I rooted through the lower shelves. Nope, not there either.

"Yeah, I'll see what I can work out, but... just a minute, Jen." In the sudden silence, I looked up. She was glaring. "What the hell are you doing?"

Crouched by her calf, my arm between her legs and the stool, I thought it was obvious. "Trying to find a clean rag!"

"You used the last one on your carb yesterday, so I washed them." Cool! I crawled back and rose. "They're in the basket on the dryer," she called as I headed out the door.

A person would think the girl never saw a guy in her life the way she kept going on about this circus thing. Gabbing on the phone about it, going shopping. Even getting her hair done, for Christ's sake. The utility room was way too hot, and I skirted thinking of the fan I was supposed to fix months ago, reaching into the basket for a rag.

It would be good to see Trowa again, though. It'd been a couple of months since I'd seen any of the guys, and even longer for him. A piece of paper was stuck to the cloth, and I ripped it off. The yard was cool compared to the laundry room. Might even turn out to be a pleasant evening, weather-wise.

Almost finished oiling the cam and motor assembly, Hilde called from the house and I froze. "Duo, did you see my new sweater? I need to wash it before tonight."

I was going to die. Nothing was going to save me now.

The metal sheet moved away from my hiding nook.

"Uh, hi?" I grinned weakly.

I was so screwed.


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